Railbike Tours
On the Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad
In Elbe, Washington

Enjoy a truly unique experience!  For bicyclists and non-bicyclists alike!

A Brief History of Railbiking

Research shows that railbiking has been around nearly as long as railroads and bicycles. A railbike patent in the U.S. Patent Office database is dated 1869. Scores of patents for railbike systems were filed between 1880 and 1920 around the world.

Railbikers on trestle using Coati Express patent pending design
Extremely stable patent pending design Railbikes were once used by railroad companies for track checking, moving workers at work sites as well as going for assistance when the locomotives broke down. Telegraph companies also used railbikes to maintain telegraph lines that often followed railways. In the Midwest and other regions with sufficient winds, workers using railbikes sometimes put up sails to power them along the tracks.
Like its contemporary, the bicycle, railbike design went into decline with the advent of the internal combustion engine and the automobile. A few independently minded designers and tinkerers kept the concept alive for the last 90 years and today there is a resurgence of interest in railbiking.

Using modern materials and fabrication processes, Railbike Tours of Astoria builds safe and efficient railbikes for use on authorized railroad lines for the enjoyment of the general public.

Railbike Tours of Astoria, Inc. would like to thank the Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad for the opportunity to conduct tours on their track. For information about steam train rides at the Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad, please call: 1-888/783-2611

Relax and have fun while you tour
What is a railbike?
A railbike is a street bike or mountain bike fitted with special attachments that allow it to ride directly on railroad tracks.

Is it difficult?
Railbiking is easy and fun!

What if I can’t ride a regular bicycle?
There is no balancing or steering required; almost anyone can ride a railbike.

Who railbikes?
you can! - anyone is reasonably good shape can railbike. We have had riders in their 70’s, 80’s and 90’s and children just big enough to reach the pedals.

What about trains?
Railbike Tours of Astoria is conducting tours on track controlled by the Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad through a special agreement. Steam train rides and railbike tours will always run on different routes. Communication by radio will keep both operations in contact.

Why railbike?
Riding one is like gliding on a very smooth surface. There is almost no traffic to contend with. You see scenery that is often not accessible by road. Traveling through forest and farmland, railbikes are so quiet wildlife often doesn't know you are there!

NOTE: Railbike Tours of Astoria makes special arrangements with railroads and right of way owners to obtain authorization to use their track. For more information about railroad safety, please contact the Federal Railway Administration or your local or state chapter of Operation Lifesaver, Inc.


Reservations and Information

Tour length: 14 miles round-trip

Duration: 2-3 hours

Railbike Tours of Astoria provides:

Group tour guide
Bicycle Helmet
Small insulated carry bag
Riders are required to:
Sign a waiver of liability

Wear a bicycle helmet
Riders are encouraged to bring their own water bottles, snacks for the trip and weather appropriate clothing.

Tour Prices:
Single Rider $35.00

Two Riders $32.50 per person

Three-Five Riders $30.00 per person

Information and reservations are available by phone, FAX and email.

Phone: 360/438-2010

FAX: 360/493-1739

Email: railbike@connectcorp.net


From Seattle go South on I-5 to Tacoma, then take Hwy 7 (Pacific Ave.)South to Elbe.

From Portland go North on I-5 to the junction with Hwy 12.Go East on Hwy 12to Morton, then take Hwy 7 North to Elbe


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