General Chronological Studies: 1900 - 1929

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1900 By 1900, all PhD's in the United States were trained in Prussia (Germany). The degree is a German invention. These German educated men would become presidents of American Universities, heads of research facilities (both corporate and government).

1900 AMA began to achieve goal of replacing existing medical system with allopathy

1900 Royal Institute of International Affairs policy makers for colonial US Gov't.

1900 Cancer causes 4% of deaths in the United States.

1900 Deaths from measles were 13 per 100,000 (13:100,000)

1900 Tesla reaches New York, which is the time period when he claims to have received off-planet transmissions.

1900 In Germany, Wilhelm Schallmeyer writes "Inheritance and Selection in the Life History of Nationalities: A Sociopolitical Study Based on the Newer Biology", which puts forward the idea of premarital screening by doctors for "undesirable" inheritable traits.

1900 Over 6,000 people fall ill in Britain after beer is contaminated with arsenic from the production of carbonic acid gas from coal in the sugar refining process.

1900 Max Planck formulates quantum theory.

1901 J.P. Morgan partner Willard Straight becomes assistant to Sir Robert Hart, chief of Imperial Chinese Customs Service, conduting opium traffic. Later, Straight becomes head of Morgan Banks Far Eastern operations.

1901 Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research founded.

1901 Tesla patent 685,012, in which he describes supercooling of conductors to lower resistence. At this time, Tesla wanted to sue Marconi for patent infringement. Marconi had used Tesla patent #645,576, filed in 1897 and issued March 20, 1900. Tesla begins building WardenclyffeTower for radio broadcasting and wireless transmission of power.

1901 J.P. Morgan buys $23 million in stock of Central Railroad of New Jersey.

1902 Rockefeller General Education Board founded, with the objective of racial amalgamation and abolition of difference between sexes. The overt stated objective: "the promotion of education in the United States without distinctions of sex, race or creed.". Incorporators include Frederick T. Gates (Rockefellers right-hand man), Daniel Coit Gilman (vp Peabody Fund and Slater Fund, president of University of California (1872) and Johns Hopkins (1875), incorporator and first president of the Carnegie Institute and original incorporator of Russell Sage Foundation. Gilman helped set up the Yale Trust in 1856 to finance the Skull & Bones organization. Other original directors of the General Education Board included Morris K. Jessup, a banker who had been treasurer of the Peabody and Slater Funds, and Walter Hines Page, who as US ambassador to Britain would help involve the US in World War I, and George Peabody, who would be appointed the first director of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (1914-1921) and later became a director of FDR's Warm Springs Foundation and treasurer to the Democratic Party. Peabody espoused to Fabian Socialism. The General Education Board was pushed through Congress in by Senator Nelson Aldrich.

1902 Paul and Felix Warburg emigrate to the United States.

1902 The Chicago Health Department develops its "vaccination creed", which states that "true vaccination repeated until it 'no longer takes' always prevents smallpox. Nothing else does." The policy is immediately taken up by the US military.

1902 Tesla files patent #1,119,732 on an "Appratus For Transmitting Electrical Energy. Patent issued in 1914. Also #685,975, "Apparatus for Utilization of Radient Energy".

1902 British Lord Kelvin proclaims agreement with Tesla in regard to two issues: Mars was signaling America, and the conservation of non-renewable resources.

1903 Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research expands influence.

1903 William J. (Bill) Donovan studies law at Columbia University until 1908. FDR was one of Donovans classmates. (See 1915)

1903 Tesla's money problems grow more severe. J.P. Morgan sends the remainder of the promised $150,000, but it barely covers bills.

1903 United States immigration adds "Epileptics and insane persons" to the list of excluded persons.

1903 Tesla patent #723,188 and #725,605 contain principles of logical AND circuit element.

1904 Carnegie Institution of Washington establishes a biological experiment station at Cold Spring Harbor, New York. Eugenicist Charles B. Davenport is assigned to be director.

1904 German Alfred Ploetz founds the Archive for Racial and Social Biology, which becomes the chief journal of the German eugenics or race hygiene movement. Eugenics is popularized in Germany by Ernst Haeckel.

1904 German chemical companies negotiate to merge interests.

1904 John D. Rockefeller issues "Occasional Letter No.1" detailing plans to mold the people, reduce national intelligence to the lowest common denominator, destroy parental influence, traditional and customs, and eliminate science and real learning, "in order to perfect human nature".

1904 First ultraviolet lamps invented. General theory of radioactivity postulated.

1904 Eugenics established as a course at University College in London.

1904 Eugenics laboratory established at Cold Springs Harbor on Long Island, constructed by Charles B. Davenport. Cold Springs Harbor was also the location of the estates of both Dulles brothers. Cold Springs facility is funded in excess of $11 million by the Harrimans and the Rockefellers.

1905 Food and Drug Act passed in the United States.

1905 From 1905 until the First World War a great deal of literature was in evidence that attacked the "intellectual nature" of education.

1905 Eleven states in the US have compulsory vaccination laws; 34 states do not. No states physically force injections on citizens, Vaccination was made compulsory without state legislation providing for analysis of its history.

1905 Assassination of Ohio governor Steunenberg.

1905 Anglo-Chinese agreement. Chinese agree to reduce domestic opium production.

1905 British Fabian Society opens an American branch, the Intercollegiate Socialist Society (ISS). Changed name to League for Industrial Democracy in 1921. One of the founders was John Dewey, who would travel to Russia in the late 1920's to help organize a Marxist educational system.

