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Nov 2008 to Dec 31, 2013

Commentary: "States Don’t Have to Comply: The Anti-Commandeering Doctrine" [12/31/13] Printer Friendly Version "Most Americans believe that the federal government stands absolutely supreme. Nobody can question its dictates. Nobody can refuse its edicts. Nobody can resist its commands. This is simply not true. Laws passed in pursuance of the Constitution do stand as the supreme law of the land. But that doesn’t in any way imply the federal government lords over everything and everybody in America. First off, as James Madison asserted in Federalist 45, the powers of the federal government are “few and defined.” So federal power actually extends into only a few spheres. Most power and authority was left to the states and the people. Second, even within those areas that the federal government does exercise authority, it cannot force state or local governments to cooperate in enforcement or implementation. The feds must exercise their authority on their own, unless the state and local governments choose to assist. Simply put, the federal government cannot force state or local governments to act against their will. This is known as the anti-commandeering doctrine, and it is well established in constitutional jurisprudence. Anti-commandeering doctrine is a virtually undisputed legal doctrine. Four Supreme Court opinions dating back to 1842 serve as the foundation for this legal doctrine. [...]"  Note: Very good, and important article.

Commentary: "New Hampshire Moves Toward Nullifying NDAA" [12/30/13] Printer Friendly Version "As the National Defense Authorization Act 2014 heads to Obama's desk as an even more draconian piece of legislation than it was previously, states have taken notice and are beginning to intensify their efforts to nullify it. New Hampshire has now taken a critical step toward nullification with the introduction of their bill HB1279, scheduled to be formally presented on January 8th, 2014. New Hampshire's bill has bipartisan support among its five sponsors, and is based on the model legislation of The Tenth Amendment Center. While other states like Michigan have offered some opposition contained in their legislation, many lack the thorough resistance being proposed by the "Live Free or Die" state of New Hampshire. The following analysis introduces the bill: " This bill prohibits the state, political subdivisions, and the national guard from participating in enforcement of the counterterrorism detainment provisions of the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act. An interactive map of other states that have nullified or propose to nullify the NDAA are available here. [...]" 

Commentary: "Georgia Lawmakers Announce Bill Nullifying ObamaCare" [12/29/13] Printer Friendly Version "Four Georgia state legislators are listening to the crescendo of constituent opposition to ObamaCare. On December 16, State Representatives Jason Spencer, David Stover, Michael Caldwell, and Scot Turnerannounced their sponsoring of a bill that would halt the implementation of ObamaCare at the sovereign borders of the Peach State. At their press conference, the lawmakers sought not only to explain their proposal, but to drum up support for it among like-minded Georgians. [...]"  

MSM: "Missouri Bill Would Gut Obamacare" [12/29/13] Printer Friendly Version "Next month, the Missouri Senate will consider a bill which would effectively cripple the implementation of the Affordable Care Act within the state. SB546 would ban Missouri from taking any action that would “compel, directly or indirectly, any person, employer, or health care provider to participate in any health care system.” That means the state would be banned by law from operating a health care exchange for the federal government. The bill also proposes suspending the licenses of insurers who accept federal subsidies which result in the “imposition of penalties contrary to the public policy” set forth in the legislation. Since it is unlikely that any insurer would then accept a subsidy, not a single employer in the state could be hit with the employer-mandate penalties those subsidies trigger. [...]" 

Commentary: "Michigan Nullifies NDAA Indefinite Detention" [12/28/13] Printer Friendly Version "Michigan Governor Rick Snyder (R) signed bill SB0094 into law yesterday. The bill nullifies Section 1021 of the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which is the indefinite detention clause. Michigan Senator Rick Jones (R), said: Historically Michigan first asserted 10th Amendment rights in 1855 when we passed a law to block the Fugitive Slave Act. I thought of this great history as I pushed the bill to nullify the NDAA. No US citizen should have to fear being thrown into jail or prison without charges. I got support from both sides of the political spectrum. With the Governor’s signature, Michigan states no local police, state police, sheriff or Michigan National Guard will assist the feds with holding a US citizen without Habeas Corpus. [...]  Michael Lofti explains why states legislatures cannot be made to enforce federal laws:  The bill’s bite is rooted in anti-commandeering doctrine, which has been well established by the United States Supreme Court (Printz v. United States), dictates that the federal government cannot force state legislatures to enforce federal laws.  According to Justice Scalia’s majority opinion in Printz v. United States, state legislatures are not subject to federal direction. Although Congress may enforce its own laws, they may not force the states to carry out their duties in such laws. According to the Court, the Constitution establishes a system of dual sovereignty where states and the federal government exercise concurrent authority. Giving Congress the power to force states in to service would greatly enhance federal power, and the Court ruled this could not stand. [...]"  Note: They may not be aware of the propaganda use issue. See below.

MSM: "White House Made Illegal Changes To ObamaCare" [12/28/13] [5:34] "Dr. Larry Kawa on his lawsuit against the government over ObamaCare.  [...]" 

MSM: "Glenn Greenwald: "We’re On MSNBC Now Where Close To 24 Hours A Day Obama’s Agenda Is Promoted" [12/28/13] [10:58] Note: "TV Obama (MSNBC) seems a little muted on the issue; usually they have salivating rabid talking heads foaming at the mouth for Snowdon's capture."

Commentary: "The New NDAA 2014 Legalizes The Use Of Propaganda On The US Public" [12/27/13] Printer Friendly Version "The newest version of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) includes an amendment that would legalize the use of propaganda on the American public, reports Michael Hastings of BuzzFeed. The amendment — proposed by Mac Thornberry (R-Texas) and Adam Smith (D-Wash.) and passed in the House last Friday afternoon — would effectively nullify the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948, which explicitly forbids information and psychological operations aimed at influencing U.S. public opinion. Thornberry said that the current law “ties the hands of America’s diplomatic officials, military, and others by inhibiting our ability to effectively communicate in a credible way,” according to Buzzfeed. If the NDAA goes into effect in its current form, the State Department and Pentagon can go beyond manipulating mainstream media outlets and directly disseminate campaigns of misinformation to the U.S. public. [...]"  

Flashback: "Why Losing Indefinite Detention Powers Would Be A Disaster For Obama" Oct 2012 [12/27/13] Printer Friendly Version "... Miller notes that the legal foundation for U.S. counter terrorism strategy is partially based on "the Congressional authorization to use military force" (AUMF) that was passed after 9/11. Specifically it seems to be based on an interpretation of the AUMF that was "reaffirmed" by the indefinite detention clause of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).  This explains why Obama is fighting so hard to keep the indefinite detention clause in effect. In court the government argued that the indefinite detention clause is simply a "reaffirmation" of the Authorization Use Of Military Force (AUMF), which gives the president authority "to use all necessary and appropriate force against those ... [who] aided the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001 or harbored such organizations or persons." In the NDAA lawsuit, the government argued that the NDAA §1021 is simply an "affirmation" or "reaffirmation" of the AUMF. [...]" 

Commentary: "Two States Want Their Money Back From The Contractor That Built Most Of Healthcare.Gov" [12/27/13] Printer Friendly Version "Vermont and Massachusetts are taking steps to get their money back from CGI Federal, the government contractor that built the health insurance marketplaces in those states as well as the federal marketplace Healthcare.gov. State officials say CGI Federal delivered the websites late and with defects, reports the Boston Globe. The state marketplace, Vermont Health Connect, wasn’t working fully until two months after it opened. Vermont officials are withholding payments of more than $5.1 million and disputing more than $1 million in additional charges. [...]"  

Flashback: "New DHS Sec Johnson Signified Push For a Civilian Army" Oct 2013 [12/27/13] Printer Friendly Version "Obama named Jeh Charles Johnson as the new Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Obama told the audience at the Rose Garden that Johnson has “been there in the Situation Room, at the table in moments of decision.” Interestingly, Johnson has some questionable philosophies about America. In 2011, Johnson attempted to distort the memory of civil rights activist, Martin Luther King (MLK) by suggesting in a speech that MLK would have supported the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Johnson told the audience that the Afghan and Iraq wars were instances of the US being a global Good Samaritan. Later that year, Johnson spoke at a conference at the Heritage Foundation (HF), stating the challenges of creating a “civilian law enforcement in this country.” In 2012, Johnson defended the use of targeted killings while speaking to students at Yale Law School. Johnson also said: “There is risk in permitting and expecting the U.S. military to extend its powerful reach into areas traditionally reserved for civilian law enforcement in this country. The military should not and cannot be the only answer.” [...]"  Note: Also in February, House Representative Charles Rangel introduced HR 748 that will “require all persons in the United States between the ages of 18 and 25 to perform national service, either as a member of the uniformed services or as civilian service in a Federal, State, or local government program or with a community-based agency or community-based entity, to authorize the induction of persons in the uniformed services during wartime to meet end-strength requirements of the uniformed services, to provide for the registration of women under the Military Selective Service Act, and for other purposes.”  Prognosis: 2% chance of getting past committee 0% chance of being enacted.  Rangel is also the one who almost annually submits a bill to re-enact the Military Draft. Virtually everything this man does is something connected with enslaving the population in some way. I remember the Scientology dynamic has a useful definition for someone like Rangel, this person would be termed 'a suppressive', which is pretty much the case. Of course, there are many of these kind of psychopaths in the system. 

Flashback: "10 Facts About Benghazi Even the Whistleblowers Did Not Reveal" May 2013 [12/27/13] Printer Friendly Version "Although Gregory Hicks, Mark I. Thompson and Eric Nordstrom spoke to the House Oversight Committee (HOC) about Benghazi, they forget to mention 10 amazing facts about US Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, Hillary Clinton and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) – not to mention the involvement of the Saudi Arabian government and the Muslim Brotherhood. [...]"  

MSM: "Judge Rules: Obama Social Security Card Fraud May Finally Get Answers" [12/26/13] Printer Friendly Version "It took years for Watergate to unravel fully. The controversy over Barack Hussein Obama and his past, along with fraudulent documents continues to make headlines. Yet, the items needed to actually verify who Obama is continue to be kept from the public eye. Well, that all may be about to change. Attorney Orly Taitz may have just found a chink in the federal government’s armor in protecting Barack Obama from scrutiny, following a judge’s ruling over her Freedom of Information Act request from the Social Security Administration. Taitz has claimed that Obama uses the Social Security number of Harry Bounel and has submitted several Freedom of Information Act requests for the information from the Social Security Administration. Each time, she has been met with stonewalling by the Social Security Administration. However, Judge Ellen Lipton Hollander has ruled PDF to give Taitz “an opportunity to file a second amended complaint and add allegations of SSA not doing a proper search and withholding records. [...]”   Related: See below.

Commentary: "Why Couldn’t Healthcare.Gov Validate Obama’s Identity?" [12/26/13] Printer Friendly Version "The White House appears to have dropped a bombshell when it explained to the press why White House staff in Washington enrolled President Obama in Obamacare instead of Obama himself. Officials said it was because HealthCare.gov could not verify Obama’s identity. Here is what Ed Henry, Fox News White House correspondent, reported on air: “Somebody who’s not waiting in line to enroll is the president of the United States. We learned today from the White House. Initially, they said he signed up for what they called a bronze plan, paying about four hundred dollars a month in premiums. But, then they came back to us and said – ‘Well, wait. He didn’t actually enroll. They said his staff did it and that’s because of his unique circumstance obviously, as commander-in-chief, that his personal information is not in various government databases, so Healthcare.gov could not actually verify his identity, oddly enough. So, he had to do it in person this weekend, so he was signing up for the D.C. exchange, but his staff did it.” A CBS report in Washington, likewise, explained White House staff had to go to an “in-person” Obamacare site to sign up Obama for coverage. [...] On Sept. 12, 2011, WND reported the Social Security Number being used by Obama did not pass a check with E-Verify, the electronic system the U.S. Citizenship and Immigrations Services of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security created to verify whether or not prospective employees have the required authorization to work legally in the United States. In that article, WND published the “Self-Check” page from E-Verify that clearly listed a “Notice of Mismatch with Social Security Administration (SSA) Records.” As seen below, Obama’s Social Security Number produced a mismatch that warranted a visit to the Social Security Administration to investigate the discrepancy."[...]”  

MSM: "Obama Administration Tries To Block Federal Judge From Ruling On Constitutionality Of NSA Surveillance" [12/25/13] Printer Friendly Version "In an attempt to prevent a federal judge from ruling on the constitutionality of surveillance programs operated by the National Security Agency (NSA), the Obama administration told the court that litigating the case would endanger state secrets. This comes after a different federal judge ruled that the mass collection of NSA phone records is likely unconstitutional. In a pair of court filings late Friday, the White House told the court for the Northern District of California that the NSA collection of Americans’ Internet and phone data was authorized by former President George W. Bush in the wake of the September 11, 2001 attacks. [...]"  

MSM: "Insurance Companies To Pour $500 Million Into Ads Promoting Obamacare In 2014" [12/25/13] Printer Friendly Version "The health insurance giants that donated millions to get President Barack Obama elected are enjoying record profits amid the Obamacare debacle and are projected to pour an estimated $500 million in 2014 into Obamacare advertising designed to score even greater profits on the backs of taxpayers.  The Wall Street Journal says big health insurance companies view Obamacare as a prime opportunity for "capitalizing on an unprecedented opportunity in a shifting health-care market," as "seven million Americans are expected to buy health coverage on the new consumer exchanges."  While some Obamacare backers view the half-billion dollar ad blitz as a sign of confidence that insurers believe Obamacare will work, other progressives will view it as further evidence that Obamacare was a cynical and massive giveaway by Obama to big insurance cronies that helped bankroll his campaigns. [...]"  Related: See below ... apparently they might get that money back.

Commentary: "Krauthammer: Insurance Companies Ruined By ObamaCare Will Need a Bailout Next Year" [12/25/13] Printer Friendly Version [2:25] "Appearing on Fox News Sunday, Krauthammer said that all the exemptions the President has given to ObamaCare will ruin insurance companies thereby necessitating the White House to ask for a huge government bailout of these companies next year that Republicans in Congress should prevent (video follows with transcript and commentary): [...]  "A government bailout is the only thing that can save Obamacare, and Krauthammer said the bailout "ought to be stopped before it happens. It ought to be -- Congress ought to say no bailout, particularly because this is not a natural disaster, it's a man-made disaster."[...]"   

Commentary: "Obama Pushes Program To Turn Public Schools Over To Corporations" [12/25/13] Printer Friendly Version "Obama made a well-publicized helicopter landing in New York City’s borough of Brooklyn October 25 to visit Pathways in Technology Early College High School, known as P-TECH. It is a public school where IBM has been placed in charge, and Obama used the appearance to promote a new expansion of government efforts to privatize public education. He was accompanied by Bill de Blasio, who has subsequently been elected as mayor, and United Federation of Teachers (UFT) president Michael Mulgrew. [...] P-TECH is part of the so-called educational reform movement that has been transforming education nationwide, often with initial funding to budget-needy states and school districts from billionaires, such as Bill Gates, and competitively awarded funding from the Obama administration. Obama and partners like Bloomberg have overseen the destruction of at least 300,000 teachers’ jobs, the shutdown of 4,000 schools (164 in New York City), and the doubling of the number of students enrolled in privately run charter schools (183 in New York City). [...]"  

Commentary: "Hiding The Hacking At Healthcare.Gov" [12/24/13] Printer Friendly Version "...According to Bruce Webster, a consultant who has advised companies for 40 years on IT issues, the administration’s policy appears to be “security through obscurity,” a largely discredited approach. He told me: "They do not want to talk about their security measures; they do not want to talk about their security breaches; they do not want to inform affected citizens of compromised personal information. Their attitude reminds me of Lily Tomlin’s character Ernestine as an AT&T operator back when AT&T had a monopoly: “We don’t care. We don’t have to. We’re the phone company.” Congresswoman Diane Black, a Tennessee Republican, is fed up with the obfuscation and evasion surrounding HealthCare.gov. She has introduced the “Federal Data Breach Notification Act,” which would require that the Federal Trade Commission notify anyone whose personal information has been jeopardized. “The federal government imposes these same rules on the private sector, yet they have gone out of their way to avoid imposing this basic diligence on their own Obamacare exchange,” she told me. [...]" 

MSM: "The 14 Ways You Can Get Out Of Being Forced To Have Health Insurance" [12/24/13] Printer Friendly Version "The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid [...]" 

MSM: "Judge Napolitano: Federal Judge Accuses Obama of Governance By "Secret Law" [12/22/13] Printer Friendly Version   [3:30] "Dec. 19th, 2013 [...]" 

Commentary: "Obamacare Hardship Exemption Offered to Offset Hardship Caused by…Obamacare " [12/21/13] Printer Friendly Version "The Obama administration is making another change to the ACA. This time, the individual mandate is going under the knife ... That’s right – people whose individual plans were cancelled due to non-compliance with ACA guidelines will now be exempt from the individual mandate for 2014. They won’t have to pay a “tax penalty” (okay, let’s call it what it really is – an unconstitutional fine). A “hardship exemption” will be accepted for those who lost their existing coverage and think that the plans offered through the state and federal marketplaces are too expensive. [...]"  

MSM: "Senate Passes NDAA 2014 Via Fast Tracking, President To Sign" [12/21/13] Printer Friendly Version "Late Thursday night, the Senate passed the NDAA for Fiscal Year 2014, in a sweeping bill now being sent to the president which reports suggest he will sign. The bill, is infamous for its language on indefinite detention, and "disappearing" of American citizens. Once again, the bill was past via Fast-Tracking while most of the country was sidelined on the Phil Robertson issue with Duck Dynasty. The bill, now being sent to President Obama, also leaves out an amendment by Sen. Gillibrand on sexual assault prosecution, which in and of itself is curious. The bill passed the Senate in an 85-14 count, with the roll-call unavailable at this time. With the recent push by PANDA (People Against NDAA), having success on local levels blocking the Indefinite Detention provisions, it is no surprise the defense bill passed quickly, and while so many were distracted. [...]" 

MSM: "Alejandro Mayorkas Confirmed For Dept. Of Homeland Security #2 Slot" [12/21/13] Printer Friendly Version "Alejandro Mayorkas was swiftly confirmed Friday to be the second-ranking official at the Department of Homeland Security, putting him in a powerful administration post as he faces a federal probe on whether he exercised improper influence in a foreign investor visa program. The vote to confirm Mayorkas — the first in a small batch of nominations that the Senate will hold before leaving Washington for the year – was 54-41. Democrats have insisted that Mayorkas was qualified for the position and that the investigation has yielded no evidence that Mayorkas – currently the director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services – had committed any wrongdoing. He is facing questions on whether he improperly aided a company owned by the brother of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with foreign investor visas. And Democrats were critical of the conduct of the former inspector general on the case, Charles Edwards, who said this week that he would step down from the job. [...]"  :

MSM: "General Michael Carey Nuclear Commander Fired After "Boozing It Up" In Moscow" [12/21/13] [3:16]  

MSM: "Obama Threatens Veto as Senators Promote New Iran Sanctions" [12/21/13] Printer Friendly Version "The White House on Thursday threatened to use its veto power against legislation that would impose new sanctions on Iran, as senators continued to promote such legislation in defiance of President Barack Obama. The threat came hours after a bipartisan group of senators filed a new Iran sanctions measure, according to the Washington Free Beacon. [...]"  Related: See below: 

MSM: "AIPAC’s Exploding Christmas Gift To Obama" [12/20/13] Printer Friendly Version "Just when Obama was starting to believe that it was safe to go back into the water, the lobby has come out with a new Iran sanctions bill designed to torpedo negotiations with Iran. And, once that is accomplished, it provides for automatic U.S military backing for Israel if Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu decides to bomb. This may be the lobby’s most brazen attempt yet at subverting negotiations and, in Andrew Sullivan’s words, “handing over American foreign policy on a matter as grave as war and peace to a foreign government….” The resolution, introduced by Senators Robert Menendez (D-NJ), Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Mark Kirk(R-IL), seemingly responds positively to President Obama’s request that Congress hold off on new sanctions during the negotiations. It does that by giving Obama the authority to waive its proposed new sanctions until the two sides successfully reach an agreement. It is only at that point, with the agreement in hand, that the new sanctions would go into effect, effectively killing the deal. The bill is almost like an exploding Christmas present. It looks pretty under the tree, all wrapped up nicely, but then in six months it blows down the house. Here is how it would work, according to an exclusive report in Foreign Policy by Ali Gharib, who obtained a copy of the AIPAC bill. The legislation would expand current sanctions to include all aspects of its petroleum trade and its shipping and mining sectors. However, these new sanctions would not take effect so long as Obama certifies that Iran is negotiating in good faith and that imposing them would not be in the U.S. national interest. [...]"  

MSM: "States Begin Move To Nullify Obamacare, Judge Napolitano: This Would “Gut” The Program" [12/19/13] Printer Friendly Version "Obamacare, more than anything, is a big giveaway to the health insurance industry. It’s a crony capitalist scheme to its core and more people (and entire states) are coming to realize this. The Obama administration thought it could buy off industry and it did. But industry did not anticipate how incompetent this administration was. It bought the show and dazzle. [...]"  

MSM: "David Stockman: ObamaCare Is A Dumping Machine" [12/19/13] [2:19] Dec 16 air date.

MSM: "Acting DHS IG, Under Investigation, Steps Down" [12/19/13] Printer Friendly Version "Charles K. Edwards, the embattled DHS acting inspector general, yesterday stepped down from his position and took another job in the department. Edwards was under investigation after allegations emerged that he misused his office and softened reports to keep from embarrassing the Obama administration. Late last month, the White House nominated John Roth, a criminal investigator at the Food and Drug Administration, to become the permanent inspector general. [...]"  Related: "Senate Confirms Jeh Johnson As New DHS Secretary" Printer Friendly Version "Democrats yesterday (Monday) used the newly established lower threshold for ending filibusters to assure Senate confirmation of Jeh Johnson, President Barack Obama’s nominee to be DHS secretary. Johnson, a multimillionaire lawyer, has served for two years in the U.S. attorney’s office in New York between 1989 and 1991 and as general counsel of the Department of the Air Force under President Bill Clinton from 1998 to 2001. He was the Defense Department’s general counsel until 2012, when he returned to private practice. [...]"  

Commentary: "Does Obama Want To Stay In Afghanistan To Harvest Its Opium?" [12/17/13] Printer Friendly Version "Is the real reason Obama would like to keep U.S. troops in Afghanistan until 2024 to allow the CIA to cash in on its $50 billion annual opium crop? When the Taliban ruled Pakistan, if nothing else, it suppressed the opium trade. It is indisputable this situation radically worsened after the U.S. invaded. Professor Michel Chossudovsky of Global Research, Montreal, wrote: “The Taliban prohibition had indeed caused the beginning of a heroin shortage in Europe by the end of 2001.” If the Central Intelligence Agency was not involved fang-and-claw in the Afghan drug trade it would be acting out of character. The CIA’s history of dope peddling is well documented. The practice yielded tidy sums the CIA could spend at will, without going to Congress. [...] In an interview on RT television on August 20, 2009, Russian General Mahmut Gareev, a former commander in the Russian invasion of Afghanistan, said, “The U.S. is not going to stop production of drugs in Afghanistan as it covers the costs of its military presence there.” Gareev added, “I don’t make anything up. Americans themselves admit that drugs are often transported out of Afghanistan on American planes. Drug trafficking in Afghanistan brings them about 50 billion dollars a year –which fully covers the expenses tied to keeping their troops there.” The general asserted, “They (the Americans) engage in military action only when they are attacked. They don’t have any planned military action to eliminate the Mujahideen.” This last observation may go a long way to explain why the U.S. defeated Italy, Germany and Japan in World War II in just three and a half years while it has so far spent 12 years in comparatively tiny (30-million people) Afghanistan and can eke out no “victory.” [...]"  

MSM: "Holder In 1995: We Need to Brainwash People Into Thinking About Guns In A Different Way" [12/17/13] [1:04] 

Commentary: "White House Front Group "Media Matters" Vows to Target Alternative Media" [12/16/13] Printer Friendly Version "White House front group "Media Matters" has vowed to target “alternative online outlets” as part of its new “strategic plan” to exert media influence in coordination with the Obama administration. "Media Matters", whose employees brag about writing MSNBC’s prime time content and attending strategy calls with Obama advisors on a weekly basis, will now turn its big guns on the likes of Infowars, Alex Jones and the Drudge Report. Media Matters is the closest thing America has to actual state media. This organization is nothing less than a conduit for Obama administration spin doctors, who in turn set the talking points for the likes of MSNBC and CNN. This is why Media Matters’ attacks on Drudge and Infowars are about to intensify. A 2012 Daily Caller investigation into Media Matters discovered that in 2010 founder David Brock and then-Media Matters president Eric Burns “traveled to the White House for a meeting with Valerie Jarrett, arguably the president’s closest adviser.” The investigation also revealed that an Obama administration representative meets with Media Matters reps at the Common Purpose Project meeting at the Capitol Hilton on 16th Street in Washington every Tuesday evening to conduct “a weekly strategy call with the White House”. Media Matters itself hardly registers when it comes to Internet traffic. However, by following orders from the White House, the organization is able to project its influence. One employee bragged about how Media Matters works with the White House to control big media networks. “We were pretty much writing their prime time,” a former Media Matters employee said of the cable channel MSNBC. “But then virtually all the mainstream media was using our stuff.”  [...]  Media Matters is tied at the hip with Think Progress as part of John D. Podestas Progressive Media propaganda campaign, described as a “war room for promoting the foreign and domestic policies of Barack Obama.” Podesta, Bill Clinton’s former chief of staff, also helped found Media Matters. The organization also received a $1 million contribution from billionaire globalist George Soros back in 2010. Podesta, who headed up Barack Obama’s presidential transition team, founded The Center for American Progress, which is tasked with “driving the White House’s message and agenda”. Media Matters’ decision (in concert with the White House) to shift to focus on “entertainment sources” is also an admission of defeat. Tacitly acknowledging their failure to influence Americans via traditional means, Media Matters and the Obama administration have abandoned political avenues in favor of targeting entertainment-obsessed zombies who get their opinions from the likes of Kanye West and Beyonce, attempting to ‘brand’ White House policies as ‘trendy’ and ‘cool’, just as Obama himself was just a manufactured brand.[...]"  

MSM: "Beach Bum: Obama To Holiday In Hawaii For 17 Days" [12/16/13] Printer Friendly Version "Obama and his family will leave Washington Dec. 20 for a 17-day holiday vacation in Hawaii. The White House announced Friday that the Obamas will depart next week after what is expected to be a light work schedule for the president in Washington. The president and his family traditionally spend their Christmas break in a rented home on Oahu with spectacular ocean views. For his first three years in office, Mr. Obama rented a $24,500-per-week gated Plantation Estate, which offers security and privacy on the white sand beach of Kailua Bay. [...]"  

Commentary: "The Ticking Medicaid Time Bomb" [12/16/13] Printer Friendly Version  "When the president and his minions were selling this turkey to the American people, one of the "selling points" was that the law would expand Medicaid coverage to Americans whose incomes were four times the official poverty level. That's great, you say. More struggling families will be covered. Only, this expanded subsidized health coverage - which is nothing more than another progressive government transfer of wealth - was supposed to be more than paid for by un-subsidized enrollees in the federal online health exchange (Healthcare.gov). The trouble is, these enrollees have not materialized; they're not signing up for insurance under the exchange. But I'll tell you who is signing up - Americans who now qualify for the expanded Medicaid coverage. The problem has been well-documented by the Cato Institute's Michael D. Tanner, in a column for the New York Post: "The good news, if you want to call it that, is that roughly 1.6 million Americans have enrolled in ObamaCare so far. The not-so-good news is that 1.46 million of them actually signed up for Medicaid. If that trend continues, it could bankrupt both federal and state governments. [...] For most states, Medicaid is the single-largest cost of government, crowding out education, transportation and everything else. And as the state portions of Medicaid increase, there will be even less money for other line items.  Now do you know why several states have refused to start their own Obamacare exchanges? What's worse, all of this was anticipated. Tanner says the designers of Obamacare "saw the expansion of Medicaid as an important feature of their plan to sell coverage to the uninsured. Still, they expected most of those enrolling in ObamaCare to qualify for private (albeit subsidized) insurance.""  

Commentary: "The 93 Skeletons In Obama’s Closet" [12/15/13] Printer Friendly Version "President Obama’s hands may be clean. However, there are a multitude of people that have been close to this president who have not lived to talk about what they know about this administration. Are these coincidences, or are these deaths the result of Obama’s handlers? Without arrests and prosecutions, we can never be sure. However, the sheer numbers of the trail of bodies is staggering. In the interest of time and space, only a few of these will be represented. [...]" 

MSM: "Invasive: Obamacare Exchange 'Mistakenly' Debiting Bank Accounts" [12/15/13] Printer Friendly Version "For the second week in a row, the Washington Healthplanfinder website is down, and it's causing problems for people who are dealing with billing issues. Some of them say the website is mistakenly debiting their accounts. Shannon Bruner of Indianola logged on to her checking account Monday morning, and found she was almost 800 dollars in the negative. “The first thing I thought was, ‘I got screwed,’” she said. The Bruners enrolled for insurance on the Washington Healthplanfinder website, last October. They say they selected the bill pay date to be December 24th. Instead the Washington Healthplanfinder drafted the 835 dollar premium Monday. One viewer emailed KING 5 saying, "They drafted my account this morning for a second time." [...]"  

Commentary: "Legislators Introducing Bill To Nullify Obamacare In Georgia" [12/13/13] Printer Friendly Version "Four state representatives announced today that they are introducing legislation to block Obamacare in Georgia. The bill’s main thrust is to prohibit state agencies, officers and employees of the state from implementing any provisions of the Affordable Care Act, leaving implementation entirely in the hands of the federal government, which lacks the resources or personnel to carry out the programs it mandates. Based on the long-standing legal principle, the anti-commandeering doctrine, the legislation is on strong legal grounds. In four major cases from 1842 to 2012, the Supreme Court has consistently held that the federal government cannot “commandeer” states, requiring them to enforce or expend resources to participate in federal law or regulatory programs. Tenth Amendment Center (TAC) national communications director Mike Maharrey suggested that a large-scale effort would be coming in 2014. “Kudos goes out to all the people in South Carolina who have worked the past year to get things this far. And kudos to Jason Spencer for stepping up to support their effort. Our contacts here at the Center tell us to expect at least ten other states considering similar legislation in 2014, but it’s going to require people getting on the phone with their state reps and senators to make that happen.” Maharrey said that TAC’s state-plan to nullify Obamacare includes four key parts. The main part, as bills in South Carolina and Georgia are proposing, would ban the state from enforcing or providing material support for the enforcement of the Affordable Care Act. The plan also includes a rejection of the Medicaid expansion, steps to reduce the impact and enforcement of the mandate tax, and press for an ongoing challenge to the taxes themselves. “Each piece might seem like a small piece of thread,” said Maharrey. “But when you tie all kinds of threads together you have a strong piece of rope. By refusing to comply in multiple states and various areas, we’re going to pull the rug right out from under Obamacare.” [...] South Carolina fast-tracked a bill entitled “South Carolina Freedom of Health Care Protection Act” (H.3101), the basis of which is the anti-commandeering doctrine: “Congress can pass laws, but it cannot compel the states to utilize either their treasury or personnel to implement those federal laws,” explained state Sen. Tom Davis. The Tenth Amendment Center has outlined the steps to follow to nullify the Affordable Care Act at the state level. Several other states have introduced legislation to nullify the law, and perhaps South Carolina and Georgia will inspire more to do the same."  Related: "Move Against Obamacare: "Single-Payer" Bills in Congress; State Momentum to By-Pass Cartels" Printer Friendly Version "The Backroom Deal That Could've Given Us Single-Payer" Printer Friendly Version 

Commentary: "Issa to Sebelius on Healthcare Probe: Failing to Turn Over Info is Criminal Obstruction of Justice " [12/13/13] Printer Friendly Version "In a letter sent late Wednesday, Chairman of the House Oversight Committee Darrell Issa reminded Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius that obstructing a congressional investigation is a crime. Issa's Committee has been looking into the details of how Obamacare was implemented, along with the major problems with Healthcare.gov and has requested a number of documents from HHS, none of which he's received. The documents requested pertain to companies hired by HHS to build and operate Healthcare.gov. "The Department [HHS] subsequently instructed those companies not to comply with the Committee's request. The Department's hostility toward questions from Congress and the media about the implementation of Obamcare is well known. The Department's most recent effort to stonewall, however, has morphed from mere obstinacy into criminal obstruction of a congressional investigation," Issa wrote.  [...]" Related: "GOP Congressman Gets Pissed Off at Sebelius: "Like Talking to the Republic of Korea" [1:22] Note: Ha! Indeed.

Commentary: "Who Is Behind Obamacare?" W. Journalism [12/13/13] [5:27] Interesting connections.

Commentary: "Ex-Clinton Aide Expected to Join Obama" [12/13/13] Printer Friendly Version  " Obama, after a rocky year that leaves him at the lowest ebb of his presidency, is bringing into his White House circle the longtime Democratic strategist John D. Podesta, a former chief of staff for President Bill Clinton.  [...]"  Related: "Obama Hires ‘Executive Power’ Czar to Gain Even More Absolute Authority" Printer Friendly Version "A senior progressive strategist and former chief of staff for President Bill Clinton who specializes in the use of executive authority to bypass Congress is reportedly joining the White House. The NY Times reported Podesta will help the White House on “matters related to the health care law, administration organization and executive actions,” with particular focus on so-called climate change issues, according to a person familiar with the plans. Podesta is a long-time champion of the use of executive powers, including bypassing the legislative branch to enact progressive change. [...]" 

Commentary: "Congress Preparing To Move For Impeachment Of Obama?" [12/13/13] Printer Friendly Version "South Carolina Congressman Tom Rice (R) has filed a congressional resolution, which would, if adopted, direct the body “to bring a civil action for declaratory or injunctive relief to challenge certain policies and actions taken by the executive branch.” President Obama has refused to uphold laws as written and passed by Congress. Most notably the President has changed and rewritten, at will, his landmark legislative achievement, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). The President’s actions are unconstitutional pursuant to Article I, Section 1 and Article II Section, 3. Article I, Section 1 states that only Congress has the authority to legislate, and Article II, Section 3 states that the President must faithfully execute the laws, which have been passed by Congress. By rewriting the Patient Care Act and refusing to enforce specific details of the law, President Obama has acted outside of his constitutionally delegated authority. At this moment, 29 members of Congress have co-sponsoring Rice’s Resolution: Bachmann (MN), Bridenstine (OK), Chaffetz (UT), J. Duncan (SC), DeSantis (FL), Franks (AZ), Gowdy (SC), Harris (MD), Lamborn (CO), LaMalfa (CA), Marino (PA), McClintock (CA), Meadows (NC), Nunnelee (MS), Pittenger (NC), Posey (FL), Tom Price (GA), Ribble (WI), Salmon (AZ), Sanford (SC), Schweikert (AZ), Stewart (UT), Stockman (TX), Walberg (MI), Weber (TX), Wenstrup (OH), Williams (TX), Joe Wilson (SC), and Yoho (FL) [...]" 

Commentary: "Stunning Hypocrisy: Obama Slams Leaders Who “Do Not Tolerate Dissent From Their Own People" [12/11/13] Printer Friendly Version "During a memorial service for Nelson Mandela in Johannesburg today, Obama challenged leaders who supported Mandela’s struggle for freedom but “do not tolerate dissent from their own people,” a stunning piece of hypocrisy given that the Obama administration has aggressively pursued dissenters at every turn, from punitive targeting of Tea Party groups via the IRS to the unprecedented prosecution of whistleblowers. “There are too many people who happily embrace Madiba’s legacy of racial reconciliation, but passionately resist even modest reforms that would challenge chronic poverty and growing inequality. There are too many leaders who claim solidarity with Madiba’s struggle for freedom, but do not tolerate dissent from their own people,” stated Obama. This is quite rich coming from someone whose administration has overseen, according to Time Magazine, “a record as the most aggressive prosecutor of alleged government leakers in U.S. history.” Obama has presided over an administration that has been nothing but intolerant of dissent at every level, deliberately targeting prominent critics of his policies and his prosecution of national security issues – tactics that have created a chilling effect by intimidating other whistleblowers and dissenters from publicly airing their concerns. [...]"   

MSM: "Senate And House Reach Budget Deal To Avoid Another Gov't Shutdown In January" [12/11/13] [10:26] CNN

Commentary: "Obama’s De Facto Totalitarian Nation: What Now?" [12/10/13] Printer Friendly Version "As the year 2013 approaches its conclusion, it is more obvious than ever before that the United States is a corporate-owned de facto totalitarian nation. It is, in reality, a 21st century U.S. fascist state under the auspices of Barack Obama and his Democrat and Republican cohorts. [...] Ultimately, as it becomes increasingly undeniable that ‘Obamacare’ (the so-called Affordable Care Act) is a pharmaceutical/insurance corporate smoke-and-mirrors fraud, the struggling people of this nation will come to realize that they have yet again been callously and systemically hoodwinked. Meanwhile, Obama himself will continue to engage in double-talk, subterfuge, and distractions. And despite the U.S. corporate-stream ‘news’ media’s obfuscation and distortions, the majority of people in this nation will, in reality, continue to become even poorer, corporate domination will persist, and Barack Obama, his systemic allies and minions will look for ways to keep the masses of people distracted, diverted, and most of all, compliant. There will be no significant political, economic, judicial, or social change for the better in the U.S. until such time that a critical mass of people in this nation recognizes, and acts upon, the fact that the Democrat and Republican parties are enemies of the everyday ordinary struggling people of all colors. The fact is, that totalitarianism and “fascism,” in the words of Huey P. Long, have already incrementally “[come] to America;” and not only “wrapped in an American flag” via false patriotism and corporate hegemony; but also aided and abetted by unprincipled and hypocritical gatekeepers who masquerade as so-called “progressives.” It is incumbent upon each and every one of us to expose and resist this encroaching de facto fascist totalitarianism in this nation. And this includes exposing those “progressive” pretenders who, among other tactics, utilize the ‘race’/color card from their arsenal, against the best interests, needs, and aspirations of everyday ordinary people.[...]"  

Investigations: "Tally In Illinois Grant-Fraud Probe So Far: 13 Charged, $16M Embezzled" [12/10/13] Printer Friendly Version "Daughter of Reverend “God Damn America” Wright and 12 other Democrats are charged with embezzling $16 million in Federal health grants that should have gone to AIDS charities and other programs for the poor and needy. Thirteen people have been charged so far, six who have pleaded guilty. Two of them have ties to President Barack Obama. One is the daughter of his controversial former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Another was chief of staff to Obama’s longtime friend Eric E. Whitaker when Whitaker was Illinois’ public health chief. They allegedly stole from AIDS charities and job training programs among other funds of cash meant to help the poor and needy. These and other Dems are accused of stealing the money for personal use including mortgage and credit-card payments, vacation home payments, and in one case, a Mercedes-Benz, a Cadillac and a fur coat. [...]"  

MSM: "Obama Faces Backlash Over New Corporate Powers In Secret Trade Deal " [12/09/13] Printer Friendly Version "The Obama administration appears to have almost no international support for controversial new trade standards that would grant radical new political powers to corporations, increase the cost of prescription medications and restrict bank regulation, according to two internal memos obtained by The Huffington Post. The memos, which come from a government involved in the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade negotiations, detail continued disputes in the talks over the deal. They reveal broad disagreement over a host of key positions, and general skepticism that an agreement can be reached by year-end. The Obama administration has urged countries to reach a deal by New Year's Day, though there is no technical deadline. [...]" 

Quotes: “Secrecy is the keystone to all tyranny. Not force, but secrecy and censorship. When any government or church for that matter, undertakes to say to its subjects, "This you may not read, this you must not know," the end result is tyranny and oppression, no matter how holy the motives. Mighty little force is needed to control a man who has been hoodwinked in this fashion; contrariwise, no amount of force can control a free man, whose mind is free. No, not the rack nor the atomic bomb, not anything. You can't conquer a free man; the most you can do is kill him.” ― Robert A. Heinlein

MSM: "Congress Investigates Obama the Dictator" [12/09/13] [2:57] "If Obama’s complete disregard for constitutional limits imposed on the presidency continues, it will create a precedent in which future presidents will act as absolute autocrats. On Dec. 2, Michael Cannon, the Director of Health Policy Studies for the Cato Institute, said that Obama’s complete disregard for the Constitution could unfortunately lead to a revolt [...]" Related: "Obama: The 2.0 Dictator" [47:57] "James David Manning broke down how Obama is a new variant of a dictator, one who uses economic and social policies rather than the military to cement his control. “I think that we need to understand Obama in terms of modern dictatorship,” Manning said. “Generally when we think of dictators like Hitler, Mussolini, Lenin or others, we think about them using the military to deploy their policies and to keep people in control. Obama has found a way to use economic, racial and social policy as the military.” [...]" 

