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Resource: "Entima Random Passphrase Generator" "Since cracking algorithms succeed by picking up patterns in human behavior, the key to a secure password is randomness and disorder. In the security business, this is known as entropy. It’s difficult for a human being to fake randomness and disorder. So one easy way to achieve this is to use a password generator tool that incorporates entropy. On this website, you move your mouse around randomly, and the website’s software incorporates these random mouse movements into its password generation code. The passwords that it generates are far more secure, taking centuries to crack instead of mere seconds. It may be a good idea to take a few minutes out of your life to check your own password vulnerability, and come up with an alternative that’s far more secure. This passphrase provides the maximum level of security of which current cryptosystems are reasonably capable, and is strong enough to be immune to all known or theorised attacks from any conceivable attacker for at least ten years. This passphrase is strong enough to generate cryptographic keys for long–term use, encrypt high–security archives, and is easily strong enough for any login service. To preserve maximum entropy, this passphrase should not be changed in any way.[...]"  Note: Use 21 characters or more for maximum protection.

Resource: "3 Ways To Share Multiple Links On One Page" Printer Friendly Version "URL shortening is certainly nothing new. In fact, it's become an absolute necessity when it comes to sharing links on social networks that limit your character count like Twitter. But rather than simply shorten URLs and present them in neat little shortened URLs, it's also possible to do exactly the same thing for multiple links. There are several services which make it easy to share a bundle of links together as one shortened link. [...]"  

Resource: "14 “Other” Ways to Use RSS Feeds" "Undeniably RSS is one of the best things that has happened to the web after email. Not only has it made browsing a lot more productive, convenient, fun … you name it, but it has also introduced a number of new ways to interact with content that we could never have imagined before.[...]"  

Resource: "Find PDF" "The PDF file format has today become a popular choice amongst computer users when it comes to sharing and uploading documents online. If you download an eBook off the internet, an academic paper, or almost any other digital document, it is usually in the PDF format.  [...]"  

Resource: "HTML Map Creator" "There are many websites which make areas of images clickable. Clicking on a different area takes you to a different URL in the same window or a new browser. You can now add such multiple links to your images by using a web tool entitled HTML Map Creator, a free to use web service that lets you add multiple links to an online image. [...]"  

Resource: "PrivNote" "Certain things are just not meant to exist online forever. Sometimes the Internet can feel extremely constricting. Have you ever posted your email address on a forum somewhere? It goes from that forum, to the Google search engine, to a mess of spammers and scrapers, and thus the entire web. Virtually everything you publish online will exist in text for a very long time thanks to caching and archiving. However, that’s only if an outside party (such as a crawler or spider from a search engine) can access it. Keeping things private and restricted should shield it away from search engine exposure. Adding another layer of security by eventually scrubbing that content off of the web entirely ought to put you in even better shape. [...]"  Related: "DisposableWebPage" 

Resource: "The Old Reader" "There are a bunch of online RSS readers available for you to choose from. But if you are feeling nostalgic and would like to try out the old Google Reader, you should visit a website called The Old Reader, a free to use web service that basically helps you stay up-to-date with your RSS feeds. [...]"  

Resource: "MapFab" "is a useful online tool that allow users to create custom maps on Google Maps. The best thing about the tool is that you do not have to sign up for an account to create your own custom map. With Mapfab, you can draw lines, place marks on different places, add a description and information about a certain place in the map. [...]"  

Resource: "Readlists" "For fans of reading apps and e-books, you should check out this new service from Readability. Readlists is a web app that creates eBooks from your chosen articles online. This effectively allows you to curate articles and turn them into your own collection that you can use with your Kindle or favorite e-book reader. [...]"  

Resource: "Chockadoc" "Documentary films are highly informational and entertaining, provided you find the topic being covered interesting. If you are a fan of documentaries, then undoubtedly you try to watch as many of them as you can online. Here to offer you a collection of thousands of free interesting documentaries is a service called Chockadoc.[...]"  