1905 First Communist Revolution in Russia fails. Lenin sent to Switzerland. Funds used for this first attempt provided by John D. Rockefeller through Standard Oil representatives.

1905 Einstein formulates his Special Theory of Relativity and photon theory of light.

1905 Benedictine monk Adolph Lanz forms the Order of the New Temple, and was publisher of the magazine Ostara, which had the ancient symbol of the swastika on the cover. In later years , Adolph Hitler would meet with Lanz at Lambach Abbey, where Hitler would be introduced to Vienna's occult orders. The organization promoted Aryan Templarism and a war with worldwide Jewry, who were seen to be the secret masters behind the manipulation of world political and financial systems. It is from this meeting that Hitler would develop the ideas brought forth in Mein Kampf.

1905 New York Times notes in its obituary of Baron Alphonse de Rothschild that he possessed $60 million in American securities, depite the fact that financial authorities deny Rothschilds are active in US finance.

1906 J.P. Morgans Southern Railroad Merger.

1906 William A Rockefeller dies in Freeport,Illinois

1906 First Pure Food and Drug law in the United States passed.

1906 Election in England.

1906 China and Britain agree to reduction of opium production.

1906 Investigations into the content of Coca-Cola are halted by the US Secretary of Agriculture.

1906 In Germany, followers of Haeckel form the influential Monist League, pressing for a government patterned along Darwinian lines.

1907 England passes the Vaccination Act of 1907, after the newly elected government comes to power. The act allowed a statutory objection from a parent relative to a child vaccination before the child was four months old.

1907 Indiana passes the world's first compulsory sterilization law for "all confirmed criminals, idiots, rapists and imbeciles" who were confined in state institutions. By 1908, 30 states passed similar laws.

1907 At the Indiana State Reformatory, 475 males receive vasectomies.

1907 United States immigration adds "imbeciles and feeble-minded persons" to the exclusion list.

1907 Bureau of Chemistry empowered by Congress to police quality of US food.

1907 US Depression of 1907 created by International Bankers.

1907 Allan Dulles secretary to Hague Peace Conference.

1907 J.P. Morgan precipitates Banking Panic of 1907 after Rothschild visits, as a future "example" of America's need for a central bank. J.P. Morgan would eventually gain control of all large insurance companies in the US.

1908 Standard Oil achieves transcontinental US pipeline.

1908 Fritz Haber synthesizes ammonia.

1908 Federal Bureau for Investigation founded in the US.

1908 Founding of the Armanen Initiates, another proto-Nazi secret society.

1908 I.G. Farben discovers sulfanilamide. It is kept secret for 28 years. 1908 Tunguska explosion in the Soviet Union.

1909 Massachusetts Senate introduces bill prohibiting compulsory vaccination.

1909 Harriman Research Institute formed when E.H.Harriman dies.

1909 Marconi shares the Nobel with German Carl Braun for separate but parallel development of the wireless telegraph.

1909 Germans discover how to convert coal into gasoline.

1909 T. Henry Moray begins to experiment with extraction of electricity from the ground.

1909 FDR invests in Oak Island Treasure Company off Nova Scotia.

1909 Carnegie Institution of Washington incorporated by Daniel Coit Gilman, Frederic Delano, Cleveland Dodge and others.

1909 Lord Alfred Milner begins organizing round table groups in chief British dependencies and in the United States. ( to 1913).

1909 Rockefeller Sanitary Commission established. Beginning of Rockefeller Foundation.

1909 New York Press, January 26, 1909 publishes a report by W.B. Clark which states, " cancer was practically unknown until cowpox vaccination began to be introduced. I have seen 200 cases of cancer, and I never saw a case of cancer in an unvaccinated person." Scientific evidence begins to mount that where human lymph is employed in a vaccine, syphilis, leprosy and TB soon follow. Where calf lymph is employed in the creation of a vaccine, TB and cancer soon follow. (Cancer and Vaccination by Esculapius).

1910 Tesla Ozone Company incorporated. Later, Tesla Propulsion Company would build turbines for ships.

1910 Attempted assassination of Mayor Gaynor of New York.

1910 Japan acquires a source of cheap and abundant sugar on Formosa. Incidence of tuberculosis (TB) rises dramatically in Japan.

1910 Moray able to extract enough power from the ground to operate a small electrical device. Moray enrolls in a correspondence course in electrical engineering.

1910 First TB Sanitarium opened. TB death rate 180:100,000.

1910 AMA requests Carnegie Foundation to survey all US medical schools. Simon Flexer (later to be a director of the Rockefeller Foundation) produces the report.

1910 Carnegie institutes his Wundt model of volkschulen, school for the masses, in his home town of Gary, Indiana between 1910 and 1914. The system had no academic endeavor at all. The Gary system was pioneered by William Wirt.

1910 Rockefellers have achieved working control of the Carnegie Foundations. The Educational Trust controls all jobs in education, and is run out of Stanford and Columbia Teachers College.