MSM: "Uber President Danger To Individual Liberty" [12/09/13] [8:59] "Congressman Steve King (R) – Iowa – explores Obama impeachment with Constitution experts during judiciary hearing. If the president is willfully and repeatedly violating the Constitution, this is a clear case for impeachment. If the People come to believe that the government is no longer constrained by the laws then they will conclude that neither are they. [...]"  

MSM: "Obama Doesn't Rule Out Jail Time For Those Who Refuse to Buy ‘Obamacare’ Or Pay Penalty" [12/09/13] [1:05] 

Quotes: “There is no worse tyranny than to force a man to pay for what he does not want merely because you think it would be good for him.” -Robert A. Heinlein

Commentary: "Why Obama Thought He Could Get Away With Obamacare" [12/09/13] Printer Friendly Version "If Obama got away with all this, why not go for it all? [...]" Good list.

Commentary: "462 Well-Sourced Examples Of Obama Lying, Lawbreaking, Corruption, Cronyism, Etc." [12/08/13] Printer Friendly Version "Every President, every politician, and every human being tells lies and engages in acts of hypocrisy. But Barack Obama does these things to a far greater degree than anyone else that I have ever known of. His campaign promises were so much better sounding than anyone else’s – no lobbyists in his administration, waiting five days before signing all non-emergency bills so people would have time to read them, putting health care negotiations on C-SPAN, reading every bill line by line to make sure money isn’t being wasted, prosecution of Wall St. criminals, ending raids against medical marijuana in states where it’s legal, high levels of transparency. Obama’s promises of these wonderful things sounded inspiring and sincere. They sounded so much better than the promises of any other President. So when Obama broke these promises, it felt so much worse than when other Presidents broke their promises. Some of the things on this list are major events that should scare the daylights out of any true liberal who cares about civil liberties. Other things on this list are medium things that some Obama supporters may dislike, but would be willing to overlook in light of the things that Obama has done which they like. And some of the things on this list may seem trivial, but I still think they are an interesting reflection of the kinds of policies that Obama supports. [...]" 

Commentary: "Obama: The Most Dangerous of Morons" [12/07/13] Printer Friendly Version "There have been bad presidents -- see Jimmy Carter. Yet has there ever been a president as staggeringly incompetent as Barack Obama? Really, can there be any other explanation for his performance as president than the man is, well...a moron? Let's face it, we all know them. They are the people who either started out with money, or have spent a lifetime failing up. Despite a distinct lack of accomplishment, personal or professionally, they believe they are the smartest person in every room. They cannot utter a sentence that does not include "I," "me," and "my," and they never stop speaking. To quote Alice Roosevelt, they are "the corpse at every funeral, the bride at every wedding and the baby at every christening." They seem to Forrest Gump their way through life, with one undeserved success after another. Does this remind you of anyone? Have you ever noticed how many of these "really smart" people there are in government? It's a magnet for morons, and it seems every damn one of them is portrayed by the media as a genius in his own right. Yet, they never seem to be able to do anything but make things worse, and usually much worse. These are America's morons and Barry is their leader. Obama has strange tastes. His favorite show is Homeland. He's proud to tell people this, and don't get me wrong, I like the show myself -- as a work of fiction. Then again, I'm not the President of the United States of America. In that case, the bar should be set higher. A president who brags about liking a show where one of the lead characters assassinated the Vice President of the United States is not one to be taken seriously as president, or as anything. One more time for emphasis, the President of the United States willingly tells people his favorite show is one in which the Vice President was assassinated.  What is this guy, a moron? The answer is yes, he is a moron, and worse, he is the most dangerous of morons, one who doesn't think he is a moron. [...]"

MSM: "New Obamacare Problem: No Payment System" [12/06/13] [2:15]  Related: "Obama WH Turned Down Offer to Build O-Care Website for Free – Blew a $1 Billion Instead" [1:05] "Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) told Bill Hemmer on America’s Newsroom today that an internet giant offered to build the Obamacare website for free. This was confirmed during testimony today before a Congressional committee. Issa, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman, said the Obama White House turned down the offer. [...]"  Note: And they decided to engage yet another company with a dismal record .. political payback in motion.

  MSM: "Planned Parenthood", Who Receives Money From Title X Family Planning Program And Medicaid, Pushing Obamacare" [12/06/13] [2:46] 

Commentary: "Obama's Response To Too Much Secrecy About Surveillance... Is More Secrecy" [12/01/13] Printer Friendly Version "... Obama has been gradually tweaking his vast government surveillance policies. But he is not disclosing those changes to the public. Has he stopped spying on friendly world leaders? He won’t say. Has he stopped eavesdropping on the United Nations, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund? He won’t say. Even the report by the group Obama created to review and recommend changes to his surveillance programs has been kept secret.[...] As is noted in the article, the administration, which likes to pretend it's the most transparent in history, is actually one of the most secretive. Its attempts at transparency have almost exclusively been focused on where it can get the most political bang, not for what areas people expect the government to be transparent about -- such as how it interprets the laws that allow the government to spy on everyone... "  

Buffoonery: "Obama: "We Thank Our Native American Brothers & Sisters For Their Generosity During That First Thanksgiving" [11/29/13] [2:58] Note: And then they killed all of them.

Fail: "Obama To Hollywood: Don't Glorify Guns" [11/28/13] Printer Friendly Version "Obama urged a room of Hollywood executives and employees on Tuesday to "think long and hard" about the messages gun violence sends in movies. "We gotta make sure that we're not glorifying it," Obama told the crowd at DreamWorks studio, adding that movie executives had a "big responsibility" to the viewing public. "Because the stories you tell shape our children's outlook and their lives."  [...]"  Note: While at the same time, the Pentagon reigns supreme with 'displays of weaponry and war to the same 'viewing public' ... the hypocrite and liar-in-chief continues ... meanwhile, most of the films being released feature nothing but weapons violence ... because that's what the low-level perspective public has been programmed to respond to.

MSM: "Delusional Obama: ‘We Have Accomplished As Much, If Not More, Than Any Time in Our History'" [11/28/13] Printer Friendly Version "Over the last five years, thanks to the leadership of Nancy (Pelosi) and Harry (Reid) and legislators who are here, we have accomplished as much, if not more, than any time in our history," Obama said. The president then listed among the accomplishments of his administration: [...]"  Note: And virtually every 'accomplishment' he lists embodies a twisted delusion of importance. What they've accomplished is the material undermining and collapse of the social and civil infrastructure in the United States.

Commentary: "Barack Obama a.k.a. Barry Soetoro: A Study In Duplicity" [11/28/13] Printer Friendly Version "Truth. Perhaps one of the most powerful words in our history. Kingdoms have risen and fallen, relationships have been sealed or broken and, ultimately, the destination of our immortal soul will be decided, all on the basis of truth. For the majority of us, truth is the elixir that fuels our moral compass. However, for those of us openly fighting tyranny, revealing truth is also the “holy grail” of our collective efforts. Overall, truth means different things to different people, that much we can probably agree on. And once you throw “absolute truth” into the mix, it really gets complex. However, this article will not go nearly that deep, for it doesn’t need to. Because the evidence needed to reveal the lack of truth by our chosen dictator is not hidden, and has even been widely publicized. So much so that I am still sometimes amazed that we have not thrown off these chains of tyranny and taken our country back yet. But, that is a topic for a different article. So, let us pause to reflect upon the circumstance that we now find ourselves in as Americans, and how the person presently occupying the White House evicted truth when he took up residence there. [...]" 

MSM: "U.S. Generals Now Take Action To Watch Obama, Creating “America’s Provisional Leadership Council" [11/27/13] Printer Friendly Version "After one of them called for the “forced resignations” of President Obama and congressional leaders in response to multiple grievances, including the alleged political purge of hundreds of senior military officers, two retired U.S. generals are creating a citizens’ commission to scrutinize Obama administration actions on national security and economic issues. “America’s Provisional Leadership Council” will look at major concerns, as outlined by Army Gen. Paul E. Vallely and Air Force Brig. Gen. Charles Jones, in an eight-point paper titled “The Americans Project.” Vallely sees The Americans Project as a “citizens’ commission” of prominent Americans to provide advice to legislative and executive branches of government. America’s leaders, he said, will be “held to high standards of performance to solve the nation’s problems of governing. We will scrutinize and provide guidance to federally elected officials on behalf of the citizens.” The Americans Project, Vallely added, is a “movement, not a new party necessarily. We want candidates to run as Americans first before being a Democrat, Republican or Independent.” Vallely and Jones in their paper say “The Americans” leadership has developed workable solutions to “help solve and fix what has without question stunted our nation’s ability to clearly, legally and peacefully function as a constitutional republic.” “Honest, selfless political leadership is the first key to America’s economic and debt recovery and secure future for all citizens and their children,” they say. “That means voters must band together and vote for positive ‘America first’ leadership rather than self-serving greed and corruption within the two major political parties that have for decades and are now rapidly tearing the United States of America apart.” In their paper, Vallely and Jones call for adherence to the Constitution with strict congressional oversight of all executive actions. In an apparent reference to the cutback in overall U.S. military readiness, they call for a strong national defense but stipulate that “in no way” would the U.S. military ever be used against U.S. citizens, a reference to a growing concern among many Americans. [...]"  

MSM: "Chicago Doctor Rages Against Obamacare – Mayer Eisenstein" [11/27/13] [21:35] "How would Obamacare affect you? One Chicago doctor, Mayer Eisenstein, lays it all on the table and dissects the new law. Hold on to your seat. [...]" 

Commentary: "Revealed: The Man Who Wrote Much Of Obamacare" [11/26/13] Printer Friendly Version "Some of us knew from day one. Others took a while to honestly look at what Obamacare is; still, others have dug in and decided to fight the truth. None of what they say now matters; Obamacare is the cruelest hoax perpetrated upon the American people in our history. It is a document filled with evil trip wires designed to destroy us, beat us down, and put us under socialist rule. This begs the question: who wrote this bill? The answer is Robert Creamer, a federal felon. He’s the husband of Marxist Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, an evil screeching creature who still demands a “single payer” healthcare delivery system because although it has never worked anywhere, as a Communist, she KNOWS she can make it work with more money and power. Creamer wrote 628 pages of Obamacare while he was in prison, having been convicted of 16 counts involving bank fraud (and of course income tax fraud – the Mother’s Milk of Democrats.) Creamer served 5 months in prison and an additional 11 months under house arrest. Not exactly what would happen to you or me. Creamer’s hate-filled attack on America called “Stand Up Straight!” calls for the “democratization of wealth” in America, “progressive control of governments around the world,” and of course amnesty for illegal aliens. It assures Democrats they could win a permanent majority in Congress by: passing a national health care bill, thereby turning more people into wards of an ever-expanding government, and of the party that works to grow government; and giving amnesty to all illegal immigrants, thereby creating, virtually overnight, a large new constituency of Democratic voters. He counseled Democrats that to win complete control of America, they must “not just generate understanding, but emotion—fear, revulsion, anger, disgust.” He added, “If the Democrats continue to stand firmly for immigrant rights, the issue will define immigrants’ voting loyalties for a generation. If we are successful, a gigantic block of progressive votes will enter the electorate over the next 15 years—a block that could be decisive in the battle for the future.” Democrats understand this, but the dumbbells in the GOP can’t quite grasp the concept.[...]" 

Commentary: "ALEC's "Nuclear Option" to Kill the Affordable Care Act" [11/26/13] Printer Friendly Version "The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is pushing a new "Obamacare kill bill" to thwart implementation of the Affordable Care Act on the state level, but the bill is based on a thin legal argument, and even some ALEC legislators are calling it "the nuclear option."  The "Healthcare Freedom Act," developed by Michael Cannon of the Cato Institute and adopted by ALEC as a "model" in August, is a risky maneuver. The legislation threatens to suspend the licenses of health insurers that accept subsidies under the Affordable Care Act, which Cannon and ALEC claim would effectively thwart the "employer mandate."  It is a surprisingly heavy-handed move for the purportedly pro-business ALEC. Republican state legislators would be forcing insurance companies to choose sides in a partisan policy debate over the Affordable Care Act, threatening to strip insurers of their licenses if they accept the federal subsidies to which they are entitled. And, the legislation is almost certain to be preempted by federal law. [...]" 

Commentary: "Sen Byrd Compared Concept Of Senate Majority Rule To Hitler's 'Enabling Law' In Germany" [11/25/13] Printer Friendly Version "During the 2005 drive by the Republican majority to suppress any opposition to the Bush-Cheney agenda by eliminating the filibuster, Senator Robert Byrd (D-W.Va.) warned against the threat of fascism in America, comparing the attempts to eliminate the filibuster, to the "Enabling Law" that created the Hitler dictatorship. Byrd's prescient warning, is even more applicable to Obama and the Senate Democratic majority, today. The right of extended debate, said Byrd, who was regarded as Congress's leading Constitutional scholar, is fundamental to the Senate's role as a check on the Executive branch. "The Framers of the Constitution envisioned the Senate as a kind of executive council; a small body of legislators, featuring longer terms, designed to insulate members from the passions of the day. The Senate was to serve as a check on the Executive Branch, particularly in the areas of appointments and treaties, where, under the Constitution, the Senate passes judgment absent the House of Representatives." "The Senate was never intended to be a majoritarian body," Byrd pointed out. "Many times in our history we have taken up arms to protect a minority against the tyrannical majority in other lands. We, unlike Nazi Germany or Mussolini's Italy, have never stopped being a nation of laws, not of men." "But witness how men with motives and a majority can manipulate law to cruel and unjust ends," Sen. Byrd went on. "Historian Alan Bullock writes that Hitler's dictatorship rested on the constitutional foundation of a single law, the Enabling Law. Hitler needed a two-thirds vote to pass that law, and he cajoled his opposition in the Reichstag to support it," Byrd said, quoting Bullock: "Hitler's originality lay in his realization that effective revolutions, in modern conditions, are carried out with, and not against, the power of the State: the correct order of events was first to secure access to that power and then begin his revolution. Hitler never abandoned the cloak of legality; he recognized the enormous psychological value of having the law on his side. Instead, he turned the law inside out and made illegality legal." "And that," Byrd declared, "is what the nuclear option seeks to do.... Employing the nuclear option, engaging a pernicious, procedural maneuver to serve immediate partisan goals, risks violating our nation's core democratic values and poisoning the Senate's deliberative process...." Byrd warned of the dangers of purely majoritarian rule, in which the minority has no leverage for bargaining or to effect a compromise. "The President can simply rule, almost by Executive Order, if his party controls both houses of Congress, and Majority Rule reins supreme."  [...]"  Related: "US Senate Votes For Nuclear Option"  Printer Friendly Version  "Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) pulled the trigger Nov 21st, deploying a parliamentary procedure dubbed the "nuclear option" to change Senate rules to pass most executive and judicial nominees by a simple majority vote. Normally rules changes in the Senate need 67 votes, but the majority can challenge an existing rule, and if the presiding senator rules against the challenge, the majority can then ask for a vote on the chair's ruling. If a simple majority votes to overrule the chair, it sets a new precedent.[...]" 

MSM: "Judge Jeanine: Obama Is Transparent, And Americans Now See Right Through Your Lies" [11/25/13] [7:16]    

MSM: "John Cornyn, Texas Senator, Says Iran Deal Is Obamacare Distraction" [11/25/13] Printer Friendly Version "It was predictable that GOP hawks like Senator Lindsay Graham (R-SC) wouldn't love the deal reached with Iran on Saturday night. But Texas Senator John Cornyn had a unique, if completely bizarre, take on the agreement. [...]" 

MSM: "40 House Republicans Back Constitutional Challenge To Obamacare" [11/22/13] Printer Friendly Version "Forty House Republicans have filed a friend-of-the-court brief in a legal challenge to the Affordable Care Act. The suit is based on the Origination Clause of the Constitution, according to Breitbart.com. The case — Sissel vs. United States Department of Health and Human Services — was filed in federal court in 2010 by the Pacific Legal Foundation on behalf of Iraq war veteran Matt Sissel, who owns a small business in Iowa. It is to be heard by a federal appeals court in early 2014. [...]"  Related: "If Obamacare Is A Tax, It Was Not Legally Passed" [2:42] 

Commentary: "The "Obamacare Shock" - One California Employer's Terrifying True Story" [11/22/13] Printer Friendly Version "... Here is the craziest part. Employees who qualify for mediCAL (the California version of Medicare), which is most of my employees, will automatically be enrolled in the Federal SNAP program. They cannot opt out. They cannot decline. They will be automatically enrolled in the Federal food stamp program based upon their level of Obamacare qualification. Remember, these people work full time, living in a small town in California. They are not seeking assistance. It all seems like a joke. How can this be the new system? [...]" Related: "Food Stamps: JPMorgan & Banking Industry Profit From Misery" Printer Friendly Version "... It turns out that JPMorgan also provides unemployment benefit debit cards in some states on top of the food stamp cards. Talk about marketing off of misery — the profit made from these cards shoots up as workers lose their jobs and can’t pay for food. Whether or not they’re providing a needed service, you would be hard pressed to find a way in which the business interest of this segment is not aligned with further economic ruin for America’s workers. Instead of profiting when we all do well, they profit off of our misery. And the decision to place card creation in private hands can turn out to be complicated for the actual users. While the government outsourced its card creation needs to JPMorgan, the bank in turn outsourced the customer service end to India. So if you’re a food stamp user who has a problem or a question, don’t expect to actually get someone in your own country to help you out. They can’t be bothered to actually deal with the people they’re giving such a necessary service to. [...]"|"Why JPMorgan Wants To See More Americans On Food Stamps" Printer Friendly Version 

Exposé: "ObamaCare, Enroll America Director Conspires to Release Confidential Health Care Data For Election Rigging" [11/22/13] [132:36] "Texas Enroll America Communications Lead Chris Tarango conspires to release private data to help a political action committee and admits this type of thing has happened in the past. [...]" Here’s why this is significant: Enroll America is a a Sebelius-linked group. It is dedicated to signing people up for Obamacare and is suspected of conspiring to release private data to help political action committees. Sebelius’ relationship with Enroll America is under investigation by a government ethics audit and Cause of Action has questioned Enroll America’s tax-exempt status, asking the attorney general of Texas to further investigate this matter. 

MSM: "Why Youth Is Revolting Against Obama" [11/22/13] Printer Friendly Version "...Millennials may be young, but they’re not stupid. As bad as Obama’s time in office has been for older Americans, nobody has taken it on the chin quite as bad as kids under 30, who are more likely to be unemployed, broke, and facing decades of sub-par wages if and when they do finally get a job.  A new Quinnipiac Poll finds that only 36 percent of voters between the ages of 18 and 29 approve of the job the president is doing while fully 54 percent of the kids give him the thumbs down (10 percent didn’t know or care enough to respond to the topic). Back in March 2009, 62 percent of 18 to 29 years approved, compared to just 20 percent disapproving.[...]" 

Buffoonery: "Obama Inquisition: Stokes The Flames Of Racism Through Proxies And MSM" [11/21/13] Printer Friendly Version "(Sequential) Oprah Winfrey: Self-Appointed Grand Inquisitor for the Obama Administration [...] Obama has an extraordinary talent at focusing on the perfectly wrong things at the perfectly wrong times. This pattern flows from his unwillingness and perhaps inability to take any criticism, as well as his pursuit of a VERY hidden agenda. That agenda is manifesting — day by day — as the USA continues to degenerate into a state of despair and hopelessness not seen since World war II. ... As fate would have it, the confluence of two personal circumstances in the life of Oprah Winfrey have catapulted her into the catbird seat of the Grand Inquisitor for all things race related. First, she has a movie out which she has aggressively been promoting. Everyone knows what happens when you mix unbridled movie promotion with a social cause like civil rights and racism. Oprah’s dustup in the high fashion Swiss luxury store was her first attempt at free publicity … and it worked like a charm. Secondly, Oprah has experienced a loss of audience ever since she left the major networks. That has translated to a significant loss of attention by her fans which she enjoyed for many years. The contraction of her businesses has likewise contributed to unprecedented financial pressure which Oprah is not used too. What all this adds up to is a woman addicted to attention craving even more. Especially if it assists in the promotion of her business enterprises and easing of her cash flow. Cynical, no! An account of her new normal which has allowed her to justify all the race-baiting and race hating, yes! Oprah Winfrey has really crossed the line with her global tirade against those who rightfully criticize her political partner in crime, Barack Obama."  Related :" Oprah: "All Racists Must Die For Racism To End" [3:47]| "Racist Oprah: White People Are Still Racist, Even If They Don’t Use The N-Word (It's Just Because They're White)" Printer Friendly Version | "Racist And DHS Employee Kimathi Remains in Government for Good Reason" Printer Friendly Version "... Let us consider the case of Ayo Kimathi, the rabid white-hating racist who works for the Department of Homeland Security. Mr. Kimathi is behind a website calling for a race war dedicated to “properly educating Black people to prepare for Racial Warfare.” The website argues that in “order for Black people to survive the 21st century, we are going to have to kill a lot of whites – more than our christian hearts can possibly count.” Kimathi was allegedly put on administrative leave after the website made headlines. The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency where Kimathi works stated it “does not condone any type of hateful rhetoric or advocacy of violence of any kind against anyone.” [...]" |"Black Leader Challenges Oprah's Condemnation Of America As Racist Nation" Printer Friendly Version    Note: Racism is of sequential origin, and comes from an immature, group vs. group completely body-ID perspective.

MSM: "Delusional Obama Gaffe: Claims ’100 Million’ Have Enrolled In Obamacare" [11/20/13] Printer Friendly Version "Obama told a conference-call audience of progressive volunteers on Monday evening that ‘more than 100 million Americans’ – in a nation of less than 314 million – have successfully signed up for health insurance via the Affordable Care Act. And at a time when his signature legislative initiative’s website has made the White House the butt of jokes, the website hosting the conference call was plagued with its own connection errors and other malfunctions. A weary-sounding Obama made his gaffe during the call, hosted by Organizing For Action, the nonprofit successor to his campaign organization Obama For America.  [...]"  

Commentary: "Exposed: WebMD Pockets Millions To Promote Obamacare Propaganda" [11/20/13] Printer Friendly Version "A new investigation has revealed that one of the foremost online resources for health information accepted millions of dollars from the federal government in exchange for its promotion of Obamacare. As reported by The Washington Times, the federal government awarded WebMD a $4.8 million contract for its agreement to post pro-Obamacare propaganda on its website, including the deceptive article “7 Surprising Things About the Affordable Care Act.” A contract document obtained by The Washington Times reveals that the Obama administration funneled cash lump sums to WebMD each time it posted articles or information endorsing the health care program. WebMD also reportedly accepted funds as part of a federal scheme to indoctrinate physicians about Obamacare, so that they, too, could dispense propaganda about the program to help build support for it. [...]"  

Commentary: "Move By Gov't Could Open Obamacare To Widespread Fraud - Andrew Napolitano " [11/18/13] [4:07] Related: "Judge Napolitano: Federal Anti-Kickback Laws Somehow Do Not Apply To Obamacare" Printer Friendly Version "The original architects of Obamacare, which included pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers, are now being rewarded with their own exemptions from the federal anti-kickback statute. What this means as far as Obamacare is concerned is that drug companies will now be able to offer things like co-payment assistance to insurance holders, encouraging more drug purchases, without being held liable for criminal kickback violations. Other beneficiaries of the anti-kickback statute exemption include cronies like Michelle Obama's college pal Toni Townes-Whitley, senior vice president of CGI Federal, the company that received the $635 million no-bid government contract to build the failed Obamacare website. Expert analysis has since determined that a functional website could have been built for as little as $1 million, which means a roughly $634 million kickback, funded by American taxpayers, appears to have been illegally and arbitrarily funneled by the Obamas to a close friend and supporter, without consequence. "I've never seen, in 40 years of watching and analyzing federal law, so much wiggle room in the hands of the executive branch as there is in Obamacare," added Judge Napolitano. "It is clear that they knew from the get-go this was not going to work as they thought it would ... [that] there would be serious problems, and so they gave the president or his designee ... extraordinary, unheard of authority to decide which laws will be enforced and which laws won't." [...]" 

MSM: "Company That Built ObamaCare Web:  History Of Under-Performing On Gov't Contracts" [11/18/13] Printer Friendly Version [1:41]

Concepts and Practices: "Madison, Jefferson Vs. Obama, Reid, Pelosi on Obamacare Exemptions" [11/17/13] Printer Friendly Version "... Every member of Congress who voted for the deceptively named Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA, or ObamaCare) knows that he is facing potential political extinction in the November 2014 elections because of that vote. That means the entire lineup of Democrats in the House and Senate, with the exception of Reps. Jim Matheson (D-Utah) and Mike McIntyre (D-N.C.). But perhaps one of the most troublesome issues that will plague congressional Democrats in the coming election is the matter of the controversial exemptions to ObamaCare that the Washington ruling class arranged for themselves. ObamaCare cheerleaders vehemently insist that it is wrong to call the special privileges they are receiving “exemptions.” Technically they may be correct, but substantively they are wrong. The ACA, thanks to constitutionalist and Tea Party Republican opposition, does indeed require that members of Congress and their staffs purchase healthcare insurance provided under ObamaCare. However, as we have reported in previous articles (here and here), Democrat and Republican leaders later connived with President Obama to have the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) come up with an illegal ruling that allows members of Congress and their staffs to keep the luxurious Federal Employee Health Benefits Program (FEHBP) “Rolls Royce” subsidy that pays for 75 percent of their premium costs. This amounts to $5,000 in subsidy for an individual plan and $11,000 for a family plan. This is not the first time, of course, that Congress has exempted itself from laws it imposes on the rest of us, or provided itself with special privileges. [...] Madison, frequently referred to as the “father” of the U.S. Constitution, wrote in The Federalist, No. 57: I will add, as a fifth circumstance in the situation of the House of Representatives, restraining them from oppressive measures, that they can make no law which will not have its full operation on themselves and their friends, as well as on the great mass of the society. This has always been deemed one of the strongest bonds by which human policy can connect the rulers and the people together. It creates between them that communion of interests and sympathy of sentiments, of which few governments have furnished examples; but without which every government degenerates into tyranny.[...]"  

Commentary: "The Obamacare Extension - Government Without Painkillers" Stefan Molyneux [11/17/13] [11:02] Comments on the dynamic.

Interviews: "Mancow Reveals The Mockingbird Media Bribe He Was Offered & Obama’s Secret Past… Groomed From Birth" Alex Jones [11/16/13] [22:03] "Eric “Mancow” Muller to discusses the conversation he had with actor Harry Lennix regarding his personal history with President Obama. [...]"  Related: "Mancow Muller: Obama is an Actor Trained by Harry Lennix" Printer Friendly Version "During an appearance on the Alex Jones Show, Chicago radio host Eric ‘Mancow’ Muller revealed that actor Harry Lennix told him he was hired to train Obama how to look presidential by mimicking the actor’s demeanor and body language. Lennix, who was born and grew up in Chicago, gave frequent lectures before he became an actor, while also teaching music and civics in the Chicago Public School system. Lennix is best known for his role in the recent Superman Man of Steel movie and his part as White House Chief of Staff in the ABC television series Commander in Chief. Muller, who knew Obama in Chicago before he became president, said Lennix told him that, “He was the actor hired to teach Obama to be Harry Lennix – watch The Blacklist and you can see Obama – this is an actor that we hired in our president.” Anyone familiar with Lennix’s body language and general behavior will notice the remarkable resemblance between his demeanor and that of Barack Obama. As this photo illustrates, the two met when Obama was a Senator-elect back in 2005. Given that one of the few things Obama has received widespread plaudits for since he came to office is his slick adeptness at reading a teleprompter, the claim doesn’t seem that outrageous. Indeed, there has been a sustained call for Harry Lennix to play Obama in a movie biopic given their striking similarities. Later in the interview, which can be viewed above, Muller also reveals how he was offered over $9 million dollars by a major corporation for a three year radio deal to “lean towards and promote Obama,” but flatly refused the proposal. This video [2:31] illustrates how Harry Lennix’s demeanor is remarkably similar to that of Barack Obama.[...]" | "Jeff Rense & Mia Pope - Obama Revelations" [15:02] Part 2 [15:04] 

MSM: "Professor Turley: "Obama Is At War With The Rule of Law" [11/15/13] [21:29] "On Wednesday evening, Nov. 13th, a debate was held on the issue of our country's use of drones abroad for targeted killing purposes. Law Professor Jonathan Turley said that with respect to this issue that "President Barack Obama is at war with the rule of law." He added that this White House has created "an imperial presidency." The event held on the campus of the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.[...]"  

MSM: "Obamacare: Where Corporations Come First | Brainwash Update" [11/15/13]   [4:30] "Abby Martin calls out the corporate media for its incessant superficial coverage of the Obamacare website, all the while ignoring both the successes and the truly legitimate criticisms of the Affordable Care Act. [...]" 

Commentary: "Prosecutor: Obama Guilty Of Serial Fraud, Grounds For Impeachment" [11/15/13] [3:29] "Former Federal Prosecutor Andrew McCarthy who prosecuted the World Trade Center bombers after the 1993 attacks, accused Barack Obama of serial fraud on The Kelly File. [...]"  

Interviews: "Government Mass Hypnosis and Obama Mind Control with Marshall Sylver" [11/14/13] [56:32] "Hypnosis by the government and the power of influence over untrained minds is discussed and exposed by noted hypnotist, entertainer, and motivational speaker, Marshall Sylver. Discussing how the government has broken people's spirits and robbed them of motivation, why Obama is a hypnotist, and objective vs. subjective reality, Sylver asts his spells on this Buzzsaw interview with Sean Stone. Sylver travels around the country teaching empowerment seminars on subconscious reprogramming and persuasion and influence to audiences of all ages.  [...]"  

US Politics: "Why the Silence from the Sponsors of the Superior "Full Medicare for All?" Nader [11/14/13] Printer Friendly Version "With the Tea Partiers relentless attacks on each of the troubles besetting Obamacare since its complicated, computer glitch-ridden startup on October 1, 2013, the compelling question is: Why aren’t the Congressional sponsors of H.R. 676 – full Medicare for all with free choice of physician and hospital – speaking out as strongly on behalf of this far superior universal health care coverage? There are fifty-one members of the House who openly favor the single-payer solution for many good reasons. Legislators behind H.R. 676, such as Reps. Robert Brady (D-PA), Michael Capuano (D-MA), Donna Christensen (D-VI), Judy Chu (D-CA), Yvette Clarke (D-NY), Wm. Lacy Clay (D-MO), Steve Cohen (D-TN), Elijah Cummings (D-MD) and Danny Davis (D-IL) know that single-payer insurance with private delivery is by far more efficient, saving $400 billion a year just on administrative simplification. Physician, scholar and advocate, Steffie Woolhandler, co-founder of Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP) says that, “complexity is baked into Obamacare.” What does “complexity” mean beyond thousands of pages of legislation and many more pages of regulations? Over forty years ago, Canada’s single-payer system was enacted with a 13 page bill that covers everyone for less than half of the cost per capita than the U.S.’s waste-ridden, profiteering, corrupt medical-industrial complex that drives honest practitioners up the wall. And, the Canadian system produces better health outcomes at this reduced cost. Unfortunately complexity means endless opportunities for insurance companies to game the system with fine print, tricks, confusing pricing and lobbying to get out of requirements and standards through waivers. Complexity means ongoing confusion for consumers and patients who go into these exchanges, either because they’ve been thrown out of their existing but substandard insurance policies or do not have any insurance. [...]"  

Commentary: "Soros-Linked Group Pushes Sex (Like PETA Does) To 'Sell' Obamacare" [11/13/13] Printer Friendly Version "A cabal of wealthy and influential Democrats, under the cover a Colorado-based group called Progress Now, are attempting to push Obamacare on young Americans through a salacious propaganda campaign. “Got insurance?” an online ad posted on the Thanks Obamacare campaign website inquires. It then encourages young women to have sex and not worry about pregnancy because “health insurance [mandated by Obamacare] covers the pills.” According to Planned Parenthood, under Obamacare private health insurance plans are offering birth control without co-pays or deductibles. Earlier this month, a U.S. appeals court ruled that the contraceptive provisions of Obamacare may violate religious freedom. The decision will likely end up before the Supreme Court. Progress Now, operated under cover of nonprofit status, is funded by the Democracy Alliance, a Soros-linked political group founded by Rob Stein, a former Clinton Treasury official. A Muckety relationship map links the Democracy Alliance to a number of big players in the Democrat party and the progressive political network, including Drummond Pike, Media Matters, Young Democrats of America and, as previously noted, George Soros.[...]"  

MSM: "CBS: Obama White House Knew Of Website's 'Limitless' Security Risks Before Launch" [11/13/13] [1:26] "Sharyl Attkisson revealed on the 11 November 2013 edition of CBS Evening News that the Obama administration had prior knowledge of HealthCare.gov's numerous security flaws, but went ahead anyway with its October 1, 2013 launch.  [...]"  

MSM: "Judge Jeanine: Obama Setting Americans Up For Identity Theft Through Obamacare" [11/13/13] [5:28] "Judge Jeanine Pirro exposes the ACA scams [...]" Related: "St. Louis Woman Victim Of ID Theft After Signing Up" [0:49] |"ACA Website Now Giving Out Personal Information" [3:36]  

MSM: "Obamacare Architect: "Premiums Will Be Very High If Not Enough People Are Buying" [11/13/13] [1:16] 

Commentary: "The Rise Of The Psychiatric State Under Obamacare" [11/12/13] Printer Friendly Version "The regulations differ according to which insurance policy people have, but the overall Obamacare thrust is in the direction of enforcing coverage “parity” between physical and mental illness. This means more and more people are going to be sitting in psychiatrists’ offices, describing their problems and issues; the psychiatrists will be making more and more unscientific diagnoses of mental disorders; and they will be prescribing more toxic and dangerous drugs to patients. There is a cultural sea change underway as well. The whole op is to legitimize mental health treatment for everybody. Having a disorder will eventually be as common as having the flu or a cold. “We’re all disordered.”  Children will be saying they 'have' ADHD, clinical depression, and bipolar even before a shrink slaps on a diagnosis. It’s the “in” thing to do.  People, naturally, will find more ways to explain, rationalize, and excuse their own dissatisfying lives—whatever works to get off the hook. Political and economic oppression will be reframed as mental-health issues for the victims. Worse yet, as I’ve exhaustively demonstrated in many articles and lectures, psychiatry is a pseudoscience. The 300 officially certified distinct mental disorders are all fraudulent. There is no physical diagnostic test for any of the them. They are menus and collections of behaviors drawn up by committees of psychiatrists— and then stamped with labels. The drugs to treat them are all toxic and destructive. Some of the drugs (and withdrawing from all of them) cause violent behavior, including suicide and homicide. But given the opportunity by insurance coverage, millions of Americans will spring into action and offer themselves up for diagnosis and treatment. They’ll wear their diagnoses like badges of honor in the “new society.” People who speak out against the political establishment, who advocate for less government, who champion freedom, will find themselves ridiculed to a greater degree than ever before…and under certain circumstances will be coerced into the psychiatric hive. This is a gravy train for some, and a death machine for many. The rank absurdity and illegality of government allying itself with psychiatry escapes most people’s attention. It’s all good, because government “wants to help.” [...]"

MSM: "US Courts See Rise In Defendants' Blaming Their Brains' For Criminal Acts" [11/12/13] Printer Friendly Version "Criminal courts in the United States are facing a surge in the number of defendants arguing that their brains were to blame for their crimes and relying on questionable scans and other controversial, unproven neuroscience, a legal expert who has advised the president has warned. Nita Farahany, a professor of law who sits on Barack Obama's bioethics advisory panel, told a Society for Neuroscience meeting in San Diego that those on trial were mounting ever more sophisticated defences that drew on 'neurological evidence' in an effort to show they were not fully responsible for murderous or other criminal actions. Lawyers typically drew on brain scans and neuropsychological tests to reduce defendants' sentences, but in a substantial number of cases the evidence was used to try to clear defendants of all culpability. "What is novel is the use by criminal defendants to say, essentially, that my brain made me do it," Farahany said following an analysis of more than 1,500 judicial opinions from 2005 to 2012. The rise of so-called neurolaw cases has caused serious concerns in the country where brain science first appeared in murder cases. The supreme court has begun a review of how such evidence can be used in criminal cases. But legal and scientific experts nevertheless foresee the trend spreading to other countries[...]"  

MSM: "3 Programmers Built Their Own Alternative To Healthcare.Gov" [11/12/13] Printer Friendly Version "After weeks of false starts and security flaws, programmers have finally found a solution to the troubled Healthcare.gov website: make their own. As CBS reports, three 20-year-old Bay Area residents have created their own alternative to the troubled healthcare site. Called The HealthSherpa.com, the website offers an easy way to find the right health plan while avoiding the bug-ridden site established by the Affordable Care Act. “They got it completely backwards.” one of the programmers told CBS. According to the team, Americans are simply looking for prices and a description of benefits when choosing a healthcare plan. And many of Healthcare.gov’s features do little to inform consumers about which plan is right for them. HealthSherpa.com is an attempt to distill the search for healthcare into only its essential components. And certainly, the trio’s site is easier to navigate than Healthcare.gov. It offers a simple way for Americans to determine what plans are available to them by simply inputting their zip codes into a search engine. The three programmers, who have experience at Microsoft and Twitter, are not attempting to make any money off of the new site. They view the project instead as a much needed public service. [...]" 

MSM: "52 Million Americans Could Lose Or Have Lost Old Insurance Plans" [11/10/13] Printer Friendly Version "...Combined, as many as 52 million Americans could lose or have lost old insurance plans. Some or much of that loss of favored insurance is driven by normal year-to-year changes such as employers changing plans to save money. And many people could end up with better plans.  [...]"

Commentary: "Poll: 78% Of Uninsured Not Interested In Obamacare" [11/09/13] Printer Friendly Version "One of the major selling points for using ObamaCare to disrupt our health care system (that polls showed up to 80% of Americans were satisfied with) was to insure the uninsured. But according to this poll, only a very small minority of that small minority is even interested in obtaining insurance. Even more troubling is the realization that a month ago, that number was double; a full 44% of the uninsured said they would purchase insurance though the exchanges. Over the course of a month, however, the reality of ObamaCare scared off half of that 44%. The high cost of premiums, the high deductibles customers have to pay regardless of any tax subsidy, and the unforgivable bungling of the rollout only discouraged those who we blew up a perfectly good health care system to help.  [...]"  Note: People know a Ponzi scheme when they see it.

Commentary: "Two Admirals Face Probe In Navy Bribery Scheme" [11/09/13] Printer Friendly Version "Two U.S. admirals — including the director of naval intelligence — are under investigation as part of a major bribery scandal involving a foreign defense contractor, Navy officials announced Friday night. Vice Adm. Ted Branch, the service’s top intelligence officer, and Rear Adm. Bruce Loveless, the Navy’s director of intelligence operations, were placed on leave Friday, and their access to classified material was suspended, the Navy said in a statement. The Navy did not disclose why Loveless and Branch had drawn the scrutiny of investigators but said their alleged misconduct occurred prior to their current assignments and before they became admirals. Neither Branch nor Loveless has been charged with a crime or service violation, and both men retain their rank while the investigation proceeds, the Navy said. [...]"  

Commentary: "Very Low" Obamacare Enrollment Admitted As Young People "Just Say No" [11/08/13] Printer Friendly Version "For the first time, in addition to anecdotal evidence that the first several days of the Obamacare rollout (with 248 enrollees in the first two days) have been an abysmal failure, and the days since have been no better, HHS Secretary today finally admitted that over a month after the rollout of healthcare.gov, the enrollment figures have been "very low." Of course, being able to qualify the number didn't mean she could or would actually put it in numeric terms - it would have been simply too humiliating and may have forced her to finally do what so far nobody in the Obama administration has done: take responsibility for one after another failure (after all, for everything else, there's "Mr. Chairwoman getting to work") and resign. One thing, however, is certain, the "very low" number whatever it may be, is orders of magnitude below Obama's mission critical goal of enrolling 494,620 people in October, and another 706,600 for November. Why is this critical? Because like any other Ponzi, this particular welfare program needs an influx of new registrants, especially young ones, to keep the funding coming in and succeed. Otherwise, not even all central bank chairmen getting to work around the globe creating wealth effects for a few hundred thousand people, or all false-flag, YouTube justified diversionary wars around the world, will do much to deflect attention from how the supposedly crowning achievement of Obama's two-term presidential career has disintegrated before everyone's eyes. But going back to the original issue, and a far deeper problem with Obamacare than the ongoing website debacle, is that the targeted core constituency of Obamacare, young people under 35, are nowhere near the fastest enrolling population group, with that distinction instead going to the oldest group, people 55 and over, which also happens the be the biggest use of funds within Obamacare. [...]"  Related: See below: "Krauthammer On Obamacare: "Program Doing The Opposite Of What It Was Intended" [11/01/13] for why the whole thing will collapse.

