Value in Using Advanced Information and Novel Methods
 To Optimize Your Awareness and Incarnational Experience

  It's one common sense thing to know what to avoid and why, but it is also a fact that one should use the best things available to maintain optimum experiential function, from the physical vehicle through which we experience to the Higher Self that actually has the experience. 

A number of unique tools and technologies have also been discovered which allow for the maximization of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects, while at the same time working to minimize the effect on the body and brain of things around us like depleted oxygen levels, electromagnetic technologies and chemical influences. These advanced technologies are in the fields of Unified Field Physics and Advanced Biotechnology. Two main products which have helped us during these years of investigation are the Takyon Capsule, which first surfaced in the early 1990's and has evolved into several different applications, and the unbelievably good products of an advanced biotech company in Arizona, Novus Research, which came out with a product called Brain Lightning in 1999. I can't express how much this product has helped us. They also have developed other products which help maintain physical capabilities, including Organic Ashitaba and an incredible anti-oxidant complex called In-Sight. All of them are great. Information and links on those very effective tools are presented on this website. The overall summary of Novus products can be seen at their web page Phoenix Longevity

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SEE:  The New Paradigm and New Technologies for EndGame Times




By Kostas T. Lambrakis, PhD
Director, Ultra-Tek Concepts  
Science Advisor, LEIRG
Chicago - 10 October 2003

For the past 15 years, Val Valerian has published the most comprehensive synthesis of current research on almost all critical topics of the most controversial nature. This was done in an attempt to EDUCATE AND INFORM the public at large, but most specifically, to AWAKEN AND ALERT astute researchers and select individuals that great deceptions were perpetrated upon those on Earth by cunning advanced alien civilizations, their lackeys and human servitors. All areas and field of endeavor were affected, but most noticeably science, technology, economics, medicine and healthcare.

We need not discuss the present status of "chaos and confusion" on our planet today, for it is self-evident on a global scale! What we need to do is contemplate what we can do for ourselves to thrive and fulfill the destinies created by our Higher Selves, complete our evolution and experiences on Earth, while at the same time remain relatively undisturbed and unmolested by the puppet masters of The Game -- which is about ready to end. Rather than simply 'surviving', we must make an effort to add QUALITY AND CHOICES which will enable us to live full, rich and joyous lives during EndGame. This is why we at UTC Research Group (UTCRG), together with those at Leading Edge International Research Group (LEIRG). with the assistance of the Chicago Research Group and Associates (CRGA) have meticulously searched for New Paradigm Technologies to make this possible and feasible.

We have found that the greatest assault on the human psyche, mind and body has been through Electromagnetic, Chemical and Nutritional pollution, specifically Electromagnetic Mind Control and additives to water and food (See Matrix III Vol.1 and 2 for details). Furthermore, we have found the ideal protective and nutritional technologies to protect and fortify the human vehicle against these insidious intrusions.

The first technology we found is Unified Field Energy Takyon Technology™ created by Ultra-Tek Concepts. The second is Controlled Biochemistry Micronutrient Technology™ pioneered by Novus Research in Gilbert, Arizona.  Both are genuine breakthroughs. The former technology was developed around 1990, and around 1994 was researched, tested and recommended by the scientists at the CRGA and deemed the most effective, efficient and reasonably priced "INTERACTIVE WITH CONSCIOUSNESS" protective devices against Electronic Mind Control protocols. These devices are called UNIFIED FIELD ENERGY TAKYON TRANSDUCERS (UFETT), and come in various models.

The latter technology was researched and marketed by NOVUS RESEARCH, beginning in 1999, beginning with the product BRAIN LIGHTNING, a brain function enhancer, and most recently with a whole-food nutritional supplement called ORGANIC ASHITABA, a natural, ancient, organic tonic from Asia. The scientists at the Chicago Research Group use BRAIN LIGHTNING and highly recommend it, and preliminary tests on ORGANIC ASHITABA indicate a tremendous number of multi-functional biochemical benefits. Conveniently, both types of technologies are discussed elsewhere on this website. One must review the amazing benefits of these dynamic products!

It is noteworthy that we of UTC and LEIRG seldom recommend any product that we have not thoroughly researched, ,and the scientists at the Chicago Research Group have never recommended any products aside from those mentioned above.

Finally, the reason why we have researched, tested, used and recommend these FANTASTIC PRODUCTS, genuine breakthroughs involving New Paradigm Technologies, is that we are AWARE of today's multiple intrusions assailing our bodies. If it isn't the depletion of atmospheric oxygen and the chemical environment which affects brain cells and function, it's the electromagnetic smog that weakens our subtle and physical bodies, often overpowering people with thoughts that aren't even their own -- people are not at all functioning at peak capacity. This is why we recommend these dynamic products, which create EFFECTIVE RESULTS. In these crazy times and during EndGame paranoia, we must be result-oriented and pragmatic. Curiously, in spite of the fluctuating economy, many folks don't hesitate to spend a couple of thousand dollars for new computers and other expensive toys. The irony is that many of these 'toys' contribute to our "mind programming", geared toward making everyone a member of a "herd". Yet, we must be wise, prudent, and make a VITAL INVESTMENT in acquiring protection for our minds and bodies.

For those who have chosen to EVOLVE and follow the path charted by their Higher Selves, it is natural to WANT, NEED and DESIRE any means to enhance our physical and mental functioning. From our own experience, and the experiences of many of our readers and friends, we have continuously received feedback that these New Paradigm Technologies are truly superior, and these products are "MUST HAVE" at this critical stage EndGame. Try them yourself and enjoy!


Unified Field Protective Devices

These amazing devices are self-powered and produce hyperspacial fields which can function as protective barriers against EM mind and thought control frequencies. The Takyon Capsule remains the best device available in this since its initial development in the early 1990's by a physicist.  Made by Ultra-Tec Concepts in Washington, USA. The T-1 Takyon Capsule has remained a key defense against many frequency impingements since around its completion around 1990. It creates a protective force-field approximately 3 feet in diameter when worn around the neck. In terms of field function, it is composed of two (2) counter-rotating Takyon Tensor Fields of very high frequency that functionally "suck up", deflect or attenuate (mute) electromagnetic field photons present in ambient electromagnetic frequencies, especially in the psychoactive mind affecting regions, by disorganizing the photonic information- carrying matrix. The capsule on the left has the Radial Amplifier Device (RAD) on top. Actual Size: 1.5 inches long x 0.5 inches diameter. More Advanced devices are also available from Ultra-Tec. 

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- As mentioned in Ancient Wisdom, Modern Physics and Matrix V Gold Edition

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