Resource: "3DPageFlip PDF to HTML" "If you have a large PDF file and want to embed it on your site, one convenient solution would be to convert it directly to an HTML file. Here to help you do that is a desktop app called 3DPageFlip PDF To HTML.[...]"  

Resource: "Film Story" "When most people are learning about historical topics, they prefer to watch a movie about it rather than spend a lot of time reading different books. Thankfully films have a lot of material to offer, considering the large number of them that have been centered around various significant events in history. Here to help connect those events and relevant films is a service called FilmStory.[...]"  

Resource: "Hexonic ScanToPDF" "Normally converting a bunch of images into a single PDF file is a two-step process, requiring two different applications. But one step is all you will need if you choose to use a tool called Hexonic ScanToPDF, a free to use desktop application for Windows computers. The app converts image files into PDF documents[...]"  

Resource: "Tunlr" "While American internet users can quite happily watch Hulu, the fact that I live in the UK means I can’t. Likewise, BBC iPlayer is free for UK citizens; but if your physical location says America then you’re out of luck buddy. It’s a frustrating state of affairs, and we won’t stand for it! Neither will a new free service that aims to remove region restrictions the world over by way of some magic DNS trickery. We are the internet generation, and we hereby refuse to accept political boundaries. There are no borders for us; Justin made that quite clear when he showed us just how this amazing internet brings people from all over the world together to produce MakeUseOf. The idea that any country could censor the internet outrages us; yet we routinely accept that licensing constraints mean streaming services are region locked. The legal reasons for this may all be well and valid, but there are no real, physical boundaries on the internet and the location based rules shouldn’t apply. But VPNs cost money, and can be slow. Tunlr is hoping to solve that using a slightly different method. Simple. Head over to the Tunlr site, click Show Me How, and scroll down for the replacement IP addresses you should use. If you’re unsure how to adjust these settings, the site contains specific instructions for changing the DNS IPs on various devices including Xbox and mobile: pretty much any internet connected device can be used. Some of the services currently supported include: US video streaming services: Netflix, Hulu, CBS, ABC, MTV, Crackle, Fox,, PBS, History channel. US audio streaming: Pandora,,, MOG, iHeartRadio. Non-US video streaming: BBC iPlayer (UK), 4oD (UK), iTV (UK), Zattoo (Switzerland and Germany) [...]"  More 

Resource: "PDF Tools" "PDF Tools – is a handy online utility that allows users to perform many actions on PDF files for free and from one place. The user does not need to download any third-party extension software to perform individual actions. With PDFTools, users can convert any file to JPG, merge PDF files, rotate PDF documents and more. [...]" 

Resource: "Wakeup Dialer" "Our internal body clocks are very unreliable. We cannot depend on them to wake up on time; which is why we have wake-up calls – phone calls that wake us up. If you do not have anybody to call you in the morning to specifically wake you up, you can make use of a brilliant web service called WakeUpDialer. [...]" 

Resource: "Burn Note" "is an interesting way to communicate with friends online, especially if you love your privacy as much as we do. It is a website that allows users to write notes, generate a private link, which you can send to your recipient. The recipient can then use the link to read the note, which you can even protect with a password.[...]" 

Resource: "Text Port" "is a simple web service that lets you send text messages to any US based mobile phones. It works for most US based carriers and is a completely free service. You also have the option to include your email address so the mobile phone user can send a response. The mobile phone user can simply reply to the text message and it will arrive in your email inbox. [...]" 

Resource: "Audio Literate" "If you are looking for free downloadable audio books, then you should check out AudioLiterate. This website archives and displays free MP3 audiobooks from classical and public domain titles, allowing you to stream or download these files for your pleasure. It lets you search for audio files by author and genre.  [...]" 