MSM: "FBI Bracing For Spike In Health Care Fraud" [11/08/13] [2:34] "Implementation of ACA could open opportunity for tax cheats, fraud and accidental claims. [...]"  

Commentary: "Criminal Health Care Industry: US Government Exempts New Health Exchanges From Anti-Fraud Standards" [11/07/13] Printer Friendly Version "In an Oct 30 letter, Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) Kathleen Sebelius revealed that the Obama administration has determined that programs created by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) are not federal health care plans. This decision, which flies in the face of common sense, exempts the Qualified Health Plans (QHPs) and state-based and federally facilitated Marketplaces from laws banning kickbacks and various forms of semi-legal fraud perpetrated by pharmaceutical companies and other interested parties. As the New York Times wrote November 4, “The surprise decision, disclosed last week, exempts subsidized health insurance from a law that bans rebates, kickbacks, bribes and certain other financial arrangements in federal health programs, stripping law enforcement of a powerful tool used to fight fraud in other health care programs, like Medicare.” The Wall Street Journal pointed out that the anti-kickback rules “went into force in 1991 and broadly bar companies from making payments to beneficiaries or other firms to induce business paid for by Medicare and other federal programs. That could range from paying rebates to Medicare beneficiaries for buying specific drugs to paying physicians to refer their patients to a specific imaging facility.” [...] When is a “federal health care plan” not a “federal health care plan”? When it stands in the way of certain giant corporations, already awash in profits, raking in even more. Contrary to Sebelius’s claim, it is quite likely, as certain commentators have suggested, that the decision to exempt the ACA was made in 2009 as part of the deal reached with the pharmaceutical giants ensuring their support for Obama’s health care “reform.” The exemption is important to these latter firms in particular. As the Wall Street Journal noted November 3, the ruling is a “significant win” for the leading drug makers." [...]  In a useful interview conducted in September by RxObserver.com, Washington lawyer Kevin G. McAnaney, former chief of the Industry Guidance Branch, Office of Counsel to the HHS Inspector General, explains how a co-pay coupon comes within the anti-kickback statute: “A copayment subsidy by a health care entity, whether by actual payment of the copayment or by waiving the copayment, is a classic kickback scheme: the subsidy is a payment to the enrollee to use the entity’s product or service. The federal government has repeatedly stated that Medicare copayment subsidies (other than those based on financial hardship) can violate the anti-kickback statute.” Violation of the statute is a felony punishable by up to five years in prison. (McAnaney, incidentally, assumed in September that the ACA would be included in the anti-fraud regulations, observing that “The term ‘federal health care program’ is defined in the anti-kickback statute and would appear to cover the subsidized insurance plans in the exchanges.”) The government’s definition of the drug coupons, when it comes to Medicare and other federal health care plans, as a form of fraud or bribery, and their resulting ban, costs the pharmaceutical companies billions of dollars a year. And it only stands to reason that they would apply considerable pressure on the Obama administration to exempt the plans and programs under ACA, where a new pool of tens of millions of consumers is involved, from such regulations. And not without success, as Sebelius’s decision indicates. [...]   Sebelius’s letter provides further confirmation of the fact that the ACA has nothing to do with improving the health care system or providing decent care for the uninsured. It is a measure aimed at lowering costs on governments and corporations, on the one hand, and funneling billions of dollars in profits to pharmaceutical firms and other major companies, on the other. The decision to exempt the exchanges brought into being by the ACA from the anti-corruption rules is more telling than Sebelius can possibly realize. It points a finger at the essentially criminal character of the for-profit health care industry in America.[...]" Related: "Sebelius: Possible For Convicted Felons To Become Obamacare "Navigators" Printer Friendly Version "Health and Human Services Sec. Kathleen Sebelius acknowledged Wednesday that it would be possible for a convicted felon to become an Obamacare navigator — one of the workers responsible for helping people deal with the ins and outs of the healthcare law. “Isn’t it true there is no federal requirement for navigators to undergo a criminal background check, even though they will receive personal information from the individuals they help to sign-up up for the Affordable Care Act?” asked Texas Republican Sen. John Cornyn at a Senate Finance Committee hearing at which Sebelius was testifying. “That is true,” Sebelius replied. “States could have an additional background check and other features, but it is not part of the federal requirement.” [...]" | "Tales From the Gypped: Obamacare Horror Stories" Printer Friendly Version 

Commentary: "Judge Andrew Napolitano: Is Obama A Dupe Or A Totalitarian, Megalomaniacal Liar?" [11/06/13] Printer Friendly Version "... Neither Mr. Bush nor Mr. Obama has had a strong fidelity to the Constitution. They share the views of another odd couple of presidents from opposing political parties, Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, in that the Constitution is not the supreme law of the land as it proclaims to be, but rather a guideline that unleashes the president to do all that it does not expressly forbid him to do In the progressive era 100 years ago, that presidential attitude brought us the Federal Reserve, the federal income tax, Prohibition, World War I, prosecutions for speech critical of the government and the beginnings of official modern government racial segregation. That same attitude in our era has brought us the Patriot Act, which allows federal agents to write their own search warrants, government borrowing that knows no end — including the $2 trillion Mr. Bush borrowed for the war in Iraq, a country that is now less stable than before Mr. Bush invaded, and the $7 trillion Mr. Obama borrowed to redistribute — and an NSA that monitors all Americans all the time. In the case of the NSA spying, this came about by the secret orders of Mr. Bush and Mr. Obama, animated by that perverse Roosevelt-Wilsonian view of the Constitution and not by a congressional vote after a great national debate. Just as people change when they know they are being watched, the government changes when it knows no one can watch it. Just as we can never be ourselves when we fear that we may need to justify our most intimate thoughts to an all-knowing government, so, too, the government knows that when we cannot see what it is doing, it can do whatever it wants. It is in the nature of government to expand, not shrink. Thomas Jefferson correctly predicted that 175 years ago. [...] Is the president an unwitting dupe to a secret rats' nest of uncontrolled government spies and killers? Or is he a megalomaniacal, totalitarian secret micromanager who lies regularly, consistently and systematically about the role of government in our lives? Which is worse? What do we do about it?" 

Commentary: "DNC Boss Wasserman Schultz: Nothing Obama Said About ACA “Was Not True”" [11/06/13] [2:16]  "Democrats are desperately engaged in damage control mode after Obamacare was revealed to be little more than a scam cooked up with mega-insurance corporations to fleece the American people at gunpoint and it was discovered millions of Americans will lose their coverage. Democratic National Committee boss Debbie Wasserman Schultz was trotted out on Tuesday to muddy the waters and empathically state that Obama was not lying when he said Americans would be allowed to keep their existing healthcare plans. She insisted that only three percent of Americans would be screwed out of their plans. It remains to be seen if anybody will actually believe the Florida Democrat. She made the claim on MSNBC "[Ref] [...]"  Note: Why use a double negative when 'everything he said was true' would have been more direct, even if it was delusional.

MSM: "AP Director Of Photography: Obama Administration Photographs Staged Propaganda" [11/04/13] Printer Friendly Version "Editors of The Associated Press condemned the White House’s refusal to give photojournalists real access to President Obama, who prefers to circulate press release-style pictures taken by his own paid photographers. These official photographs are little more than propaganda, according to AP director of photography Santiago Lyon. The AP has only been permitted to photograph the president in the Oval Office on two occasions. Both were during his first term. All other pictures of Obama in his office were taken by White House photographers and distributed to the press. Previous administrations were less strict about photos, (further) undermining Obama’s frequent claim that he strives to run “the most transparent administration” in history. [...]"  Note: See photos Related: "AP Slams WH For Staged Photos; Tells Press Not To Use Obama’s ‘Propaganda’" Printer Friendly Version "AP Executive Editor Kathleen Carroll said the practice is commonplace because, quite simply, the media is accepting it and using the photos. Carroll advised members of the media attending the conference to “stop using the White House’s preferred photos in their own stories,” The Daily Caller reported. Propaganda photos come in lock-step with another practice coming to light recently — Obama’s closed meetings with hand-picked journalists whose names are not disclosed. “We don’t provide lists of participants,” White House Deputy Press Secretary Eric Schultz said, according to Politico. Americans are left to wonder if Washington is the scene of some movie, staged and scripted from the desk of a Hollywood progressive, where real journalism is excluded in favor of carefully crafted propaganda. [...]" 

Commentary: "Ron Paul: Obamacare 'A Conspiracy Of Stupidity'" [11/04/13] [9:32]  

MSM: "Obama’s Ex-Bodyguard: Scandals ‘Worse Than You Know’" [11/04/13] [5:19] "Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino – “It’s to the point where these (Obama) scandals in and of themselves would be huge, backbreaking scandals are just lost in the ‘scandal fog’ of this administration,” he said in disbelief. “It’s worse than people know; I’m not trying to scare you either.” [...]"  Related: "Operation Fast And Furious Has Risen From The Grave" Printer Friendly Version "Just a couple of days after Halloween, one of the bloodiest monsters from the Obama Administration’s house of horrors groans and shambles forward, intent on complete the grisly mission that many believe was its true purpose all along [...]"

MSM: "Top U.S. Hospitals are Opting Out of Obamacare" [11/04/13] Printer Friendly Version "In the off chance you are actually able to access the website and successfully sign up for the epic disaster that is Obamacare, you might be a bit surprised about your options when you actually encounter a medical issue. Every American that is even considering signing up for this nightmare needs to be aware of the disturbing fact that many of the top hospitals in the nation will not be accepting Obamacare related insurance plans. Even worse, in many cases it is virtually impossible to find out which doctors and hospitals are on your plan. [...] In many cases, consumers are shopping blind when it comes to what doctors and hospitals are included in their Obamacare exchange plans,” said Josh Archambault, senior fellow with the think tank Foundation for Government Accountability. “These patients will be in for a rude awakening once they need care, and get stuck with a big bill for going out-of-network without realizing it.” Just look at Seattle Children’s Hospital, which ranks No. 11 on the U.S. News & World Report best pediatric hospital list. When Obamacare rolled out, the hospital found itself with just two out of seven insurance companies on Washington’s exchange. The hospital sued the state’s Office of Insurance on Oct. 4 for “failure to ensure adequate network coverage.”[...]" 

Commentary: "Obamacare: The Biggest Insurance Scam in History " [11/03/13] Printer Friendly Version "The Affordable Care Act (ACA), also called "Obamacare," may be the biggest insurance scam in history. The industries that profit from our current health care system wrote the legislation, heavily influenced the regulations and have received waivers exempting them from provisions in the law. This has all been done to protect and enhance their profits. In the meantime, the health care crisis continues. Fewer people, even those with health insurance, can afford the health care they need because of out-of-pocket costs. The ACA continues that trend by pushing skimpy health plans with low coverage and restricted networks. This is what happens in a market-based system of health care. People get only the amount of health care they can afford, rather than what they need. The ACA takes our failed market-based system to a whole new level by forcing the uninsured to purchase private health plans and using the government to sell and subsidize them. Sadly, most Americans are being manipulated into supporting the ACA and do not even know they are being bamboozled. That is how scams work. Even after the con is completed, victims do not know they have been manipulated and ripped off. They may even feel good about being scammed, thinking they made a deal when they really had their bank accounts picked. But it is the insurance companies that are the realizing windfall profits from the Obamacare con even as it falters. [...] If all US residents were in one plan, Medicare for all, rather than the ACA's tiered system that institutionalizes the class divides in the United States, not only would the health system be fairer and improve health outcomes, but it would be less bureaucratic, less costly and easier to implement. The Medicare-for-all approach considers health care to be a public good, something that all people need, like schools, roads and fire departments. Rather than being distracted by the problems of the exchanges, the more pressing issue is whether we want to continue using a market-based approach to health care or whether we want to join the other industrialized nations in treating health care as a public good. This conversation is difficult to have in the current environment of falsehoods, exaggerations and misleading statements coming from both partisan directions, echoed by their media supporters and nonprofit organizations.[...]  The foundation of a scam is the preparation done ahead of time to set up the scheme. In the case of the ACA, the foundation began with the health law passed by Massachusetts in 2006. The template was created by Stephen Butler of the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank. The law was passed under a Republican governor, Mitt Romney. The next task was to sell this idea to Democrats. The Robert Wood Johnson foundation gave a major assist when it made large grants to state health reform groups in 2008 to promote Massachusetts-style reform in their states, called the "public-private partnership" model.[...]"  

Commentary: "Doctors Treat Patients As ATM’s; US Healthcare System Explained In Six Succinct Points" [11/02/13] Printer Friendly Version "There is little to no incentive in the healthcare industry to hold down costs. Worse yet, the rewards for performing unnecessary surgeries is huge, while the risks of doing them are essentially nonexistent. Here are a couple of articles that show what I mean. [...] Six Succinct Points: • A constant battle is underway between insurance companies that do not want to pay any claims, even legitimate ones, and doctors and hospitals incentivised to rip off patients, insurers, and taxpayers with unnecessary surgeries and Medicare fraud. •Insurance companies demand massive amounts of paperwork out of rational fear of fraud and unnecessary treatments. Doctors perform for-profit (as opposed to for-patient) procedures that guarantee more explanations and more paperwork. • Doctors and hospitals have direct personal contact with patients, but insurance companies don't. In cases where doctors put patients at huge risk with needless procedures and surgeries, it's easy for hospitals and doctors to point their finger at insurance companies. On the other hand, many sincere, honest doctors have difficulty getting patients the care they should have because insurers believe they are getting ripped off by unnecessary procedures, even when they aren't. •Doctors make needless tests out of fear of being sued for not doing them. • The vast majority of healthcare costs occur in final last year or so of someone's life. Politicians who want to do something sensible about this issue get accused of "rationing healthcare". • Doctors not only have a financial incentive to prolong life needlessly, they also worry about not prolonging life out of fear of being sued by family members unless there is a living will, and perhaps even if there is a living will." [...] It would have been nice if Obamacare fixed some of the above problems. Unfortunately, Obamacare did not fix any of them. Fraud, ridiculous amounts of paperwork, and incentives to do the wrong thing were everywhere you looked before Obamacare. The same problems exist now. Worse yet, Obamacare added to the mess by over-charging millennials and their kids, and undercharging smokers and others with unhealthy lifestyles. Except for those below certain wage thresholds, insurance costs are likely to increase.[...]" 

Commentary: "ObamaCare Contractor Under Investigation For Fraud In U.K." [11/02/13] [2:50] "National Review Columnist Jillian Kay Melchior on the allegations against the ObamaCare contractor Serco. Fox Business: Lou Dobbs Tonight [...]"  

Commentary: "83% Of Private Practice Doctors May Be Quitting Due To Obamacare" [11/02/13] [29:41] "In record numbers, private practice doctors are leaving medicine. Obamacare treats doctors so harshly, that many have crunched the numbers and found they will go bankrupt under Obamacare. To be approved under Obamacare doctors must purchase, right now, more equipment, software, and hire even more staff, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. Right now doctors are not making profits, due to the staggering amounts of regulations and rules they must follow. These rules now impose fines on doctors to the tune of $10,000 per patient file, that they file not following the regulations. And, under the Obama administration the regulations change every month. A doctor, already has to hire special staff to read up on the regulations, just to remain compliant. Under the new Obamacare, this will get far worse. Doctors can be forced to not pay anything, under the new medicare and obamacare regulations, through no fault of their own.[...]" 

MSM: "White House Orders Insurance Companies Not to Criticize Obamacare And Expose Lies" [11/01/13] [2:53] "The White House is ordering insurance companies not to criticize Obamacare and threatening “retribution” against executives who speak out, according to CNN reporter Drew Griffin. During a segment on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 last night, Griffin revealed that insurance companies had been told to “keep quiet” about the fact that millions of Americans are being told that they cannot keep their existing policies, contradicting Barack Obama‘s promise that, “If…you like your plan, you can keep your doctor, you can keep your plan.” [...] “Basically, if you speak out, if you are quoted, you’re going to get a call from the White House, pressure to be quiet. Several sources tell me and my colleague Chris Frates that insurance executives are being told to keep quiet,” said Griffin, adding, “Sources (are) telling us they fear White House retribution.” The fact that the White House is threatening private companies with undisclosed forms of “retribution” if they criticize government policy is a shocking display of authoritarianism that wouldn’t look out of place in countries like Communist China or Stalinist North Korea. As Griffin explains in his report, the Obama administration is trying to keep a lid on the dirty little secret that millions of Americans are losing their coverage as a result of Obamacare, illustrating how Obama blatantly lied when he made assurances that people could keep their existing policy." Griffin also suggested that insurance companies were adhering to the White House gag order because, “It is the federal government that’s the biggest customer for these insurance companies.” White House spokesman Jay Carney labeled the accusations “preposterous and inaccurate,” which is similar to how the administration reacted when it was accused of having foreknowledge of the fact that millions of Americans would lose their healthcare coverage due to Obamacare. It subsequently emerged that White House officials knew this would be the case at least three years in advance. The Obama administration’s desperation in threatening insurance companies to keep quiet about the Obamacare train wreck provides us with the clearest indication yet that the Affordable Care Act is a disaster for America, built on a foundation of lies and deception, which threatens to cause an economic meltdown.[...]"   

MSM: "Krauthammer On Obamacare: "Program Doing The Opposite Of What It Was Intended" [11/01/13] Printer Friendly Version [1:34] "As long as the exchanges are down, all you're getting are stories of people losing insurance and practically no one gaining insurance. This is a program that's doing the opposite of what it was intended. If the exchanges are working right and you still have the incentive structure -- if you are young and healthy, which is what the system needs, there's no logic in joining and paying what would be essentially twice what you pay today under actuarial requirements because the Congress and the law arbitrarily, essentially, doubles what the young healthies are paying. If they don't join, you get the death spiral. Which means you only have the very sick in the program and you don't have the ones who subsidize it with premiums that are essentially overpayments. In the absence of that, the insurers are going to have to increase their premiums [which] reduces further the incentive and you get a system that cannot sustain itself economically. And it collapses. [...]"  Note: The incompetence and greed of these conceptually-hobbled sequentials undermines the entire system. "Apparently the Road to Socialism is Paved with Public Incompetence" Printer Friendly Version

MSM: "Delusional Sebelius: ‘The Website Has Never Crashed: 'It Is Functional At A Very Slow Speed'" [10/31/13] [0:40] "At a hearing on Capitol Hill Wednesday, Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius said that the Obamacare website has “never crashed.” Sebelius told the committee that the administration is committed to solving the problem. She said that the site has never “crashed” but is functional — just unreliable and slow. [...]"  Note: Just like she is. Related: "Connecticut Says Obamacare Data Hub ‘Experiencing An Outage’" Printer Friendly Version "“Access Health CT was informed by CMS (Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services) that the Federal Data Services Hub is currently experiencing an outage,” a statement from the state exchange said. A similar outage on Sunday also halted online enrollment on the federal Healthcare.gov website.  " Note: An outage reflects a 'crash'. 

Commentary: "Sebelius: “I Don’t Work For The People” Who Want Me To Resign" Jon Rappoport [10/30/13] Printer Friendly Version "Sebelius is a little martinet (someone who demands that rules and orders always be obeyed), a functionary with a weather vane on her head to detect which way the political winds are blowing. She’s right. She doesn’t work for the people who want her to resign. She doesn’t work for the people who want her to stay. She works for the machine. A machine requires a designer and operators, but once it gathers momentum, it moves on its own. It advances across the landscape like a programmed robot, spouting homilies. Deep in its guts, the command is: Invent reality for the masses and enforce it. Healthcare.gov, the site that enrolls people in Obamacare, is one of those moments where a sub-sub reality-program of the robot fails and crashes. But backing up from it for better perspective, we can see that failures, crashes, and scandals are built into the overall reality-invention program, to engender chaos. Chaos is an opportunity for the robot to bring in greater control to “restore security.” And if we were to gain even greater distance from all this, we would see that, at a much deeper level, millions and millions of people want to offload the machine altogether. Millions and millions of people want to end lives of automatic function, because they know that life can be so much more. In the robot, they see themselves surrendering, and they don’t like the view. [...] They want out. They want a story and a future that supersedes the robot. They want health, not sickness-care. They want choices, not orders from above. They want open space, not the claustrophobia of regulations. They want energy, not obedience. They want the open sky of their own imagination, not one program after another. They want freedom, not fascist geometry.[...]"   

MSM: "Obamacare Launch Spawns 700+ Cyber-Squatters" [10/30/13] Printer Friendly Version "More than 700 websites have been created with names playing off of Obamacare or Healthcare.gov, making it likely that some Americans will mistakenly hand over private information to unknown third-parties. For instance, there is a website — www.obama-care.us — that brands itself as part of the "Obamacare enrollment team," directs people to an "Obamacare enrollment form" and asks users for their name, address, Social Security number and other contact information. According to a counter at the bottom of the page, more than 3,000 people have visited obama-care.us. This website does not actually enable people to enroll in Obamacare. It was registered with GoDaddy.com on Sept. 2 — less than a month before the official launch of the health care exchange websites — according to who.is, a website that provides information on internet domains and their owners. [...] A legitimate website established in 1994 goes by the name "healthcare.com" — exactly the same as the website for the federal health care exchange, except that the official site ends with a dot-gov suffix. That raises the question of why federal officials chose a URL of such similarity to an existing health-related web site. [...] Online security expert John McAfee predicted such a problem weeks ago. "There is no central place where I can go and say, 'OK, here are all the legitimate brokers and examiners, for all of the states,' and pick and choose one," McAfee told Fox News' Neil Cavuto.[...]"  

Flashback: "Obama: Reneges On Progressive Promises Out Of Fear Of Assassination — Former CIA Analyst" [10/29/13] Printer Friendly Version  "Retired high-level CIA analyst Ray McGovern – the top CIA briefer to numerous presidents – said this a few weeks ago on a radio program: "Obama has abandoned progressive principles, such as stopping drone attacks and shutting down Guantanamo ... Which leads to the question, why would he do all these things? Why would he be afraid for example, to take the drones away from the CIA? Well, I’ve come to the conclusion that he’s afraid. Number one, he’s afraid of what happened to Martin Luther King Jr. And I know from a good friend who was there when it happened, that at a small dinner with progressive supporters – after these progressive supporters were banging on Obama before the election, “Why don’t you do the things we thought you stood for?” Obama turned sharply and said, “Don’t you remember what happened to Martin Luther King Jr.?” That’s a quote, and that’s a very revealing quote. The other thing is, I’ve always been kind of shocked that when he came into office, not only did he not prosecute the torturers, the kidnapers, the people with the black [unintelligible], even the people who violated our Fourth Amendment rights, but he left them all in place. [...] I suspected at the time, now I’m pretty convinced the president of the United States is afraid of the CIA. That’s why he got John Brennan in place. He thinks John Brennan owes more personal loyalty to him than all those other thugs out there who did the torture and so forth. That’s a questionable thing. But Obama thinks that. And that’s why he fought so hard so that Brennan would be in place. I have to say I never thought I would hear myself saying this, but it is the only logical explanation for why he is so afraid, unless you say the man is a through and through charlatan, that he actually is acting on behalf of these forces of darkness. [...]" Related: "NSA Whistleblower: NSA Spying On – and Blackmailing – Top Govt Officials and Military Officers" [6/20/13] Printer Friendly Version |"Proof that Power, Money and Crushing Dissent Are NSA’s Real Motives for Spying"  Printer Friendly Version 

MSM: "Healthcare.Gov: “You Don’t Need Insurance To Get Health Care Free" [10/29/13] Printer Friendly Version  "Now Healthcare.gov, the government-run website where people can buy mandated health insurance plans through government-run exchanges, informs people that they actually do not need to buy a legally-mandated health insurance plans to get health care for free. A tab on the website entitled “Finding Health Care You Can Afford," tells visitors: “There may be local facilities that provide free or reduced-cost care, whether you're insured or not. What you pay depends on your income.” If you click on the “Learn More” tab, it brings you to a page that provides further details on how you can secure free and reduced-cost health care without buying on of the Obamacare-mandated plans. “If you need health care, finding a provider you can afford can be a problem,” the text states. “Fortunately, there are places you can go for a wide variety of health needs that will provide free or reduced-cost care. “They include some hospitals, and health centers and clinics,” the text states. The page goes on to list some of those free or reduced-cost services. “These places provide prenatal care, baby shots, prescription drugs, general primary care, and specialized care for more serious conditions including mental health, substance abuse, and HIV/AIDS,” the text states. “Anyone may use a community health center, whether you have health insurance or not. How much you pay will depend on your income.” About 170 health care facilities nationwide are still obligated to provide free or reduced-cost care. Since 1980, more than $6 billion in uncompensated services have been provided to eligible patients through the Hill-Burton program, according to the website. The website also features a “find a health center” function that allows visitors to put in the zip code to locate the nearest facilities that provide free or reduced-cost medical services.[...]" Note: Clinics and services for cash are common.  

Commentary: "Despite Glitches, Obamacare Profit Windfall To Insurers Well Underway" [10/28/13] Printer Friendly Version "While politicians and pundits alike inside the beltway beat up the White House over computer system glitches, health insurance companies still project robust revenue growth and profits from a boom in business from newly insured Americans under the Affordable Care Act. [...]"   Related: "Bait And Switch: Healthcare.Gov Pricing Feature Off The Mark" Printer Friendly Version 2 "Industry executives CBS News spoke with could not believe the government is providing these estimates, which they said were useless and could easily mislead consumers. They also said that the website repeatedly states the actual prices could be lower, but it makes no mention that they could be higher. CBS News ran the numbers for a 48-year-old in Charlotte, N.C., ineligible for subsidies. According to HealthCare.gov, she would pay $231 a month, but the actual plan on Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina's website costs $360, more than 50 percent higher. The difference: Blue Cross and Blue Shield requests your birthday before providing more accurate estimates. [...]"  Note: Well, by the time they even realize they've been had, they've given their personal dossier of info to the entire government infrastructure. | "500,000 Californians Lose Health Policies" Printer Friendly Version  "As of December 2012, there were 491,977 covered lives in individual health care plans regulated by the state Department Insurance that are not grandfathered under the Affordable Care Act. (If they bought a plan after March 2010, their coverage is not grandfathered.) This is a 2012 number, but if the number of people with private coverage hasn’t changed much in the last ten months, that’s half a million Californians who will lose their coverage. Those canceled policies will have to be replaced with Obamacare-approved insurance: [...]" | "Team Obama and Its Dysfunctional 500 Million Lines of Code" Printer Friendly Version "... Facebook. The social media network runs on around 20 million lines of code. It has over a billion users. Maybe they can spare a couple programmers. Obamacare and its malfunctioning website constitute a magnificent train wreck. But when we assume government can do what the private sector and for-profit business can do more efficiently, we can expect not only to be disappointed but also taken to the cleaners. [...]" 

MSM: "Congressional Hearing On The Problematic ObamaCare Website " [10/28/13] [4 hr 16 min] "10.24.13 C-SPAN 

Commentary: "Legal Glitch “Has The Potential To Sink Obamacare" [10/28/13] Printer Friendly Version "As if the technological problems facing Obamacare were not enough, a potentially major “legal glitch” could cause the healthcare law to unravel in 36 states. As the LA Times reports, The Affordable Care Act proposes to make health insurance affordable to millions of low-income Americans by offering them tax credits to help cover the cost. To receive the credit, the law twice says they must buy insurance “through an exchange established by the state.” But 36 states have decided against opening exchanges for now. Critics of the law have seized on the glitch. They have filed four lawsuits that urge judges to rule the Obama administration must abide by the strict wording of the law, even if doing so dismantles it in nearly two-thirds of the states. And the Obama administration has no hope of repairing the glitch by legislation as long as the Republicans control the House…“This has the potential to sink Obamacare. It could make the current website problems seem minor by comparison,” noted one policy expert. [...]"  

Commentary: "Healthcare.Gov: Data-Gathering Honey Pot To Shamelessly Harvest Private Consumer Data" [10/28/13] Printer Friendly Version "Healthcare.gov is specifically designed to gather your most intimate details such as social security number, annual salary, place of employment, immigration status, military background, criminal history, physical place of residence, bank account numbers and much more. This information is simply shuttled directly to the NSA where it is then used to cross-tabulate all your phone calls, texts, social media posts, website surfing habits, credit card purchase habits and much more. Combined with mobile device tracking technology which has been widely acknowledged to already exist, the NSA can even compile a minute-by-minute map of your movements, purchases and interactions with other people. Through this analysis, the NSA can determine who you are meeting or hanging out with. Jim Marrs, author of numerous books on the real history of the United States, told me, "This alone is reason enough to not sign up for Obamacare." [...]"  

Commentary: "Michelle Obama’s Princeton Classmate Is Executive At Company That “Built” Obamacare Website" [10/27/13] Printer Friendly Version "Toni Townes-Whitley, Princeton class of ’85, is senior vice president at CGI Federal, which earned the no-bid contract to build the $678 million Obamacare enrollment website at Healthcare.gov. CGI Federal is the U.S. arm of a Canadian company. [...] Toni Townes ’85 is a onetime policy analyst with the General Accounting Office and previously served in the Peace Corps in Gabon, West Africa. Her decision to return to work, as an African-American woman, after six years of raising kids was applauded by a Princeton alumni publication in 1998. George Schindler, the president for U.S. and Canada of the Canadian-based CGI Group, CGI Federal’s parent company, became an Obama 2012 campaign donor after his company gained the Obamacare website contract. As reported by the Washington Examiner in early October, the Department of Health and Human Services reviewed only CGI’s bid for the Obamacare account. CGI was one of 16 companies qualified under the Bush administration to provide certain tech services to the federal government. A senior vice president for the company testified this week before The House Committee on Energy and Commerce that four companies submitted bids, but did not name those companies or explain why only CGI’s bid was considered." [...]" Related: "Feds Reviewed Only One Bid For Obamacare Website Design" Printer Friendly Version "Rather than open the contracting process to a competitive public solicitation with multiple bidders, officials in the Department of Health and Human Services' Centers for Medicare and Medicaid accepted a sole bidder, CGI Federal, the U.S. subsidiary of a Canadian company with an uneven record of IT pricing and contract performance. CMS officials are tight-lipped about why CGI was chosen or how it happened. They also refuse to say if other firms competed with CGI, or if there was ever a public solicitation for building Healthcare.gov, the backbone of Obamacare’s problem-plagued web portal. Instead, it appears they used what amounts to a federal procurement system loophole to award the work to the Canadian firm. [...] There is no evidence CMS issued any public solicitation for the Obamacare website contract. The Examiner asked both CMS and CGI for copies of any public solicitation notice for the Healthcare.gov task orders. Neither CMS nor CGI furnished any such public notice. Linda Odorisio, CGI’s vice president for global communications insisted (lied) in an email to the Examiner that the Obamacare Healthcare.gov project had multiple bidders. “There were at least two bidders, we believe three, for the task order. That is all the information I have,” she said.[...]" 

MSM: "Hidden Code On Obamacare Website Says 'No Reasonable Expectation Of Privacy'" [10/25/13] Printer Friendly Version [5:03] "Rep. Joe Barton (R-Texas), a member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, on Thursday grilled Cheryl Campbell, senior vice president of CGI Federal Inc., the company that built the Obamacare health care exchange website, on language hidden in source code that says applicants have "no reasonable expectation of privacy, contrary to HIPAA regulations meant to protect medical privacy. [...]"  Note: Fun to watch the witness squirm ... another stupid sequential. Related:"Leno: ‘Put NSA in Charge of ObamaCare Website…They Already Have All Our Information’" 1:28] 

Commentary: "CIA-Funded Software Company Manages Private Data For Healthcare.gov" [10/25/13] Printer Friendly Version "A software company funded by the Central Intelligence Agency is managing data on Healthcare.gov, the Obamacare insurance exchange website. Through a press release, Socrata announced a “strategic investment and technology development agreement with In-Q-Tel (IQT), the independent strategic investment firm that identifies innovative technology solutions to support the missions of the U.S. Intelligence Community.” “Under the agreement, IQT will make a strategic investment in Socrata,” the press release states. “The two entities will work together to further develop Socrata’s data consumerization platform for internal business analysts in data-rich organizations. In other words, Socrata will work with the CIA and other intelligence agencies to transform raw data into a format easily utilized and accessible to the intelligence community. The CIA’s interest in Socrata is crystal clear considering that the Department of Health and Human Services is establishing a centralized Federal Data Services Hub, a comprehensive database of Americans’ private information made available to multiple federal entities. Facebook also received funding through Accel Partners, a venture capital firm with ties to In-Q-Tel and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. [...]"  

Commentary: "Prelude To Disaster: The Coming Instantaneous Collapse Of 'Obamacare' Services" [10/25/13] Printer Friendly Version "America will be “strangled and expire economically as a direct consequence” of the marriage of the State and Health Care industry. The die has been cast. [...] We know it’s essentially a wealth redistribution scheme that takes money from one group of people in the form of forced tax payments, only to shift that money into the pockets of those who didn’t earn it in the form of government subsidies to their health care premiums. But like all universal programs, the promise of free anything only works so long as you don’t run out of other people’s money. That being said, a basic analysis of how Obamacare premiums work across the spectrum of America’s wide ranging socio-economic population suggests that it’s dead on arrival. Once the forced mandates take hold one of two outcomes become inevitable, as noted by The Market Ticker, whose Karl Denninger took a detailed look at the government’s county-by-county premium data. Either the Obamacare system itself collapses under its own weight, or the U.S. economy falls apart because of the extreme burden being hoisted on those who are responsible for paying the bill. Either way, we’re looking at an almost instantaneous collapse of one or the other."  

Commentary: "Obama Purging Military Commanders" [10/24/13] Printer Friendly Version "Nine senior commanding generals have been fired by the Obama administration this year, leading to speculation by active and retired members of the military that a purge of its commanders is underway. Retired generals and current senior commanders that have spoken with TheBlaze say the administration is not only purging the military of commanders they don’t agree with, but is striking fear in the hearts of those still serving. The timing comes as the five branches of the U.S. armed forces are reducing staff due to budget cuts, and as U.S. troops are expected to withdraw from Afghanistan next year. “I think they’re using the opportunity of the shrinkage of the military to get rid of people that don’t agree with them or not tow the party line. Remember, as (former White House chief of staff) Rahm Emanuel said, never waste a crisis,” a senior retired general told The Blaze on the condition of anonymity because he still provide services to the government and fears possible retribution. “Even as a retired general, it’s still possible for the administration to make life miserable for us. If we’re working with the government or have contracts, they can just rip that out from under us,” he said. Retired U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely, an outspoken critic of the Obama administration, said the White House fails to take action or investigate its own, but finds it easy to fire military commanders “who have given their lives for their country.” “Obama will not purge a civilian or political appointee because they have bought into Obama’s ideology,” Vallely said. “The White House protects their own. That’s why they stalled on the investigation into fast and furious, Benghazi and Obamacare. He’s intentionally weakening and gutting our military, Pentagon and reducing us as a superpower, and anyone in the ranks who disagrees or speaks out is being purged.” A Pentagon official who asked to remain nameless because they were not authorized to speak on the matter said even “young officers, down through the ranks have been told not to talk about Obama or the politics of the White House. They are purging everyone and if you want to keep your job — just keep your mouth shut. The nine military commanders fired this year by the Obama administration:[...]" Related"SEAL Veteran: Military Leaders Being Asked if They Will Disarm Americans" Paul Joseph Watson Printer Friendly Version [3:36] "Former Navy SEAL Ben Smith warns that the Obama administration is asking top brass in the military if they would be comfortable with disarming U.S. citizens, a litmus test that includes gauging whether they would be prepared to order NCOs to fire on Americans. Smith provoked headlines last week when he appeared on Fox News to assert that the federal government was trying to provoke veterans into violence as an excuse to implement martial law. Smith said the litmus test was related to the recent firing of top military commanders Navy Vice Adm. Tim Giardina and Maj. Gen. Michael Carey. [...] The idea of U.S. soldiers being asked if they will fire on American citizens during a crisis or mass disarmament program has emerged from several different sources over the last two decades. In January, 2009 Nobel Peace Prize nominee Jim Garrow claimed he was told by a top military veteran that the Obama administration’s “litmus test” for new military leaders is whether or not they will obey an order to fire on U.S. citizens. Concerns over U.S. troops being given orders to fire on American citizens in the event of mass gun confiscation first arose in May 1994 when hundreds of Marines at 29 Palms, California were given a survey as part of an academic project by Navy Lieutenant Commander Ernest Guy Cunningham which asked the Marines if they would, “Fire upon U.S. citizens who refuse or resist confiscation of firearms banned by the United States government.” The survey was subsequently leaked because many of the Marines who took it were shocked by the tone of the question.[...]" 

MSM: "Case Challenges Constitutionality Of Obamacare Tax Penalty - Judge Andrew Napolitano" [10/23/13] [5:26]

MSM: "State Department: We Can Use Whatever Definition Of Transparency We Want" [10/23/13] [2:39] "State Department Deputy Press Secretary Marie Harf was questioned repeatedly by Associated Press reporter Matt Lee about the Obama administration’s lack of transparency during Monday’s State Department Briefing. When Harf’s initial attempt to defend the administration failed she changed her tactics arguing for a new definition when she stated “we can use whatever definition of transparency we want.” [...] MS. HARF: Well, I think we can use whatever definition of “transparent” we want. Q: I think there is only one definition. MS. HARF: What I would say is that the president has gotten — has stood up, whether it’s on counterterrorism — he stood at the National Defense University and said, I’m going to talk to you about how we make decisions on counterterrorism operations — for the first time. Q: Yeah, but wait — yeah, but it’s either transparent or it’s not. It’s either transparent or it’s opaque, right? You can’t have – MS. HARF: Matt, that — no. This isn’t a black and white issue. That’s absolutely not the case.[...]"  

MSM: "Report: Obama’s Efforts to Control Media Are ‘Most Aggressive’ Since Nixon" [10/22/13] Printer Friendly Version "The Obama administration has “chilled the flow of information on issues of great public interest,” according to a Thursday report that amounts to an indictment of the president’s campaign pledge of a more open government. “Six government employees, plus two contractors including Edward Snowden, have been subjects of felony criminal prosecutions since 2009 under the 1917 Espionage Act, accused of leaking classified information to the press—compared with a total of three such prosecutions in all previous U.S. administrations,” said the committee’s report, prepared by Leonard Downie Jr., the former executive editor of The Washington Post. “The administration’s war on leaks and other efforts to control information are the most aggressive I’ve seen since the Nixon administration, when I was one of the editors involved in The Washington Post’s investigation of Watergate,” Downie said.[...]" 