1910 The one-room schoolhouse is no longer in existence in the United States.

1910 Meeting on Jekyl Island to plan Federal Reserve System. Nelson Aldrich.

1910 Dr. Olin West becomes Tennessee director of Rockefeller Santitary Comm.

1910 Dr.James Douglas founds the National Radium Institute for treatments.

1910 The Round Table Quarterly begins publication.

1911 Moray begins to realize the energy he has been working with is oscillatory in nature, and that the energy was not coming from the Earth, but from some outside source to Earth. The oscilllations were further realized as being more like "waves from the sea" in nature. (See 1925)

1911 Denmark sugar consumtion 82 pounds per person annually.

1911 Death rate for diabetes in Denmark is 8 per 100,000.

1911 Supreme Court orders that Rockefeller Standard Oil Monopoly be broken up.

1911 General vaccination programs against typhoid begin in the United States.

1911 International Conference on the narcotic problem held at The Hague. It was agreed to regulate the narcotics trade.

1911 Britain passes the "Official Secrets Act" prevents future discussion of anything the government deems secret.

1911 Carnegie Corporation incorporated by Andrew Carnegie and Elihu Root. The directors for the Carnegie Corporation in the future would include Mark Kaplan, president of Drexel Burnham and Lambert (Belgian Rothschilds).

1911 Britain issues large loan to Persia, with Persia opium reserves as collateral.

1911 Licensed opium dens in Shanghai numbered 87.

1911 Encyclopedia Brittanica contains "a guide for acquisition, operation and care of the opium pipe."

1911 Assassination of prime minister of Russia.

1912 In the publication The World Today, Tesla gives an interview, saying that it would be possible to split the planet, by combining vibrations with the correct resonance of the Earth itself. Tesla: "within a few weeks, I could set the Earths crust into such a state of vibration that it would rise and fall hundreds of feet." (See 1935)

1912 Hans Horbiger expounds on the ice and fire cosmogeny that would later fire Hitlers thought patterns. Glazialkosmogonie und Welteislehre.

1912 Dr. Robert Boesler, New Jersey dentist, notes that "modern manufacturing of sugar has brought about entirely new diseases. Sugar has caused a vast degeneration of the people."

1912 Westinghouse repossesses equipment of Tesla as funding for his projects his withdrawn.

1912 First International Congress of Eugenics at the University of London. The president of the Congress is Leonard Darwin, son of Charles Darwin; one of the first English vice presidents is Winston Churchill. American vice- presidents included Charles Elliot, president emeritus of Harvard, and Alexander Graham Bell. Also attending was Starr Jordon, president of Stanford University.

1912 Mathematician David Hilbert developed new math capable of defining dimensional spaces. Meets John von Neumann in 1926.

1912 Alfred Moray explores artificial production of ionizing radiation while in Sweden. Tesla explored same processes before 1900.

1912 Assassination of Spanish premier.

1912 Attempted assassination of Theodore Roosevelt.

1912 First whooping cough (Pertussis) vaccine created by two French bacteriologists, Jules Bordet and Octave Gengou, who wanted to use it in Tunisia. After they grew Pertussis bateria in large pots, they killed it with heat, mixed it with formaldehyde (used to embalm bodies) and injected it into children.

1912 Dec 16 Truth magazine: "Schiff head of Kuhn Loeb for Rothschild interests".

1912 Colonel E. Mandell House publishes the book "Philip Dru - Administrator", outlining plans for a central bank and the establishment of socialism in the US.

1912 Psychologist Henry Goddard administers IQ tests to foreigners ar Ellis Island and rejects 80 percent as"feeble-minded".

1912 Founding of Germanen Order, another proto-Nazi secret society.

1912 Henry Moray goes to Sweden and attends the University of Upsalla to take courses by examination.

1913 Averell Harriman dominates the Skull & Bones.

1913 Moray discovers several kinds of material from a hillside in Sweden and brings them home for testing, to see if a material suitable for a "valve" (transistor equivalent) existed. Discovered silver wire used on stone makes a rectifier.

1913 John D. Rockefeller founds Rockefeller Institute with $100 million grant.

1913 Assassination of George I of Greece.

1913 Rockefeller Foundation Charter pushed through Congress by Senator Robert F. Wagner of New York, as a way to evade government decrees against the Standard Oil monopoly. A spinoff of the Rockefeller Foundation, the China Medical Board, secured the China oil market and gave access to the highly profitable Asian drug trade, after Rockefeller financed the rise to power of the Soong family, who created modern China. A future director of the Rockefeller Foundation would be Lee DuBridge, also a president of the California Institute of Technology, a trustee of the Rand Corporation and a member of the US Atomic Energy Commission.

1913 The American Cancer Society is formed. (See 1944).

1913 Federal Reserve Act "passed" while Congress adjourns for Christmas Holiday. Founders of the Federal Reserve Bank (central bank) include members of the Rothschild family, J.P. Morgan and Paul Warburg (not a US citizen before or after). Paul Warburg's brother goes to Germany to start a central bank there. Charles Lindbergh said, "the Act establishes the most gigantic trust on Earth...the new law will create inflation whenever the trust wants inflation...from now on, depression will be artificially created."

1914 First National Congress on Race Betterment held in Battle Creek, Michigan. A "segregation and sterilization program" was proposed to reduce the number of "defective and anti-social" people in the population from 10% to 5.7 % by 1955 by sterilizing 5.7 million Americans.

1914 Licensed opium dens in Shanghai number 663.

1914 Attempted and then successful assassination of Austria's Archduke Ferdinand.

1914 The German Reichstag considers a eugenic sterilzation law.

1914 I.G. Farben, headed by Carl Duisberg, pushes for chemical warfare. Nobel pricewinner Fritz Haber is regarded as the "father of chemical warfare". I.G. production of chlorine gas is 40 tons per day.