Resource: "Diagramly" "Web tools serve well in case you need to quickly create a diagram. But while numerous such services support the creation of basic diagrams, they lack the advanced elements that support drawings related to electronics, signals, P&ID, etc. Offering an online diagram-creation tool that offers a wide range of diagram elements that includes advanced diagrams is a service called Diagramly  [...]" "Diagramly V2"

Resource: "Encrypt Your Web Browsing With HTTPS Everywhere [Firefox]" "HTTPS Everywhere is one of those extensions that only Firefox makes possible. Developed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, HTTPS Everywhere automatically redirects you to the encrypted version of websites. It works on Google, Wikipedia and other popular websites. Encryption ensures no one can eavesdrop on your web browsing. Whether you’re searching on Google, browsing Wikipedia or sending private messages on Facebook, your information is sent in the clear if you’re not using encryption. You won’t find HTTPS Everywhere in the official Firefox add-ons gallery; you’ll have to get it directly from the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s site. Just go to the HTTPS Everywhere page and click the big Install HTTPS Everywhere button. HTTPS Everywhere is enforcing encrypted connections to many services we use on MakeUseOf, although many may use encryption by default. With HTTPS Everywhere, you don’t depend on the webmaster to set up their site properly; you get encryption everywhere you go — with every service that supports it, of course. Plug a search into the Google search box included with Firefox and you’ll go straight to Google’s encrypted search page. Any searches you make with Google’s HTTPS site are encrypted before they’re sent to Google, so no one can eavesdrop on them. Without the extension, people on public Wi-Fi networks can see all your searches.[...]"  

Resource: "Self-Destructing Messages: Burn Note" "This message will self-destruct…”. If there’s one thing every kid watching spy shows dreams of, it’s exploding messages that disappear forever. The explosion is cool, but so is the idea that you can send a message to your friend without anyone else ever being able to read it afterwards. Burn Note gives you exactly this functionality, albeit without the exploding tape or piece of paper. Write a message and send a link to your friend. They can read the message, but not easily copy it. A certain amount of time after they open the message, it is deleted forever. You can even add a password, if you want additional security. It’s not quite as impactful as a message that literally explodes, but it gets the job done if you want to send a self destructing email without it lasting forever in someone’s inbox. [...]" 

Resource: "Snipreel" "Many people stream YouTube videos, but in addition to the required information, videos include undesired scenes such as introductions, endings, etc. Here to help you watch and share only the important parts of a video is a tool called Snipreel, a web service that helps you share only the important parts of a video.  [...]"  

Resource: "PDF to HTML" "If you have a PDF file that you need to display on the web in HTML, than this website is exactly what you need. PDF files were not designed to be displayed right in browsers, and sometime converting them to HTML is the best way to display them. Using this service, the process couldn’t be easier. [...]"  

Resource: "WatchKnowLearn" "There is no denying that YouTube or Vimeo have millions of videos about every topic, but this gigantic size often makes it very complex for people to find the right stuff. WatchKnowLearn solves this problem for at least the educational videos by organizing thousands of videos into their specific categories. [...]" 

Resource: "YouTube MP3 TV " Suppose you are writing a new blog post and you want to embed a YouTube song within the post. But you do not want the video embedded – you only want the audio. What you require in such a situation is a YouTube video to embeddable audio converter; this is precisely what a website called YouTube MP3 TV offers. [...]"     

Resource: "Timesearch" "is a great tool for history lovers who want to search the Internet for historical events. This allows them to discover the order of events as they occurred and also help people to learn more about history and find interesting articles as they search through timelines. [...]"     

Resource: "Top 7 Websites To Find Unique Or Unknown Free Audiobooks" "A while ago we published a comprehensive list of the 10 best websites for free audiobooks. The world hasn’t changed, and many of us are still way too busy to sit down and read. We therefore look for refuge in audiobooks, which can make reading possible even for the busiest person. But most big websites provide similar selections. Should we be limited to mainstream just because we choose to read using audiobooks? Not at all. If you love unique books, unknown authors and books you generally don’t find in the usual book collections, you can still play the free audiobook game. These 7 websites provide very interesting books, but the user experience is not always perfect. The books are there, and they are all decent quality, but you might have to dig for some really interesting finds. But hey, that’s all part of the fun! [...]"  Related: "10 Best Websites For Free Audio Books" " [...]"  