MSM: "Obamacare Computer Code Riddled With Typos, Latin Filler Text, Desperate Programmer Comments And Disastrous Architecture" [10/21/13] Printer Friendly Version "... Laughably, the application code is also riddled with Latin used as filler text. Latin is used by programmers as filler / placeholder text for unfinished applications. The fact that this Latin is found in the code is yet more proof that the entire system never even entered Alpha testing, much less Beta testing or an official release. This is pre-alpha code requiring possible YEARS of development for final release. Truly disastrous architecture calls over 1,000 resources just to load one page. Even though I have only seen the public Javascript code and not the server-side processing code, the Javascript itself is truly disastrous -- on an epic scale. For example, the Javascript file loaded for each user transfers all error messages, form field messages and front-end error messages from the server to the user's browser repeatedly for each cultural language supported by the system. In other words, the entire set of error messages is hard-coded into the Javascript for English, then again for German, then again for French, Spanish, and so on, all the way through Gujarati and who knows how many other unheard-of languages. I don't even know how to begin to tell you how disastrously idiotic such a design is. It practically guarantees a critical server crash under any kind of real user load. No programmer with an IQ above 100 would design js code in such a manner. This code was designed and written by utterly incompetent people who have built into the system exactly the kind of architecture that will make it fail if anyone tries to use it. When HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius says this code is "functioning," she's actually painting a giant "dunce" sign on her forehead. This code is so far from functioning that all the government programmers in the world couldn't make it work smoothly by January 1. It's almost as if the entire system has been designed to fail. There is no rational justification for writing code like this. It's like someone held a contest to find out "who can write the most inefficient, wasteful computer code" and Healthcare .gov won the top prize! And yet, at the same time, this project perfectly reflects the foundational philosophy of the Obama administration: sell the dream to get elected, then screw everybody when it comes to implementation. It also forces you to ask the question: To what lengths will Obama go to try to cover-up this disastrous mess by causing some other crisis as a distraction? Ultimately, this also means we don't have to worry about trying to delay Obamacare. Obamacare is going to destroy itself! Sooner or later, the entire country will realize the absurdity of being fined by the IRS for not buying a mandatory insurance policy that cannot be purchased because the government-run exchange site is utterly non- functional. Obamacare will go down in history as the greatest IT failure in the history of the world. I can already see this outcome reflected in the code [...]"  Note: According to the Congressional Budget Office, the administration needs at least 7 million people to join the exchanges for Obamacare to be financially viable. “I think success looks like at least 7 million people having signed up by the end of March 2014,” Sebelius told NBC’s Nancy Snyderman. Related: "Judge Jeanine Pirro On Obamacare Website Disaster & Admin" [7:56]     

Commentary: "New DHS Sec Johnson Signifies Push For a Civilian Army (Brownshirts)" [10/20/13] Printer Friendly Version "Obama has named Jeh Charles Johnson as the new Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Johnson was special counsel to the John Kerry presidential campaign in 2004. For the presidential campaign of Obama, Johnson was the foreign policy adviser and member of Obama’s national finance committee. In 2012, Johnson was the general counsel for the Department of Defense (DoD) after nomination by Obama. In this role, Johnson was an integral architect of the legal policies of our counterterrorism initiatives. Part of this scheme, Johnson pressured for the continued support of the Military Commissions Act of 2009 and worked with Army General Carter Ham on the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy when its validity was questioned. Johnson assisted in the propaganda war during the release of classified documents known as the Afghan War Diary. In 2012, Johnson also said: “There is risk in permitting and expecting the U.S. military to extend its powerful reach into areas traditionally reserved for civilian law enforcement in this country. The military should not and cannot be the only answer.”[...]"  Related: "Obama Mentions Civilian Security Force" [0:21] Note:  As if all the 3-lettered agencies already don't have enough people out there. Again, this is the 1933 Hitlerian social model. See also, below: "13 Similarities Between Obama And Hitler In Terms Of Social Policy" [10/15/13]

Commentary: "Obamacare: The Product Of Mentally Retarded Criminals Or A Conspiracy To Destroy The Healthcare System" [10/19/13] Printer Friendly Version "The on-going disaster of the Affordable Care Act otherwise known as Obamacare is undoubtedly the most poorly planned implementation of any government program in American history. This law which forces people to buy health insurance or face a fine is one of the dumbest ideas ever conceived but it is the implementation of it that has been even dumber. The implementation has been so horrible that one has to question if this was done intentionally to plunge the entire healthcare system into chaos. This might sound counterintuitive but it really isn’t. The reason for the Obama regime to do something like this is that it would give them the pretext to justify a complete government takeover of America’s healthcare system. This would be presented as the false solution to a problem that they created in the first place. If this wasn’t part of a broader conspiracy, the only other explanation for the piss poor implementation is that the Obama regime put mentally retarded criminals in charge of its drafting, planning and execution. [...] Simply put, any law that forces a business or an individual to buy a product or face consequences is morally wrong. Now that there is a precedent for this type of insanity it is anybody’s best guess as to what they will force people to buy next. What if the government required every individual in America to purchase a battery operated masturbation device in order to subsidize dildo manufacturers? Besides dildo manufacturers and mentally ill perverts, would anybody really be happy about this? It is the same concept with Obamacare as the only people who are happy with this law are insurance providers and mentally ill people. Whether or not they are also perverts could be debated but it would not be surprising if that were indeed the case. The stock prices of health insurance providers have risen substantially as Obamacare has been rolled out. This has undoubtedly made the people running these operations very happy as it is forcibly increasing their customer base. [...] Another problem with Obamacare is the fact that it is one of the most complex laws ever written and there is no way that any single human being will ever have a full understanding of it. In fact current U.S. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi once famously remarked that they needed to pass the Obamacare bill in order for people to see what’s in it. What sort of insane person would support something that they haven’t read let alone understand? Unfortunately this is the type of mental illness we are dealing with from the people who mindlessly support Obamacare. If you were to try and read the law, the actual text is over 2,000 pages and the associated regulations are 30 times longer than the law. Who the hell has time to sort through all of that shit? The complexity of Obamacare is a big reason why the implementation has gone so horribly wrong and this is proven with everything we are seeing unfold. Only criminals who sought to benefit special interests in the insurance industry or a bunch of mentally ill morons would have crafted a law such as this. Take your pick but it is most likely that it was a combination of both."   Note: Yeah, the polarized psychopathic darkside sequentials ..

MSM: "Obamacare Sites Pirated Copyrighted Web Scripts, British Company Plans To Sue" [10/19/13] Printer Friendly Version "Standard reporter Jeryl Bier noted on Thursday that one of the scripts used in powering Healthcare.gov is called DataTables, and it was released by a British company called SpryMedia on condition that anyone who utilized the open-source software provide proper attribution. “DataTables is free, open source software that you can download and use for whatever purpose you wish, on any and as many sites you want,” Bier quotes from SpryMedia’s website. “It is free for you to use! DataTables is available under two licenses: GPS v2 license or a BSD (3-point) license, with which you must comply (to do this, basically keep the copyright notices in the software).” HHS, apparently, didn’t read that memo and now might end up in hot water. Bier has provided a number of examples showing how the Obama administration essentially pilfered the code piece-by-piece, except for the attribution that its developers insisted be included.  [...]"  

MSM: "Tech Expert to NBC Reporter on Obamacare Roll-Out: Without Changes, 'This Project is Doomed'" [10/18/13] [4:31] "In a report which aired on MSNBC on Thursday, NBC News reporter Tom Costello examined the software which users access in order to sign up for health insurance exchanges under the Affordable Care Act. The report was highly critical of the software on Healthcare.gov. Without significant changes, one expert said, the future of the ACA exchanges was in doubt. [...]"  

Commentary: "Goldberg: ‘It’s Never Wise To Underestimate The Degree To Which Obama Does Things For Spite" [10/17/13] Printer Friendly Version "The National Review’s Jonah Goldberg said it is never wise to underestimate the degree to which President Obama launches partisan attacks out of spit for the GOP Wednesday on Special Report. "I also think it’s never wise to underestimate the degree to which Obama does things for spite. There are good theoretical, strategic reasons why he might be trying to defy the Congress. But the thing about lancing the blister, whatever the phrase was, and the stuff about going after Boehner, I think the guy can’t help himself often and he simply wants to twist and pinch and rub it in to the other side and say, hey, I was right all along. Sometimes it’s just an I told you so from him. [...]"  

If Life Here Went On: "Ten Things To Expect From Obamacare" [10/17/13] Printer Friendly Version "Obamacare's health exchanges opened on October 1. Hopefully you weren't one of the unlucky guinea pigs who attempted to sign up with a system so crummy that even the Washington Post is calling it a disaster. Given that the impact of Obamacare will only grow from here on out, Casey Research asked acclaimed Obamacare expert Dr. Lee Vliet what we should expect as the calendar turns to 2014. Importantly, Dr. Vliet is independent in every sense of the word. Not only is she an independent physician, she's also a registered political Independent, and has no ties to pharmaceutical, insurance, political, or any other interests. Like any good doctor, she is professionally concerned with one thing and one thing only: her patients. You'll find her criticisms of Obamacare quite harsh, but only because she's disturbed about the impact it will have on her patients. [...]"  

MSM: "Obama ATF Tries to Censor Fast and Furious Whistleblower" [10/16/13] Printer Friendly Version "The Obama administration, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) in particular, are under fire from across the political spectrum again after they were publicly exposed trying to censor a key whistleblower in the Fast and Furious federal gun-running scandal by preventing him from publishing a book about it. Claiming that publication of ATF Special Agent John Dodson’s manuscript would harm agency morale, official documents show that the out-of-control bureaucracy sought to violate the First Amendment in an apparent effort to avoid further scrutiny of its lawless activities. However, that attempt failed miserably, and the scandal is back in the headlines with a vengeance. The Fast and Furious revelations showed, among other deadly serious scandals, that the ATF, disgraced Attorney General Eric Holder’s Justice Department, and other top officials conspired to send thousands of high-powered weapons to Mexican drug cartels at U.S. taxpayer expense. Many of those guns were used to murder Mexican citizens and even U.S. law-enforcement officers. It was later learned from official documents that the supposed “drug lords” allegedly being “investigated” were already on the FBI payroll, and that the administration was plotting to use the Fast and Furious violence to advance its unconstitutional assault on the Second Amendment.  [...]" 

Commentary: "Obama's Entire Health and Economic Policy Is Intentional Genocide" [10/16/13] Printer Friendly Version "American health care is forging a lucrative alliance with American finance," Silver-Greenberg writes. "A growing number of health care professionals are urging patients to pay for treatment not covered by their insurance plans with credit cards and lines of credit that can be arranged quickly in the provider's office... While medical credit cards resemble other credit cards, there is a critical difference: they are usually marketed by caregivers to patients, often at vulnerable times, such as when those patients are in pain or when their providers have recommended care they cannot readily afford." Under Obamacare, as earlier articles in the New York Times have exposed, there will be millions of largely poor Americans who will be unable to get any medical insurance—the perfect target pool for these Wall Street predators. "Many of these cards initially charge no interest for a promotional period, typically six to 18 months... But if the debt is not paid in full when that time is up, costly rates—usually 25 to 30%—kick in." [...] The similarity of this scheme to the sub-prime mortgage swindle of the mid 2000's is unmistakable. And it is being perpetrated by the same banks—Citibank, Wells Fargo, GE Capital, and others—that must stopped in their tracks by restoring Glass-Steagall as the guiding policy of America's banking system. [...]"  

MSM: "Obamacare Site: ‘No Reasonable Expectation of Privacy’ Warning Buried In Source Code But Not Visible To Visitors" [10/16/13] Printer Friendly Version "The Obamacare online exchanges have been met with several concerns since they launched at the beginning of the month, but a recent discovery may raise further fears about privacy under the health-care law. The Weekly Standard’s Jeryl Bier reports that during the process of creating an account, the website asks users if they accept the “Terms & Conditions,” which prohibit unauthorized attempts to upload information or change the site. But the 'Information Privacy Warning" is buried in the website’s source code, which is not visible to users on the standard “Terms & Conditions” page where they are prompted to Accept the Terms. So the 'terms' are hidden. The warning says users should have “no reasonable expectation of privacy”: You have no reasonable expectation of privacy regarding any communication or data transiting or stored on this information system. At any time, and for any lawful Government purpose, the government may monitor, intercept, and search and seize any communication or data transiting or stored on this information system. Any communication or data transiting or stored on this information system may be disclosed or "used for any lawful Government purpose". [...]"  Note: An invisible Privacy Statement and Warning does not cut it .... helps ensure the unwary who are dumb enough to go there.

Commentary: "13 Similarities Between Obama And Hitler In Terms Of Social Policy" [10/15/13] Printer Friendly Version "The similarities are terrifying, the conclusion inevitable. On March 23, 1933, the German Parliament met to consider passing a bill that Adolf Hitler had created called the Enabling Act. It was officially called the 'Law for Removing the Distress of the People and the Reich.' Why were the German people in such distress? Because their government was in utter chaos, and the German leaders wanted to reassure the people that everything would be ok. The only fly in the ointment was that the Nazis had, behind the scenes, caused the distress themselves by creating the crisis, so that they could step in and solve it. Sound familiar? [...] Some people would balk at the comparison between Hitler and Obama, saying it was unfair. Well, it's only unfair if you compare Hitler at the end of his rule to the beginning of Obama's. But if you compare Hitler and Obama at the beginning of their rise to power, it's extremely fair. 13 similarities between (policies of) Adolf Hitler & Barack Hussein Obama are:[...]"  

What It Really Means: "Healthcare Website: A Self-Destructive, Self-Hacking, Inept Clusterfuck" [10/15/13] Printer Friendly Version  "...One possible cause of the problems is that hitting “apply” on HealthCare.gov causes 92 separate files, plug-ins and other mammoth swarms of data to stream between the user’s computer and the servers powering the government website, said Matthew Hancock, an independent expert in website design. He was able to track the files being requested through a feature in the Firefox browser. Of the 92 he found, 56 were JavaScript files, including plug-ins that make it easier for code to work on multiple browsers (such as Microsoft Corp’s Internet Explorer and Google Inc’s Chrome) and let users upload files to HealthCare.gov. “They set up the website in such a way that too many requests to the server arrived at the same time,” Hancock said. Hancock described the situation as similar to what happens when hackers conduct a distributed denial of service, or DDOS, attack on a website: they get large numbers of computers to simultaneously request information from the server that runs a website, overwhelming it and causing it to crash or otherwise stumble. “The site basically DDOS’d itself,” he said. [...]"  Note: Pretty bad, considering they had three years. Perhaps they'll opt for paper forms: "Obamacare Officials Now Resorting to Paper Applications As New Flaws Emerge" Printer Friendly Version Note: Really stupid reincarnated retreads who have messed up their own wet dream. It will be good to leave them behind.

MSM: "Obama Postpones Meeting With Congressional Leaders" [10/15/13] Printer Friendly Version "... Leon Panetta criticized the White House and the Congress for their inability to reach an agreement, saying his country has been weakened due to the ongoing government shutdown. “Everybody knows we’ve got to extend the debt limit in order to avoid that catastrophe. Everybody knows we’ve got to end this crazy shutdown on the federal government,” he said while appearing on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” [...]" Note: Panetta lies, like the rest of them. See this:   Related: "Debunking Obama’s Latest Lie" Printer Friendly Version "Obama is once again misleading people in a sad attempt to create a panic he hopes will be blamed on his opponents. Moody’s has flatly stated our credit rating is not tied to the debt limit, and not raising it does not risk default. “The government would continue to pay interest and principal on its debt even in the event that the debt limit is not raised, leaving its creditworthiness intact,” Moody’s Investor Services reports today. “The debt limit restricts government expenditures to the amount of its incoming revenues; it does not prohibit the government from servicing its debt. There is no direct connection between the debt limit (actually the exhaustion of the Treasury’s extraordinary measures to raise funds) and a default,” writes Moody’s. [...]"  

Commentary "Obamacare Exposed Biggest Swindle Ever" [10/14/13] [16:00] "After reading the Obamacare Act, I came to realize it wasn't about 'healthcare' at all. It is the biggest swindle in the history of politics. It literally transfers power from the entire federal government to the secretary that overseas this, who ultimately reports to the president. Also the website was plagued with glitches, which they already knew, but they launched anyway. No one can sign up for it. Finally, the democrats and liberal media are advising Obama to take the republican deal and delay Obamacare. [...]" Note: Some interesting MSM clips and comments embedded in this video after the initial introduction. The ACA bill, like everything else these swindling people do, has the opposite effect on the population from what they promoted it to be. Another huge sequential clusterfuck .... One wonders how incompetent, lazy and criminal one has to be to be in on this obvious swindle, which is designed to suck the remaining wealth out of the American society before its termination, as well as complete a process of fascist control. All this in a population which 'fought the Nazis' and then fell asleep. Related: "Obamacare ‘Navigator’ In Kansas Has Outstanding Arrest Warrant" Printer Friendly Version 

Interviews: "Alleged Ex-CIA Agent Claims Obama Had Breitbart and Clancy Killed" [10/14/13] [40:00] "Brandon Walker interviews Doctor Jim Garrow, philanthropist and worker for one of the largest non-profit organizations on the planet to save female children from slaughter in China. He has been featured on several media outlets throughout the world. Last Sunday as a guest of Now the End Begins radio program he dropped a bombshell on the world. Dr. Garrow claims that up to a week ago he was covert CIA. To top it off he states he knows that President Obama ordered the murders of Tom Clancy and Andrew Breitbart [...]"  Note: Video timed to start at 13:15.

MSM: "McAfee: Hackers Will Empty Obamacare Enrollees’ Bank Accounts" [10/14/13] [3:39] "Obamacare websites have “no safeguards” to protect Americans who enroll in the health insurance exchanges from hackers who will “empty your bank account,” according to internet security pioneer John McAfee. McAfee said he could create a fake Obamacare exchange website for “a couple hundred dollars” and expect a big return on the scam. “I’ll ask you your social security, your date of birth, [so] an hour later I can empty your bank account,” he told Fox News’ Gretchen Carlson.”And this is going to happen, it's going to happen soon. Nothing in the Obamacare system safeguards against this," he said. The interview was a follow-up to McAfee's conversation with Fox's Neil Cavuto last week. "There is no central place where I can go and say, 'OK, here are all the legitimate brokers and examiners, for all of the states,' and pick and choose one," McAfee told Cavuto.  [...]"  

Commentary: "Another Healthcare.Gov Security Flaw" [10/14/13] Printer Friendly Version "Many of you have probably used a web site and reset or changed your information. Most sites will email you confirmation of the change, to ensure that you approved of the change. So if someone logs on to Amazon.com and changes dtienes@ to hacker@, dtienes@ gets notified. And can do something about it, if he or she did not authorize the change. Heathcare.gov emails notice of email address change to new address, not old address. What this means is if someone is able to hack your account, they can update your email address and you will never know about it. it is a major programming error. In my opinion, the responsible thing to do is shut the site down until this is fixed. [...]"  Note: Anyone who goes on that site, or even wants to engage that reality, has to be dumber than a stone.

Commentary: "Ben Carson: Obamacare “Worst Thing” Since Slavery" [10/13/13] [1:31] "Dr. Ben Carson, a neurosurgeon-turned-conservative-activis­t, said Obamacare is the “worst thing” to happen to America since slavery, because “it is making all of us subservient to the government. It was never about health care ... it's about control” [...]" 

MSM: "Why Healthcare.gov Sucks? They Hired Cronies, Not Internet Native Companies, To Build It" [10/11/13] Printer Friendly Version "... The Sunlight Foundation figured out the list of contractors who worked on the site, and noted that the big ones not only are well-known DC power-player insiders, but they're also big on the lobbying and political contributions side of things. You've got companies like... Booz Allen Hamilton, famous for promoting cyberwar hype and employing Ed Snowden. There's defense contracting giant Northrup Grumman. Then there's SAIC -- which I can't believe can still get government business. This is the same firm that famously was given a $380 million contract to revamp the FBI system, on which it went $220 million over budget, and then saw the entire system scrapped after it (literally) brought some users to tears, and the FBI realized it was useless in fighting terrorism. SAIC is also the company that NYC Mayor Bloomberg demanded return $600 million after a city computer project (budgeted at $68 million) actually cost $740 million. SAIC has a long list of similar spectacular failures on government IT projects. As you look down the list put together by the Sunlight Foundation, it's all companies like this: giant monstrosities which are simply tied in closely with the government. All the large consulting firms are listed: Accenture, Deloitte, PricewaterhouseCoopers, McKinsey. What's missing? Basically any company with even the slightest smidgen of experience building and maintaining large-scale, public-facing web-based apps. The list has no "internet native" companies. [...]"  Related: "U.S. Taxpayers Shelled Out $634,320,919 To Build (Non-Functioning) Obamacare Website" "The exact cost to build Healthcare.gov, according to U.S. government records, appears to have been $634,320,919, which we paid to a company you probably never heard of: CGI Federal. The company originally won the contract back in 2011, but at that time, the cost was expected to run “up to” $93.7 million – still a chunk of change, but nothing near where it ended up. [...]"|"Obamacare Site Hits Reset Button On Passwords As Contractors Scramble"|"Trojan Horse: Enrolling In Obamacare Allows Government To Link Aspects Of Your Life" Printer Friendly Version | Flashback: "Pelosi: "We Have to Pass the Bill So That You Can Find Out What Is In It" [0:10] Note: She should have a one-way ticket to Madagascar, where her delusions can be had in the vast desert, away from everyone else.|"Obamacare Compromises Privacy" Printer Friendly Version   

Satire: "Obama Administration Proposes 2,300-Page "New Constitution" [10/11/13] Printer Friendly Version "The Obama Administration has proposed replacing the current U.S. Constitution (4,543 words, including the signatures with a 2,300-page "new Constitution" that in the words of an administration spokesperson, "clears up the gray areas in the current Constitution." The proposal was launched after the success of two recent 1,000+ page pieces of legislation, the Affordable Care Act and the Dodd-Frank financial reform act. An additional 200+ pages of the "new Constitution" are redacted due to the sensitive nature of the National Security-related amendments. Lobbyists from key industries were invited to contribute amendments to the new Constitution;" constitutional legal experts were also invited to submit improvements to the current law of the land. Some critics who have reviewed the 2,300 pages of the proposed "new Constitution" have stated that the document is impenetrable even to those with law degrees. Average citizens "will be unable to understand the laws that govern their lives." Other observers note that the complexity and length of legislation such as the Affordable Care Act and the Dodd-Frank financial reform act are already beyond the comprehension of all but a handful of experts. An administration spokesperson defended the proposed re-write on the grounds that "the new Constitution will provide the clarity that people want in their Constitution." [...]"  

Commentary: "Judge Napolitano ~ Obamacare Is A Job Killer & It’s Morally Wrong" [10/10/13]  [4:39]  

Commentary: "Empire Under Obama: Political Language And The “Mafia Principles” Of International Relations" [10/09/13] Printer Friendly Version "... Renowned linguist, scholar and dissident Noam Chomsky has aptly articulated Western – and notably American – foreign policy as being based upon ‘Mafia Principles’ in which “defiance cannot be tolerated.” Thus, nations, people and institutions which “defy” the American-Western Empire must be “punished,” lest other nations and peoples openly defy the empire. This principle holds that if a smaller, seemingly more insignificant global actor is able to “successfully defy” the empire, then anyone could, and others would likely follow. Thus, for the empire to maintain its ‘hegemony’ – or global influence – it must punish those who detract from its diktats, so that others would not dare defy the empire. As Chomsky has suggested, this is akin to the way the Mafia would punish even the smallest of vendors who did not pay their dues, not because of financial loss to the ‘Godfather,’ but because it sends a message to all who observe: if you defy the Godfather, you will be punished. Extending this analogy to ‘international relations,’ we can conclude that the United States is the ‘Godfather’ and the other major Western states – notably Britain, France, and Germany – are akin to the Mafia ‘capos’ (high-level bosses). Then you have China and Russia, who are significant crime bosses in their own right, though far from holding anywhere near the same weight of influence as the ‘Godfather.’ Think of them as separate crime families; usually working with the Godfather, as there is a relationship of co-dependency between them all: the Godfather needs their support, and they need the Godfather’s support in order for all parties to have a significant influence in their criminal racketeering and illicit markets. [...]" 

Commentary: "HHS Secretary Goes on Comedy Show to Defend Obamacare Dysfunction" [10/09/13] Printer Friendly Version "Although the dysfunctional rollout of the Obamacare health exchanges is no laughing matter to the Obama administration, the White House nevertheless sent Kathleen Sebelius to yuck it up with comedian Jon Stewart on Monday night. For the administration, it may have been a good move. Although Stewart asked Sebelius some hard questions, he let her get away with easy or evasive answers. Dubbing the Health and Human Services Secretary as “Kathleen Obamacare,” Stewart — no fan of “crazy” Republicans — noted that the Obama administration has had three years to get the technology right, but it still isn’t working. [...]"  

Commentary: "83 Percent Of US Doctors Have Considered Abandoning Their Practices Over Obamacare" [10/09/13] Printer Friendly Version "The survey, which included nearly 700 doctors from at least 45 U.S. states, revealed that most doctors and care providers are incensed by the nationalization of medicine, and believe that the transition from privatized care to government-run care will further erode the quality of healthcare in America. Not only will demand for patient care increase dramatically as a result of the Affordable Care Act, but pay for doctors will also decrease, which will drive many practices out of business. [...]"  

Commentary: "Epic Fail: 99% Of Obamacare Applications Can’t Be Processed, ‘Nightmare Scenario’ Coming In January" [10/08/13] Printer Friendly Version "Obamacare is going to crash and burn from technical issues more than political concerns, it seems. You’ve probably already heard that virtually no one can sign up using the online Obamacare exchanges. The web forms are broken. The code is buggy. The data integration is a jaw-dropping failure. This is why, all over the country and across the media, no one can seem to locate anyone who has successfully signed up through Healthcare.gov. Even the one person the Obama administration rolled out as a “success case” turns out to be completely staged and fabricated. But there’s even more shocking news about Obamacare that could utterly destroy any credibility the system might have remaining: Of those applications who somehow make it through the broken online sign-up system, 99% can’t be processed and will fail. “We’re getting incomplete data,” says one source from the insurance industry who goes on to describe the data as “corrupted.” That’s fitting, of course, as the entire Obama administration is also corrupted. And incompetent. The Obamacare socialism dream turns out to be one big job-destroying frag fest that deceived Americans on every level. Although called the Affordable Care Act, it isn’t “affordable,” the system doesn’t CARE about you, and even when you want it, it’s almost impossible to get the online applications to ACT properly. The problem is that the Healthcare.gov website doesn’t ask users for sufficient information needed to process their enrollment. The website, in other words, is a joke. It’s a public relations facade. Even when people think they’ve signed up, the system doesn’t have enough information about them to actually complete the enrollment. That’s where Obamacare is headed: An epic fail at every level. Obamacare will long be remembered as the perfect example of what can go wrong when irrational Big Government worshippers shove complex socialist programs down everyone’s throats. It also shows the danger of taking an industry which should be based on a free market and instead trying to force it into a Soviet-style centralized command system run by a corrupt, incompetent government dominated by tyrants and fools.[...]"  Related: "Obama Admin Not Releasing Enrollment Data Because It Is Low And 'Will Look Bad" [2:56] "Fox News national correspondent Jim Angle reported on the Obama administration’s refusal to acknowledge specific healthcare enrollment figures Monday on Special Report. At issue is White House’s continual citation of the number of visitors to healthcare.gov, but steadfastly avoiding any data on how many people have actually 'signed up' for Obamacare. [...]"  

Commentary: "ATF Blocking Fast and Furious Whistleblower's Book from being Published" [10/08/13] Printer Friendly Version "The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is blocking Operation Fast and Furious whistleblower John Dodson’s efforts to publish a book he has written to recall the ATF’s Mexican gun-walking scandal, claiming the book would have a negative impact on the morale inside the department. ATF special agent Dodson, who is working with publisher Simon and Schuster, submitted the book to the department for approval for outside employment but was denied. Dodson’s book The Unarmed Truth gives a inside account of how the government permitted the sales of thousands of firearms to Mexican drug cartels and ignored the facts that those guns were being used to kill innocent people. The ACLU, alongside Dodson on October 7, filed a formal protest to the decision to block the book's ability to be published. [...]" Related: See below.

Commentary: "U.S. Judge Rejects Government Bid To Kill ‘Fast And Furious’ Suit" [10/07/13] Printer Friendly Version "A federal judge rejected U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder’s request to have a lawsuit dismissed that accuses the Obama administration of stonewalling congressional investigators with respect to the fatally-flawed Operation Fast and Furious. “Neither legal nor prudential considerations support the dismissal of this action,” District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson wrote in a 44-page ruling. “This case presents the sort of question that the courts are traditionally called upon to resolve,” she continued. “Dismissing the case without hearing it would in effect place the court’s finger on the scale, designating the executive as the victor based solely on his untested assertion that the privilege applies,” she wrote. Last summer, Holder was cited with “contempt of Congress” for failing to turn over subpoenaed DOJ documents related to the botched gunrunning program. Though, despite the citation, Holder never complied with the subpoena because President Obama used his executive privilege powers to keep the documents from investigators. Consequently, the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform slapped the Obama administration with a lawsuit challenging the president’s use of executive privilege. In the ensuing months, DOJ attorneys argued that the lawsuit should be thrown out and the court should not meddle in a spat between two branches of government. Jackson rejected that argument. “Supreme Court precedent establishes that the third branch has an equally fundamental role to play, and that judges not only may, but sometimes must, exercise their responsibility to interpret the Constitution and determine whether another branch has exceeded its power,” Jackson wrote. However, the judge was careful to note that the ruling was only that the court could hear the case, not about whether Congressional investigators have a right to review the documents. [...]"  

Commentary: "NYT Reporter: Obama Admin “Most Closed, Control-Freak Administration I’ve Ever Covered”" [10/07/13] Printer Friendly Version "Remember when the media rushed to talk about transparency in the Barack Obama “Hope and Change” era? Good times, good times. Leonard Downie, who once worked as the executive editor of the Washington Post and wrote a novel about Washington corruption and the Iraq War, finds a bigger and non-fictional problem in the successor to George W. Bush. Downie gives the Post a preview of his report from the Committee to Protect Journalists which outlines the Obama war on reporters and their sources: [...]" 

Commentary: "Park Service Says Obama Admin Ordered Closure Of World War II Memorial" [10/07/13] Printer Friendly Version "The Park Service says they were told to close the site by White House's Office of Management & Budget. [...]" 

Commentary: "Noam Chomsky: The Obama Doctrine" [10/07/13] Printer Friendly Version "... mere abuse of reality [...]"  Note: Four words which render the rest moot.

Commentary: "Obamacare Summed Up in One Sentence " [10/07/13] [1:42] Note: Too bad the people kept interrupting ...

MSM: "McAfee Antivirus Founder On ‘Obamacare’: “What Idiot Put This System Out There?”" [10/06/13] Printer Friendly Version "Whatever other — ahem — eccentricities antivirus software company founder and technology mogul John McAfee may have, I think we can at least safely conclude that the man knows his stuff when it comes to online security, and he is decidedly not impressed with the setup of the many separate yet intertwining systems flying under the banner of ObamaCare. Divorcing his criticisms from the underlying purpose of the law itself, McAfee ripped ObamaCare’s technological arrangement and worried that all of its huge moving parts will make it a perfect environment for hackers to steal Americans’ identities, personal information, and money. The massive consolidation of so much of Americans’ sensitive data has been the prime concern of several lawmakers trying to secure a delay in the system’s implementation, but of course, their quest to make sure the system actually works and that Americans’ information is secure before putting it to an arbitrary political deadline isn’t welcome in the ranks of the Obama administration. [...] McAfee: "Oh, it’s seriously bad. Somebody made a grave error, not in designing the program but in simply implementing the web aspect of it. For example, anybody can put up a web page and claim to be a broker for this system. There is no central place where I can go and say, OK, here are all the legitimate brokers, the examiners for all of the states, and pick and choose one. Instead, any hacker can put a website up, make it look extremely competitive, and because of the nature of the system — this is health care, after all — they can ask you the most intimate questions, and you’re freely going to answer them. What’s my Social Security number? My birth date? … Here’s the problem. It’s not something software can solve. I mean, what idiot put this system out there and did not create a central depository? There should be one website, run by the government, you go to that website and then you can click on all of the agencies. This is insane. So, I will predict that the loss of income for the millions of Americans who are going to lose their identities — I mean, you can imagine some retired lady in Utah, who’s $75,000 dollars in the bank, saving her whole life — having it wiped out one day because she signed up for ObamaCare. And believe me, this is going to happen millions of times. This is a hacker’s wet dream. I cannot believe that they did this. … ObamaCare itself is the loosest of all. You can imagine the type of information: Medical records, personal issues, psychological issues. I mean, the government’s going to know everything in the world about everyone very soon.[...]"   

Trends: "Not A Peep From Obama: Violent Crime Reaches 42-Year Low" [10/05/13] Printer Friendly Version "Last week, the FBI released its national crime report for 2012. By a slight margin, the nation’s violent crime rate decreased in 2012–relative to 2011–making it the lowest it has been since 1970. Compared to 1991, when it hit an all-time high, violent crime is down by 49 percent. The nation’s murder rate was unchanged in 2012; still lower than any time since 1963 and at nearly an all-time low. Between 2011 and 2012, 24 states and the District of Columbia experienced decreases in their murder rates. There was no correlation of these trends with the severity of the states’ or the District’s gun control laws. Troubled Detroit, under Michigan’s law requiring a permit to purchase a handgun, had the highest murder rate among large cities, followed by Baltimore, under Maryland’s law imposing a seven- day waiting period on handgun purchases. But there was no relationship between other large cities’ murder rates and their gun control laws. [...]"  

Concepts and Practices: "Obamacare: The Identity Thief Wolves Are At The Door" [10/02/13] Printer Friendly Version "Obamacare not only opens up all Americans to obvious cyber threats nationally, but also globally. Cyber vulnerabilities originate from Obamacare’s required “Federal Data Services Hub,” which gives access to the NSA, DHS, DOJ, HHS, Social Security Administration, IRS and more. At first glance, it may seem like a simple case of everyone knowing your personal health information, which is bad enough, but the damage is farther reaching. The first part of it starts with the HITECH Act, a mandate that requires physicians to leave their pen and paper method of dealing with patients and transition to electronic patient charts by 2015. Doctors are no match for cyber hackers like Hidden Lynx, who’s believed to be a China-based cyber hacking group. Symantec says they’ve been operating for years, and have quite the reputation for attacking government systems and financial institutions while remaining stealthy and nearly impossible to stop. Although Hidden Lynx may operate in an elite category of cybercrime, don’t be fooled; there are plenty of thieves eagerly waiting for the Affordable HealthCare Act to be in full throttle. Cyber criminals target health insurance information because they can use records to steal identities and commit fraud. Electronic Health Records (EHR) can give criminals social security numbers, birthdates, diagnoses, treatment information and soon, thanks to the IRS, financials. [...]"  Related: "Door-To-Door Identity Theft Likely Under Obamacare" Printer Friendly Version "Similar to how the Transportation Security Administration attracts pedophiles with jobs providing easy access to children, Obamacare will attract identity thieves with jobs allowing them to go door-to-door to preach the “virtues” of Obamacare while extracting private information from Americans in their own homes. Under Obamacare, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is implementing a “Navigator” program, which provides millions of dollars to non-profit groups nationwide to hire “Navigators” who will advise Americans on their Obamacare health “options” based on the sensitive information provided. This sensitive information includes social security numbers, income levels, employment history and home addresses, all of which are more than enough to steal Americans’ identities for complete access to their credit and financial resources. [...]"| "Obamacare Navigators Won’t Have To Pass Background Checks" [8:04] | "Obamacare Breeds Massive Corruption and Fraud" Printer Friendly Version "A non-profit organization sued by the federal government last year for fraud was awarded a $2.1 million federal contract this year to enroll Americans into Obamacare, confirming our prediction last week that widespread fraud will explode under the health law. The New York Post reported today that an Obamacare grant recipient, Seedco, was sued by the federal government in 2012 for lying on government reports in order to receive additional bonus money. The lawsuit did not stop the federal government from awarding Seedco another multi-million dollar contract, this time as a coordinator for the Obamacare Navigator program. [...]" | "Company With $1.2 Billion Obamacare Contract Under Investigation For ‘Serious Fraud’" Printer Friendly Version "A British multinational being paid $1.2 billion to implement Obamacare’s federal insurance exchanges is under investigation after allegedly overcharging the British government by tens of millions of dollars. Reuters reports that Britain’s Serious Fraud Office is now looking into Serco, a massive service and security firm employing 120,000 worldwide, after the company reportedly overbilled its government client as much as $80 million for criminal electronic monitoring devices. Around one in six of the criminals listed were already in prison, had left the country, were not required to wear a device, or were even dead. The alleged fraud prompted an audit from the U.K.’s Ministry of Justice earlier this summer. Late last week, the ministry sent information from that audit to the Serious Fraud Office, asking that it consider a criminal case against the company. In early July, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) granted Serco a $1.25 billion contract to review and process paper insurance applications for Obamacare’s 34 federally-operated state exchanges. News of the investigation broke days later, and the Obama administration rushed to defend its corporate partner. [...]" 

Commentary: "The Obamacare Fraud and the Case for Socialized Medicine" [10/02/13] Printer Friendly Version "After years of promotion, lobbying and political wrangling, health insurance exchanges are opening for business today across the country as part of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA). Under the health care overhaul, people without health insurance are mandated to purchase coverage from private insurers or face a penalty. Coverage for enrollees is set to begin January 1, 2014. The insurance exchange launch is a milestone in a process that, in the guise of “reform,” has been aimed at funneling billions of dollars into the coffers of the private health insurers and slashing costs for the government and corporations. In the end, it will leave tens of millions uninsured and others with vastly deteriorated medical services. [...]" 

MSM: "Obama Inc. to Deny Cancer Treatments by Redefining What “Cancer” Is" [10/02/13] Printer Friendly Version "The death panels aren’t going to come through the front door. They’re going to sneak up on you from behind with piano wire.  The federal government wants to reduce the number of Americans diagnosed each year with cancer. But not by better preventive care or healthier living. Instead, the government wants to redefinethe term “cancer” so that fewer conditions qualify as a true cancer. [...]"  

Shutstorm 2013: "Government Shut Down’ Won’t Actually Shut Down Government" [09/30/13] Printer Friendly Version   "It turns out that the ominous “government shut down” isn’t so apocalyptic after all since it won’t actually shut down government because the vast majority of federal services and activity will continue as normal. In addition, the same thing has happened – without dire consequences – no less than 17 times over the past three decades. In reality, key functions of the government will continue to operate as before even in the event of a “shut down”: [...]"  Note: Big deal ... looks like their paralysis is mostly their own problem.

MSM: "Judge Jeanine Pirro Interviews Dr. Benjamin Carson On Obamacare Disaster" [09/29/13] [5:18] Note: Many good points.

Commentary: "Keynesianism: Policies of Selfishness, Irresponsibility and Immediate Gratification" [09/29/13] Printer Friendly Version "Our fanatically Keynesian Obama believes that governments should spend money they don’t have and put the country into debt. So he is whining to Republicans to continue raising the debt ceiling so the federal government can continue on its wild spending spree. And Obama has the nerve to say that the opposing Party’s not wanting to do the President’s bidding by irresponsibly raising the debt ceiling is “extorting” the President. He claims that it is extortion when some of the people’s representatives tell the Dear Leader to stop stealing from our grandchildren. This Obama person is just as bad as the Bush that preceded him. And the power-grabbers of the Federal Reserve and the banksters are just as dishonest and irresponsible. But they are merely reflecting the general population now, the selfish, impatient and id-oriented population of America. [...] The truth is, those folks of the Keynesian way of thinking don’t even practice economics — their love is for politics and in strengthening the political class. You see, at some point private economic matters in America became politicized. And it was the politicians who exploited crises, panics and economic downturns and they then sold a bunch of snake oil to the desperate masses as a means of the politicians grabbing more and more political and police power over the people. And, coinciding with the decline of critical thinking in America, the politicians’ minions in academia and the Press supported the ideas of deficit spending and promoting debts as a way to get out of recessions and depressions.[...]"  

Commentary: "Five Major Obamacare Rollout Problems" [09/28/13] Printer Friendly Version "The health insurance exchanges, Obamacare’s centerpiece, are scheduled to open on Tuesday, Oct. 1, but the rollout will be far from perfect. Computer glitches and lagging preparation will cause exchanges across the country to delay certain parts for a few weeks or longer. Here are the top five glitches the Obama administration and states are facing before next week. [...]" Related: "Insurance Giants that Wrote and Lobbied for Healthcare Law Cash In" Printer Friendly Version "Who would have thought requiring everyone in the nation to buy health insurance would be so profitable? Turns out if you’d invested in health insurance company stocks at the start of the whole Obamacare fiasco, you’d be sitting pretty right now. Here’s a list of some of the top health insurance providers in the U.S., and a look at how their stocks have produced decent returns since Obama signed the Affordable Care Act into law in 2010.  [...]"  

MSM: "ObamaCare Technology Glitches Mount as Launch Nears" [09/27/13] Printer Friendly Version "Since the beginning of this year, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius insisted that the ObamaCare exchanges would be ready next Tuesday, when they officially open their virtual doors to those wanting to buy insurance. "We are determined and on track to meet the Oct. 1 deadline," she said back in April. With the deadline just days away, IT problems appear to be mounting, leaving what Sebelius will count as being "ready" an open question. The Obama administration has already admitted ObamaCare's myriad IT requirements were too much to handle.  [...]"   Related: Judge Napolitano: “Theoretically, the Constitution should trump anything that’s inconsistent with it. We know that doesn’t happen because of Obamacare. Absolutely inconsistent with the Constitution, and they found some crazy, cockamamie, never-used-before nonsense about ‘it’s a tax, therefore, it’s lawful.’” 

Commentary: "Obamacare: Conceived As Political Weapon Of Mass Economic Destruction" [09/26/13] Printer Friendly Version "Right now, all across America, employees are receiving notices that their insurance coverage is being dropped because it isn't "compliant" with Obamacare. Simultaneously, employers everywhere are slashing jobs, cutting hours and downsizing their operations just to stay afloat by avoiding the most punishing requirements of Obamacare. Across the economy, Obamacare is devastating American workers and casting tens of millions of people into a state of despair. Why is Obamacare -- the "Affordable Care Act" -- so unaffordable? Why is it causing jobs, hours and insurance policies to be gutted all across America? Because it was designed as a political weapon to destroy private sector jobs so that more people would become dependent on government entitlements, food stamps and welfare programs. In just a few days, the nation is going to find out just what a mess Obamacare really is. October 1 is the day the so-called "Obamacare exchanges" are supposed to be open for business. It's also the day when the train wreck really begins, so expect all sorts of glitches, failures, privacy breaches and other electronic problems to appear. The final fact on all this is that Obamacare won't really matter in the long run anyway because the entire federal government is headed for a debt implosion which will very likely end in some sort of wholesale downsizing of government. The insanity you are witnessing right now is indicative of the final chapter of a failed government on the verge of collapsing into ruin [...]"  Related: "Obamacare Will Increase Avg. Individual-Market Insurance Premiums By 99% For Men, 62% For Women" Printer Friendly Version | "McCain Defends Obamacare, Slams Cruz’s Filibuster" Printer Friendly Version "The senator then went on to argue [3:39] that "the public does indeed support Obamacare", " since they reelected Obama". “The people spoke,” he said. “Elections have consequences.[...]"  Note: You can see how simplistic and faulty McCain's thought processes are. McCain has always been connected to everything that leaves death, destruction and chaos behind. A stupid, stupid dangerous individual, just like his partner in crime Lindsey Graham. We will never see the ACA ... they're out essentially out of time with less than 90 days left.