1914 US National Debt is $1 billion.

1914 Harrison Drug Control Act.

1914 Resurgence of Illuminati in Austria. A major US railroad collapses.

1914 Eugenics taught at Harvard University, Columbia, Cornell, Brown, Wisconsin, Northwestern, Clark and other universities.

1914 Archeduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to Austro-Hungarian throne, assassinated in Sarajevo, Bosnia by Bosnian Serbs. Germany declares war on Russia.

1914 United States issues proclamation of neutrality.

1914 Tesla pleads with J.P. Morgan for funds to finish and ship a turbine to Germany.

1914 Hitler enlists in the military at the beginning of World War I. He is blinded by mustard gas and taken to Pasewalk military hospital in northern Germany, diagnosed with "psychopathic hysteria". Hitler was placed under the care of Dr. Edmund Foster. Later in 1933, the Gestapo would round up all records of a psychiatric nature related to Hitlers treatment. Dr. Foster mysteriously "committed suicide" in 1933. According to Hitler, he had experienced a vision "from another world" while at the hospital. Hitler is discharged from the hospital in 1918 and travels to Munich.

1914 Federal Reserve System established in the United States.

1915 Planning begins for US war with Japan (1941).

1915 William (Bill) Donovan selected by the Rockefeller Foundation to go to Europe on a "War Relief Mission". While in London, Donovan works with Walter Page and William Stephenson, who later "advises" him on setting up the OSS.

1915 A doctor in Mississippi alters the diet of 12 prison inmates and is successful and producing pellegra, in a curious attempt at reverse contradictory logic in an "attempt to find a cure for the disease".

1915 Germans use chlorine gas on the battlefield against French and Algerians. They also use a form of tear gas (T-Stoff) on the Russian front.

1915 Tesla sues Marconi over radio patents. The Nobel prize commitee decides not to award Tesla and Edison a joint prize, and chooses two other men.

1915 A German firm, licensed to use Tesla's radio patents, builds a radio station for the US Navy on Mystic Island near Tuckerton, New Jersey, equipped with the famous Goldschmidt high frequency magnetic reflecting alternator. The station is closed by the government in 1917.

1915 David Rockefeller born. Klu Klux Klan revival.

1915 German spies caught in Russia trying to spread plague bacteria.

1915 Britain begins creation of chemical warfare compounds. British use chlorine gas against the Germans, killing British troops as the wind shifts. Britain comes up with impregnated clothing as a defense.

1915 Canada experiences a period of Prohibition until 1919 to create financial reserves and bootlegging network for upcoming US prohibition.

1915 J.P. Morgan organizes control of US newspaper businesses.

1915 Allied war orders take up the slack in US economy. Purchasing agent for the Allies in the US is J.P.Morgan Company.

1915 Tetanus epidemics in trenches of World War I.

1915 Author Margaret Singer jailed for writing book limiting family size.

1915 Germans announce a submarine blockade of British Isles.

1915 Britain mines the North Sea and imposes a naval blockade on Germany.

1915 The ship Lusitania leaves New York with a shipment of explosives and is sunk by a German submarine. American lives are lost.

1916 I.G.Farben official Werner Daitz first describes "national socialism".

1916 Walter S. Gifford organizes the US Council on National Defense, formed to involve the US in World War 1. Gifford later becomes president of ATT , a chairman of the board of the Carnegie Institution and an officer of the Rockefeller Foundation.

1916 The first evidence of brown mottling of teeth is reported in the United States.

1916 Walter Rathenau in Germany works to establish world socialism. He would eventually be murdered.

1916 FDR is Secretary of the Navy in the United States, and orders Navy contracts in advance of US entry into World War 1.

1916 French ship Sussex sunk, injuring Americans on board.

1916 Introduction of graduated income tax in the US.

1916 British War Office purchases 7,000 acres in Porton Down for a chemical warfare installation.

1917 Constituents try and force Harrison Drug Control Act on Coca-Cola and are defeated.

1917 Freud writes "Introduction to Psychoanalysis".

1917 Wagner von Jauregg treats syphilitic paralysis by injecting malaria.

1917` Congress passes the Trading With the Enemy Act of 1917. The US was at war with Germany.

1917 Congress passes the Espionage Act of 1917.

1917 Carnegies schooling system is brought to New York by William Wirt and tried in twelve schools that were predominently Jewish. Jewish immigrants, realizing what was being perpetrated, riot for three weeks. Over 200 school children were jailed. (Ref: The Great School Wars, Diane Ravitch) (See 1910, 1930)

1917 Congress passes the Invention Secrecy Act in the United States as a wartime measure to prevent disclosure of inventions that "might be detrimental to the public safety or defense. The act ended in 1918, but was resurrected in 1940 and reinstituted in the Invention Secrecy Act of 1951.

1917 United States intervenes and enters World War I.

1917 Tesla describes the invention of radar in the Electrical Experimenter of August 1917.

1917 Second Communist Revolution in Russia successful. The regime of Lenin would be responsible for 4,017,000 murders between 1917-1924.

1917 Tesla reluctantly accepts the "Edison Medal". Tesla had achieved a charge of 20 million volts in some of his devices.

1917 US passes Trading With the Enemy Act , forbidding US firms or their foreign subsidiaries from trading with enemies of the US except under license.

1917 Post WW1 supplies of chlorine designated to be added to water supplies.

1917 21.3% of WWI draftees rejected because of handicaps.