Web Tools: "Foxy Utils" "FoxyUtils – Manipulating a PDF file usually requires the installation of a desktop PDF editing program. A web service to replace such a program would be FoxyUtils. This is a free to use pdf tool kit with various PDF tools. These PDF tools are web apps corresponding to many commonly performed PDF features [...]"  

Web Tools: "Pic To Icon Converter" "As the name suggests, Pic To Icon Converter is a simple tool that can convert a picture into multiple icon formats. Simply upload an image from your hard drive and specify what format you want the resulting icon to be on. Options include ICO, PNG, GIF, JPG and BMP.  [...]"  

Resource: "Google Image Chart Creator" "Are you looking for a web app to create an embeddable pie chart? Or perhaps an embeddable bar graph? Any type of embeddable chart or graph you are thinking of creating, Google Image Chart Creator can help, a free to use web service that lets you create wonderful charts and images. [...]"  

Resource: "Litfy"  "E-Books offer a lot that physical books do not: they take up only virtual space, offer magnification options, and can be digitally bookmarked. If you are an eBook reader then you will find Litfy an extremely useful resource. It is a free to use website that offers you eBooks to read online. [...]"  

Web Tools: "Penzen "   "If writing is one of your hobbies then you probably often type up your work on your computer. But the various notifications and distractions from computer applications make it difficult to focus on your writing. Penzen aims to solve that issue by letting you type in a distraction-free environment. The site provides you with a plain white canvas that you can type on.  [...]"  

Web Tools: "Hashify: Create Notes & Mini Webpages Online In A Unique Way" "The Internet has many note-taking applications to offer. Most of the new ones being created do not differ much from their competition. An exception to this rule is a web app called Hashify. It is a note-taking web app that can be used to create notes as well as mini web pages. The site lets you type in your text and edit it. The Internet has many note-taking applications to offer. The site lets you type in your text and edit it using bold, italics, line bullets, and line indentations. It also provides headings through its hashtag format. Images, hyperlinks, quotation blocks, and code snippets can also be added to your codes. But what really makes Hashify stand out from the competition is that it stores all the information within your note’s URL. In its own words, “Hashify uses [Base64][1] encoding to convert Unicode input to ASCII output safe for inclusion in URLs”. Developers can use [Base64][1] decoding to recover their text simply from the original URL. For ease of saving and sharing, URLs are shortened using But even without its URL encoding feature, Hashify is a competent note-taking application that will help you easily store notes online. Just click on the blue button on top whenever you want to save your notes and obtain their URL. "  

Web Tools: "Qrnote: Create Mini Websites & Their QR Codes" Link Fixed "Your completed note is published on the web and has a unique URL. The shortened version of the URL and its QR code is provided to you. The image for the QR code can be saved and used wherever you want. People who scan the code will obtain the abovementioned shortened URL. Upon visiting the URL, they will view your mini-website exactly how you designed it. [...]"|  

Web Tools: "Picasion: Create GIF Animations From Photos Stored On Your Computer"   "Putting images together in a loop to create animations can easily be done through GIF files. If you are looking for an app that helps create GIF images, check out Picasion, a web app that helps you easily create GIF animations. You start by specifying the image files stored on your computer. Next you select the speed of the GIF. [...]"|  