MSM: "Internal Senate Email Warns Lawmakers Not To Sign Up For Obamacare Yet" [09/26/13] Printer Friendly Version "The Senate this week warned lawmakers and their staff not to sign up for Obamacare’s health exchanges, saying that the administration hasn’t yet finalized the rules for how to keep paying for their premiums. “Members and staff are advised that they should delay enrolling in health insurance plans until we are able to offer further guidance as to how they should enroll in these insurance plans for 2014,” the Senate disbursing office said in an email to staffers Monday. “Premature enrollment could adversely impact eligibility for the employer premium contribution.” The Democratic-controlled Senate is actually slower to warn its employees than the GOP-run House, where the chief administrative officer sent a letter two weeks ago warning that the exchange rules for members of Congress aren’t ready yet. “Members and staff are advised that although state and federal healthcare exchanges created under the ACA will open for enrollment on October 1st, it will not be possible to confirm plan options, costs, benefits, or which House staff will be affected until OPM issues final regulations, which could very well be after the exchanges have already opened,” the House administrative office said. [...]"  Note: But they expect the population to 'dive right in there as of Oct 1', before everything gets 'settled' .. disingenuous at least.

Commentary: "Obama's Delusion, Arrogance, Mendacity And 'American Exceptionalism' At The UN" [09/26/13] Printer Friendly Version " Barack Obama addressed the opening  [42:00] of the 68th General Assembly of the United Nations with his usual oratorical formula (transcript). Admittedly, the man is a good speaker with flawless technical delivery. But by now this has become a tiresome act of grandiloquence and lofty idealism with no substance. What makes the bottom fall out of the Obama act is the cloying disconnect in his words with harsh reality. It is like listening to a conman whose initially charming words begin to grate on your sense of reason, truth and forbearance as he fumbles in your pockets. This is the Commander-in-Chief who has vowed to launch unilateral military strikes against Syria without a mandate from the UN Security Council, in contravention of the UN Charter and international law. In other words, he is willing and self-justified to commit the crime of aggression and possibly plunge a volatile region into a conflagration. And yet this reckless politician has the brass neck to stand in front of the world’s nations in New York to lecture on the founding principles of the UN. This is what Obama, and American presidents do best, excel in rhetoric over reality. Bereft from his speech was an acknowledgement of the fact that Washington has been harboring plans for regime change in Syria since at least 2001, as disclosed by former US General Wesley Clark. Bereft from Obama’s fine words were details of American weapons and logistics being funneled into Syria for the past two years to drive a campaign of terrorism to destabilize a sovereign government. [...]"  Related: "Top 45 Lies in Obama’s Speech at the U.N." Printer Friendly Version  "Obama: America ‘Exceptional’ Because of “All the Wars" Printer Friendly Version "The narrative seemed primarily directed at the American public, trying to sell the idea that ' true national greatness' is measured by its ' willingness to start wars that are plainly contrary to their interest'. " Note: What? So delusional and stupid. 

MSM: "Bill Clinton: Obamacare Ponzi Scheme 'Only Works' If 'Young People Show Up' and Buy Insurance" [09/25/13] [5:42] " On Tuesday, former President Bill Clinton and President Barack Obama sat down for a discussion about the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. In the talk at the Clinton Global Initiative, Obama and Clinton dug into the "open enrollment" period beginning October 1st. Clinton noted that the ACA "only works" if health care costs are pooled and a healthy young people purchase health insurance. We've got to have them in the pools," Clinton continued, "because otherwise these projected low costs cannot be held if older people with preexisting conditions are disproportionately represented in any given state." "You've got to have everybody lined up," he added. Obama said that young people can begin shopping for health insurance online on October 1. [...]"  Note: Yeah, they'll get right on that. Related: "Administration Has Not Verified Obamacare Security Claims" Printer Friendly Version  “There’s no evidence that this system has been constructed to be completely safe against those kinds of attacks when you know that this will be identified as one of the greatest collections of private information,” Rep. Patrick Meehan said. When asked if he has seen any verification that the data hub has indeed passed security tests and is ready to go, Meehan was skeptical. “It’s all internal, and it’s not checked by the inspector general or by anybody else,” he said. Some congressmen are skeptical of the administration’s assurances, given their history of implementing the law. “They missed 41 of the 82 deadlines for the implementation of Obamacare” by mid-summer, said Rep. Diane Black (R., Tenn.), an outspoken critic of the law’s security. The administration has also delayed the requirement that those applying for subsidies to help buy insurance be checked to assure their eligibility, said Black, opening up the subsidy system to the risk of fraud and waste.[...]"|"Mayo Clinic CEO On The Negatives Of Obamacare" [0:41] 

Interviews: "Obama's Link to Kenyan Mall Massacre" [09/24/13] [22:43] "Alex Jones is joined via Skype by Reporter and Author Dr. Jerome Corsi to discuss the updates coming out of Kenya involving the Muslim Brotherhood, their involvement in attacks and how it is connected to Obama. [...]"  Related: See below: "Egypt Eyes Obama’s Brother For Terror List" [09/07/13] 

MSM: "White House Threatens Veto Of House Food Stamps Bill" [09/19/13] Printer Friendly Version "The Obama administration issued Wednesday a veto threat against a House Republican bill that would cut food stamps by nearly $40 billion over 10 years. "These cuts would affect a broad array of Americans who are struggling to make ends meet, including working families with children, senior citizens, veterans, and adults who are still looking for work," the administration said in an official policy statement. "Slashing (foods tamps) also weakens our nation’s farm and rural economies." The Congressional Budget Office estimated that up to 3.8 million would lose their benefits under the bill. A House floor vote is expected Thursday. [...]" 

MSM: "Boehner: We Are Going To Defund Obamacare" [09/19/13] [1:27] "John Bohener was confident during the weekly Republican address that the House would pass legislation to defund Obamacare, and hopeful the Senate would follow suit [...]"  Related: "Republicans Put Forward Obamacare Replacement" Printer Friendly Version "Republicans put forward a new alternative to Obamacare on Wednesday that seeks to expand coverage, increase the options for buying insurance, and equalize the tax treatment of insurance bought on the individual market. [...]" 

MSM: "Obama Waives Ban On Arming Terrorists To Allow Aid To Syrian Opposition" [09/18/13] Printer Friendly Version "Obama waived a provision of federal law designed to prevent the supply of arms to terrorist groups to clear the way for the U.S. to provide military assistance to "vetted" opposition groups fighting Syrian dictator Bashar Assad. Some elements of the Syrian opposition are associated with radical Islamic terrorist groups, including al Qaeda, " which was responsible for the Sept. 11 attacks in New York, Washington, D.C., and Shanksville, Pa., in 2001." Assad's regime is backed by Iran and Hezbollah. The president, citing his authority under the Arms Export Control Act, announced today that he would "waive the prohibitions in sections 40 and 40A of the AECA related to such a transaction." [...]"  Note: Even though the 9/11 - al Qaeda meme is false, as it's part of the gov't 911 propaganda ...  when they lie and say it is the truth, and at the same time supply weapons to them, it would seem like an act of treason within their perspectives.

MSM: "Obamacare The Game: ‘You’re Either Broke, Or You’re Dead’" [09/18/13] Printer Friendly Version "As implementation of the Obamacare nightmare grows near, a couple of clever Kentucky entrepreneurs plan to ride the wave of public confusion, skepticism and backlash all the way to the bank. “Obamacare The Game is a satire of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The game highlights the law’s taxes and penalties,” the game’s creators explain on their Kickstarter page.  “This game demonstrates in a fun, educational way how the middle class may be affected over the next few years,” one of the game’s creator Jack LeFeber says, facetiously wondering what could possibly go wrong when $1.7 trillion is extracted from the private sector. The game’s motto, “You’re either broke or you’re dead,” is a scarily accurate assessment of the incoming socialist healthcare law and is stamped on the center of the game board. A press release sub-headline also illustrates the utter burden an additional tax will place on all Americans, stating, “Everybody Has To Play. Nobody Ever Wins.”  LeFeber explains the game works a lot like the real Obamacare will. “Everyone must begin on the ‘Buy insurance’ corner where you must purchase health insurance or pay a penalty. Every time a player lands or passes ‘Buy insurance’ you must renew the policy or pay the penalty.” The game also functions as an educational tool, underscoring actual provisos from the convoluted healthcare mandate, which the creators say might cause “an aneurysm” for anyone who actually tries to read and understand it. For instance, when players land on tiles marked “Obamacare,” they must draw penalty cards and pay those penalties. “The penalty cards highlight the actual taxes and penalties of Obamacare and reference specific sections of the law. Of course there are also funny exaggerated penalties.” “Being taxed out of existence has never been so much fun!” Lefeber exclaims. [...]"  

Commentary: "Obama Being Ridiculed As Incompetent, Crazy and Incapable of Leadership" [09/13/13] Printer Friendly Version "A blitz of columns and videos has hit the media over the past 24 hours, demonstrating that the nation is finally waking up to Lyndon LaRouche's April 2009 declaration of Obama's clinical psychosis. The attacks come from right and left, from former friend and foe.  Two long columns on Obama's constant lying and duplicity, focused on his sophistical capacity to say opposite things in the same breath. David Frum, a former George Bush speech writer, wrote a column in the Daily Beast titled "Obama's Split Personality: The Speech for Peace and War." He writes: "You can't have it both ways. The president called for military action in Syria and also made his case for why we shouldn't get involved." Frum begins: "Good evening. The topic for tonight's debate is Syria: to intervene or not to intervene? Speaking for the intervention is President Barack Obama, live from the White House. Speaking against, also President Obama, also from the White House. Mr. President, the first question is for you. Is Syria vital to our national security?" Then, using only quotes from Obama's Tuesday address to the nation, Frum shows Obama arguing both sides of multiple arguments, on Syria being a "danger to our security," but also "the Assad regime does not have the ability to seriously threaten our military;" that "A targeted strike can make Assad or any other dictator think twice before using chemical weapons," but that "it's difficult to wage only a limited war;" that America's world leadership "has meant doing more than forging international agreements — it has meant enforcing them," but that "America is not the world's policeman. Terrible things happen across the globe, and it is beyond our means to right every wrong."  [...]"  

Commentary: "Barack Obama’s Impenetrable Transparency" [09/12/13] Printer Friendly Version "On January 21, 2009, the day after assuming office, President Barack Obama promised his senior staff and cabinet members that “transparency and the rule of law” would be a fundamental feature of his presidency. On September 4, 2009, the Obama White House upped the ante, proclaiming to the press: “Today, the President took another important step toward a more open and transparent government by announcing a historic new policy to voluntarily disclose White House visitor access records.” Obama added, “Americans have a right to know whose voices are being heard in the policymaking process.” But on August 30, 2013, the Big Lie behind Obama’s transparency promise was further exposed when Obama’s unprecedented efforts to keep lists of White House visitors from being disclosed under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) was upheld by the DC Court of Appeals.  [...]"  

Commentary: "Obama Regime Worse than Nazi Germany and Stasi Communist Germany"  [09/09/13] Printer Friendly Version "... The despicable John Kerry knows that he is lying. Here is the American Secretary of State, and Obama, the puppet President, knowingly lying to the world. There is not a shred of integrity in the U.S. government. No respect for truth, justice, morality or human life. Here are two people so evil that they want to repeat in Syria what the bush war criminals did in Iraq."How can the American people and their representatives in Congress tolerate these extraordinary criminals? Why are not Obama and John Kerry impeached? The Obama regime has every quality of Nazi Germany and Stasi Communist Germany, only that the Obama regime is worse. The Obama regime spies on the entire world and lies about it. The Obama regime is fully engaged in killing people in seven countries, a murderous rampage that not even Hitler attempted. "Whether the criminal Obama regime can purchase the collaboration of Congress and the European puppet states in a transparent war crime will soon be decided. The decision will determine the fate of the world. "As for facts, the report released to the UN by the Russian government concludes that the weapons used in chemical attacks in Syria are similar to the weapons in the hands of al-Nusra and are different from the weapons known to be possessed by Syria. "The Obama regime has released no evidence to the UN. This is because the criminal regime has no evidence, only made up fairy tales.  [...]"  

MSM: "Egypt Eyes Obama’s Brother For Terror List" [09/07/13] Printer Friendly Version "Obama’s Kenyan half-brother, Malik Obama, appears headed for the Egyptian terror watch list because of his Muslim Brotherhood ties. Complaints have been filed with Egypt’s prosecutor-general calling for Malik to be put on Egypt’s terror watch list and brought to Egypt to be questioned by state criminal investigators for allegedly financing terrorism, according to former PLO member and native Arabic-speaker Walid Shoebat. According to Egyptian newspaper and television reports, Malik Obama has become a target in an Egyptian government terrorist investigation because of his role as an owner and investment adviser for the Sudan-based Islamic Dawa Organization, or IDO, and the organization’s umbrella group, the Muslim Brotherhood. Malik Obama is the executive secretary of the Dawa Organization, a group created by the government of Sudan, which is considered by the U.S. State Department to be a terrorist state. Malik Obama attended an IDO conference in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, that was attended and supervised by Sudan President Omar Al-Bashir, who is wanted by the International Criminal Court on seven counts related to crimes against humanity. An objectives of the IDO is to spread radical Wahhabist Islam across the African continent.[...] The Barack H. Obama Foundation, owned and operated by Malik Obama, apparently received notice of IRS approval in a document signed by Lois Lerner, the former head of the IRS tax-exempt division now on paid executive leave from her supervisory duties after she took the Fifth Amendment before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on May 22. She was to be questioned regarding her department’s use of inappropriate criteria to delay or otherwise deny tax-exempt status for tea party and “patriot” groups. Malik Obama received the determination letter from Lerner one month after an application was submitted in May 2011. The IRS determination letter June 11, 2011, granted highly irregular retroactive tax-exempt approval only after the group came under fire for operating as a 501(c)3 foundation since 2008 without ever having applied to the IRS. Funds contributed in the U.S. to a 501(c)3 foundation run by Malik Obama have been diverted to support Malik’s multiple wives in Kenya. A separate foundation, the Mama Sarah Obama Foundation, created on behalf of Obama’s step-grandmother in Kenya, has transferred funds, 90 percent of which are raised from U.S. individuals and corporations, to send Kenyan students to the top three most radical Wahhabist madrassas in Saudi Arabia.[...]"  Note: All in the family ... 

Commentary: "The High Cost Of Saving Face For Obama" Paul Craig Roberts [09/07/13] Printer Friendly Version "As I observed in previous columns, obama was pushed out onto the end of the limb by Israel and the neoconservatives. The UN, NATO, the British Parliament, and the rest of the world left the White House Fool there, out on the limb where Israel put him, to make war on Syria all alone. This proved to be beyond the Fool’s ability, but instead of crawling back off the limb and finding an excuse to get down, obama decided to buy the Congress and to tell more lies. The White House and its presstitute media are telling Congress that it is too humiliating for the President of “the world’s only superpower” to have to crawl back along the limb and get down just because he told a lie. Congress must ”save face” for the liar who is “America’s first black president,” or the prestige and credibility of the US will be lost. What this really means, of course, is that the credibility of the Israel Lobby and the neoconservatives will be lost unless America again commits a war crime and destroys the life and prospects of many more people in the Middle East.[...]The loss of Western credibility is a huge price to pay in order to rescue a discredited president whom no one believes, not even his supporters. Essentially obama is a cipher whose term of office is complete. The obama regime epitomizes the degeneration of the American state [...] Instead of voting on whether to allow obama to attack Syria, Congress should be voting to impeach obama and kerry. Their blatant lies, dictatorial claims, and arrogant inhumanity are powerful arguments for removing them from office [...] Foreign policy is the preserve of the Israel Lobby and the neoconservatives, every one of which is tightly tied to Israel. Americans have no voice, and no representation. Whatever America is, the government is not influenced by the voices of the American people . . . With the hubris, arrogance, and insanity of Washington an established fact, Russia and China perceive an enemy that intends their destruction. As neither country is going to accept their demise, Congress’ acquiescence to obama’s lies in order to save “america’s prestige” sets the stage for nuclear war . . . However, if Congress refuses to be committed to a war crime based on a lie, rejects obama’s bribes and intimidation, and vetoes the war criminal’s attack on Syria, it means, the end of the influence of the Israeli Lobby, the bloodthirsty neoconservatives, and war mongers John McCain and Lindsay Graham… [...]"  

Commentary: "Calls In Russia, Central Europe For Putting Obama On Trial For "Crimes Against Peace" [09/07/13] Printer Friendly Version "The past week has seen a number of strong statements issued in Ukraine, Russia, and Central Europe, on Barack Obama's threatened actions against Syria making him subject to trial for "crimes against peace," or even for war crimes.  [...] Former Member of Parliament, Chairman of the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine Natalia Vitrenko issued a statement Aug. 27 that the USA and NATO were matching Hitler in "the crime of preparing and carrying out aggression," and could be put on trial before a new Nuremberg Tribunal.The NATO countries, led by the USA, are thereby transforming themselves into a world axis of evil, in a total historical parallel with the European axis headed by Hitlerite Germany. That axis of evil was condemned by the International War Crimes Tribunal (IWCT) at Nuremberg for the crime of preparing and carrying out aggression." [...] In Latvia, lawyer and human rights activist Illarion Girs yesterday issued a detailed argument that Obama's recent statements and actions qualify as violations of "one of the fundamental principles of contemporary international law, namely, the principle of non-use of force or the threat of force, violation of which is considered an act of aggression." This has been the case since the UN Charter replaced "might makes right" in the world, Girs said. [...]  Russian political activist Yuri Krupnov, leader of the Development Movement, both publicized Girs's statement, and issued his own set of demands that the Russian Foreign Ministry explicitly invoke international legal standards, in Russia's attempts to stop the U.S. attack on Syria.[...]" 

Commentary: "How to Stop Obama’s Military Aggression Against Syria" Paul Craig Roberts [09/06/13] Printer Friendly Version "Many are asking what can be done to stop the pending US attack on Syria. Two things can be done. One is for the US Congress to realize that it does not save America’s face for Congress to endorse a policy that has been rejected by the rest of the world, including Washington’s closest ally, Great Britain. For Congress to endorse what the UN Secretary General and the President of Russia have made unequivocally clear would be a war crime under international law harms, not rescues, America’s reputation. Doing the wrong thing to save face does not succeed. In the event that Congress fails to understand the real stakes and votes to support a criminal action, the second thing that can be done to stop the attack is for most other countries in the world–China, India, Japan, Brazil, Australia, Canada, Iran, South Africa, the European and South American countries–to add their clear unequivocal statements to those of the UN General Secretary and President Putin that an American attack on Syria that is not authorized by the UN Security Council is a war crime. Expression by the governments of the world of this truthful statement would make it clear to Washington that it is isolated from the world community. For Obama to proceed in an act of aggression in the face of united opposition would destroy all influence of the US government and make it impossible for any officials of the Obama regime to travel abroad or to conduct business with other governments. What government would conduct business with a war criminal government? It is up to the governments of the world to make it clear to Washington that the US government is not above the law and will be held accountable. [...]" 

MSM: "Kucinich: 10 Unproven Pro-Syria War Claims" [09/06/13] Printer Friendly Version "In the lead-up to the Iraq War, I researched, wrote and circulated a document to members of Congress which explored unanswered questions and refuted President Bush's claim for a cause for war. The document detailed how there was no proof Iraq was connected to 9/11 or tied to al-Qaeda's role in 9/11, that Iraq neither had WMDs nor was it a threat to the U.S., lacking intention and capability to attack. Unfortunately, not enough members of Congress performed due diligence before they approved the war. Here are some key questions which President Obama has yet to answer in the call for congressional approval for war against Syria. This article is a call for independent thinking and congressional oversight, which rises above partisan considerations. The questions the Obama administration needs to answer before Congress can even consider voting on Syria:  [...]"  

Commentary: "Legal Showdown: 6 Experts Destroy Obama's Drone Policy" [09/06/13] [5:19] "Six legal experts, well respected within the foreign policy community, debunk President Obama's claims that drone warfare is legal, ethical and wise. [...]"  

Commentary: "Syria: Obama Administration Responsible For “Crimes Of Aggression” In Violation Of Rome Statute And UN Charter" [09/04/13] Printer Friendly Version "The sending by or on behalf of a State of armed bands, groups, irregulars or mercenaries, which carry out acts of armed force against another State” is a crime of aggression. [...] So the obvious question—one completely unaddressed by mainstream media—is: “What does Geneva I say that Kerry is so resolute in appealing to it?” This article aims only to address this question briefly, and to suggest a few points of discussion for an examination of what the U.S. is doing in Syria that might be applicable to Geneva I, which so animates Kerry’s assertions of Assad’s international legal responsibilities. As is the case of all U.S. government pronouncements these days, one must examine the consistency, or lack of it, that stands under or behind U.S. decrees. Those seeking consistency from the Obama administration’s policy toward Syria would be disappointed to learn that Geneva I calls for two specific responsibilities of nations involving themselves in military conflicts within other nations. In each of these two cases, the Obama administration outright ignores these laws while holding Assad accountable to the Convention. Geneva I is entitled “The Amelioration of the Condition of the Wounded and Sick in Armed Forces in the Field.” Among other things, it contains the following two prescriptions for “outsider” nations involving itself in the internal violence of another nation: [...]"  

MSM: "Judge Napolitano ~ It’s The Law: POTUS Can Only Bypass Congress If A Threat is “Imminent” To The US Itself" [09/04/13] [3:46] Related: "Kerry on Obama Attacking Syria: “He Has Right to Do That No Matter What Congress Does" Printer Friendly Version | "Puppet of Israel Peter King Says Obama Should Strike Syria Without Congressional Authorization" [3:44] 

Commentary: "Obama's Resolution for Congress: A Bushian, Schizophrenic Hodge-Podge" [09/03/13] Printer Friendly Version "The resolution submitted by Obama to Congress is a mélange of Bush-era WMD madness, and appeals to UN provisions which Obama, like Bush, claims he is free to either ignore, or to enforce by unilateral military force. First, pretending that a "limited" air strike isn't really an act of war, the resolution doesn't of course declare war on Syria. It is, as was the case in all recent wars to which Congress assented, an "Authorization for the Use of Military Force" (AUMF). It authorizes the President to use the Armed Forces of the United States "as he determines to be necessary and appropriate in connection with the use of chemical weapons or other weapons of mass destruction in the conflict in Syria" for the purpose of preventing or deterring the use or proliferation of WMD, to or from Syria, and to protect the U.S. and its allies and partners against the threat posed by such weapons. The legal justification cited in the resolution is a gigantic stretch. It cites: * The Chemical Weapons Convention (updating the Geneva Protocol of 1925), under which any violations are to be referred to the UN Security Council — which Obama has said he will ignore, just as he has already said he will ignore the UN inspection report. [But Syria and Israel never signed the CW Convention, therefore they are not bound by it.] * The "Syrian Accountability and Restoration of Lebanese Sovereignty Act of 2003," a product of the Likudnik "Clean Break" crowd which had been calling for regime change in Syria since at least 1996, and other assorted neo-cons; it was modeled on the 1998 Iraq Liberation Act, and was intended by the war party and the neo-cons to become a template for war on Syria. * UN Security Council Resolution 1540 (2004) declaring WMD a threat to international peace and security, but which doesn't authorize any country to unilaterally enforce it through military force. All of this comes from the President who declared on Aug. 31 that "I'm comfortable going forward without the approval of a United Nations Security Council."[...]"  

Commentary: "252 Documented Examples of Barack Obama’s Lying, Lawbreaking, Corruption, Cronyism, etc." [09/01/13] Printer Friendly Version "Every President, every politician, and every human being tells lies and engages in acts of hypocrisy. But Barack Obama does these things to a far greater degree than anyone else that I have ever known of. His campaign promises were so much better sounding than anyone else’s – no lobbyists in his administration, waiting five days before signing all non-emergency bills so people would have time to read them, putting health care negotiations on C-SPAN, reading every bill line by line to make sure money isn’t being wasted, prosecution of Wall St. criminals, ending raids against medical marijuana in states where it’s legal, high levels of transparency. Obama’s promises of these wonderful things sounded inspiring and sincere. They sounded so much better than the promises of any other President. So when Obama broke these promises, it felt so much worse than when other Presidents broke their promises. Some of the things on this list are major events that should scare the daylights out of any true liberal who cares about civil liberties. Other things on this list are medium things that some Obama supporters may dislike, but would be willing to overlook in light of the things that Obama has done which they like. And some of the things on this list may seem trivial, but I still think they are an interesting reflection of the kinds of policies that Obama supports. Every claim that I make in this list is sourced. Click on the blue text to see the sources. I have cited a wide variety of sources, from right wing, to left wing, to middle of the road. I welcome any comments and criticisms that you may have. If you say my list is wrong, please back up your claim by citing specific examples. And now, on with the list: [...]"

Commentary: "Under Colossal Global Backlash, Obama Holds Off on Syria Strike" [09/01/13] Printer Friendly Version "Obama addressed the public on Saturday from the White House Rose Garden. He confirmed US’s intention to use force against Syria, however, is reportedly waiting to enforce military action until Congress is able to hold a debate and vote on the matter.  [...]"  Related: "Obama "I Have Decided The United States Should Take Military Action Against The Syrian Regime" [10:05] 

Commentary: "Obama Reveals His Dictatorship" Paul Craig Roberts [09/01/13] Printer Friendly Version  "Washington preens itself on being “the world’s greatest democracy.” Washington uses the claim that it is spreading democracy as a justification for its naked aggression–a clear and unambiguous war crime–against other countries. Washington cloaks its illegality in democratic rhetoric despite the obvious fact that its wars are not a consequence of democratic decision. Washington has used deception and lies to gain acceptance of its extra-constitutional and extra-legal wars, but Washington’s wars have all been launched outside the constitutional/democratic framework of the United States. Obama’s war against Libya occurred without the participation of Congress. And now Obama is again revealing that the US is so far removed from democracy that he plans to attack Syria without a vote by Congress. Where is the democracy when a Caesar makes the decisions that the Constitution reserves to Congress? Polls indicate that 80 percent of US citizens believe that a US military attack on Syria requires approval by the House and Senate. Yet, the Obama regime is purposely avoiding any such vote. The Obama regime has also ignored the letter signed by 162 members of the House of Representatives demanding to see evidence, debate it, and vote prior to any US military strike. It is an act of treason for the US military to carry out any war orders without congressional authorization. Any military commander who violates his oath to defend the Constitution of the United States has committed high treason against the United States. If the US were truly a lawful democracy, such commanders would be subject to arrest and trial. The fact that the executive branch and the military operate outside the Constitution and democratic process is proof that the US is not a democracy. [...] Obama’s effort to rush to war with Syria has already destroyed the credibility of the US government as a truthful, honest government. The entire world, even Washington’s most subservient puppet states, have recognized that Washington has no evidence to back its accusations. No one believes Obama or Kerry. Both have revealed themselves to the entire world as brazen liars. This has destroyed all trust in the US government. And now Obama seems determined to prove that America has a dictator, not a democracy. It is difficult to image a more serious blow to the US than the one Obama has delivered.  All of the important props for Washington’s propaganda, such as “the world’s greatest democracy,” have been kicked out from under what now stands revealed as a criminal enterprise."  [...]"

MSM: "Can Barack Obama Ban Guns By Executive Order? No" [08/31/13] Printer Friendly Version "This week Vice President Joe Biden alluded to Barack Obama possibly using executive order to impose gun control. Biden said this during a meeting surrounded by several gun control groups and gun violence victims. The question on many people's minds is, "Can this actually happen?"  First, let's understand what an executive order actually is. It is supposed to be an order delivered by the President to those under his authority, sort of like the CEO of a company giving direction to those under him. According to the National Archives: Executive orders are official documents, numbered consecutively, through which the President of the United States manages the operations of the Federal Government. The text of Executive orders appears in the daily Federal Register as each Executive order is signed by the President and received by the Office of the Federal Register. The text of Executive orders beginning with Executive Order 7316 of March 13, 1936, also appears in the sequential editions of Title 3 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). Robert Longley at About.com also confirms this is how executive orders work and adds, "While they do bypass the U.S. Congress and the standard legislative law making process, no part of an executive order may direct the agencies to conduct illegal or unconstitutional activities. Executive orders are not to be used to bypass the legislative branch, but they are to be used simply under the executive branch. In other words they can be used to direct executive agencies on implementing Congressional approved legislation. Typically these are used for the purpose of: 1. Operational management of the executive branch 2. Operational management of federal agencies or officials 3. To carry out statutory or constitutional presidential responsibilities At least that is what they are supposed to be used for. The Constitutional authority for presidential executive orders are normally cited to be found in Article II, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution, which reads, "The executive power shall be vested in a president of the United States of America," and Article II, Section 3 which states, "The President shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed..." [...]"   Related: "Obama Takes More Executive Action Against Gun Owners"  "The White House announced today that Obama has taken two more "executive actions" without Congressional approval that appear to infringe on the Second Amendment. Here's the short of it: If you own a gun that Obama vaguely defines as one of the "most dangerous weapons, such as machine guns and short-barreled shotguns", you are now hereby ordered to come forward, register it, and submit to a background check in order to lawfully possess it -- otherwise you'll be deemed a criminal engaging in criminal behavior. The Administration's fact sheet about today's executive actions states, "Current law places special restrictions on many of the most dangerous weapons, such as machine guns and short-barreled shotguns. These weapons must be registered, and in order to lawfully possess them, a prospective buyer must undergo a fingerprint-based background check." Obama claims these actions, along with his previous 23 executive actions, were needed because Congress has failed to act on his "common-sense proposals".  [...]"  

Commentary: "One Hundred Articles of Impeachment Against Obama" [08/30/13] Printer Friendly Version "There is a growing groundswell within American Republican and Tea Party ranks that impeachment proceedings should be initiated against President Obama on a whole list of violations of the Constitution and the War Powers Act. ~ Peter Paton. Congressmen Allen West of Florida (R-Florida) and Darrell Issa (R- California) have consistently and loudly criticized the president for overstepping the political mark and bypassing Congress’s approval on a whole range of dubious policies and issues: and the recent Obama attack on the Supreme Court of Justice and the Russian ” Open Mic ” gaffe on National Security, leads to one question... Is Barack Obama making his own case for impeachment? Obama did not become the Democratic nominee for President without the help of several leaders of the Democratic Party who knew that he was not eligible for office Listed below are the One Hundred Articles of Impeachment. [...]" 

MSM: "116 House Members Say Obama Needs Approval From Congress On Syria" [08/29/13] Printer Friendly Version "A total of 116 lawmakers had signed the letter as of 6 p.m. Wednesday, highlighting bipartisan interest and growing momentum in ensuring a role for Congress in any decision to use force in Syria. “Engaging our military in Syria when no direct threat to the United States exists and without prior congressional authorization would violate the separation of powers that is clearly delineated in the Constitution,” states the letter, spearheaded by Rep. Scott Rigell (R-Va.). [...]"  

Commentary: "What Candidate Obama Said About Military Intervention In 2007" [08/29/13] Printer Friendly Version "The President does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation." [...] Ok, so Obama lied again…what’s new. Well what’s new is that launching missiles into Syria right now could lead to a much wider global conflagration, i.e. World War III. I don’t think anybody wants that. Or do they? It actually seems as if the sociopaths in charge of these United States DO want this, and therefore we must do everything we can to prevent it from happening. Not only is it key to inform people how ridiculous it is to say a chemical weapons attack is a reason for war when the U.S. government itself aided Saddam Hussein in chemical warfare in the 1980′s, but we must also explain to people that use of force in Syria is entirely unconstitutional. While candidate Obama clearly understood this, President Obama is suffering from another case of chronic constitutional amnesia, a condition he developed on or around January 19, 2009. This maniac, who we call President, is suddenly parading around like this war is his to start. As if he is some sort of Emperor. Well it is not, and he is not. [...]" 

Commentary: "Obama Picks Cass Sunstein (America’s Goebbels) To Serve On NSA Oversight Panel" [08/26/13] “It is the absolute right of the state to supervise the formation of public opinion.” – Goebbels.  Only under the Obama Presidency, in which every appointment, minor or major, is handed only to the most corrupt, devious crony to be found, can a man like Cass Sunstein be appointed to serve on the NSA oversight panel. Cass is a noted propagandist, who has advocated that government agents should infiltrate groups and discussions that push “conspiracy theories” in order to delegitimize them. But don’t take our word for it… [...]"  

MSM: "Obama DOJ Asks Court to Grant Immunity to George W. Bush For Iraq War" [08/22/13] Printer Friendly Version "In court papers filed today (PDF), the United States Department of Justice requested that George W. Bush, Richard Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice and Paul Wolfowitz be granted procedural immunity in a case alleging that they planned and waged the Iraq War in violation of international law. Plaintiff Sundus Shaker Saleh, an Iraqi single mother and refugee now living in Jordan, filed a complaint in March 2013 in San Francisco federal court alleging that the planning and waging of the war constituted a “crime of aggression” against Iraq, a legal theory that was used by the Nuremberg Tribunal to convict Nazi war criminals after World War II. "The DOJ claims that in planning and waging the Iraq War, ex-President Bush and key members of his Administration were acting within the legitimate scope of their employment and are thus immune from suit,” chief counsel Inder Comar of Comar Law said. The “Westfall Act certification,” submitted pursuant to the Westfall Act of 1988, permits the Attorney General, at his or her discretion, to substitute the United States as the defendant and essentially grant absolute immunity to government employees for actions taken within the scope of their employment. In her lawsuit, Saleh alleges that: -- Richard Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and Paul Wolfowitz began planning the Iraq War in 1998 through their involvement with the “Project for the New American Century,” a Washington DC non-profit that advocated for the military overthrow of Saddam Hussein. -- Once they came to power, Saleh alleges that Cheney, Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz convinced other Bush officials to invade Iraq by using 9/11 as an excuse to mislead and scare the American public into supporting a war. -- Finally, she claims that the United States failed to obtain United Nations approval prior to the invasion, rendering the invasion illegal and an act of impermissible aggression. [...]"  

Commentary: "White House Denials of NSA Privacy Violations Prompt Legislative Furor" [08/18/13] Printer Friendly Version "Reports that the National Security Agency (NSA) routinely breaks the law and violates court orders and the Constitution in order to collect private data of hundreds of millions of Americans has prompted some federal lawmakers to finally exercise a little oversight. “Press reports that the National Security Agency broke privacy rules thousands of times per year and reportedly sought to shield required disclosure of privacy violations are extremely disturbing,” said House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), as reported by the Washington Post. The article in the Post also says Pelosi thinks “Congress should take steps to ensure that such incidents are not repeated.” A pair of familiar congressional foes of the surveillance state joined the chorus calling for a change in the NSA’s atmosphere of unfettered authority. In their joint statement, the senators argued for more transparency. [...]"  

Commentary: "Obamacare: Leaves No Stone Left Unturned Destroying Freedom, Personal Dignity and the Economy" [08/17/13] Printer Friendly Version "There is a good number of people out there that believe Obamacare will by like the Canadian Healthcare system or like the European style socialized medicine. Even though some of these state run healthcare systems might be not much better than Obamacare. Obamacare goes much further where the whole Affordable Healthcare Act destroys the Bill of Rights. The law is about full spectrum dominance and control over the people with Medical tyranny. Here is how Obamacare will seek to dominate people’s lives that have nothing to do with healthcare. [...]"    Related: "Ron Paul Dismantles Corporate Boondoggle Known as Obamacare" [9:31] "Retired Congressman Ron Paul went on CNN and pointed out something rarely mentioned by the establishment media – Obamacare is the brainchild of the insurance and pharmaceutical industries. Last December, ace investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald posted a piece at The Guardian giving the low-down on Obama’s healthcare law. Greenwald pointed to senior Democrat Senator Max Baucus and his aide, Elizabeth Fowler, as the driving force behind Obamacare, the government-enforced boondoggle minus a public option salivated over by blindsided socialists far and wide. “As Baucus himself repeatedly boasted, the architect of that legislation was Elizabeth Folwer, his chief health policy counsel,” writes Greenwald, “indeed, as Marcy Wheeler discovered, it was Fowler who actually drafted it.” Back in 2009, when Obamacare first began coagulating in the halls of government, Bill Moyers described Fowler as follows: “She used to work for WellPoint, the largest health insurer in the country. She was Vice President of Public Policy. And now she’s working for the very committee with the most power to give her old company and the entire industry exactly what they want: higher profits, and no competition from alternative non-profit coverage that could lower costs and premiums.”[...]" 

Commentary: "Obama Signs Executive Order Signifying Previous Texas Plant Fertilizer Explosion Might Have Been Orchestrated" [08/16/13] Printer Friendly Version "Many have come forth commenting publicly after watching numerous videos posted on YouTube showing the tragic Texas Fertilizer plant explosion and the events that took place in the days surrounding the event. On the Internet, it’s a widely hypothesized consensus amongst researchers that indeed the plant was hit from some type of missile or explosive projectile. In fact, investigators have even admitted that the original source of ignition was not from an explosion emanating from within the plant but rather something else. Some investigators were even reported to have been silenced. Obama issued an Executive Order on August 1, 2013, entitled, “Improving Chemical Facility Safety and Security”. This Executive Order will likely effectively ban Ammonium Nitrate and as a result will drastically drive up food prices in America, so get your gardens planted. According to the reports, this Executive Order will likely effectively ban Ammonium Nitrate in America. InvestmentWatchBlog.com reported, “It will become too expensive and create too much possible civil and criminal liability to manufacture, store, or transport it. Clinton did the same thing to Anhydrous Ammonia dealers in 1999. It put most Anhydrous dealers out of business. Obama is imposing the same regs and adding explosives regulations on top of OSHA and EPA regulations.[...]"  

MSM: "Obama Administration Asserts Broad Surveillance Powers" [08/11/13] Printer Friendly Version "The Obama administration on Friday asserted a bold and broad power to collect the phone records of millions of Americans in order to search for a nugget of information that might thwart a terrorist attack. In a 22-page “white paper,” the Justice Department for the first time detailed its 'legal rationale' for a massive National Security Agency data collection program that it claimed is both constitutional and subject to federal oversight. The report, which echoes assertions the administration has made to Congress, said the law and subsequent court decisions bestow broad power on the government to seek telephone records “relevant” to investigations of suspected terrorism. “Relevance,” the paper stated, is “a broad standard that permits discovery of large volumes of data in circumstances where doing so is necessary to identify much smaller amounts of information within that data that directly bears on the matter being investigated.” [...] The administration’s definitions defy “any previous interpretation of the law,” said Anthony D. Romero, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union. “The way the government is interpreting relevance, anything and everything they say is relevant becomes relevant.” “The release of this document is too little, too late in light of a massive public outcry over a secret surveillance program that has affected millions of innocent Americans,” Romero said. [...] Critics say U.S. officials have not demonstrated that the program is necessary to prevent terrorist attacks. And they say that the white paper makes clear that the law does not directly authorize the bulk collection of Americans’ phone records. The government, however, said 'it believes Congress intended a broad concept of relevance' when it passed Section 215 of the Patriot Act in 2001 and later amended it. That law authorizes the government to collect “any tangible things” when there are “reasonable grounds to believe that the tangible things sought are relevant to an authorized investigation” to obtain foreign intelligence information or to protect against international terrorism.[...]" Related: "Obama’s Response To NSA Was To Appease The Public, Not Reduce The Spying" Printer Friendly Version "We’ve spent much of the afternoon detailing some of President Obama’s statements concerning his response to the NSA surveillance revelations, combined with some of the documents released by the administration. But a key point in all of this is highlighted in the Associated Press’s coverage of the press conference: President Obama flat out admitted that this was about appeasing a public that doesn’t trust the administration, not about reducing the surveillance. Even more to the point, his comments represent a fundamental misunderstanding of why the public doesn’t trust the government. That’s because he keeps insisting that the program isn’t being abused and that all of this collection is legal. But, really, that’s not what the concern is about. Even though we actually know that the NSA has a history of abuse (and other parts of the intelligence community before that), a major concern is that scooping up so much data is considered legal in the first place. So, when President Obama says that we should blindly trust the government not to abuse the data, that’s missing the point: “Understandably, people would be concerned,” the president said. “I would be, too, if I weren’t inside the government.” That’s not particularly comforting. [...]" | "Obama Admin’s Nonsensical Legal Justification For Bulk Collection Of Americans’ Phone Records" Printer Friendly Version "The Department of Justice white paper deals with the “Associational Tracking Program,” operated under section 215 of the Patriot Act, codified in the U.S. Code as 50 USC § 1861. “There is no direct authorization for the Associational Tracking Program in section Patriot Act section 215,” writes Cindy Cohn, legal director and general counsel for the Electronic Frontier Foundation. The statute includes no authorization of the NSA’s mass collection and analysis of the Americans who are neither suspects nor targeted individuals. Furthermore, the statute does not authorize such collection on a continuous basis or the practice of requiring records that have yet to be produced, as the court order did in requiring future records from Verizon. “The plain meaning of the statute fails to reach their breathtaking and unprecedented activities and it isn’t even ambiguous about it,” Cohn writes. The Obama administration’s legal argument then becomes quite troubling. [...]"

