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  Internet Rapid Information System (IRIS)
  News, Video and Information Sources   Level 2: Planetary Anomalies, Artifacts, UFOs and Related    


Real Time Display of World Events in Progress
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  A Good Resource!

Online Videos and Media

Videos of the Week  
  The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder
Interview with Vincent Bugliosi

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   New Documentaries To Watch Are Added Periodically 

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 World Television Fun           
          Collection of Hand-Picked Unusual Items
Videos: Ron Paul Dynamic      
   Essential to understanding the man and the dynamic

   Earthcam Online                 
          Locate cameras around the planet

   Trevor James Constable             
Plasmoidal Lifeforms in the Infra-Red on Earth and in Space 

 Leading Edge Theatre
Endgame -Blueprint for Global Enslavement
Alex Jones    2 hr  19 min   Posted: 17 June 08 

   RVM: ET Related Subjects     RVM: George Carlin Universe      
   RVM: NASA and Space                RVM: 911 Event Universe            


The Real News Network
 Very Good Resource for What's Going On. Click on Logo Below at least once a week

     Today's Real News Lineup:   


FKN News
 from Scotland

  July 12, 2008 


See also the  Lighter Side of News - The Onion    The FKN News - Video Reports

Off-World Projects

Check on
Promo Trailers for Films from Jose Escamilla:
Trailers will be refined as production progresses

Updated: 16 July 2008 (Below)

UFO-The Greatest Story Ever Denied: Moon Rising - Aug 2008:  See Opening Titles  16 Jul 08
TBLN Films, 2008.
Brought to you by: Jose Escamilla, Saskia Kraft van Ermel, and Andrew R. Stec.
Producers: Jose Escamilla, James L. Steward, Tonia Madenford, and Ed Grimsley.
Co-Producers: Val Valerian, Steffan Anten, Cary Martynuik, and Baroness Julianne Von Schmeling

Mars Revealed (about Andrew R. Stec and his work with artifact discoveries on Mars -Photo Gallery
  See his web site: Mars Revealed
  active 7/10/08)

Mars  artifacts photo from several projects underway.
  Never before seen by the public:





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