"Cosmic" Event Coming?

5 July 2013

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 A M5 reader sent me this link. Since he's a long time friend, I watched it and found it most interesting and it is only 9 1/2 minutes long.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AzU_tC2nk1g     'Do You Live in Fema Region III? - Prepare for Cosmic Impacts"

In this link, you will hear how the Empire's dictator, Obuma the traitor, has asked for and is getting a large number of Russian troops stationed in 'FEMA region III' due to a "cosmic" event coming this year. FEMA region III is centered on Washington DC and includes the states of Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware and West Virginia.

"Cosmic" event aside, WHY does the traitor not bring back American troops from their invasion/occupation of foreign countries for this major item, as the woman in the link asks? Is it because he knows that American troops will not fire on Americans, as she also asks? Apparently the Americans in region III are going to freak out over something...internment camps possibly?

If there will be a 'cosmic' event, it very well could be the reason for this being the blocked year to those with the ability to probe. What could a 'cosmic' event be? Aliens finally arriving? And it is centered on Washington, DC. Once again, time will tell and we are in the second half of the blocked year, so we do not have long to wait.

Just in case, be sure you have taken care of what needs to be taken care of, like dental visits.    Above all, trust in your Higher Self.