Commentary: "The Real Reason Barack Obama And Michele Lost Their Law Licenses" [08/11/13] Printer Friendly Version "He surrendered his license back in 2008 in order to escape charges he lied on his bar application. Michelle Obama "voluntarily surrendered" her law license in 1993. after a Federal Judge gave her the choice between surrendering her license or standing trial for Insurance fraud [...]"  

Commentary: "Is Obama A Psychopath?" [08/09/13] Printer Friendly Version "The question “Is Obama a psychopath?” may seem a harsh critique of the man and his administration. My contention is that the answer is in the affirmative and in fact is not harsh at all. The term “psychopath” is not always derogatory. In fact, many great men could be described on some level as psychopathic- type personalities. And there are tests to determine the level of psychopathy; and in certain aspects, these factors are determined by levels of eight independent states: Machiavellian Egocentricity; Impulsive Nonconformity; Blame Externalisation; Carefree Nonplanfulness; Fearlessness; Social Potency; Stress Immunity; and Cold-heartedness. Try thinking of these different states as dial controls on a powerful machine. The higher the settings, the more power is delivered. All these factors really divide and reform along three simple things depending on their needs: Self-Centred Impulsivity, Fearless Dominance, and Cold-heartedness. When the power settings exceed the maximum allowable, well, we could see the results (Jefferey Dahmer, for example.) In the case of Obama and his administration, the settings are frightfully high, in the range of letting an inexperienced team and driver into a formula one race. If we are honest with ourselves, we have witnessed all these traits demonstrated, especially with the debacle in Libya just before the election and the revelations of numerous scandals unfolding this year. Taking into account the manner in which both he and his administration have responded to them, personally, I believe we may be witnessing what happens when a psychopath occupies the most powerful office in the world and has no experience to handle the challenges. After all, for most of his life, he has been a community organizer, with no real responsibility for what would happen if the things he demanded were implemented (that is, until now.) [...]"  

MSM: "General Hayden: "Obama Said It Best - You Can't Have 100% Privacy AND 100% Security" [08/09/13] [19:23] Note: It's really about privacy and control, not security, since the state is the one doing the terrorization of the population. The 'security' feature is overtly and transparently a fabrication and deliberate construction to facilitate control, manipulation and intimidation. Hayden, who plays a darkside sequential role, is also the one who pushed to farm out NSA functions to external corporations. Privacy has a natural, intrinsic value in and of itself for the individual. 

MSM: "Judge Napolitano Calls BS on Obama's Leno Lies" [08/09/13] [6:40] "Obama said Tuesday the United States of America doesn't have a "domestic spying program" while defending the National Security Agency's controversial spying efforts. "What we do have is some mechanisms that can track a phone number or an email address that is connected to a terrorist attack...That information is useful," he said during an interview with NBC's "The Tonight Show." [...]"  Note: Obama has no idea how to tell the truth ...

MSM: "Deal Struck To Exempt Congress From New Higher Premiums Associated With Obamacare" [08/07/13] Printer Friendly Version "When the actions of the federal government succeed in riling up the normally stoic Fox News host Greta Van Susteren, you can be sure that something sinister is afoot. And she is so ticked by the current reign of lawlessness she could just vomit!  As elected officials slipped out of town for a 5-week recess, we learned a deal was struck to exempt Congress from new higher premiums associated with ObamaCare. A move designed to avert the provision in the law which said members of Congress and their aides must be covered by plans “created” by the law or “offered through an exchange.” The Office of Personnel Management, under heavy pressure from Capitol Hill, determined that the health care premiums of members of Congress and their aides can be subsidized by taxpayers, according to Politico. As noted by Mediaite, Van Susteran responded in a blog post titled with all capital letters “THIS WILL MAKE YOU WANT TO THROW UP,” in which she railed against the “appalling” exemption, repeatedly expressing her “disgust” with elected officials. “It is indecent….just WRONG,” she wrote. “So let me get this straight….they push OBAMACARE on EVERY OTHER AMERICAN except themselves. Really? Unbelievable, isn’t it?” Van Susteran zeroed in on how the exemption was rushed before the August recess, but Congress failed to address the expiring resolution that prevents government shutdown in 60 days, as reported by Mediaite’s Andrew Kirell. “So…let me get this straight….what matters to YOU and is their job to handle can wait until their 5 week vacation is over, Van Susteran stated. “What matters to them, gets done NOW, before their 5 week vacation.” [...]" 

MSM: "GAO Report: $501 Million Spent On Training For Jobs That Don't Exist" [08/07/13] [4:42] "Green Jobs, Where? [...]"  

Quotes: [08/02/13] "Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance, the art and science of running the circus from the monkey cage, and the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard. I confess I enjoy democracy immensely. It is incomparably idiotic, and hence incomparably amusing. As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart's desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.”" H.L. Mencken (1918)"  Note: How prescient. 

MSM: "Individual Health Insurance Rates To Rise 30-40% Next Year Under New Law, Florida Insurance Chief Says" [08/01/13] Printer Friendly Version "Health insurance rates in Florida will rise by 5 to 20 percent in the small-group market, and 30 to 40 percent in the individual market, as the Affordable Care Act’s guaranteed coverage rule takes effect next year, Florida’s insurance commissioner said Monday. It’s a measure of how tough Florida’s insurance market has been for adults with pre-existing conditions that the state’s rates will rise so much for individuals, Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty said in an interview with The Palm Beach Post. McCarty said the impact on people with large-group insurance will be negligible. [...]"  

Commentary: "Obama Erases Campaign Promises from Election Website" [07/31/13] Printer Friendly Version "In a recent blog post by the Sunlight Foundation, the watchdog organization curiously notes how the Obama administration has removed previously available content from then candidate Obama’s famous 2008 campaign platform, Change.gov. While the site has long since served as a landing page to redirect traffic towards the now President Obama’s whitehouse.gov, the content of the website, particularly the materials and agenda pages, has always been accessible. However, very recently, access to such information is now no longer supported through the site and appears to have been “scrubbed” off the internet (of course, you can still access archived forms of the aforementioned pages). [...]"  Note: "The Ministry of Peace concerns itself with war, the Ministry of Truth with lies, the Ministry of Love with torture and the Ministry of Plenty with starvation. These contradictions are not accidental , nor do they result from from ordinary hypocrisy: they are deliberate exercises in doublethink." - George Orwell, 1984

MSM: "The Language of Power: Obama's "Humanitarian Hawk" & Israel's New Gladiator at the UN" [07/23/13] Printer Friendly Version In her first appearance before the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, Samantha Power, Obama's pick for next U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, made clear that she will spend her time in the role much as her predecessor Susan Rice did: acting as Israel's consummate defender, fear-mongering about Iran, and opposing any move to champion Palestinian human rights or self-determination. Power has already proven herself a loyal replacement, disavowing any semblance of past critical thinking when it comes to Israeli human rights abuses and abrogation of international law and opposing fear-mongering about Iran's nuclear program. It is no surprise Washington hawks, Zionist ideologues and even the Israeli government are falling over themselves to sing her praises. Perhaps her most disturbing comments, however, were about Iran. Shamelessly exploiting the ' horror of the Holocaus't to fear-monger about the Islamic Republic [...] Power, in her eagerness to check off all the buzzwords boxes prescribed by AIPAC, directly contradicts the consistent assessment of the United States' own intelligence community, which has repeatedly concluded that Iran is, in fact, not pursuing a nuclear weapons as it has no nuclear weapons program. Early last year, an unnamed U.S. intelligence official told the Washington Post that Iran has not decided to pursue nuclear weapons, explaining, "Our belief is that they are reserving judgment on whether to continue with key steps they haven't taken regarding nuclear weapons." At the time, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta affirmed this position, admitting, "Are they trying to develop a nuclear weapon? No." Soon thereafter, the New York Times reported, "Recent assessments by American spy agencies are broadly consistent with a 2007 intelligence finding that concluded that Iran had abandoned its nuclear weapons program years earlier." This, the paper noted, "remains the consensus view of America's 16 intelligence agencies." Either Samantha Power is an idiot or she's lying. Power's incredulity regarding what she deems the "absurdity of Iran chairing the UN Conference on Disarmament," betrays her own ignorance on Iran's constantly repeated stance regarding nuclear nonproliferation and disarmament. Iran has long championed a Nuclear Weapons Free Zone (NWFZ) in the Middle East and is a party to all disarmament treaties on weapons of mass destruction, including the Biological Weapons Convention, Chemical Weapons Convention, and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Israel, however, is not a member of any of them. Last year, Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi stated that Iran fully supports the establishment of a NWFZ, but that Israel, and its American backers, presented the "only obstacle to the creation of such a zone...due to its persistent refusal to join the NPT and to place its nuclear facilities under the IAEA safeguards system." The United States consistently blocks crucial international conferences dedicated to nuclear non-proliferation for the sole purpose of protecting Israel's massive nuclear arsenal from scrutiny. [...]"  

MSM: "Prominent Democratic Intellectual: "Obama a War Criminal" [07/22/13] Printer Friendly Version Video clip [7:19] "Dr. Cornel West, a prominent member of the Democratic Socialists of America, used to be an Obama supporter. Lately, though, the tide has turned, and he has been publicly referring to the president as a “war criminal”. West joins a growing number of former fans who no longer support the president due to his dubious ethics. Dr. West also specifically criticized Democrats who attack Bush for his war record but say nothing about Obama when he continues it, calling them “morally bankrupt.” During a recent discussion on Real Time, Bill Maher questioned Dr. West about his labeling of Obama as a “war criminal”. West stated that he is “telling the truth about Obama” and expressed that while he doesn’t hate the president (and added that he prays for him and his family), he finds it outrageous that innocent children and civilians are being killed in drone strikes authorized by Obama. “I called Bush a criminal,” he said, “and he only had 45 drones.” Dr. West also specifically criticized Democrats who attack Bush for his war record but say nothing about Obama when he continues it, calling them “morally bankrupt.” [...] During a February 2013 discussion on the Tavis Smiley show, West said, “The chickens are coming home to roost. We’ve been talking about this for a good while, the immorality of drones, dropping bombs on innocent people; it’s been over 200 children so far. These are war crimes.” “I think we have to be very honest, let us not be deceived – Nixon, Bush, Obama, they’re war criminals” West continued. “They have killed innocent people in the name of the struggle for freedom, but they’re suspending the law, very much like Wall Street criminals. The law is suspended for them, but the law applies for the rest of us.” West also criticized Obama when the president won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009, saying that it would be difficult for Obama to be “a war president with a peace prize.” In an April 2011 interview, Dr. West said that Obama is “a black mascot of Wall Street oligarchs and a black puppet of plutocrats. And now he has become head of the American killing machine and is proud of it.” Dr. West has also blasted Obama for his “perceived willingness to use shady, possibly illegal tools in the war on terror.” In January, West said that Obama’s approval of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) was reminiscent of FBI surveillance of civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr., stating that provisions in that law would allow authorities to lock away agitators like King without “due process or judicial process.”[...]"  

MSM: "House Votes to Delay Two Requirements of the Health Care Overhaul" [07/18/13] Printer Friendly Version " Defying a veto threat from President Obama, the House on Wednesday passed bills delaying two crucial parts of his health care overhaul that require most Americans to have insurance and many employers to offer it. Republicans said it was unfair for Mr. Obama to delay enforcement of the employer mandate without granting similar relief to individuals, who may face tax penalties if they go without health insurance next year. Both requirements were scheduled to take effect in January. But the White House announced this month that it would delay the employer mandate to 2015 because of business concerns about the complexity of the requirements.  The legislation has little prospect of approval in the Senate. But the House debate served several purposes for Republicans. It allowed them to reiterate their opposition to the individual mandate, which polls show is one of the more unpopular provisions of the 2010 law. [...]" 

Commentary: "Obama Attempting To Railroad EU Acceptance Of GMOs Through New 'Free Trade' Agreements" [07/18/13] Printer Friendly Version "Contradicting promises he once made back on the campaign trail to protect the environment and defend the public against unscrupulous corporate interests, Barack Obama is currently pushing for the establishment of two new "free trade" agreements that would not only allow corporations to undermine the rule of law here in the U.S., but also railroad through forced acceptance of genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) in the European Union (EU) and elsewhere, where existing regulatory policies largely prohibit their cultivation and unlabeled sale. Known individually as the U.S.-EU Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TTP), the two agreements, which are currently being negotiated, would eliminate a number of so-called trade barriers that restrict how multi-national corporations can conduct their businesses. Besides threatening to deconstruct all sorts of environmental protections and labor standards, TTIP and TTP would also make it easier for private corporate interests to dictate agricultural policy, particularly in areas of the world where GMOs have been rejected by the people. "EU-US trade negotiations will offer many US firms a second chance to get their interests implemented effectively in Europe," writes professional lobbyist Andreas Geiger for TheHill.com. "US seed companies that for a decade have been struggling to break the deadlock over the authorization for the cultivation of their [GM] seeds now will be presented with the ultimate opportunity to change the entire process to suit their needs." [...]"  

MSM: "Obama Hypocrite Of Century: Full Interview With Controversial Irish MP Clare Daly" [07/17/13]   [27:00] "Outspoken and not afraid to say things as they are, Irish MP Clare Daly joins Oksana to discuss Ireland's unprecedented 'slobbering' over Barack Obama and his family, her country's involvement in secret CIA rendition flights and weapons sales to Syrian rebels, and the ongoing Edward Snowden saga. [...]"  

MSM: "Obama Administration Drowning In Lawsuits Filed Over NSA Surveillance" [07/17/13] Printer Friendly Version "... Day by day, new lawsuits waged against the United States government are being filed in federal court, and with the same regularity President Barack Obama and the preceding administration are being charged with vast constitutional violations alleged to have occurred through the NSA spy programs exposed by Mr. Snowden.  [...]"  

MSM: "Ted Cruz Introduces Legislation To Completely Defund Obamacare" [07/15/13] "On Thursday, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) introduced legislation in the Senate that would completely defund the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare. He wasn’t alone in proposing the legislation either. The bill has 19 co-sponsors, all Republicans, including RINOs. Amazingly simple, the Defund Obamacare Act of 2013 is only 2 pages. There are three main elements to the bill. “In general,” the bill reads “Notwithstanding any other provision of law, no Federal funds shall be made available to carry out any provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Public Law 111-148) or title I and sub-title B of title II of the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 (Public Law 111-152), or of the amendment made by either such Act.” [...]"  

Commentary: "All 45 Senate Republicans Call For Permanent Delay Of Obamacare" [07/12/13] Printer Friendly Version "All 45 Senate Republicans are calling for the implementation of Obamacare to be permanently delayed. The senators make their request in a letter to Barack Obama. “We write to express concern that in your recent decision to delay implementation of the employer mandate, you have unilaterally acted and failed to work with Congress on such a significant decision. Further, while your action finally acknowledges some of the many burdens this law will place on job creators, we believe the rest of this law should be permanently delayed for everyone in order to avoid significant economic harm to American families,” the senators write. The letter continues: " In response to questions about the administration’s decision, your senior advisor Valerie Jarrett said, “We are listening,” while referring to the concerns of the business community over the onerous employer mandate that will result in fewer jobs and employees working fewer hours." [...]"  Related: "T-4 Obamacare in Disarray, Dems Hysterical; Obama Launches Expensive Propaganda Campaign" Printer Friendly Version "Obama's hated "health-care" scheme, exposed by LaRouche and associates in 2009 as modeled on the Nazi T-4 euthanasia and genocide program, is now coming apart at the seams. While Congressional Democrats are hysterical that they'll lose the 2014 elections because of it, Republicans and others are pointing to the latest episode — Obama's unilateral delaying of the "employer mandate" for one year — as further evidence that Obamacare is unworkable.  [...]" | "Sustainable Development: Genocide Turned Into A Necessity" Printer Friendly Version "Why are the people and corporations historically responsible for the destruction of the ecosystem also behind the global movement to ‘save the planet’? [...]" 

Commentary: "Putin Slams Obama" [07/11/13] Printer Friendly Version "Video Clip" [11:31] "Not so fast Mr. Hope and Change. Haven’t you heard? There’s a new Sheriff in town in the Middle East. President Putin reminded Barry that he’s in charge. He already reminded Netanyahu recently after Israel fired into Damascus in early May. Afterward, Bibi sang a different tune. Putin’s talent as a Judo expert is always useful in these situations. When Obama was continually arming Syrian rebels; declaring no fly zones and moving his Marines into Jordan Putin took quick action. Obama sang a different tune as well and even said, “and finally we compared notes on President Putin’s expertise in Judo and my declining skills in basketball”. The weak eyed Obama went on further to say, “And we both agree as you get older it takes more time to recover. “ He unbelievably even talked about the removal of the Jackson-Vanik Act. Obama nervously looked over his notes as Putin spoke clearly from his memory and intelligence. At meetings end Obama then went on to try and slap a handshake. It was met with President Putin’s stone hand which withered Obama’s smile away. Putin’s firm grip declared who’s top dog in this world. Obama got the message. Russia has a naval base in Tartus and Russia’s fleet is continually growing in the Mediterranean. I’m sure all the loose change and hope fell out of Mr. Hope and Change during one of Putin’s judo throws. Obama has now become aware of Putin’s arms race. While Obama was having his many expensive vacations Putin had no choice but to increase military spending to halt US aggression. A Russian military having already an edge over the US as seen in this video. The US is broke and Russia is the world’s largest oil producer with a growing economy. Russia is not backing down and they have China to back them up. Who will back the US? Tiny Britain? They will not show the entire video of Putin and Obama fearing that Americans will see things as they are and wise up.  [...]"  Topics discussed: Syrian conflict; Iran's nuclear program; the Korean Peninsula; reduction of nuclear armaments; missile defense. Location: Lough Erne, Northern Ireland, June 2013

Commentary: "Linchpin For Obama’s Plan To Predict Future Leakers Unproven, Isn’t Likely To Work, Experts Say" [07/10/13] Printer Friendly Version " In an initiative aimed at rooting out future leakers and other security violators, President Barack Obama has ordered federal employees to report suspicious actions of their colleagues based on behavioral profiling techniques that are not scientifically proven to work, according to experts and government documents. The techniques are a key pillar of the "Insider Threat" Program, an unprecedented 'government-wide crackdow'n under which millions of federal bureaucrats and contractors must watch out for “high-risk persons or behaviors” among co-workers. Those who fail to report them could face penalties, including criminal charges. Obama mandated the program in an October 2011 executive order after Army Pfc. Bradley Manning downloaded hundreds of thousands of documents from a classified computer network and gave them to WikiLeaks, the anti-government secrecy group. The order covers virtually every federal department and agency, including the Peace Corps, the Department of Education and others not directly involved in national security. Under the program, which is being implemented with little public attention, security investigations can be launched when government employees showing “indicators of insider threat behavior” are reported by co-workers, according to previously undisclosed administration documents obtained by McClatchy. Investigations also can be triggered when “suspicious user behavior” is detected by computer network monitoring and reported to “insider threat personnel.” Federal employees and contractors are asked to pay particular attention to the lifestyles, attitudes and behaviors – like financial troubles, odd working hours or unexplained travel – of co-workers as a way to predict whether they might do “harm to the United States.” Managers of special insider threat offices will have “regular, timely, and, if possible, electronic, access” to employees’ personnel, payroll, disciplinary and “personal contact” files, as well as records of their use of classified and unclassified computer networks, polygraph results, travel reports and financial disclosure forms. [...]" 

Interviews: "Soviet KGB Defector, On The Process of Deliberate Ideological Subversion" [07/09/13] [13:37] "A warning from ex-KGB communist defector Yuri Bezmenov from 29 years ago, detailing the stages of ideological subversion and the takeover of a nation. [...]" Related: "How The Media Controls Public Perception"  [6:49] "Anthony Gucciardi chats with Representative Joe Carr of Tennessee about how the mainstream media's reporting actually affects and controls public perception through reporting on selective events.  [...]" 

Commentary: "Experts Destroy Obama's Argument That Americans Must Sacrifice Privacy For Security" [07/09/13] Printer Friendly Version "On June 7 President Barack Obama defended the two secret National Security Agency (NSA) spying programs that were exposed by whistleblower/leaker Edward Snowden, saying: "You can’t have 100% security, and also then have 100% privacy and zero inconvenience.” Obama insisted “the right balance” had been struck between security and privacy, and said that we are "going to have to make some choices as a society Americans" so that the country can effectively fight terrorism. This is a false choice, and a dangerous one for a free nation, according to several security experts interviewed by Bob Sullivan of NBC News. Security expert Bruce Schneier agrees. "The real dichotomy is liberty vs. control," Schneier added. "Law enforcement is being sold bill of goods that the more data you get, the better your security is. We find that is not true," Ashkan Soltani, an independent security researcher, told NBC News. [...]"  

Commentary: "Obama Suspends the Law" [07/09/13] Printer Friendly Version "Obama's decision last week to suspend the employer mandate of the Affordable Care Act may be welcome relief to businesses affected by this provision, but it raises grave concerns about his understanding of the role of the executive in our system of government. Article II, Section 3, of the Constitution states that the president "shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed." This is a duty, not a discretionary power. While the president does have substantial discretion about how to enforce a law, he has no discretion about whether to do so. This matter—the limits of executive power—has deep historical roots. During the period of royal absolutism, English monarchs asserted a right to dispense with parliamentary statutes they disliked. King James II's use of the prerogative was a key grievance that lead to the Glorious Revolution of 1688. The very first provision of the English Bill of Rights of 1689—the most important precursor to the U.S. Constitution—declared that "the pretended power of suspending of laws, or the execution of laws, by regal authority, without consent of parliament, is illegal." To make sure that American presidents could not resurrect a similar prerogative, the Framers of the Constitution made the faithful enforcement of the law a constitutional duty. The Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel, which advises the president on legal and constitutional issues, has repeatedly opined that the president may decline to enforce laws he believes are unconstitutional. But these opinions have always insisted that the president has no authority, as one such memo put it in 1990, to "refuse to enforce a statute he opposes for policy reasons." Attorneys general under Presidents Carter, Reagan, both Bushes and Clinton all agreed on this point. With the exception of Richard Nixon, whose refusals to spend money appropriated by Congress were struck down by the courts, no prior president has claimed the power to negate a law that is concededly constitutional.  [...] In 1998, the Supreme Court struck down a congressional grant of line-item veto authority to the president to cancel spending items in appropriations. The reason? The only constitutional power the president has to suspend or repeal statutes is to veto a bill or propose new legislation. Writing for the court in Clinton v. City of New York, Justice John Paul Stevens noted: "There is no provision in the Constitution that authorizes the president to enact, to amend, or to repeal statutes."  The president defended his suspension of the immigration laws as an exercise of prosecutorial discretion. He defended his amending of No Child Left Behind as an exercise of authority in the statute to waive certain requirements. The administration has yet to offer a legal justification for last week's suspension of the employer mandate. Republican opponents of ObamaCare might say that the suspension of the employer mandate is such good policy that there's no need to worry about constitutionality. But if the president can dispense with laws, and parts of laws, when he disagrees with them, the implications for constitutional government are dire. [...]"  

If Life Here Went On: "Obamacare Begins To Unravel; Massive Government Boondoggle Set To Self-Destruct By 2015" [07/08/13] Printer Friendly Version "Even before it is fully implemented, Obamacare is already starting to self-destruct. The White House announced last week it will simply invent its own interpretation of the law and "delay the enforcement" of the employer Obamacare mandate for another year, to 2015. This, we are told, is to allow businesses more time to "smooth" compliance with the law, but that's only the cover story. In reality, the entire private sector economy was preparing to fire tens of millions of workers, cut their hours and radically downsize companies in order to avoid going bankrupt under Obamacare mandates that no one can afford. Described as a "train wreck" by one of its original authors (Sen. Baucus), and called a "fiasco for the ages" by the Wall Street Journal, Obamacare is a massive government boondoggle that's headed for complete disaster. In a desperate effort to get out of the way of that oncoming train, insurance companies are scrambling to flee the market entirely. America's largest health insurer, UnitedHealth, has just announced it's closing shop in California and walking away from all health insurance customers there.  [...]"  

Commentary: "Executive Order: Obama Gives Himself Control of All Communication Systems"[07/06/13] Printer Friendly Version "Assignment Of National Security And Emergency Preparedness Communications Functions"

MSM: "Obama’s Arrest, Bush’s Trial" [07/06/13]   [12:22] "We'll get Bush in the US" the world's top war crimes prosecutor tells Russia Todayu's 'The Truthseeker' after Dubya's deputies warn him against travel, lawyers file for Obama's arrest tomorrow when he hits South Africa, huge secret wars in America's name being masked from the folks funding them. Seek truth from facts with Yousha Tayob of the Muslim Lawyers Association, leading war crimes prosecutor Francis Boyle, Senior Staff Attorney Katherine Gallagher of New York's Center for Constitutional Rights which stopped Bush's first trip after his waterboarding admission, Marjorie Cohn, author of Cowboy Republic: Six Ways the Bush Gang Has Defied the Law, and former NSA intelligence officer Scott Rickard. [...]"  

MSM: "Behind Obama’s "Africa Trip"" [07/06/13] Printer Friendly Version "Posing as a humanist, president Obama came to Africa to reinforce the exploitation of the natural riches which are now dangerously threatened by Sino-Iranian pressure. He was unable to set up a photo opportunity with the dying Nelson Mandela, who threw him out of South Africa during his 2006 visit. [...]"  

Commentary: "Morsi’s Fall and the ‘Arab Summer’ Spells Doom for the Obama Doctrine" Wayne Madsen [07/05/13] Printer Friendly Version "Obama’s policy toward the Arab and Muslim world was born in Cairo and it died there. The Obama administration, which was providing strong backing to Morsi through the offices of the U.S. ambassador in Cairo, Anne Patterson, strangely, was not calling the military’s arrest of Morsi and his top ministers a coup d’etat. A law known as the Leahy Amendment, authored by Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont, requires the United States to cut off military aid to any country after a coup. Leahy has said the law requires a cessation of the $1.3 billion in military aid the United States gives Egypt annually. However, the Republicans in Congress, especially those who unconditionally support Israel, supported the coup, giving Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry the political cover to waive the requirements of the Leahy AmendmePatterson failed to recognize the strength and importance of Egypt’s secular opposition to Morsi and called for protesters to leave the streets and work within the Islamist Constitution. Patterson has a history of supporting despots and tyrants. While ambassador to Pakistan, she failed to support opposition leader Benazir Bhutto who was ultimately assassinated by Patterson’s friend in Islamabad, President Pervez Musharraf. While posted as ambassador to Colombia, Patterson promoted «Plan Colombia», a U.S. military assistance program that saw Colombia’s paramilitary forces massacre hundreds of innocent civilians. The Washington Post, the always-reliable house organ for the Pentagon and CIA, called Patterson a «steady hand» at the State Department. In the end, the Republicans only care about U.S. military contractor profits and Israel, not the issue of democratically-elected governments being thrown out in military putsches. [...] "

Commentary: "Top 20 Obama Scandals: The List" [07/04/13] Printer Friendly Version "As a junior U.S. senator from Illinois, Barack Obama used his brief career to essentially snipe at President Bush and others in his administration over what he believed were a series of legal and constitutional abuses. Most ironically Obama, in 2006, blasted Bush over his approval of warrantless domestic spying by the National Security Agency - spying that has not only continued since then but which was expanded exponentially under Obama. Then as now, both presidents claim authority to do so as commander-in-chief, in defense of the country, and under provisions of the USA Patriot Act. But unlike Bush, the Obama Administration has been wracked by scandal, several of which have exploded onto headlines within weeks after he was reelected to a second term in November. Here is a list of 20 of the most prominent among them, documented by veteran White House reporter Keith Koffler [...]"  

Commentary: "65 Outrageous Lies by Obama" [07/04/13] [12:13] "A list of some of the most egregious lies and broken promises by this President. Produced by The East County Underground at MY 1079 FM. [...]"  

Concepts and Practices: "White House Requests $70 Billion For New Intelligence Programs, Operations" [06/29/13] Printer Friendly Version "The Obama regime is requesting a total of $70 billion to finance new intelligence programs and operations at the Pentagon, CIA and other federal organizations within the intelligence community. The bulk of those funds, $52.2 billion, will go toward "national intelligence programs" run by Langley and the other 16 elements within the intelligence community for fiscal 2014, according to a release by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI). That figure is $400 million less than what intelligence officials requested for programs and operations in FY 2013.  [...]" 

MSM: "Senator: "This Administration Is Not Interested In Having Independent Oversight" [06/29/13] [8:00] "June 28, 2013 CNN [...]"  

MSM: "Obama’s Impeachment Worthy Crimes, in One Minute" [06/29/13] [1:12] "Congressman Jim Bridenstine's House floor speech from 6-3-2013. [...]" 

MSM: "Obama Administration, Congress Intensify Opposition To Global Generic Drug Industry" [06/29/13] Printer Friendly Version "The Obama administration and members of Congress are pressing India to curb its generic medication industry. The move comes at the behest of U.S. pharmaceutical companies, which have drowned out warnings from public health experts that inexpensive drugs from India are essential to providing life-saving treatments around the world. Low-cost generics from India have dramatically lowered medical costs in developing countries and proved critical to global AIDS relief programs; about 98 percent of the drugs purchased by President George W. Bush's landmark PEPFAR AIDS relief program are generics from India. Before Indian companies rolled out generic versions priced at $1 a day, AIDS medication cost about $10,000 per person per year. [...]"  

Commentary: "Obama’s State Dept. Keeping Mum On Keystone Pipeline’s Route" [06/28/13] Printer Friendly Version "It’s an extremely under-told story, but absolutely shouldn’t be: the exact route of the Keystone XL tar sand pipeline has never been revealed to U.S. citizens. Thomas Bachand, who I interviewed in the piece below, has been waiting for about a year and a half for a simple FOIA request, asking for a map with GIS coordinates of KXL, but was told it will take a long time because it’s “politically sensitive.” [...]"  

Commentary: "White House Study Finds Guns Save Lives" [06/28/13] Printer Friendly Version "A new report commissioned by the White House titled Priorities for Research to Reduce the Threat of Firearm-related Violence suggests what many self defense gun proponents have been saying for years. The report, ordered under one of President Obama’s 23 Executive Orders signed in the wake of the Sandy Hook incident, asked the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the National Research Council and other federal agencies to identify the “most pressing problems in firearms violence.” To the surprise of the authors and those who would no doubt have used the report to further restrict access to personal defense firearms, the study found that gun ownership actually saves lives and those who have a firearm at their disposal improve their chances of survival and reduce their chance of injury in the event they are confronted by a violent criminal: [...]"  

Commentary: "Obamacare To Be Launched With A Star-Studded Celebrity Propaganda Campaign" [06/27/13] Printer Friendly Version "...By rolling out the movie stars and athletes, the Obama administration is taking their propaganda to the next level. They are attempting to divert discussion about their unconstitutional behavior and about their descent into a nanny state by steering the masses toward acceptance. This manipulation makes it far more difficult to have a realistic debate about the topic. While one side is presenting facts (like the one that the Affordable Care Act could cost some families as much as $20,000 per year) the other side is presenting glossy movie stars in $2,000 red-soled Louboutin pumps. If an administration must use propaganda, and manipulation to get citizens on board with a legislation, that legislation must be looked at with the utmost suspicion. Coating fecal matter with a sparkly layer of sugar might make it prettier, but it’s still a turd underneath. [...]"  

MSM: "Obama Called "War Criminal" & "Hypocrite Of The Century" In Irish Parliament" [06/27/13] [5:51] "Clare Daly in Irish Parliament [...]"  

MSM: "Obama Wants To Deny Existence Of Documents" [06/25/13] Printer Friendly Version "The federal Freedom of Information Act was supposed to be a torch that journalists, advocates and ordinary people could use to cast a light on the operations of their government. It’s profoundly disappointing to see the Obama administration proposing changes to FOIA that would allow federal agencies to lie about the very existence of information being sought. That’s not progress, and it’s certainly not transparency, a principle the president has repeatedly and publicly pledged allegiance to. We hope the U.S. Department of Justice backs away from these and other FOIA rule revisions it has proposed. The worst among them, in our estimation, is the proposed change that would allow the government to tell those requesting information under FOIA that the material does not exist when, in fact, it does. [...]"  They already do this, anyway.

Commentary: "Presidential Rule By Deception: Obama, The Master Con-Man" [06/25/13] Printer Friendly Version "Dr. James Petras lays out the crimes against humanity of U.S. Presidents Carter, Reagan, Bush Sr., Clinton, and Bush Jr. Then Dr. Petras zeroes in on Obama, writing that Obama is the Master Con-man. Barack Obama did a lot that Bush never dared to do – he surpassed Bush by far in committing war crimes against humanity – pushing for more military adventures abroad and police state repression at home. He exceeded by far any President in US history in assuming dictatorial police powers, in waging multiple wars while directing the massive transfer of state revenues to Wall Street bankers. For sheer span of broken promises, of systematic lies in pursuit of wars and financial manipulation in the name of peace and social justice, of consistent and bold aggrandizement of executive power over the life and death of US citizens in the name of security, Obama has set the standard of political deception and demagogy far beyond past and probable future US Presidents. [...]" 

Commentary: "Deaths Connected To The Obama White House" [06/24/13] Printer Friendly Version "Andrew Breitbart - Died of a massive heart attack, walking outside late at night, alone, in the dark approximately one week before he was to produce tapes of Obama's extremist activities in college. And on and on and on! [...]"  Related: "Nachumlist: A Continuous Record Of The Obama Administration"

Commentary: "Obama Program Requires Federal Workers To Inform On Colleagues" [06/22/13] Printer Friendly Version " Even before a former U.S. intelligence contractor exposed the secret collection of Americans’ phone records, the Obama administration was pressing a government-wide crackdown on security threats that requires federal employees to keep closer tabs on their co-workers and exhorts managers to punish those who fail to report their suspicions. President Barack Obama’s unprecedented initiative, known as the Insider Threat Program, is sweeping in its reach. It has received scant public attention even though it extends beyond the U.S. national security bureaucracies to most federal departments and agencies nationwide, including the Peace Corps, the Social Security Administration and the Education and Agriculture departments. It emphasizes leaks of classified material, but catchall definitions of “insider threat” give agencies latitude to pursue and penalize a range of other conduct. Government documents reviewed by McClatchy illustrate how some agencies are using that latitude to pursue unauthorized disclosures of any information, not just classified material. They also show how millions of federal employees and contractors must watch for “high-risk persons or behaviors” among co-workers and could face penalties, including criminal charges, for failing to report them. Leaks to the media are equated with espionage. “Hammer this fact home … leaking is tantamount to aiding the enemies of the United States,” says a June 1, 2012, Defense Department strategy for the program that was obtained by McClatchy. The Obama administration is expected to hasten the program’s implementation as the government grapples with the fallout from the leaks of top secret documents by Edward Snowden, the former National Security Agency contractor who revealed the agency’s secret telephone data collection program. The case is only the latest in a series of what the government condemns as betrayals by “trusted insiders” who have harmed "national security". [...]"  

Commentary: "Obama's Berlin Moment" [06/22/13] Printer Friendly Version "Obama's unwelcome in Berlin. He's not wanted. Many Berliners aren't pleased he came. His rhetoric fell short. Doublespeak duplicity is hollow. It doesn't sell well. On July 29, 2008, 200,000 Germans cheered him. They did so in central Berlin's Tiergarten. They hoped he'd change Bush/Cheney policies. He promised. He lied. He exceeds the worst of his predecessors. On June 19, Obama chose the Brandenburg Gate. It was hermetically sealed off to protect him. He spoke behind thick bullet-proof glass. About 4,000 got to attend. They were handpicked to avoid embarrassment. More on his speech below. It wasn't an "Ich bin ein Berliner" moment. Many Berliners deplore Obama. So do growing millions worldwide. He's more enemy than ally. He spurns peace. He's waging multiple direct and proxy wars. He threatens humanity in the process. He spies illegally at home and abroad. He governs ruthlessly by diktat. His kill list decides who'll live or die. He appointed himself judge, jury and executioner. Berlin was under virtual siege when he arrived. City airspace and Tegel Airport were closed. Streets were cleared for his motorcade to reach city center. Thousands of police were deployed. Manhole covers were sealed. Snipers manned rooftops. Bomb-sniffing dogs patrolled. Security zones were off-limits. Numerous streets were closed. Life was disrupted for many during his stay. On June 20, Der Spiegel headlined "World from Berlin: Obama Visit Highlights 'Genuine Trans- Atlantic Dissonance.' Berliner Zeitung said Obama "used Berlin (to) give a bad speech. He spoke about a lot, without saying much. Obama prioritizes war, not peace. He unilaterally asserts the right to wage preemptive nuclear war. He threatens nonbelligerent states. He menaces humanity in the process."[...]" Related: "Obama's Nuclear Arms Reduction Hoax" Printer Friendly Version  "... Obama's no Jack Kennedy. On April 5, 2009, he spoke in Prague's Hradcany Square. He did so duplicitously. He lied saying "clearly and with conviction America's commitment to seek the peace and security of a world without nuclear weapons. "He pledged "concrete steps" never taken. They included:  reducing nuclear stockpiles enough to matter; banning testing; halting fissile material production; preventing nuclear proliferation and use; pursuing diplomacy with Iran and North Korea; and resolving key security challenges to create conditions for a world without nuclear weapons. America's current arsenal includes state-of-the-art nuclear, chemical, biological, and other type weapons of mass destruction. They're more advanced, powerful and dangerous than ever. They're deployed globally. They menace humanity. America's preemptive first-strike nuclear posture remains unchanged. [...]"  

Commentary: "Russ Tice Claims NSA Ordered Wiretap Of Barack Obama In 2004" [06/21/13] Printer Friendly Version Video clip  [4:47]  "NSA whistleblower Russel Tice told Peter B. Collins on Boiling Frog Post News (the website of high-level FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds): Tice: Okay. They went after–and I know this because I had my hands literally on the paperwork for these sort of things–they went after high-ranking military officers; they went after members of Congress, both Senate and the House, especially on the intelligence committees and on the armed services committees and some of the–and judicial. But they went after other ones, too. They went after lawyers and law firms. All kinds of–heaps of lawyers and law firms. They went after judges. One of the judges is now sitting on the Supreme Court that I had his wiretap information in my hand. Two are former FISA court judges. They went after State Department officials. They went after people in the executive service that were part of the White House–their own people. They went after antiwar groups. They went after U.S. international–U.S. companies that that do international business, you know, business around the world. They went after U.S. banking firms and financial firms that do international business. They went after NGOs that–like the Red Cross, people like that that go overseas and do humanitarian work. They went after a few antiwar civil rights groups. So, you know, don’t tell me that there’s no abuse, because I’ve had this stuff in my hand and looked at it. [...] This was is summer of 2004. One of the papers that I held in my hand was to wiretap a bunch of numbers associated with, with a 40-something- year-old wannabe senator from Illinois. You wouldn’t happen to know where that guy lives right now, would you? It’s a big white house in Washington, DC. That’s who they went after. And that’s the president of the United States now."  [...] Other whistleblowers say the same thing. When the former head of the NSA’s digital spying program – William Binney – disclosed the fact that the U.S. was spying on everyone in the U.S. and storing the data forever, and that the U.S. was quickly becoming a totalitarian state, the Feds tried to scare him into shutting up: [...] Retired high-level CIA analyst Ray McGovern – the top CIA briefer to numerous presidents – said this a few weeks ago on a radio program: In a speech on March 21, second-term Obama gave us a big clue regarding his concept of leadership – one that is marked primarily by political risk-avoidance and a penchant for “leading from behind”: “Speaking as a politician, I can promise you this: political leaders will not take risks if the people do not demand that they do. You must create the change that you want to see.” Which leads to the question, why would Obama do all these things? Why would he be afraid for example, to take the drones away from the CIA? Well, I’ve come to the conclusion that he’s afraid." [...]" [Cross-Posted] Related: "Boston Bombing Conspiracy Theory Lawmaker Quits" Printer Friendly Version  "A New Hampshire state legislator who drew fire for claiming the Boston Marathon bombing was an inside job has resigned from office. [...]"  