1917 AMA hostility toward compulsory health insurance.

1917 Britain informs Lord Rothschild of the intent to create a Jewish homeland in Palestine, supported by the Zionist movement created by British Intelligence.

1917 Outbreaks of encephalitis in China and Europe.

1917 Trotsky arrives in New York aboard the steamer Monserrat, picks up funds and heads for Russia to start the Bolshevik Revolution.

1917 Prohibition amendment ratified in the US with scheduled implementation in the year 1920.

1917 British use phosgene gas shells on the Germans.

1917 Fifteen states in the US have eugenics laws on the books which authorize sterilization of criminals, epileptics, the retarded and insane.

1918 Henry Moray finds a post-war job as a fireman on a railroad, then obtained work as a civil engineer for the Denver and Rio Grand Railroad, and as an electrical engineer for several companies in Salt Lake City. He became a certified member of the Amercian Assn of Engineers.

1918 World War I ends after the use of 66 million poison gas artillery shells.

1918 Congress passes the Sedition Act of 1918.

1918 Great influenza epidemic attributed to widespread use of vaccines.

1918 The Surgeon General of the United States issues a report that states that tuberculosis is the leading cause for discharge of men from the Armed Forces.

1918 Wilson calls for the formation of a League of Nations.

1918 Paris Peace Conference.

1918 Beginning of period of near-anarchy in Germany, that would last until Hitler becomes Persident of the Reich in 1933. Conflict between Communist element and National Socialist Democratic Party, with Hindenburg administration presiding.

1918 Karl T. Compton assigned to American Embassy in Paris. Compton would later become a special advisor on Atomic Development and would later advise Truman to drop the two atomic bombs on Japan. Compton would become a director of the Ford Foundation, Sloan Kettering Cancer Institute and the Royal Society of London.

1918 President Wilson aids the new Soviet regime with bridge building projects.

1919 Adolph Hitler joins theThule Society, which founds National Socialist Party to drum up support for another war. British fascists are tied closely to the Thule Group, the Golden Dawn, etc. Hitler is also trained as a police spy under Captain Mayr of the Bavarian Army Group Command IV. In September Hitler enters the German Workers Party (DAP), a creation of the Thule Society. Hitler, still in the Army, is assigned espionage duties.

1919 Bert Walker formally organizes the W.A.Harriman & Co private bank. In the autumn of 1919, Prescott Bush meets Bert Walkers daughter Dorothy, and they are married in August 1921. The wedding was attended by Yale Bonesmen from the class of 1917.

1919 Warren Bechtel awarded first federal road building contract in U.S.

1919 Diptheria vaccinations injure 60 and kill 10 in Texas.

1919 Allan Dulles serves with Barnard Baruch on Supreme Economic Council.

1919 British use arsenic smoke when intervening in the Russian Civil War.

1919 Royal Institute of International Affairs founded (RIIA) founded by 21 Americans and their British counterparts.

1919 Death rate from encephalitis accelerates. Between 1919 and 1928, over 500,000 deaths and 1,000,000 cases of neurological impairment were attributed to this disease, which affects males more than females. Recent research indicates that this epidemic was a late manifestation of the post World War I influenza outbreaks, and that both were due to the appearance of a swine flu virus.

1919 From 1919 to 1920, William Donovan sent on classified missions to China and Siberia.

1919 Versailles Treaty. Germany, who lost WWI, is forbidden to have any type of intelligence gathering agency. A proposal is made by the American government (Morgenthau's Pastoral Policy), signed by Wilson, as one of the provisions of Germany's surrender, the extermination of the Germans as "an inherently warlike race". The document is now kept in the Sid Richardson Research Center at the University of Texas, Austin.

1919 Paris Peace Conference. League of Nations founded.

1919 Hitlers miltary intelligence operation engaged in domestic terrorism. Rohm takes Hitler to see Dietrich Eckart, the morphine addict who heads the German Thule Society.

1920 In Germany, the DAP becomes the National Socialist German Workers Party (Nazi Party).

1920 Montague Norman achieves governorship of the Bank of England until 1944. It was Norman who decided that Hitler should get help from London's financial sector to build his influence against the Bolsheviks in Germany in 1934.

1920 Britain declares its opium war against the United States. Prohibition in the US brings narcotics trafficking and large scale organized crime into the US.

1920 Banking panic of 1920. Federal Reserve orders bank to recall loans.

1920 Dr. Otto Walberg experiments with human cells. Removes 35% of the oxygen and cells become non-reversibly cancerous.

1920 I.G. Farben signs working agreements with Sandoz and Ciba-Geigy in Switzerland.

1920 Dr. Bergius discovers hydrogenation process.

1920 William Donovan meets Adolph Hitler at Berchtesgaden and Pension Moritz.

1920 Period begins where 400 political figures in Germany are assassinated.

1920 Henry Moray injured on the job, which forces him back to examine radiant energy.

1921 Milner becomes head of Rio Tinto Zinc until his death in 1925.

1921 Council on Foreign Relations formed in New York City from US RIAA branch under the direction of Colonel Mandell House.

1921 US banks number 31,076.

1921 The regime of Chiang Kai-shek in China would bre responsible for the murder of 10,214,000 people between 1921 and 1948.