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Anti War Crooks and Liars CS Monitor Natural Health News Amy de Miceli - NOHTDT NewsNow
 International News Net   Alter Net  Info Clearing House  What Really Happened Voltaire Net Empire Burlesque
LaRouche: LPAC Home |Latest From Lyndon |LPAC TV |Videos |Films |YouTube This Week |YouTube Today EIR 
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    Madcow Morning News Geopolitical Monitor News WN: World News Interactive Map World News Network  
    UN Observer and International Report  World Focus Al Bawaba News  Xinhua - China  Canada Globe and Mail ABC Australia
UK Times Online  In The News - UK 
Scotsman - UK (Beta) UK Independent  UK Guardian  UK Financial Times  News Now UK  
Iraq: Uruknet Pakistan: Naveen Naqvi   Russia: Novasti News  India: The Tribune  Palestine: Palestine News Network  
International TV: WWI TV Press TVHome | Global News Video George Galloway Press TV Live Stream 
Palestine: Ma'an
Palestinian Information Center (UK) | Occupied Palestine   Palestine Telegraph  Norman Finkelstein
 Federal News Radio Wire Update Gothamist Breaking News / Twitter Web Bott BB Online Books
The Local - German News in English Politics in Latin America Homeland Security Newswire Ananova  
Lebanon News: Al-Manar TV- Lebanon Lebanese Forces Official Forum Rayak AB - Lebanon Mathaba  

Start Page - More Private Search Engine Than Google

   Logic , Reasoning and Critical Thought   

Logical fallacies from written media: books, newspapers, magazines, newsletters, etc.  A "logical" fallacy is a mistake in reasoning, that results in a erroneous proposition without any validity. Yet, people are conditioned over a lifetime to 'believe' fallacies constitute valid discourse, even creating 'laws' and social customs around them.  Fallacies are defects in an argument - other than false premises - which cause an argument to be invalid, unsound or weak.  [...]"  Resources Fallacy | Fallacy Files | Logical Fallacies | Logic Primer A streamlined online text on propositional and predicate logic. | Critical Thinker Academy  

Comparative Reasoning
Logic and Fallacies of Reasoning

   More Media and Internet Resources   

C-SPAN.ORG Live Stream Video (Flash): CSPAN1 offers gavel to gavel coverage of the U.S. House of Representatives. C-SPAN also offers a variety of public affairs programming including congressional hearings, press briefings from the White House, State Department and Pentagon, campaign and election coverage, and international programming. CSPAN2 offers gavel to gavel coverage of the U.S. Senate. C-SPAN2 also offers a balanced variety of public affairs programming when the Senate is in adjournment, including congressional committee hearings, press briefings, newsmaker speeches & public policy discussions. CSPAN3 offers history programming and Congressional committee coverage.

Economic Analysis: Peter Schiff Report Gerald Celente Keiser Report  
News Analysis: Real News Network Real News Corbett Report on Youtube  
  Russia Today:  On-Air News Video  Latest Vids Democracy Now 
  Home    Alyona Show Cross Talk Interviews All Programs     CCTV 
YouTube Edu  
Vidque    YouTube   News Videos

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Mevio - Online Videos - Podcasts and Audio Shows

  Mevio - "No Agenda" Radio Podcasts  Very Funny 
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No Agenda Show Website

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PBS Frontline BoDocus Free Documentaries Wide Eye Cinema Top Documentary Films    
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Hulu  Hulu Browse TV Shows  Hulu Browse Films  Hulu Browse Category CamVista Live World Webcams 
Viddler  Sling  BrassCheck TV 
Clicker – Guide To Online TV & Movies
 Newsy – Online News Videos Aggregator  Five Minute Video 

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  Independent US Federal Agencies and Commission Websites US Bureau of Labor Statistics Western Hemisphere Travel Info 
"Business News for Security Practitioners"

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LE Gallery: UFO Videos

LE Gallery: Unusual Objects

LE Gallery:  Daylight UFOs

Wikipedia Encyclopedia

Real Time Solar Monitor

Current Biological Outbreaks

Current Space Weather

Wiki Online Textbooks

Global Aerosol Conditions Famous People & Interrelations Project Censored Wiki Source Library
Center for Corruption Research   George Orwell Quotes Wiki Mapia World Map
Political Corruption Mish's Economic Trend Analysis Real Time Gamma Burst Data Wiki Leaks: Covert Docs
Europe Media Monitor Explorer Comparative Reasoning World Political Hotspot Areas Wiki News
Shadow Government Statistics Logic and Fallacies of Reasoning Secrets of the Fed Reserve Wiktionary Multilingual
Earth Axis Movement Planetary Heating Solar System 911 Review.Org Corporate Crime Reporter
Rumor Mill News Transparency International  More Questions: 911 Monsters and Critics
Tarpley on the 7/7 Event Clandestine World Radio Alex Constantine 911 Emergency Net News
LE Gallery: Astronomy 911 Tail Number Oddities BATR 911 Research Cover Up News