Commentary: "Noam Chomsky: Obama Is ‘Running Biggest Terrorist Operation That Exists’" [06/20/13] Printer Friendly Version "Continuing his streak of fiercely criticizing President Obama’s foreign policy and civil liberties record, pre-eminent left-wing scholar Noam Chomsky told GRITtv that this administration is “dedicated to increasing terrorism” throughout the world via its own “terrorist” drone strikes in foreign lands.  Speaking with GRITtv host Laura Flanders about the National Security Agency snooping scandal, Chomsky remarked that “the Obama administration is dedicated to increasing terrorism; it’s doing it all over the world.” He continued: “Obama is running the biggest terrorist operation that exists, maybe in history: the drone assassination campaigns, which are just part of it [...] All of these operations, they are terror operations.” Drone strikes are “terror” because, Chomsky said, the attacks have the effect of “terrorizing” locals.” “You are generating more terrorist operations,” Chomsky pointedly said. “People have a reaction” when they lose a loved one to an American drone strike, he added. “They don’t say, ‘Fine, I don’t care if my cousin was murdered.’ They become what we call terrorists. This is completely understood from the highest level.” He recalled the recent congressional testimony of a Yemeni man named Farea al-Muslimi, who described how a single drone strike managed to “radicalize” his entire village against the United States. “People hate the country that’s just terrorizing them,” Chomsky concluded. That’s not a surprise. Just consider the way we react to acts of terror. That’s the way other people react to acts of terror.” Watch the video via GRITtv: [...]"  

Commentary: "Obama Immigration Bill Will Allow Illegal Workers To Displace 30 Million Legal American Jobs" [06/20/13] Printer Friendly Version "With the decline in employment, rather than implement ways to increase growth in the economy, the Obama administration is doing just the opposite. It is clear to so many people now that Obama was selected by the Elite to bring about the destruction of the United States. No decision he has made has had a single positive impact to our country – not one. Now, the Obama administration is poised to roll in the Trojan Horse into the U.S. Economy and the timing couldn’t be better. With virtually 20% unemployment and 45 million people on Food Assistance, it’s time to bring another 30 million workers into the Jobs Market.The current Immigration legislation would, in effect, legalize 30 million non–legal workers who will displace current workers in a failing economy. People are barely able to make ends meet in most cases and the additional burden of supporting these 30 million workers, some of which may find employment, with Financial Assistance of some kind will bankrupt most states. The individual states are failing and many are bankrupt, according to a ZeroHedge article 32 States Now Officially Bankrupt: $37.8 Billion Borrowed From Treasury To Fund Unemployment; CA, MI, NY Worst, the situation is an emergency. [...]"  

MSM: "Rand Paul Interview "Senator Are You Saying The General And Other Officials Are Liars? - "Yes" [06/19/13] [9:26] "June 17, 2013 CNN [...]" 

MSM: "Judge Napolitano To FBI Director: They Cut As Many Holes in the Constitution As They Want" [06/18/13] [3:30] "On today’s Studio B with Shepard Smith, Napolitano lambasted Mueller for testimony given before the House Judiciary Committee on Thursday on the government’s surveillance of Americans’ phone and email communications, alleging that he’s “still singing the tune that Constitutional liberties can be subordinate to the government’s need to [find the bad people].” “With that logic,” he continued, “they can cut as many holes into the Constitution as they want.” Not to mention the fact that he’s making an argument that’s inconsistent with the history of the FBI, the judge contended. “The FBI more so than any other law entity in the history of the United States, has shown deference to the Constitution [...]" 

Commentary: "Spygate Leaks Imperil State-Secrets Defense" [06/18/13] Printer Friendly Version "First it was the President George W. Bush administration and then the President Barack Obama administration, which for years have been arguing in court that the state secrets privilege shields the government from lawsuits accusing it of siphoning Americans' electronic communications to the National Security Agency without warrants. But with the recent Spygate leaks, including one that all calling metada of Verizon customers is being forwarded to the NSA, the government is hard-pressed to maintain that line with a straight face. By contrast, the recent disclosures have greatly undermined the factual and legal basis for the government defendants’ separate and distinct state secrets motion,” the Electronic Frontier Foundation wrote in a recent court filing. [...]" 

MSM: "Wag the Syrian Dog" [06/17/13] Printer Friendly Version "Wag the Dog” is a political strategy in which a national leader starts a military operation to divert negative attention away from himself. In 1997, Hollywood produced a Robert De Niro and Dustin Hoffman movie by the same name about an American President caught up in a sex scandal that decides to start a war in the Balkans to distract the public. Eighteen months later with President Bill Clinton facing a sex scandal, he started a war in the Balkans. With embattled President Barack Obama facing a scandal about electronic spying on the private lives of almost every voter in America, it should not be surprising that he would make “a decision to provide lethal assistance,” including weapons, ammunition, and air support, to the Syrian rebels. Using wag the dog might have worked in the past, but the mushrooming privacy scandal seems destined to grow. [...]"  Related: "Obama’s Monica Moment" Printer Friendly Version 

Commentary: "Aetna Pulls Out Of California Individual Insurance Market In Response To Obamacare" [06/17/13] Printer Friendly Version "If Obamacare's stated goal was to broaden the health insurance market, give more options to consumers, and generally lower the cost of health insurance, courtesy of the IRS' flawless execution of yet another unprecedented government expansion, it may be in for a tough time. Because while on paper every statist plan of centrally-planned ambitions looks good, in reality things usually don't work out quite as expected. Case in point the news that Aetna will stop selling health insurance to individual consumers in California at the end of 2013, in advance of Obamacare's complete transformation of the insurance market: a transformation which just incidentally may see most private health insurance firms follow in Aetna's steps and the emergence of a single-payer system along the lines of the British National Health Service. A government-mandated and funded system which, needless to say, crushes private enterprise, and ends up costing far more for all involved than an efficient market based on individual wants, needs and capabilities constantly in flux. But that's ok - there is an administration which is smarter than the entire market, and a Federal Reserve which will monetize any deficit funding, and the only trade off is making the already ridiculous US federal debt ridiculouser.  [...]"  

Commentary: "Obama Justice Department Silent On NY Cops Violating Fourth Amendment" [06/15/13] Printer Friendly Version "On Wednesday, Attorney General Eric Holder filed a Justice Department brief in a class-action lawsuit challenging the New York Police Department’s policy of violating the Fourth Amendment with its controversial stop-and-frisk program. nstead of taking a stand on the illegality of the procedure, Holder’s Justice Department said a monitor should be put in place to oversee changes to the police department’s practices following remarks made by Judge Scheindlin of Federal District Court in Manhattan in May questioning the clearly unconstitutional police tactic. Scheindlin criticized the “high error rate” of the procedure. “You reasonably suspect something and you’re wrong 90 percent of the time,” she said. The lawsuit was filed by the Center for Constitutional Rights and other civil rights lawyers. Floyd v. City of New York argues that police target black and Hispanic New Yorkers without probable cause and the procedure amounts to racial profiling. In 1968 the Supreme Court undercut the Fourth Amendment by ruling in Terry v. Ohio that cops only require “reasonable suspicion” and not “probable cause” to search a person. In the case of New York police, this “reasonable suspicion” standard fails 88 percent of the time. The Justice Department brief reveals an effort by the federal government to trample states’ rights by advocating the use of injunctive relief that “may include the appointment of an independent monitor” designated by the feds instead of arguing that the stop-and-frisk procedure is unconstitutional. [...]"  

Commentary: "Man Behind Syrian ‘Chemical Weapons’ Claim Is Fiction Writer Who Ran Benghazi Cover-Up [06/15/13] Printer Friendly Version "Ben Rhodes, the White House national security advisor behind the claim that President Bashar Al-Assad used chemical weapons in Syria, is a fiction writer with zero educational background in government, diplomacy or national security who also played a key role in covering up the truth behind the attack on the US consulate in Benghazi. Yesterday, Rhodes announced that the White House had “high confidence” that the Syrian Army had used chemical weapons, providing no evidence, and that the Obama administration would now take steps to arm FSA rebels, who as has been widely documented are being led by Al-Qaeda terrorists who killed U.S. troops in Iraq. The Wall Street Journal also reports that a no fly zone is being prepared that would embroil the United States in yet another war. 35-year-old Rhodes has been a speechwriter for Obama since 2007 and now enjoys the role of deputy national security adviser for strategic communication. He created the infamous term “kinetic military action” to describe the bombardment of Libya which allowed Obama to skirt around the constitutional question of having to declare war. Rhodes’ expertise revolves around manufacturing narratives. “He earned a master’s degree in fiction-writing from New York University just a few years ago,” writes Ed Lansky. “He did not have a degree in government, diplomacy, national security; nor has he served in the CIA, or the military. He was toiling away not that long ago on a novel called ‘The Oasis of Love” about a mega church in Houston, a dog track, and a failed romance.” As Stephen Hayes documents in a lengthy Weekly Standard piece, Rhodes was instrumental in altering CIA talking points to delete references to Islamic terrorists being involved in the attack on the US consulate in Benghazi, setting the foundation for the Obama administration’s cover-up of the incident by claiming the siege was a demonstration against an anti-Muslim film. This was an attempt to hide the fact that the White House had supported Al-Qaeda terrorists in the overthrow of Gaddafi, just as they are now doing in Syria. Rhodes can also count on the support of the US corporate media in selling fairytales about chemical weapons, since his brother David is the president of CBS News. [...]" 

Commentary: "The Real Reason Obama Is Going To War With Syria Has Nothing To Do With Chemical Weapons" [06/14/13] Printer Friendly Version "The long awaited Syrian peace talks — instigated by power brokers Russia and the United States — had already passed their initial due date, and are now officially stillborn. The peace talks are dead because the U.S.-backed rebels are boycotting the negotiations, ruining any hope for peace, while threatening to turn an already-tragic disaster into a Yugoslavia-style catastrophe …or worse. The U.S. backed rebels are not participating in the talks because they have nothing to gain from them, and everything to lose. [...] But, Obama will not be deterred. After it became clear that the rebels were losing the war, the U.S. and its European allies removed the remaining legal barriers to further arming the rebels, while the religious leaders of Saudi Arabia and Qatar — both U.S. allies — assisted in the war effort by calling for Jihad against the Syrian government (the same week the leader of al-Qaeda did). Behind this frenzy of rebel support lies the sick logic that, in order for successful peace negotiations to take place, the rebels need to be in a stronger battlefield position. Arm the rebels to the teeth for peace! In response to this twisted logic, Oxfam International — a disaster relief coalition — responded by saying: “Sending arms to the Syrian opposition won’t create a level playing field. Instead, it risks further fueling an arms free-for-all where the victims are the civilians of Syria. Our experience from other conflict zones tells us that this crisis will only drag on for far longer if more and more arms are poured into the country. Ultimately, the Syrian rebels would have already been defeated — and thousands of lives spared — if they had not been receiving support from the U.S. and other countries. The U.S.-backed rebels have said that a pre-condition for peace is “Assad must go;” but this demand does not coincide with the reality on the ground: the rebels are in no position to demand this, and the U.S. is using this unrealistic demand to artificially lengthen an already-bloody war. Obama can either use his immense influence to end this bloody conflict now by withdrawing support to the rebels, or he can extend the conflict and further tear to shreds the social fabric of the Middle East, while risking a multi-nation war that history will denounce as an easily preventable holocaust.”[...]"  

Commentary: " Obama Starting A War With Syria Just To Distract From All The Scandals" [06/14/13] Printer Friendly Version "Well, isn’t that convenient? At the moment when the Obama administration is feeling more heat then ever before, it starts another war. Suddenly everyone in the mainstream media is talking all about Syria and not about the IRS scandal, Benghazi,NSA snooping or any of the other political scandals that have popped up in recent weeks. As if on cue, Obama made headlines all over the globe on Thursday by claiming that the Syrian government has used chemical weapons against the rebels “multiple times”, and that the U.S. was now ready to do more to assist the rebels. That assistance is reportedly going to include “military support” for the rebels and a no-fly zone over at least part of Syria is being discussed. Without a doubt, these are acts of war, and this conflict is not going to end until Assad has been ousted. But Assad will not go quietly. And all it would take is for Assad to fire a couple of missiles at Tel Aviv for a huge regional war to erupt in the Middle East. And what happens if Russia or China decides to get involved in the conflict in Syria? Obama is playing with fire, but he has shown again and again that he is willing to do virtually anything if it will benefit him politically. As far as the Obama administration is concerned, there is no such thing as a coincidence. The timing of this announcement regarding Syria was not an accident. If Obama wanted to use chemical weapons as an excuse to go after Syria he could have done it weeks ago, or he could have waited several more months before taking action. He chose to do it right now for a reason, and hopefully the American people will be able to see right through this. [...]" 

MSM: "Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board" to Probe Spygate Scandal" [06/14/13] Printer Friendly Version "A 'neglected and overlooked' federal oversight board hit the limelight today when NSA chief Keith Alexander agreed publicly to cooperate with an investigation into the spygate scandal by the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board. The five-member board, created in 2004 on the recommendation of the 9/11 Commission, first met in 2006. One member resigned a year later after the President George W. Bush administration made more than 200 revisions to its first report. The board was subsequently transformed into an independent agency, with the power of subpoena and to review classified material. But the board was virtually idle from 2008 until last year, when four board members were confirmed by the Senate, with the fifth one in May. The spygate investigation, proposed by Sen. Tom Udall (D-New Mexico), will peer into one of the biggest privacy scandals in the nation’s history. The board’s chairman, confirmed last month, is David Medine, a former associate director of the Federal Trade Commission. Because there was no chairman, the board has done little. It has no website. One of the board’s members may sound familiar to Wired readers. He’s James Dempsey, an attorney with the Center for Democracy & Technology. He was not immediately available for comment. How much of the board’s investigation will become public is another story. [...]" Note: Notice the continual pattern in all Obama administrations .... non-fulfillment of positions in agencies that could reasonably be said to disagree with or inconveniently intervene with the agenda, effectively neutering the existence or function of any government entity that is viewed as being 'inconvenient' ... running a cherry-picked and rigged show ... subversion of the existing system ... antithetical to common sense and good judgment ... unethical and illegal dynamics of control pushed by psychopaths .... infantile, paranoid narcissists ... the list goes on. It is the bottom of the barrel behavior that these reincarnated retreads have become addicted to, in their existential fervor. Not for much longer.

MSM: "Obama Calls Constitution “Charter of Negative Liberties" [06/14/13] Printer Friendly Version "Long before he was president, Barack Obama was already plotting to overturn the Constitution of the United States. In a chilling 2001 public radio interview, Obama said the Constitution was a “charter of negative liberties,” full of constraints imposed upon us by the Founding Fathers. "[It] says what the states can’t do to you. [It] says what the federal government can’t do to you, but [it] doesn’t say what the federal government or state government must do on your behalf.” [...]"  Note: Constraints imposed to prevent abuse of power, no doubt. There is nothing any government 'must' do 'on behalf' of individuals.

MSM: "IRS Obamacare Official Clocked 165 White House Meetings" [06/13/13] Printer Friendly Version "Recent press reports focused on the 157 visits to the White House by former IRS Commissioner Douglas H. Shulman, but there’s been little scrutiny of IRS Obamacare official Sarah Hall Ingram‘s 165 White House visits. According to White House visitor data, Shulman never attended any of Ingram’s meetings, and Ingram never attended a White House meeting with Shulman. All of Ingram’s 165 meetings were with White House staff, while only 151 of Shulman’s visits were with staff. Shulman attended six meetings with President Barack Obama. Ingram attended 62 White House meetings in 2011, 90 in 2012 and 13 this year (though February). Most of Ingram’s visits were hosted by Jeanne Lambrew, who according to the Washington Post is Deputy Assistant to the President for Health Policy. [...]"  

MSM: "436 Federal Employees Had Insider Tip On $8 Billion Medicare Decision" [06/12/13] Printer Friendly Version "At least 436 Department of Health and Human Services employees--and possibly more at the White House Office of Management and Budget--received advance notice of an $8 billion Medicare decision that sent private health insurers’ stocks soaring. The Department of Justice and the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) have launched a probe to investigate possible insider trading. “This should sound an alarm,” said Sen. Charles Grassley (R-IA). “It should result in better controls to avoid unfair access to information that the average investor could never tap.” The case involves an April 1 decision by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to expand funding to the private-sector Medicare Advantage program by $8 billion. Employees at the Department of Health and Human Services were notified in some cases as far as two weeks in advance. Whether federal workers innocently passed along the potentially market-moving information or were courted by the emerging “political intelligence” industry that sells government intel to Wall Street firms is presently unknown. [...]" 

MSM: "Republicans Focus Fire On IRS Involvement In Obamacare" [06/10/13] Printer Friendly Version "On May 23, Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) specifically targeted IRS involvement in Obamacare as a rationale for fighting the program: And here’s another thing we shouldn’t be doing: handing over the administration of Obamacare to these folks. I mean, think about it. A deeply unpopular law being administered by an agency that’s so betrayed the public trust. Even the IRS’ staunchest defenders in this scandal describe their actions as a case of ‘horrible customer service.’ That’s the best they can say: ‘Horrible customer service.’ And now they’re going to be put in charge of a new trillion-dollar program? One that will give them access to all sorts of sensitive, deeply personal information? Well, that’s just what the Administration and congressional Democrats are about to let happen. McConnell specifically pointed out that the IRS official charged with managing Obamacare was the “very same person who led the division of the IRS now embroiled in scandal – who oversaw the very office now under fire for the discriminatory and harassing behavior.” McConnell is hardly the only Senator pointing out the nefarious connection between the IRS and Obamacare. Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) told Breitbart News, “The president’s entire agenda is based on giving more and more power to the same executive branch agencies that have recently demonstrated themselves to either be criminally incompetent or tyrannically corrupt. Obamacare? Expanded gun background checks? Comprehensive immigration reform? They’re all based on competent collection and ethical use of personal information coerced from the American people by the federal bureaucracy." Catherine Frazier, press secretary for Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), agreed: “Everyone should be taken out of the Obamacare business because Obamacare needs to be repealed. The IRS is the very last agency that should be administering any of our laws. Americans have no reason to trust an administration that would engage in, then lie about its partisan, political targeting of Americans based on their personal beliefs.” [...]"  

MSM: "White House Invokes ‘State Privilege’ To Halt Inquiries Into Data Mining" [06/08/13] Printer Friendly Version "Officials use little-known ‘military and state secrets privilege’ as civil rights lawyers attempt to hold administration to account. The Obama administration is invoking an obscure legal privilege to avoid judicial scrutiny of its secret collection of the communications of potentially millions of Americans. Civil liberties lawyers trying to hold the administration to account through the courts for its surveillance of phone calls and emails of American citizens have been repeatedly stymied by the government’s recourse to the “military and state secrets privilege”. The precedent, rarely used but devastating in its legal impact, allows the government to claim that it cannot be submitted to judicial oversight because to do so it would have to compromise national security. The government has cited the privilege in two active lawsuits being heard by a federal court in the northern district of California – Virginia v Barack Obama et al, and Carolyn Jewel v the National Security Agency. In both cases, the Obama administration has called for the cases to be dismissed on the grounds that the government’s secret activities must remain secret. The claim comes amid a billowing furore over US surveillance on the mass communications of Americans following disclosures by the Guardian of a massive NSA monitoring programme of Verizon phone records and internet communications. The director of national intelligence, James Clapper, has written in court filings that “after careful and actual personal consideration of the matter, based upon my own knowledge and information obtained in the course of my official duties, I have determined that the disclosure of certain information would cause exceptionally grave damage to the national security of the United States. Thus, as to this information, I formally assert the state secrets privilege.” [...]"  

Satire: "Colbert Report: ‘Obama Is a Tyrannical Despot Who Ignores All the Rules’ " [06/08/13] [3:10] Note: Amusing, but true.

MSM: "Obama Picks Loyalist Susan Rice As National Security Adviser" [06/06/13] Printer Friendly Version "Rice's appointment could anger Republicans who have sharply criticized her role in the handling of last September's attack on a U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya that killed four Americans, including U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens. Obama had been expected to pick Rice, 48, as national security adviser since she withdrew last December from consideration to replace Hillary Clinton as secretary of state under intense criticism from Republicans about Benghazi. She had been Obama's first choice to replace Clinton, but the job instead went to John Kerry. Rice will take over from Donilon in July as the official who coordinates U.S. foreign policy from the White House. Obama will avoid a congressional fight, though, because the post does not require Senate confirmation. [...]"  Related: Video clip    [24:00] "If you fast forward to almost half way through the blather, you can hear Obama say of Susan Rice "She has always defended Israel." If you fast forward about a minute more, you can hear Obama say of Susan Rice "She has fought against the scourge of anti-Semitism." Those are their only qualifications. All three of them reflected incompetence to the point of being dangerous."

Commentary: "White House Freaks Out Over Online Petition To Charge Sen. Feinstein With Treason Reaching 50,000 Votes" [06/05/13] Printer Friendly Version "A petition to charge Dianne Feinstein with treason that has gotten nearly 50,000 signatures is causing a bit of heartburn in Obama’s White House forcing team Obama to come to Di Fi’s defense. One of the somewhat silly things that team Obama did when it came to office was to set up a website where Americans could float petitions filled with ideas and issues that they want Obama to address. Now, in theory this idea sounds great. But in practice, Obama just ignores all these things. But they do offer an interesting story from time to time .A recent petition offers one of those stories. It is the petition to charge California Senator Dianne Feinstein with treason for her constant attacks on the U.S. Constitution, the Second Amendment in particular. The strength of the petition has caused Obama to come to Feinstein’s defense. Ah, schadenfreude. The anti-DiFi petition was created in December of last year and only five months later it had gained nearly 50,000 signatures. The fifty thousand mark is where Obama’s perpetual political campaign/White House staff have said that they will publicly address an issue directly. Here is the text of the petition: [...]"  

MSM: "Shulman Had More Public White House Visits Than Any Cabinet Member" [06/03/13] Printer Friendly Version "Publicly released records show that embattled former IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman visited the White House at least 157 times during the Obama administration, more recorded visits than even the most trusted members of the president’s Cabinet. [...]" 

Interview: "Ex Obama Secret Service Exposes Gun Control Agenda" [06/03/13] [2:49] "During my coverage of the Second Amendment rally in Philadelphia PA last Saturday, I spoke with speaker Dan Bongino on the reality of gun control and how it is really a tool of 'people control'. [...]"  

Commentary: "Obama’s “Fast and Furious” Gun-running Scandal Grows" [06/02/13] Printer Friendly Version "As if there were not already enough scandals plaguing the Obama administration, the federal “Fast and Furious” operation that armed Mexican drug cartels is back in the news after the Justice Department Inspector General released a report blasting a government leak intended to smear a key ATF whistleblower. [...]"  

Commentary: "Monsanto is Obama's New FDA Food "Safety" Czar"[06/01/13] [2:43] "Monsanto's Man and Lawyer in DC Michael Taylor since 1991. He is Obama's FDA Food Safety Czar. [...]" Note: "Monsanto fox now in charge of 'food safety' hen house [...]" [Cross-Posted] Related: See below: "Monsanto’s Contributions to US House and Senate Candidates" [05/27/13] ;"Monsanto Openly Wrote Own Monsanto Protection Act" [03/29/13]; "Betrayal from the White House as Obama signs Monsanto Protection Act" [03/29/13]; "Obama Signs Monsanto Protection Act Into Law After Promising GMO Labeling In 2007" [03/29/13]; "How Monsanto Outfoxed The Obama Administration" [03/16/13]; "New ‘Monsanto Protection Act’ Gives Monsanto Power Over US Government" [03/16/13]; "Monsanto Protection Act" to Be Voted On By Congress" [03/16/13] 

MSM: "ACLU Chilly Towards Jim Comey For FBI" [06/01/13] Printer Friendly Version "The American Civil Liberties Union is out with a statment that emphasizes the negative over the positive when it comes to President Barack Obama's reported choice for FBI Director, Jim Comey, who served as the No. 2 official in President George W. Bush's Justice Department. "While the ACLU does not take official positions on nominations to appointed office, there are many questions regarding Comey's record that deserve careful scrutiny from the Senate Judiciary Committee," ACLU Executive Director Anthony Romero writes. "As the second-highest ranked Justice Department official under John Ashcroft, Comey approved some of the worst abuses committed by the Bush administration. [...]"  

MSM: "Jeff Berwick: Obama Is A Sociopath & The Government Is Based On Violence…" [06/01/13] [15:21] "The Dollar Vigilante's Jeff Berwick talks about why he's an anarchist and how that impacts his market decisions. In addition he gives his take on Obama and why he believes the government is based on violence." Note: Interesting responses from Berwick.

MSM: "Obama to Sign U.N. Firearms Treaty Despite Senate’s Rejection" [06/01/13] Printer Friendly Version "Obama will soon sign an international arms trade treaty previously rejected by the United States Senate. The United Nations Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) establishes regulations for international arms sales. Categories of firearms listed in the treaty includes tanks, artillery, and small arms such as handguns. The U.N. General Assembly passed the treaty on April 2nd with a vote of 153-4, with the United States voting in favor. Obama on June 3rd. On March 23rd, Senator James Inhofe (R-Okla.) introduced an amendment to prevent the U.S. from entering into the treaty. It passed by a vote of 53 to 46. Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) introduced another amendment to ensure “that the United States will not negotiate or support treaties that violate Americans’ Second Amendment rights under the Constitution of the United States.” This amendment passed in the Senate by a voice vote. [...]"  

Commentary: "The Delusions of John McCain: Al-Qaeda Does Not Dominate CIA Proxy War in Syria" [06/01/13] Printer Friendly Version "Arizona Senator John McCain, who supposedly visited the CIA’s al-Qaeda mercenaries in Syria earlier this week, said on Thursday that weapons sent to the radical Salafists " will not fall into the wrong hands". “We can identify who these people are. We can help the right people,” McCain told CIA asset Anderson Cooper, an anchor at the Pentagon’s psychological operation headquartered at CNN. McCain defied reality and said only a small portion of the so-called rebels are radical jihadists fighting to convert Syria into failed state dominated by Sharia law. In fact, the CIA sponsored “rebels” are largely radical Sunni Salafists who behead Christians and feed them to dogs. Remarkably, McCain said al-Nusra only accounts for 7,000 of the 100,000 mercenaries inside Syria. In fact, al-Nusra and al-Qaeda dominate the effort to topple al-Assad. “Every single day, more and more extremists flow in… They’re flowing in all the time, these extremists. But they still do not make up a sizable portion,” he said. [...] Despite McCain’s delusions, the man he supposedly met with – Gen. Salem Idris, the leader of the Supreme Military Council of the Free Syrian Army – has teamed up with Arhar al-Sham, a partner of al-Nusra Front, recently designated as a terrorist organization by the United States. “Idris claims his group doesn’t work with Al-Nusra, but the two have fought side by side and shared arms in their battle to overthrow Bashar Assad,” writes Bob Livingston. “The question is: Why isn’t McCain on his way to Guantanamo Bay wearing an orange jumpsuit, handcuffs and shackles?” Finally, it is something of a stretch to believe that a U.S. senator would venture into a dangerous war zone. The event appears to be another loosely orchestrated establishment media fantasy created for propaganda purposes as neocons and other globalist warmongers in the United States, Britain and France prepare for a more active and murderous role in a conflict initiated by the United States as part of its “Arab Spring” operation to install a new round of dictators – this time, under the banner of the Muslim Brotherhood – throughout the Middle East. [...]"  Related: "Turkey Finds Sarin Gas In Homes Of Suspected Syrian Islamists (From Same Group Who Met With McCain)" [05/30/13] Printer Friendly Version Video clip    [3:39] "Turkish security forces found a 2kg cylinder with sarin gas after searching the homes of Syrian militants from the Al-Qaeda linked Al-Nusra Front who were previously detained, Turkish media reports. The gas was reportedly going to be used in a bomb. | See below. "McCain Sneaks Across Turkey-Syrian Border, Meets With Rebels" [05/28/13] 

MSM: "Obama Foreshadows 'New Internet Surveillance Proposal' During National Security Speech" [05/31/13] Printer Friendly Version "Obama gave an influential speech on counter terrorism and national security policy last week, and while much of the media coverage discussed the President remarks on Guantanamo prison and drone strikes, buried in the speech was a line just as critical to civil liberties online. Halfway through the speech, Obama said he wanted to “review the authorities of law enforcement, so we can intercept ' new types of communication', and build in privacy protections to prevent abuse.” [...] the FBI has still failed to put forth any evidence showing a bill to “intercept new kinds of communications” is needed at all. According to government statistics, from 2006-2010, the FBI has been ultimately thwarted by encryption zero times in their criminal investigations." 

Commentary: "Establishing a ‘No-Fly Zone’ Is an Act of War" [05/30/13] Printer Friendly Version "Relying on the term “no-fly-zone” is typical in journalism. But that is a mistake. It obscures the gravity of the news. Here’s how an alternative version of the story might look: “The White House has asked the Pentagon to draw up plans for bombing multiple targets inside Syria, constantly surveilling Syrian airspace alongside U.S. allies, and shooting down Syrian war planes and helicopters that try to fly around, perhaps for months.” The term “no-fly-zone” isn’t analytically useless. It’s just that folks using it as shorthand should make sure everyone reading understands that, as Daniel Larison put it right up in a headline, “Imposing a No- Fly- Zone in Syria Requires Starting a New War.” That becomes clearer some paragraphs later in Rogin’s article, when he discussed Senator John McCain’s advocacy for a “no-fly-zone.” “McCain said a realistic plan for a no-fly zone would include hundreds of planes, and would be most effective if it included destroying Syrian airplanes on runways, bombing those runways, and moving U.S. Patriot missile batteries in Turkey close to the border so they could protect airspace inside northern Syria,” he wrote. [...]"  Related: "Israel And U.S. Generals Draw Up Theoretical Scenario For Attack On Iran" Printer Friendly Version "Article co-written by retired generals James Cartwright and Amos Yadlin states that it would be preferable for the U.S., rather than Israel, to carry out an attack on Iran." Note: Another act of war, illegal under International Law. Technically an act of international aggression and terrorism.

Commentary: "Attorney General Eric Holder Being Investigated For Lying Under Oath" [05/29/13] [3:23]  "The House Judiciary Committee is investigating whether Attorney General Eric Holder lied under oath during his May 15 testimony on the Justice Department’s (DOJ) surveillance of reporters, an aide close to the matter told The Hill. The panel is looking at a statement Holder made during a back and forth with Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Ga.) about whether the DOJ could prosecute reporters under the Espionage Act of 1917. “In regard to potential prosecution of the press for the disclosure of material - this is not something I’ve ever been involved in, heard of, or would think would be wise policy,” Holder said during the hearing. However, NBC News reported last week that Holder personally approved a search warrant that labeled Fox News chief Washington correspondent James Rosen a co-conspirator in a national security leaks case. The panel is investigating whether NBC’s report contradicts Holder’s claim that he had not looked into or been involved with a possible prosecution of the press in a leaks case."

MSM: "McCain Sneaks Across Turkey-Syrian Border, Meets With Rebels" [05/28/13] Printer Friendly Version Video clip  [1:00] "Sen. John McCain has quietly slipped into Syria for a meeting with Syrian rebels. Spokeswoman Rachel Dean confirmed that the Arizona Republican made the visit. She declined further comment about the trip.  [...]"  Note: McCain is beneath contempt ... useless retread .. everything he does leads to death and disorder in society ... Related: "Inside McCain's Secret Syria Trip" Printer Friendly Version "Mouaz Moustafa, who helped plan McCain's trip to Syria, discusses details of the trip with CNN's Israeli Wolf Blitzer. [...]" | "McCain Calls For No-Fly Zone Renewed" Printer Friendly Version " ... McCain actually met with the Supreme Military Council of the Free Syrian Army and in doing so, associated himself with a group that previously told their forces to cooperate with the terrorist organization Jabhat al-Nusra. If the kind of broad definitions outlined in the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 and 2013 were applied to McCain, he could easily be indefinitely detained for “substantially support[ing] al-Qaeda, the Taliban, or associated forces.” While the FSA has attempted to distance itself from al-Nusra, it clearly remains an associated force and is, according to the Guardian “the best-equipped, financed and motivated force fighting Bashar al-Assad’s regime.” Of course, McCain will likely never be held responsible for what he is doing, just as he was not held responsible for openly supporting terrorists in Libya, or for the more than 100 Naval deaths on the USS Forrestal that he caused by wet-starting his jet on the deck ... the guy is a menace to society.|"Obama Asks Pentagon For Syria No-Fly Zone Plan" Printer Friendly Version | MSM: "Senator John McCain Has A Lovely Visit With Al Qaeda" [2:33]

Commentary: "Christ Psychosis" in America - The Self Righteous Idiocracy" [05/27/13] [32:51] "Exposing the Actions of the Tea Party reasoning along those of the GOP candidates as a Christianity induced psychopathic Idiocrasy. [...]"  Related "Mere Christ Psychosis" [8:56] An explanation of C.S.Lewis irrational perceptions and infantile thinking. [Cross-Posted]

Commentary: "Monsanto’s Contributions to US House and Senate Candidates" [05/27/13] Printer Friendly Version Audio + List/Amt  "Whoever wins, Monsanto has the support of the White House, the Senate and the House, not to mention key appoints in the US Department of Agriculture (USDA and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). [...]" 

MSM: "Partisan Gridlock Thwarts Effort to Alter Health Law" [05/27/13] Printer Friendly Version "Almost no law as sprawling and consequential as the Affordable Care Act has passed without changes — significant structural changes or routine tweaks known as “technical corrections” — in subsequent months and years. The Children’s Health Insurance Program, for example, was fixed in the first months after its passage in 1997. But as they prowl Capitol Hill, business lobbyists like Mr. DeFife, health care providers and others seeking changes are finding, to their dismay, that in a polarized Congress, accomplishing them has become all but impossible. Republicans simply want to see the entire law go away and will not take part in adjusting it. Democrats are petrified of reopening a politically charged law that threatens to derail careers as the Republicans once again seize on it before an election year. As a result, a landmark law that almost everyone agrees has flaws is likely to take effect unchanged. “I don’t think it can be fixed,” Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the Republican leader, said in an interview. “Everything is interconnected, 2,700 pages of statute, 20,000 pages of regulations so far. The only solution is to repeal it, root and branch.” Senator Max Baucus, Democrat of Montana and one of the law’s primary authors, said: “I’m not sure we’re going to get to the point where it’s time to open the bill and make some changes. Once you start, it’s Pandora’s box.” As the clock ticks toward 2014, when the law will be fully in effect, some businesses say that without changes, it may be their undoing. [...]"  

MSM: "Obama Expands Militarization of Police" [05/26/13] Printer Friendly Version [9:54] "Men in heavy armor carry assault rifles, patrolling streets alongside armored personnel carriers. These are scenes from the manhunt in Watertown, following April 15′s Boston Marathon Bombings. After locking down the area, local, state, and federal agencies sent SWAT teams out in force in search of the remaining suspect. The images from those days are striking, and raise serious questions about how and when the use of paramilitary policing tools should be used. SWAT teams originated in the late 1960s, but their use greatly expanded in the 1980s as the Reagan administration doubled down on the drug war. In 1988 the Byrne Grant Program passed Congress, allocating substantial funding for anti-drug policing. As money was awarded for drug arrests, resources shifted toward drug raids, increasingly using SWAT teams for this purpose. Meanwhile federal programs were introduced increasing training and cooperation between the military and domestic law enforcement to battle drug crime. Other Reagan-era policies encouraged the transfer of surplus military hardware to law enforcement, which in the 1990s became firmly established by the Clinton Administration’s 1033 Program, incorporating millions of pieces of equipment designed for war zones into domestic policing agencies.Among items transfered to local law enforcement agencies have been assault rifles and grenade launchers, even Blackhawk helicopters and .50 caliber machine guns; In fiscal year 2011 alone, the Pentagon transferred almost $500 million worth of materials to domestic law enforcement - near double the previous year's total -  [...]"  

Commentary: "Chicago Billionairess Penny Pritzker Up For Commerce Secretary" [05/24/13] Printer Friendly Version "Hopefully some good fireworks today. Pritzker is as corrupt as they come, and this is a Chicago payback job for her bundling massive $$$ for Obama. Her family is Chicago way all the way. And…it broke this morning that she undereported her income by 80 million last year. I’m sure it was just a rounding error. Though the position for which she has been nominated, Secretary of Commerce, often goes to a presidential crony or political insider, Pritzker would exceed all her predecessors and peers with her shocking record of cronyism and failure. Pritzker ran Superior Bank into the ground by dealing in sub-prime mortgages. As Breitbart News noted recently, the bank’s depositors lost $6000, on average, and the taxpayers got fleeced–but the investors got paid out first. Pritzker recently served on the board of the Chicago Public Schools during a period of abject educational failure, and earned a bad reputation with labor unions both there and at her family’s Hyatt hotel chain. She has MASSIVE amounts tucked away in offshore banks. Remember Mitt Romney singing “America the Beautiful” to scenes of Caribbean islands where the GOP nominee had invested some of his considerable wealth? So do Republican Senators who plan to question Commerce Secretary nominee Penny Pritzker about her own off-shore assets at a confirmation hearing today, a congressional source tells CNN. “There’s a certain level of hypocrisy,” said the congressional source who spoke on the condition of anonymity. With net worth estimated at $1.85 billion by Forbes Magazine, Pritizker, a business executive and heiress to the family that founded the Hyatt hotel chain, is poised to become one of the wealthiest cabinet members in U.S. history. Earlier this week, she amended her financial disclosure reform after initially underreporting her income by nearly $80 million, according to a filing her attorney made with the Office of Government Ethics. The attorney blamed the omission on a “clerical error.”[...]" Note: Several related article links on the same page.

Commentary: "Goldberg: Obama's 'Idiot' Defense" [05/24/13] Printer Friendly Version "As the administration finds itself ensnared by errors of its own making, the curtain is drawn back on the cult of expertise and the fantasy of statist redemption. Although there's still a great deal to be learned about the scandals and controversies swirling around the White House like so many ominous dorsal fins in the surf, the nature of President Obama's bind is becoming clear. The best defenses of his administration require undermining the rationale for his presidency. "We're portrayed by Republicans as either being lying or idiots. It's actually closer to us being idiots." So far, this is the administration's best defense. [...]"  

MSM: "New Information On IRS Chain Of Command - Missing Link Cindy Thomas" [05/24/13] [10:00]  

MSM: "IRS Official Who Refused to Testify Is Suspended" [05/24/13] Printer Friendly Version "Lois Lerner, the head of the tax division on exempt organizations, was put on administrative leave a day after she invoked the Fifth Amendment before a House committee. [...]"  Related: See below.

MSM: "IRS’ Lois Lerner Re-Subpoenaed After Accidentally Waiving Her Right To Plead The Fifth" [05/23/13] Printer Friendly Version "Perhaps, when one gets down to it, there was no actual intent of malice or ill-will on behalf of the IRS to persecute conservative groups (there was of course), and the bottom line is that all of the administration’s IRS apparatchicks were just bloody stupid. Such is the conclusion one derives after watching today’s attempt by embattled IRS official Lois Lerner to plead the Fifth before the House Oversight Committee, which blew up spectacularly in her face, after she made an actual statement protesting her innocence, which it appears, was in itself a waiver of the waiver. As a result, committee Chairman Darrell Issa has ordered Lerner to be hauled back, and to answer the questions she evaded earlier today, after now having effectively waived her Fifth Amendment right in retrospect, or else be charged with contempt [...]"  Note: “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity“-Robert Hanlon  Related: "Congressman Objects to Lerner Taking 5th: ‘You Don’t Get to Tell Your Side of Story Then Not Be Subjected to Cross Examination’"Printer Friendly Version "... Issa has accused Lerner of misleading Congress on at least four occasions in response to the committee’s questions last year on whether the IRS was targeting conservative groups."| "10 Times the Fifth Amendment Has Been Used Before Congress" Printer Friendly Version  

MSM: "Company Exec Pleads Fifth Amendment In Response To Answer Senate Questions On Medicare Billing" [05/23/13] Printer Friendly Version "The president and chief executive officer of a medical equipment company invoked the Fifth Amendment at Senate hearing Wednesday, declining to answer questions about aggressive marketing tactics used to sell scooters, sleep apnea machines and other home medical supplies to Medicare recipients who may not need or want them. Jon Letko of U.S. Healthcare Supply LLC, based in Milford, N.J., exercised his constitutional right not to incriminate himself at the hearing before the Senate Subcommittee on Financial and Contracting Oversight. [...]"  