1921 Duke of Bedford, Marquis of Tavistock, creates the Tavistock Institute in London to study the effect of shellshock on British soldiers who survived World War I. Its purpose was to establish the "breaking point" of men under stress, under the direction of the British Army Bureau of Psychological Warfare, commanded by Sir John Rawlings-Reese. Led to the creation of the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations in London, home of its prophet, Sigmund Freud. The Tavistock Institute developed the mass brain-washing techniques which were first used experimentally on American prisoners of war in Korea. (Think of the implications of this). Its experiments on crowd control methods by modifying human behavior through topical psychology have been widely used on the American public.

1921 National Institute for Industrial Psychology founded in London.

1921 Hitlers storm troopers agitate against political opponents in Germany.

1921 Second International Congress of Eugenics held in New York City. Sponsoring committee includes Herbert Hoover and the presidents of Clark University, Smith College and the Carnegie Institute of Washington (Rockefeller).

1921 Ghandi begins agitating against the British opium imports into India. He would be eventually assassinated.

1921 BCG tuberculosis vaccine developed.

1921 Fredrich Dessauer advocates x-ray therapy.

1921 Lenin establishes Soviet trade policy of acquaintance with US technology.

1921 US Supreme Court redefines Trading With Enemy Act to apply in wartime.

1922 William (Bill) Donovan appointed US District Attorney for New York.

1922 H.H. Laughlin, the expert eugenics agent of the US House of Representatives Committee on Immigration and Naturalization, proposes the Model Eugenic Sterilization Law - a model to be followed by Hitler in 1933. Laughlins law would mandate destruction of criminals, the insane, those with TB, the blind, the deformed, the crippled and the dependent.

1922 School becomes the ultimate screening mechanism and ultimate creator of a receptive, docile public. Individual communities were gradually denied the right to hire their own teachers. State legislatures forced to accept the idea of "certification" by Carnegie/Rockefeller controlled Education Trust and teacher colleges.

1922 Aluminum production (along with production of toxic by-product sodium fluoride) increases. Aluminum cookware is mass introduced in the US, beginning the gradual accumulation of aluminum in the brains of Americans. Additional aluminum is injected into society in "antacids".

1922 Steve Bechtel , son of Warren Bechtel, is a student at the University of California.

1922 Coca-Cola plant built in Ashtabula, Ohio. The drink contains coal tar derivatives , flavoring, and massive amounts of sugar.

1922 Concept for future Bank of International Settlements created in Genoa, Italy.

1922 Illinois Medical Journal says AMA has become an autocracy.

1922 Tesla files various patents in the field of fluid mechanics.

1922 By 1922, more than 100 radiologists died from X-ray induced cancer.

1922 A study by Samuel Torrey Orton connects emotional disturbance with neurological problems. This insight was lost after World War II when psychology, psychiatry and psychoanalysis became popular, breaking the connection. The emotional disturbances caused by vaccines then became financial fodder for the new psych-industries. With the causes suppressed, a new industry was born.

1923 Karl Haushofer ghost writes Hitlers Mein Kampf in prison. Haufshofer later forms the Vril Society.

1923 Interpol founded in Vienna. The Germans would control Interpol through 1944.

1923 Rockefeller Commission decides that Adoph Hitler was to lead the German people to their suicide in a Wagnerian Tragedy, fake his suicide and make a secret exit. Hitler returns the twice-stolen saucer secrets to Rockefeller in a secret deal, with the US acting in security mode.

1923 Canadian physician Frederick Banting receives Nobel Prize for discovery of a way to extract the hormone insulin , which permitted control of blood sugar in those with diabetes. This opens a whole new medical market because of the growing sugar addiction in the US public.

1923 Earl of Inchscape publishes his report which insists that British opium trade must be maintained to protect the revenue of the British Empire, much to the protest of the League of Nations.

1923 In the US, 18,718 businesses fail.

1923 From 1923 to 1976, the regime of Mao Tse-tung in China would be responsible for 37,828,000 murders.

1923 Nazi's assassinate all political opposition. Ernst Rohm is killed and the German military is consolidated under Hitler.

1923 In Germany, massive inflation takes place as the Reichbank issues a total of 92.8 quintillion paper marks. One pound of butter = 6 trillion marks.

1923 US President Harding dies mysteriously after reading a coded message.

1923 US Congressman Stephen Porter passes a bill through Congress calling for import quotas on opium that would reduce consumption 90%, leaving the remaining 10% for "medical purposes".

1924 William Donovan comes to Washington DC at the request of Harlan Stone, one of Donovans professors at Columbia, to become Asst Attorney General of the US. Donovan requests Edgar Hoovers removal from FBI, but Stone appoints him to head the agency. Donovan becomes involved in the persecution of Senator Burton Wheeler.

1924 Dr. Seale Harris of the University of Alabama discovers that sugar can cause hyperinsulinism and recommends people cut sugar consumption. The medical establishment comes down on Harris and his work is suppressed. Harris would be awarded a medal by the AMA 25 years later as pharmaceuticals to control low blood sugar are developed and put into production. The basic contribution of refined sugar to the problem remains suppressed.

1924 Fritz Thyssen sets up his Union Banking Corporation in George Herbert Walkers bank in Manhattan.

1924 Federal Reserve begins Open Market Operations.

1924 George Herbert Walker Bush born in Milton, Massachusetts. "Bunny" Harriman brings Prescott Bush into US Rubber Company in New York.