10 Search Engines to Explore the Deep End of the Invisible Web "The Invisible Web refers to the part of the WWW that’s not indexed by the search engines. Most of us think that that search powerhouses like Google and Bing are like the Great Oracle…they see everything. Unfortunately, they can’t because they aren’t divine at all; they are just web spiders who index pages by following one hyperlink after the other. But there are some places where a spider cannot enter. Take library databases which need a password for access. Or even pages that belong to private networks of organizations. Dynamically generated web pages in response to a query are often left un-indexed by search engine spiders. Search engine technology has progressed by leaps and bounds. Today, we have real time search and the capability to index Flash based and PDF content. Even then, there remain large swathes of the web which a general search engine cannot penetrate. The term, Deep Net, Deep Web or Invisible Web lingers on. To get a more precise idea of the nature of this ‘Dark Continent’ involving the invisible and web search engines, read what Wikipedia has to say about the Deep Web. The figures are attention grabbers – the size of the open web is 167 terabytes. The Invisible Web is estimated at 91,000 terabytes. Check this out – the Library of Congress, in 1997, was figured to have close to 3,000 terabytes! How do we get to this mother load of information? ..."

Note:  Infomine |WWW Virtual Library | Intute | Complete Planet | Infoplease | DeepPeep | IncyWincy | DeepWebTech | Scirus | TechXtra  

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Monitor Page Changes: Watch Page Follow Page Pagetiki Spark Tooth AnonyMouse: Surf The Web Anonymously info
  Grab All Links From a URL Internet Connection Speed  
IPTools: IP, DNS, WHOIS, Traceroute, Ping, Domain Name  
  RSS Feed Processing TinEye: Reverse Image Search Engine |info 
Create link to a YouTube video where you set the start time

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Media Convert: File conversion Easy Animated Gif Maker   Send A FAX Free Online Converter HTML to PDF Converter  
You Convert It: File conversion Convert text to an image Phrase Translation PDF to Word Conversion  
Convert YouTube Video to MP3 
Lingoes: Portable Dictionary and Multi-Language Translator 5.3MB download


Image Optimization Tools JpegSnoop: Discover If JPG Image Has Been Photoshopped |Process Info
Watermarking: Image PDF PicMarkr|Wtrmrktool Alamoon Irfanview  
Make Sure To Work With Copies of Your Images or PDFs, Not the Originals
SplashUp: Multiple Image Editing "280 Slides": Online Powerpoint Equivalent  
LovelyCharts Diagram Editor Product Planner Flow Charts Lucid Chart
An Idiot’s Guide To Photoshop (PDF) 30 Pg 
WetFloorMaker: Add Reflection To Image |
info – 15000+ Free Downloadable Icons | info
Need Slickplan SiteMaps

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10 Minute Mail: create temporary email addresses Best Temporary Email Services MeltMail - Temp Email Forwarding Send yourself emails in the future Norbt: Send Encrypted Messages Online Posterous: Post and share   
YouSendIt: Send large files to other people TemporaryInbox: Temporary Email Forwarding |info
Thunderbird (Mozilla) : Terminally Delete eMails By Compacting Folders Paste Info with Its Own URL
Alphabetizer - Put Any List in Alphabetical Order  Dispostable Disposable Email Addresses 

Online Faxing  5 Different Tools to Email to a Fax Machine  


 Tilt Shift Maker: Miniaturize Real Life into Models (info) Tilt-shift photography info  
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 FileInspect: Identify Processes Running On Your Computer |info 
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SafeMess – Browser Based Text Encryption Tool | info
Conceal: Free File Encryption Software TrueCrypt On The Fly Encryption

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