1924 Hoover takes Donovan to the Bohemian Club, the West Coast power club.

1924 Heroin, originally created by I.G. Farben, is outlawed as a prescription drug in the United States.

1924 Diptheria vaccinations kill 25 in Bridgewater, Ct and 20 in Concord, NH.

1924 Diptheria vaccinations kill 6 in Baden, Austria.

1924 Krupp Industries receives $10 million loan from Wall Streets Goldman Sachs.

1924 American banker Charles Dawes arranges $800 million foreign loan to consolidate chemical and steel companies into cartels.

1925 Mein Kampf published in Germany.

1925 Danish researcher Thorvald Madsen tries a modified Pertussis vaccine during an epidemic in the Faroc Islands. It did not prevent Pertussis. (See 1933).

1925 T.Henry Moray begins to see further improvement on extraction of energy from ambient space and offers his invention to the United States Government, who declined, saying it would compete with public utilities. Advancements in the device prompted demonstrations. Moray calls on General Electric Company On December 23, 1925, Moray burns out the machine. It would take a year to reconstruct.

1925 From 1925, the Roundtable Group receives major financial contributions from wealthy individuals, foundations and companies associated with the international banking community, including the Carnegie United Kingdom Trust, organizations associated with J.P. Morgan, and the Rockefeller Group.

1925 Doctors at the Paris Academy of Medicine discuss deaths occurring shortly after vaccination in Holland and other European countries.

1925 In England, less than 50% of infants are vaccinated for smallpox. 6 deaths occur. (See 1872).

1925 Institute of Pacific Affairs set up in 12 countries, interlocking with the Round Table Group and the RIIA.

1925 General vaccine programs against tuberculosis began in the United States.

1925 Another major US railroad collapses.

1925 Fischer and Tropsch synthesis leads to industrial development of synthetic oil.

1925 Inventor T.Henry Moray contacts General Electric about his work.

1925 Conference on International Arms Trade in Geneva produces the Geneva Protocol of 1925 against Chemical Warfare. The US and Japan refuse to ratify the agreement.

1925 Bechtel becomes major pipeline contractor for oil companies.

1925 International Convention Against Narcotics Trade.

1925 I.G. Farben is reorganized by the Warburgs as a merger between Badische Anilin, Bayer, Agfa, Hoechst, Welierter-Meer, and Griesheim Elektron. Max Warburg is the Director of I.G. Farben (Germany) and I.G. Chemie (Switz).

1926 American I.G. founded as a holding company controlling I.G. Farben assets in the United States. Some board members were Edsel Ford, Charles Mitchell (President of Rockefeller's National City Bank of New York), Walt Teagle (President of Standard Oil), Paul Warburg (Federal Reserve chairman and brother of Max Warbug, financier of Nazi Germany's war effort and Director of American I.G.) and Herman Metz, a director of the Bank of Manhattan, controlled by the Warburgs. Three other members of the Board of Governors for American I.G. were tried and convicted as German war criminals.

1926 General Medical Society for Psychotherapy created in Germany, an international organization.

1926 Tesla has radio towers erected at the Waldorf in New York. Claims to get signals from space.

1926 Dan Magdiel, friend of T.Henry Moray, goes to the Soviet Union to see if they are interested in Morays work.

1926 Hitler sends Goebels to Berlin to prepare for his entry in three years.

1926 Knights of Malta support ascent of Italian dictator Mussolini.

1926 Frank Howard of Standard Oil visits Baldische plant in Ludwigshafen.

1926 Jersey Oil Company enters into a business agreement with I.G. Farben.

1926 I.G. Farben merges with Dynamit-Nobel.

1926 Prescott Bush joins W.A. Harriman & Co as vice-president. George Herbert Walker would join Harriman in 1928 and later finances the building of Madison Square Garden in New York. Walker's son, George H. Walker, Jr., would become chairman of Walker-Bush Oil Corporation and Zapata Petroleum (owned by George HW Bush).

1926 I.G. Farben approaches Standard Oil to discuss synthetic coal - threat to S.O.

1927 Conference at the Hague, under the auspices of the League of Nations, on the subject of vaccination-caused deaths in Europe.

1927 Pavlov wins the Nobel Prize for his discovery of a process of organism conditioning through external stimuli in a precisely controlled external environment. Western and European science focus on the conditioning stimuli. Soviet scientists focus on the aspect of external environment. Both aspects would later blend in an overall mind control paradigm in the latter 20th century. Heavy research would be conducted in Germany, which later contributed to development of a mind control infrastructure in the U.S. based on a mechanistically-based synthetic enviroment tied to body consciousness, temporal structure, drugs and electronics. Soviet contributions would add to the molding of the underlying psychological sub-structure. China would also adopt the paradigm as a basis for control of their vast population of 1 billion.

1927 John Watson has achieved an experimental basis for the behaviorist school of psychology with his experiments in "molding the infant mind". Using external stimuli combined with positive and negative reinforcement, Watson perfected a mechanistic method of mind control based on fear. Developments would wait for the introduction of operant conditioning by B.F. Skinner, whose first guinea pig was his own daughter - who would later commit suicide at the age of 21.

1927 Henry Moray files a sworn certificate on Nov 14, 1927, describing a germanium compound using the words "pure germanium."

1927 Oliver Wendell Holmes writes the US Supreme Court decision in the case Buck v. Bell. In the case, a psychiatric inmate, Carrie Buck, was chosen for sterilzation after having a child because she was deemed "feeble-minded"; Oliver Wendell Holmes writes, "It is better if society can prevent our being swamped with incompetance, it is better to prevent those who are manifestly unfit from breeding their kind. The principle that sustains compulsory vaccination is broad enough to cover cutting of the fallopian tubes ... three generations of imbeciles is enough". They then sterilzed Carrie Buck. The crux of the matter is that Carrie Buck was not retarded, but just a little slow, based on environmental conditions. Her child grew to be an honor student.

1927 John Foster Dulles director of GAF Company (American I.G.) until 1934.

1927 Diptheria vaccinations injure 37 and kill 5 people in China.

1927 Brookings Institution incorporated by Frederic Delano (FDR's uncle), Harold Moulton and Leo Rowe. Delano was one of the original members of the Federal Reserve Board.

1927 Standard Oil agrees to cooperative program to develop hydrogenation.

1927 Rockefellers begin to pour money into the CFR.

1927 Austrian psychiatrist Menfred Sakel develops insulin shock ( insulin coma treatment ,ICT). Patients are overdosed with insulin, which induces a coma. By 1937, all neuropsychiatric hospitals in Germany would use ICT.

1927 Four percent of US banks fail.

1927 British government appoints a committee to inquire into "vaccine lymph", as it is noticed that the "glycerinated calf lymph" used in vaccinations causes deaths from "sleepy sickness". Two London professors bring notice of the problem to the government in 1922. It takes 5 years before the government responds.

1927 Smallpox in England dwindles almost to the vanishing point. Fatality of the unvaccinated cases is less than half of the vaccinated cases.

1928 Federal Reserve withdraws $80 billion from the US Government.

1928 Moray shows his device to Harvey Fletcher and Carl Eyring of Bell Labs. The division of Bell Labs headed by Fletcher would then "come out with" the transistor in 1948.

1928 Edward L.Bernays, nephew to Sigmund Freud, writes the book Propaganda, in which he explains the structure of the mechanism which controls the public mind, and how it is manipulated by those who wish to create public acceptance for a particular idea or commodity. Says Bernays, "those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. Our minds are molded, our tastes are formed, largely by men we have never heard of." Bernays represents another connection to Germany.

1928 Cases of post-vaccination encephalitis force creation of two Committees of Investigation in Britain.

1928 Fleming discovers penicillin.

1928 Development of the discovery of the EEG machine and brain waves.

1928 American Eugenics Society sponsors essay contest on causes of decline in Nordic fertility.

1928 Third International Congress of Eugenics. At the conference, a Dr. Robie calls for the sterilization of 14 million Americans with low IQ scores.

1928 Japan begins experimental production of mustard gas at Tandanoumi Arsenal.

1928 Brown discovers electrogravity.

1928 Over $50 billion is invested in Tesla's 19th century induction motors and systems of power transmission around the world.

1928 Henry Ford merges assets with I.G. Farben.

1928 John D. Rockefeller interlocks his empire with I.G. Farben in Germany.

1928 Standard Oil begins operations in the Middle East.

1928 Most US corporations have no debt at all.

1928 The 1928 United States Army Training Manual defines Democracy as "A government of the masses. Results in communistic attitude toward property, negating property rights. The will of the majority regulates without restraint or regard to consequence. Results in anarchy." In effect, this progresses quickly into an oligarchy, where a minority controls the majority. Only a Republic protects both majority and minority.

1929 William (Bill) Donovan organizes the law form of Donovan, Leisure, Newton and Irvine on Wall Street. The firm defends AT&T in a government anti- trust lawsuit.

1929 Dr. Wileys book The History of a Crime Against the Food Law published, detailing the subversion of the food purity laws and government corruption; all the books produced are mysteriously bought up, and no copies can be found. Wiley's Bureau of Chemisty is dismantled and replaced by the Food Drug and Insecticide Administration, precursor of the FDA. All lists of "dubious compounds in food" were declared "Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS)".

1929 Consumption of refined sugar in Sweden 120 pounds per person annually.

1929 Secretary of State Stimson abolishes State Department code-breaking office.

1929 Admiral Byrd conducts expeditions to both poles. Discovers new areas.

1929 Standard Oil gains 1/2 rights to hydrogenation process in world except Germany.

1929 I.G. Farben, Standard Oil and Shell Oil consumated agreement.

1929 Royal Bank of Canada gives Venezuelan Diego Cisneros his start on a financial empire involved with drug trafficking that would be worth over $3.3 billion in 1992. Cisneros has close associations with Rockefeller family, was a partner in a Florida finance corporation associated with drug and gun running. (See 1980). Is the Cisneros on the Clinton cabinet a relative?

1929 Fourth Psychotherapeutic Congress in Germany. Matthias Göring indicates his philosophical problems with Freud and his influence in the psychiatric profession. Göring maintains that Jews could not be helped psychologically because of the "racial difference".

1929 The Fascist control of the Vatican hierarchy is complete.

1929 I.G. Farben concluded limited cartel agreements with Dupont Chemical in US.

1929 Montagu Norman, head of the Bank of England, arrives in Washington to confer with Andrew Mellon, Secretary of the Treasury. The Fed raises the discount rate. New York financiers call in loans.

1929 US Stock market crash, crippling the US ability to interfere with coming events in Germany.

1929 De Beers diamond company reorganized by Sir Ernest Oppenheimer.

1929 Himmler put in charge of the SS.

1929 From 1929 to 1935, the regime of Joseph Stalin would be responsible for the murder of 42,672,000 people.