MSM: "Obama Administration Knew of IRS Probe During 2012 Campaign" [05/20/13] Printer Friendly Version "Senior Treasury officials were made aware in June 2012 that investigators were looking into complaints from tea party groups that they were being harassed by the Internal Revenue Service, a Treasury inspector general said, disclosing that Obama administration officials knew there was a probe during the heat of the presidential campaign. J. Russell George, the Treasury inspector general for tax administration, testifying alongside ousted IRS head Steven Miller on Friday, said he had told the department's general counsel about his investigation on June 4, 2012, and Deputy Treasury Secretary Neal Wolin "shortly thereafter." [...]" 

MSM: "AP CEO: Gov't Seizure Of Phone Records Has Made Sources Less Willing To Talk" [05/20/13] Printer Friendly Version "Gary Pruitt, in his first television interviews since it was revealed the Justice Department subpoenaed phone records of AP reporters and editors, said the move already has had a chilling effect on journalism. Pruitt said the seizure has made sources less willing to talk to AP journalists and, in the long term, could limit Americans’ information from all news outlets. [...]"  Note: Which was the whole point of the op. Related: See below

Interviews: "Chris Hedges: Monitoring Of AP Phones A "Terrifying" Step In State Assault On Press Freedom " [05/20/13] Printer Friendly Version [32:20] "We are now in the last moments of an effort to, in essence, effectively extinguish press freedom,” columnist Chris Hedges told “Democracy Now!” in a conversation Wednesday about revelations of the Justice Department’s seizure of work, home and cell-phone records of up to 100 reporters and editors at The Associated Press. Knowing that the United States and the world are on a course toward instability and chaos ensured by irreversible climate change and economic deterioration, the Obama administration and those who expect to inherit its role and powers “want the mechanisms by which they can criminalize any form of dissent,” Hedges continued. The attack on the press, which the AP phone records scandal exposes, is “an excuse to ferret out and destroy legitimate movements that challenge centers of power” by scaring potential whistle-blowers and dissidents into silence. [...]" 

Commentary: "Federal Court Slams Obama’s Abuse Of Constitution" [05/19/13] Printer Friendly Version " A second federal appeals court has found that President Barack Obama exceeded his power when he bypassed the Senate to install a member to the National Labor Relations Board. The ruling by the 3rd Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in Philadelphia came on the same day that a Senate panel considered a slate of five nominees for full terms on the labor board. Senate Republicans said Thursday they would oppose two of the nominees — Sharon Block and Richard Griffin — because they currently sit on the board as recess appointments. In its 2-1 decision ruling, the appeals court said that under the Constitution recess appointments can be made only between sessions of the Senate, not any time the Senate is away on a break. [...]"  

MSM: "Obama War Powers Under 2001 Law ‘Astoundingly Disturbing,’ Senators Say" [05/18/13] Printer Friendly Version 2 "This is the most astounding and most astoundingly disturbing hearing that I've been to since I've been here. You guys have essentially rewritten the Constitution today," Sen. Angus King (I-Maine) told four senior U.S. military officials who testified about the 2001 Authorization to Use Military Force and what it allows the White House to do. King and others were stunned by answers to specific questions about where President Barack Obama could use force under the key provision of the AUMF -- a 60-word paragraph that targeted those responsible for the 9/11 attacks. "I learned more in this hearing about the scope of the AUMF than in all of my study in the last four or five years," said Harvard Law professor Jack Goldsmith, who was called by the committee to offer independent comments on the issue. "I thought I knew what the application [of the AUMF] meant, but I'm less confident now," he added later. Concerns emerged largely from questions by senators who approve of an aggressive strategy to combat terrorism, including Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), who asked if the AUMF gave Obama the authority to put "boots on the ground" in Yemen or the Congo. [...]" [Cross-Posted]

Commentary: "US Suspends Constitution in Permanent World War on Terror" [05/18/13] Printer Friendly Version "Two disturbing developments have occurred in the last couple of days that have gone relatively unnoticed compared to the recent IRS, AP, and Bengazi scandals. First, the senate is debating an expansion of the already broad powers of the 2001 Authorization to Use Military Force (AUMF) so the U.S. can essentially engage any area in the world in the war on terror, including America. Which brings us to the second development: the Pentagon has recently granted itself the police powers on American soil. [...] Glenn Greenwald wrote an excellent piece describing how this hearing reveals the not-so-secret plan to make the war on terror a permanent fixture in Western society. Greenwald writes: " It is hard to resist the conclusion that this war has no purpose other than its own eternal perpetuation. This war is not a means to any end but rather is the end in itself. Not only is it the end itself, but it is also its own fuel: it is precisely this endless war - justified in the name of stopping the threat of terrorism - that is the single greatest cause of that threat." A self-perpetuating permanent war against a shadowy un-definable enemy appears to be the future of American foreign policy. How convenient for the war machine and tyrants who claim "surveillance is safety". But perhaps most disturbing of all of this is the military's authority to police American streets as if it was in civil war. For all those still in denial that America is a militarized police state, this should be the ultimate cure to your delusion. [...]"  Related: "Pentagon Plans To Fight ‘War On Terror’ For Another 20 Years"  Printer Friendly Version "United States Department of Defense doesn’t believe an end to the war on terror is in sight. On Thursday, one Pentagon official predicted the mission against al-Qaeda could continue for another two decades. [...]"  Note: Yeah ... these people have no insight and little Higher Self presence going on .... but at least we'll not have to put up with these hapless fools any more, soon. They can incarnate on other worlds where communal fascism is already firmly established, and they can try and fight their way into the hierarchy there ...having only dug themselves deeper into the mire of 3rd density addiction and their immature strategies.

MSM: "The Biggest Obama Scandals Are Proven and Ignored" [05/18/13] Printer Friendly Version "Obama has broken the law on multiple occasions. Despite clearly stating, in a 2008 questionnaire, that the commander-in-chief is not lawfully empowered to ignore treaties duly ratified by the Senate, Obama has willfully failed to enforce the torture treaty, signed by Ronald Reagan and duly ratified by the Senate, that compels him to investigate and prosecute torture. As Sullivan put it earlier this year, "what Obama and Holder have done (or rather not done) is illegal." Obama also violated the War Powers Resolution, a law he has specifically proclaimed to be Constitutionally valid, when committing U.S. troops to Libya without Congressional approval. Or as Sullivan put it in 2011, "I'm with Conor. The war in Libya becomes illegal from now on. And the imperial presidency grows even more powerful." On the subject of war crimes, Sullivan wrote that "Obama and attorney- general Eric Holder have decided to remain in breach of the Geneva Conventions and be complicit themselves in covering up the war crimes of their predecessors - which means, of course, that those of us who fought for Obama's election precisely because we wanted a return to the rule of law were conned." In a separate entry, he went so far as to say that Obama is "a clear and knowing accessory to war crimes, and should at some point face prosecution as well, if the Geneva Conventions mean anything any more." [...] At the New York Times, Mother Jones, The New Yorker, and beyond, exceptional journalists take great care to document alarming abuses against the rule of law, the separation of powers, transparency, and human rights perpetrated by the Obama Administration. On a given subject, the coverage leaves me awed and proud to be part of the same profession. But when it comes time for synthesis, bad heuristics take over. Confronted with the opportunism and absurdity of the GOP, Obama's sins are forgiven, as if he should be graded on a curve. His sins are forgotten, as if "this president has done nothing illegal, unethical or even wrong."[...]"  

Commentary: "CIA-Connected SAIC Awarded Government “Cyber Security” Contract" [05/17/13] Printer Friendly Version "The police state brain trust – connected at the hip to the CIA – has merged with Homeland Security. “Science Applications International Corp. is joining the roster of companies involved in a program to protect U.S. infrastructure against cyber threats,” the UPI reports today. “SAIC said it has signed a memorandum of agreement with Homeland Security on joining the initiative. Northrop Grumman announced its participation earlier this week and that it is starting the security accreditation process which is required for the Homeland Security program.” “SAIC… is the invisible hand behind a huge portion of the national security state – the one sector of the government whose funds are limitless and whose continued growth is assured every time a politician utters the word ‘terrorism,’” Donald L. Barlett and James B. Steele wrote for Vantiy Fair in 2007. [...]"  Related: Flashback: "Obama Secret Directive Gives Cyber-Control To Military For National Security" [11/15/12] Printer Friendly Version "Google is stating in their most recent Transparency Report that the US government has stepped up their surveillance on civilians. According to the internet giant, more personal data is being profiled on Americans and their habits on the Web. A US Court of Appeals in the District of Columbia, ruled that the NSA does not need to confirm nor deny (known as a “Glomar” response) its collaborations with Google; how the two work together to spy on American citizens in the name of protecting the public from false flag “cyber-attacks” ... It is now being reported that Obama has signed a secret policy directive that gives the military complete control over the internet should the US come under a cyberattack. Being called Presidential Policy Directive 20, the alleged document (being classified) is a guideline that explains how specific federal agencies will be empowered by the Obama administration to intercept online “breaches of security” – including hacking and other digital attacks. [...] The DHS, specifically Secretary Janet Napolitano, will be given the sole power of oversight, rather than Keith Alexander, director of the National Security Agency (NSA). Napolitano will be empowered to reference top-secret intelligence reports only known to her to bases identification of cyberthreats and individual targets."  [...] DHS has begun an initiative to purvey propaganda onto American citizens called Stop.Think.Connect. (STC). The STC have teamed with Microsoft to create public service announcements. (PSAs) that convince average Americans on how to perceive the inflated threat hackers have on the US government’s cybersecurity. Some of the founders of the STC initiative are AT&T, Costco, Experian, Facebook, Google, Intel, McAfee, Mircosoft, Paypal, Symantec, Verisign, Visa, Walmart, Yahoo. [...]" 

MSM: "IRS Official in Charge During Tea Party Targeting Now Runs Health Care Office" [05/17/13] Printer Friendly Version "The Internal Revenue Service official in charge of the tax-exempt organizations at the time when the unit targeted tea party groups now runs the IRS office responsible for the health care legislation. Sarah Hall Ingram served as commissioner of the office responsible for tax-exempt organizations between 2009 and 2012. But Ingram has since left that part of the IRS and is now the director of the IRS’ Affordable Care Act office, the IRS confirmed to ABC News today. Her successor, Joseph Grant, is taking the fall for misdeeds at the scandal-plagued unit between 2010 and 2012. During at least part of that time, Grant served as deputy commissioner of the tax-exempt unit. Grant announced today that he would retire June 3, despite being appointed as commissioner of the tax-exempt office May 8, a week ago. As the House voted to fully repeal the Affordable Care Act Thursday evening, House Speaker John Boehner expressed “serious concerns” that the IRS is empowered as the law’s chief enforcer. “Fully repealing ObamaCare will help us build a stronger, healthier economy, and will clear the way for patient-centered reforms that lower health care costs and protect jobs,” Boehner, R-Ohio, said. “Obamacare empowers the agency that just violated the public’s trust by secretly targeting conservative groups,” Rep. Marlin Stutzman, R-Ind., added. “Even by Washington’s standards, that’s unacceptable.” Sen. John Cornyn even introduced a bill, the “Keep the IRS Off Your Health Care Act of 2013,” which would prohibit the Secretary of the Treasury, or any delegate, including the IRS, from enforcing the Affordable Care Act. [...]"  Related: See below: "IRS 'Enforcement' Of Unconstitutional Obamacare Tax Provisions Problematic" [05/16/13] .

MSM: "Obama Fires IRS Acting Chief Over 'Inexcusable' Tax Targeting Scandal" [05/16/13] Printer Friendly Version "Barack Obama fired the most senior tax official in the US on Wednesday in an effort to bring a speedy end to a scandal over the targeting of Tea Party organisations and other conservative groups for special scrutiny. Obama, speaking at the White House, described the conduct of the employees at the Internal Revenue Service office in Cincinnati, Ohio, as "inexcusable". The president said that the Treasury secretary, Jack Lew, had asked the acting commissioner of the IRS, Steven Miller, to resign in the light of a critical report from the inspector general. "Americans are right to be angry about it. I am angry about it. I will not tolerate this in any agency, especially in the IRS," Obama said. The inspector general's report found that ineffective management at the IRS had allowed agents in the Cincinnati office to target conservative groups inappropriately for more than 18 months. Officials had picked out groups with the words Tea Party or Patriots in their titles and subjected their requests for tax-exempt status to extra scrutiny. [...]" | Steven Miller is ousted but writes face-saving email announcing departure when his ‘assignment ends in early June.’

Commentary: "IRS Faces Lawsuit After Stealing 60 Million Medical Records" [05/16/13] Printer Friendly Version " The Internal Revenue Service is now facing a class action lawsuit over allegations that it improperly accessed and stole the health records of some 10 million Americans, including medical records of all California state judges. According to the case, the IRS agents had a search warrant for financial data pertaining to a former employee of the John Doe company, however, “it did not authorize any seizure of any healthcare or medical record of any persons, least of all third parties completely unrelated to the matter,” the complaint read. The lawsuit is seeking punitive damages for constitutional violations, as well as $25,000 “per violation per individual” in compensatory damages. Those damages could start at a minimum total of $250 billion. [...]"  

Commentary: "IRS 'Enforcement' Of Unconstitutional Obamacare Tax Provisions Problematic" [05/16/13] Printer Friendly Version "An interesting fact that few people are aware of, however, is that the so-called Affordable Care Act does not actually spell out how the IRS can enforce the collection of penalties for those individuals that choose not to abide by the unconstitutional law's insurance mandate. According to reports, the IRS will surely ask for the money, but there exist no civil or criminal penalties for those who refuse to pay it, which is good news for the millions of Americans who decide to take control of their own health destinies. "The ACA (Affordable Care Act) bars the IRS from bringing a criminal enforcement case against someone who refuses to pay the non-insurance penalty," explains Forbes. "And it makes it very difficult, if not impossible, for it to enforce a tax lien." [...] Another factor in this whole Obamacare debacle is the reality that the bill itself did not originate in the House of Representatives as required by law, which means it is not technically valid or enforceable. HoustonNews explains that, by law, any new law that extracts money from taxpayers must originate in the House - the Affordable Care Act originated in the Senate. Beyond this, many have also correctly pointed out that there is no reasonable or logical way for Obamacare to be considered a legitimate tax. "If the mandate's penalty is a tax, it is not a tax on income, but on disobedience," wrote one insightful and fully aware commenter on a CNBC article discussing this new breed of tyranny. "If taxes can be used to compel the individual to obey government dictums, by expropriating their private property, then the power to tax is all-powerful, and all other rights promised by the Constitution are meaningless."   Note: If the Obamacare remains unfunded, it will fall apart .... 

Commentary: "Political Insiders On Benghazi, The IRS, And More" [05/16/13] [12:36] MSM [Cross-Posted] Related:"Pentagon Papers Lawyer Thinks Obama Is Worse Than Nixon" Printer Friendly Version "James C. Goodale, the so-called “father of reporters’ privilege” and the author of a new book called Fighting for the Press , was in his office at the Debevoise & Plimpton law firm, where he’s a partner, comparing Barack Obama to Richard M. Nixon. [...]"  

MSM: "Soros-Funded ‘Media Matters’ Distributes Talking Points to Defend DOJ Spying on AP Reporters" [05/16/13] Printer Friendly Version "Wednesday morning, Media Matters for America (MMFA) openly sided against the media in favor of the Obama Administration. In what might be a major tipping point against them, the hard-left, Soros-funded, 501 (c)(3) welfare queens released a set of pro-Obama talking points that take the Department of Justice’s side in the case where they seized the phone records of upwards of 20 Associated Press reporters: [...]" Related: "DOJ Snooping On Journalists: A Witch Hunt To Enforce Obama Demand For Total Secrecy" Printer Friendly Version "According to the AP, the Justice Department monitored the work and personal phone records of more than 20 reporters and editors for months. From the very beginning of the Obama reign, there has been a war on whistleblowers, an effort to strike fear into those who might leak information to the press, a fight to make the Imperial Presidency more secret than it has ever been. Until now, the administration seemed to brazenly parade its achievement of prosecuting more people under the Espionage Act than all previous administrations. But with this latest fiasco, the administration seems to have crossed the line: now, they are too embarrassed to admit it. [...]" | "AP Allegations" Printer Friendly Version "The White House asked Wednesday that a federal shield law be reintroduced in the Senate, a move that could affect the way the Justice Department conducts investigations into leaks of secret government information. [...]"  

MSM: "AP Records Seizure Just Latest Step In Sweeping U.S. Leak Probe" [05/16/13] Printer Friendly Version "The Justice Department's controversial decision to seize phone records of Associated Press journalists was just one element in a sweeping U.S. government investigation into media leaks about a Yemen-based plot to bomb a U.S. airliner, government officials said on Wednesday. [...]" 

MSM: "Senator Jim Inhofe To Co-Sponsor Bill Targeting IRS" [05/16/13] Printer Friendly Version "Oklahoma's senior U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe is co-sponsoring a bill filed amid reports that the Internal Revenue Service specifically targeted conservative groups. Inhofe announced Wednesday that he was an official co-sponsor of the Taxpayer Nondiscrimination and Protection Act of 2013. Inhofe says the bill would make it a crime for an IRS employee to target an individual or group based on their beliefs. [...]" 

MSM: "FBI Opens Criminal Probe Of U.S. Tax Agency, Audit Cites Disarray" [05/15/13] Printer Friendly Version " ... An inspector general's report on the IRS portrayed the tax agency as plagued by disarray and "insufficient oversight" during its struggles to review the cases of hundreds of advocacy groups that claimed they should be tax exempt. The audit, which drew some backlash from IRS officials, also underscored what the agency had acknowledged last Friday: that the IRS had used "inappropriate criteria" for evaluating tax-exempt groups, in part by singling out scores of conservative Tea Party and "Patriot" organizations for increased scrutiny. [...]"  

MSM: "Darrell Issa: It's Clear That Obama Administration Officials 'See Themselves Above The Law'" [05/14/13] Printer Friendly Version "In a blistering statement late Monday, House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa blasted the Obama administration after the Associated Press revealed that the Justice Department had obtained months of phone records from its reporters and editors. In his statement, Issa tied together three situations that have plagued the Obama administration over the past week — new revelations about the aftermath of last September's terrorist attacks on the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya; the IRS' targeting of different conservative groups for extra scrutiny; and, now, the obtaining of AP phone records. [...] Issa: “This is obviously disturbing. Coming within a week of revelations that the White House lied to the American people about the Benghazi attacks and the IRS targeted conservative Americans for their political beliefs, Americans should take notice that top Obama administration officials increasingly see themselves as above the law and emboldened by the belief that they don’t have to answer to anyone. I will work with my fellow House Chairmen on an appropriate response to Obama administration officials.”"  Related: "AP: Feds Secretly Gathered Our Records" Printer Friendly Version | "Obama Administration Secretly Spied On The Associated Press" Printer Friendly Version 

MSM: "Obama: We Dishonor Benghazi Victims By Asking Questions" [05/14/13] [0:26] "A new White House Benghazi deflection strategy was introduced by the Crier-in-Chief at today’s press conference. Now the President says we should blame anyone asking tough questions about the attack for ‘dishonoring the memory of the victims.’ As for dishonoring the families of the victims, the White House has that one covered, all by itself. [...]" 

MSM: "Obama Empowers DHS To Use Local Gov & Corporations For Their Own “Priorities”" [05/14/13] Printer Friendly Version "Just last week, President Obama signed yet another executive order; this one empowering the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to utilize local governments and private sector corporations for the expressed purposes of “[supporting] homeland security priorities.” Obama’s aim to expand DHS control over local governments to allocate resources, efficiently usurp individual innovation for the success of the federal government. In this way, DHS can be sent into a situation (whether natural disaster or terroristic prevention) and have at their disposal “diverse perspectives, skill, tools and resources.” [...]" 

MSM: "Will Obama Suffer The ‘Second-Term Curse’" [05/13/13] Printer Friendly Version | "Republican Expects More Benghazi "Whistle Blowers" Printer Friendly Version "A top Republican on Sunday said he expected more witnesses to step forward with information about last year's deadly attack on a U.S. mission in Benghazi and how President Barack Obama's administration responded to the unfolding events. Last week, Republican charges that White House covered up details of the September 11, 2012 attack gathered more steam after former U.S. diplomat Greg Hicks told lawmakers he believed more could have been done to stop the assault by suspected Islamist militants. [...]"[Cross-Posted] Note: Some think that another false flag diversion operation isn't far off.

MSM: "IRS Targeted Groups That Criticized The Government, IG Report Says" [05/13/13] Printer Friendly Version "At various points over the past two years, Internal Revenue Service officials targeted nonprofit groups that criticized the government and sought to educate Americans about the U.S. Constitution, according to documents in an audit conducted by the agency’s inspector general. The documents, obtained by The Washington Post from a congressional aide with knowledge of the findings, show that on June 29, 2011, IRS staffers held a briefing with senior agency official Lois G. Lerner in which they described giving special attention to instances where “statements in the case file criticize how the country is being run.” Lerner, who oversees tax-exempt groups for the agency, raised objections and the agency revised its criteria a week later. [...]"  

MSM: "Obamacare Broke: Sebelius Begs For Donations" [05/12/13] Printer Friendly Version "Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has gone, hat in hand, to health industry officials, asking them to make large financial donations to help with the effort to implement President Obama’s landmark health-care law, two people familiar with the outreach said. Her unusual fundraising push comes after Congress repeatedly rejected the Obama administration’s requests for additional funds to set up the Affordable Care Act, leaving HHS to implement the president’s signature legislative accomplishment on what officials have described as a shoestring budget. [...]"  Related: "Robert Reich Fears De-Funding Of Government" Printer Friendly Version " Repealing laws by hollowing them out -- failing to fund their enforcement or implementation -- works because the public doesn't know it's happening. Enactment of a law attracts attention; de-funding it doesn't. Just a reminder to Republicans: funding controls everything, you can't have ObamaCare if you don't fund it. [...]"  

MSM: "Obama Extends US ‘State Of Emergency’ Over Syria, Blames Victim He’s Attacking To Justify ‘Emergency Powers’" [05/09/13] [3:16]  Related:"Obama just Re-Declared Martial Law, Again, on May 7, 2013" Printer Friendly Version "Yes America, You've Always lived in Not a De Facto, but a De Jure Police State, since 1933 National Emergencies Act was signed by FDR, and every single year since, when it has been renewed annually by every single President. [...]"  

Commentary: "Obamacare Begins To Unravel As Small Business Insurance Offerings Delayed Another Year" [05/09/13] Printer Friendly Version "An Obamacare insurance exchange scheme that was intended to give American small businesses the ability to choose from a variety of insurance options for their employees will not be ready until at least 2015, according to new reports. The program, which was supposed to go into effect this fall, will simply not be ready in time, which means small businesses will have only one insurance option. Not surprisingly, the delay could eventually put many small companies out of business, or at the very least force them to lay off some of their employees. Many small businesses already have a difficult time voluntarily providing health insurance coverage for their employees, which means the new Obamacare mandates will only make the situation worse by putting additional strain on the small business sector. [...]" 

Commentary: "Obamacare Nightmare Would Officially Begin October 1, 2013" [05/08/13] Printer Friendly Version "In less than five months, on Oct. 1, the Affordable Care Act's insurance exchanges would go live online. Millions of Americans will suddenly be able to log on to a website and choose their own heath-care coverage from a menu of subsidized options for prices and coverage levels. As the opening day gets closer, anxiety is increasing over how well these online exchanges will function. Seventeen states and the District of Columbia are operating their own exchanges, seven states are operating exchanges in partnership with the federal government, and the federal government is running exchanges for the remaining 26 states that opted not to create their own. All are rushing to ensure that their systems get up and running on time, and nobody is forecasting a glitch-free rollout, not even the president. Transforming the U.S. health-care system—which is larger than the economy of France—is one of the most daunting administrative tasks government has ever confronted. There will be bumps in the road; this is inevitable. Setting up the exchanges will pose a host of technological challenges, such as digitally linking an individual's IRS information (which determines a subsidy level) to the insurance offerings in the individual's home area and to employment data—while simultaneously factoring in Medicaid eligibility. [...]" 

Buffoonery: "Obama To Grads: Reject Voices That Warn About Government Tyranny" [05/06/13] Printer Friendly Version " Unfortunately, you've grown up hearing voices that incessantly warn of government as nothing more than some separate, sinister entity that's at the root of all our problems. Some of these same voices also do their best to gum up the works. They'll warn that tyranny always lurking just around the corner. You should reject these voices. Because what they suggest is that our brave, and creative, and unique experiment in self-rule is somehow just a sham with which we can't be trusted. We have never been a people who place all our faith in government to solve our problems. We shouldn't want to. But we don't think the government is the source of all our problems, either. Because we understand that this democracy is ours. And as citizens, we understand that it's not about what America can do for us, it's about what can be done by us, together, through the hard and frustrating but absolutely necessary work of self-government. And class of 2013, you have to be involved in that process." [...]"  Note: Many of them will believe him. Not surprising, more propaganda theatre from this CIA-sponsored psychopathic narcissist reincarnated retread. 'Reject the obvious' ... just like GW Bush after 9/11 talking at the UN: Video clip  [0:15] ... "don't pay any attention to outrageous conspiracy theories" . No rational, honest individual would say that in response to an 'unexpected event' ... but only to ward off investigation pertinent to un-raveling what was behind it ... all that in the face of a host of inconsistencies between propaganda and actual events ... Related: "Poll Shows Widespread Conspiracy Theory Belief By Americans" Printer Friendly Version Note: Living in the US ... they have front row seat ... and MOST of the population are coming from a low to mid-level perspective ... composed mostly of retreads and minions ... the poll just shows how 'jerked around' they have been, and how uninformed, easily led, unaware and naive they are.

MSM: "White House Says Ignore Facts, Assad ‘Likely’ Behind Syrian Chemical Weapons After All" [05/06/13] Printer Friendly Version "When it comes to the deep hole of lies and inconsistencies that US foreign policy is vis-a-vis Syria, it has two options: stop digging or double down. Following the earlier report by the UN that outright rejected the full blown White House propaganda push to make it seem that it was Assad’s regime that was using chemical weapons as a front to stage a military incursion against a very unappealing despot, that it was the Al-Qaeda assisted and potentially US-armed rebels who had in fact been using toxic sarin gas, there was some hope that the digging would stop. Instead, the doubling down began [...] "The White House says it’s highly likely that Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime, not the rebel opposition, was behind any chemical weapons use in Syria. White House spokesman Jay Carney says there is certainly evidence that chemical weapons have been used. But Carney says the U.S. is highly skeptical of claims that rebels put them in play."  Note: As history shows, anything and everything the administration says and does is based on lies and deception. You can depend on it. 

Concepts and Practices: "60 Completely Outrageous Ways The U.S. Government Is Wasting Money" [05/06/13] Printer Friendly Version "In any event, please show this article to anyone that believes that the U.S. government is actually “tightening the belt”. Sadly, the truth is that the federal government is still wasting our money in some of the most frivolous ways that you could possibly imagine. The following are some of the completely outrageous ways that the U.S. government is wasting money… [...]"  

MSM: "Obamacare Already ‘Hurting Jobs and Paychecks’" [05/06/13] Printer Friendly Version "The Democrats’ health care law is “hurting jobs, it’s hurting care, and it’s hurting Americans’ paychecks,” Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) told Fox News’s Neil Cavuto on Thursday. Barrasso called Obamacare “an anchor around the neck of the economy,” and he says its effects soon will be reflected in the monthly unemployment numbers. “We have 20 million Americans who are out of work, are unemployed or underemployed. Millions more have given up looking for work, and it’s because of the impact of this health care law,” Barrasso said. [...]"  

MSM: "New Immigration Bill Has More Waivers And Exceptions Per Page Than Obamacare" [05/03/13] Printer Friendly Version "The Senate’s “Gang of Eight” has released a new version of the immigration bill that contains 999 references to waivers, exemptions and political discretion. The bill includes roughly 1.14 waivers or exemptions per page. By comparison, the 2,409-page Obamacare law includes 0.78 waivers and exemptions per page. The Obamacare law contains 1,882 mentions of “unless,” “notwithstanding,” “except,” “exempt,” “waivers,” “discretion” and “may.” “Waiver” is mentioned 209 times in the law. [...]"  Note: Not amazing that these 'one size fits all' proponents have decided to aim the negative consequences at everyone who is not exempt ... the general population, while reaping the benefits of the exemption ... clearly not equitable and very punitive ... socially terroristic.

Commentary: "The Seen and the Unseen in Gun Control" [05/03/13] Printer Friendly Version "The heinous shootings by young people at public schools around the country have predictably renewed calls for more gun control. Advocates of gun bans commit a classic fallacy that is usually associated with economic policy. But it fully applies to all government policy, including gun control. In the 19th century, the French economist Frederic Bastiat explained that in order to understand the consequences of a policy, you must consider both “what is seen and what is unseen.” This was also the “one lesson” taught by Bastiat’s intellectual descendant, Henry Hazlitt, in his famous book Economics in One Lesson. Hazlitt identified the “persistent tendency of men to see only the immediate effects of a given policy, or its effects only on a special group, and to neglect to inquire what the long-run effects of that policy will be, not only on that special group, but on all groups. It is the fallacy of overlooking secondary consequences.” [...]"

MSM: "Obama Makes May 1st "Loyalty Day" for Citizens to Reaffirm Allegiance to US" [05/02/13] Printer Friendly Version "According to the White House: In order to recognize the American spirit of loyalty and the sacrifices that so many have made for our Nation, the Congress, by Public Law 85-529 as amended, has designated May 1 of each year as "Loyalty Day." On this day, let us reaffirm our allegiance to the United States of America, our Constitution, and our founding values." [...] Loyalty Day was first observed as a holiday in 1921 during the first Red Scare "marked by a widespread fear of Bolshevism and anarchism" (Wiki). However, it has only been observed by small localized communities. Obama's proclamation will make Loyalty Day a national holiday to rally Americans behind more widespread fear, or freedom according to Obama's statement. [...]"  Note: Sounds like the fascist leader in V for Vendetta, speaking to his underlings, who said of the people, "they need to be reminded why they need us"  

MSM: "Obama: "We Can Not Stand By And Permit The Use Of Chemical Weapons On Civilians" [04/29/13] [11:47] CSPAN April 26, 2013 Note: Although he is speaking of nerve gas and the like, it's still hypocritical ....Isn't that what they are, in effect, doing to the population of the U.S., in a myriad of ways? Some examples: Related: "Corexit, Oil Dispersant Used By Bp, Is Destroying Gulf Marine Life, Scientists Say"  Printer Friendly Version "EcoRigs divers took water and marine life samples at several locations in the months following the blowout. Now, they and countless other Gulf residents are sick, with symptoms resembling something from a sci-fi horror film, including bleeding from the nose, ears, breasts, and even anus. Others complain of cognitive damage, including what one man calls getting “stuck stupid,” when he temporarily cannot move or speak, but can still hear. “If we are getting sick, then you know the marine life out in the Gulf is too,” Kolian said. The diver and researcher completed an affidavit on human and marine health used in GAP’s report. Kolian’s team has done studies of their own to alarming results. “We recently submitted a paper showing levels of hydrocarbons in seafood were up to 3,000 times higher than safety thresholds for human consumption,” he said. [...]" |"Glyphosate: A Trajectory of Human Misery" Printer Friendly Version "Glyphosate was first introduced in 1974 and has become the world's most dominant herbicide. It's now generic, so there are many brands and formulations. As a result, it's virtually ubiquitous, found nearly everywhere on earth. The Western diet is a delivery system for toxic chemicals used in industrial agriculture. It consists primarily of processed foods based on corn, wheat, soy and sugar, and they're consumed in high quantities. Chemical residues of insecticides, fungicides and herbicides like glyphosate contaminate the entire diet. [...]" |"Chemical Deception: Multiple Forms of Hormone-Disrupting Bisphenol Found In US Food Supply" Printer Friendly Version | "Chicken Plants to Douse Birds With More Chemicals" Printer Friendly Version Note: Never mind the medical industry with their vaccine paradigm, etc ... use of the most toxic substances in normal life (uranium, oil, etc) ... and the 38,000 chemicals in the environment, of which less than 500 have been tested for lethality. Chemical manipulation of populations is historically a US practice ... 

US Politics: "Obama Resisting Congressional Subpoena to See “Fast and Furious” Documents" [04/26/13] Printer Friendly Version " A U.S. Justice Department lawyer said on Wednesday that if a judge agreed to consider a Republican bid to get administration documents related to a botched operation against gun-trafficking it would prompt a flood of requests for courts to referee Washington political disputes. Justice Department lawyer Ian Gershengorn told a hearing the matter was best left to the give-and-take of the U.S. government's two elected branches, the president and Congress, and should not be a matter for the courts. U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson was skeptical and told Gershengorn, "There are three branches here, not just two." She did not say how she would rule, but questioned Gershengorn for more than twice as long as she did House of Representatives lawyer Kerry Kircher. Kircher told Jackson that if she did not intervene, presidents could withhold documents from Congress at will with no consequence and thwart oversight of government agencies. The fear about more subpoena cases is overblown, he added. "You will not be flooded by lawsuits," Kircher said. [...]" 

Commentary: "Obamacare Causes Huge Decrease In Job Growth As Employers Aim To Avoid Penalties" [04/26/13] Printer Friendly Version "As the nation gears up to usher in some of the first installments of Obamacare, job growth appears to be grinding to a halt, particularly within the small business sector, according to new reports. An expert economist analyzing the latest employment figures says the rapid decrease in job growth that has been taking place over the past few months is a direct result of employers’ hesitancy concerning not only the requirements of Obamacare, but also the penalties for non-compliance. Many experts have been warning for years that the implementation of Obamacare would result in decreased job growth and job losses. But because the issue became a highly-politicized “left-right” debate, many people did not take the issue seriously, even though its implications affect everyone negatively regardless of their individual political persuasions. [...]" 

MSM: "McConnell: Entire Country Should Be Exempt from ObamaCare" [04/26/13] Printer Friendly Version "McConnell spokesman Brian McGuire told Breitbart News, “Senator McConnell does not support, and is not involved in drafting, legislation that would do special favors for Congress when his constituents are still facing the increased premiums and taxes, the mountains of red tape, the loss of health care plans they like and want to keep and fewer jobs under Obamacare." "It’s no surprise that Democrats would want to exempt themselves from the train wreck they created in Obamacare," McGuire continued, "but Sen. McConnell believes the entire country should be exempt from this historic mistake. The law is a disaster and needs to be repealed.” The ObamaCare law is set to take effect in January, 2014. In November of that year, voters will go to the polls to elect a new Congress. That vote could set the stage for the repeal of ObamaCare. Voters will have the chance to exempt themselves from ObamaCare.  [...]" 

  MSM: "Lawmakers May Exempt Themselves And Their Staffs From Obamacare" [04/26/13] Printer Friendly Version "Leadership in the in both Houses of Congress are getting together make sure Obamacare doesn’t saddle their staffs with thousand of dollars in new healthcare costs. The congress people are not to keen on giving up their current plans either. Congress didn’t anticipate how the new healthcare law would impact them, so now they are seeking to carve out a special deal for themselves. These are the people who created and voted Obamacare into law. So now we have an example of Congressional incompetence, coupled with Congressional entitlement. The talks — which involve Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), the Obama administration and other top lawmakers — are extraordinarily sensitive, with both sides acutely aware of the potential for political fallout from giving carve-outs from the hugely controversial law to 535 lawmakers and thousands of their aides. [...]"  Related: "Update: Dem Leaders Won’t Seek Obamacare Exemption" Printer Friendly Version "Republicans hammered Democrats for allegedly seeking to carve themselves out of a requirement in the healthcare law. Democratic leaders said Thursday they’re not seeking an exemption from a central requirement of ObamaCare — that members of Congress and their staff purchase healthcare coverage through insurance exchanges. Republicans spent the day hammering Democrats for allegedly seeking to carve themselves out of a requirement in the healthcare law.  [...]"  

MSM: "White House: Clinton’s ‘Signature’ on Benghazi Docs Doesn’t Mean She Knew of Them" [04/26/13] Printer Friendly Version "The White House dismissed the signature of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on documents ignoring security concerns in Benghazi, calling it “protocol” for government official “signatures” to appear on documents they did not sign (and apparently know nothing about) . A report by five House committees released Tuesday found that Senior State Department officials, including Clinton, approved reductions in security at the facilities in Benghazi, Libya. The report cites an April 19, 2012, cable bearing Clinton’s signature acknowledging a March 28, 2012, request from then-U.S. Ambassador to Libya Gene Cretz for more security, yet allowing further reductions. [...]"  Related:"Report: Says Hillary Clinton Denied Added Security For Benghazi Consulate" [04/25/13]  [1:53]  Note: Miss "we came, we saw, he died" former US Cunt-In-Chief ... power-addicted reincarnated retread.  The Benghazi Report PDF The 46-page report draws on classified internal emails to illustrate a different picture from the one Clinton projects.

MSM: "CISPA Dead: 'Privacy Killer' Bill Hits A Brick Wall In The Senate" [04/26/13] Printer Friendly Version "The Senate will not take up the controversial cybersecurity bill, is drafting separate legislation [...] "We're not taking [CISPA] up," the committee representative says. "Staff and senators are divvying up the issues and the key provisions everyone agrees would need to be handled if we're going to strengthen cybersecurity. They'll be drafting separate bills." Sen. Jay Rockefeller, D-W.V., chairman of the committee, said the passage of CISPA was "important," but said the bill's "privacy protections are insufficient." That, coupled with the fact that President Barack Obama has threatened to veto the bill, has even CISPA's staunchest opponents, such as the American Civil Liberties Union, ready to bury CISPA and focus on future legislation. [...]" 

Commentary: "Obama Signs Imported Firearm And Ammo Killswitch" [04/25/13] Printer Friendly Version " Obama has side-stepped Congress by implementing portions of the UN Small Arms Trade Treaty through an executive order which can be used to ban the import of all firearms, ammunition and related supplies and accessories. While patriots across the nation rejoiced when the US congress rejected flat on its face an attempt to force the United States into the UN Small Arms Treaty just weeks later a more sinister ulterior motive has been revealed. [...]"  

World Politics: "U.S. Foreign Strategy To Create New Global Order" [04/23/13] Printer Friendly Version "A member of the Russian Academy of Sciences on why Washington’s establishment of two giant economic coalitions is pushing Moscow to develop a new strategy. [...] Every American president since Harry Truman has announced a doctrine reflecting the priorities of each White House occupant. In his State of the Union address to Congress in February 2013, Barack Obama set out his priorities. Globally, Obama intends to put the United States at the head of two giant economic blocks – the Transatlantic and Trans-Pacific Partnerships. This should ensure Washington’s leadership in a polycentric system of international relations." 

MSM: "After Senate Setback, Obama Quietly Moving Forward With Gun Regulation" [04/23/13] Printer Friendly Version "A Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Final Rule published today in the Federal Register and a news release issued Friday by the Department of Health and Human Services, followed up with a notice to be published tomorrow, are two developments all but ignored by the mainstream press even though Vice President Joe Biden announced last week that the administration would be using executive orders to advance “gun control” goals following a Senate battle that could not muster the votes to do so legislatively. [...]"  

Commentary: "Bush & Obama: Dangerous Narcissists" [04/21/13] Printer Friendly Version "Canadian psychiatrist Robert Hare analyzes psychopathic behavior. He does so clinically. He believes about 1% of the general population is insane. So are 10% of Wall Street employees, he says. Hare states: "There is a class of individuals who have been around forever and who are found in every race, culture, society and walk of life." "Everybody has met these people, been deceived and manipulated by them, and forced to live with or repair the damage they have wrought." "These often charming - but always deadly - individuals have a clinical name: psychopaths." "Their hallmark is a stunning lack of conscience; their game is self-gratification at the other person’s expense. Many spend time in prison, but many do not. All take far more than they give." "The most obvious expressions of psychopathy - but not the only ones - involve the flagrant violation of society’s rules." "Not surprisingly, many psychopaths are criminals, but many others manage to remain out of prison, using their charm and chameleon-like coloration to cut a wide swathe through society, leaving a wake of ruined lives behind them." "If we can't spot them, we are doomed to be their victims, both as individuals and as a society." Hare lists two psychopathological trait categories. Interpersonal ones include: [...]"  Related: "President “I, Me, My” Makes Boston Memorial Service" [0:30] "It’s all about Obama, all the time… [...]" 

Commentary: "Obama Pursues Astonishing Abuses, Expansion Of Federal Power, Says U.S. Senator" [04/20/13] Printer Friendly Version "While tens of millions of Americans believe President Obama may be the most divisive president since Abraham Lincoln, at least one U.S. senator thinks he may be the most abusive in terms of wielding power. Granted, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, is a political opponent, to be sure, so some may be prone to take his comments in that context. But in reality Cruz is more than just a political opponent: He is also a constitutional expert who has served as a law clerk for U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice William Reinquist; as an associate deputy attorney general in the U.S. Justice Department and as the director of policy planning at the U.S. Federal Trade Commission under President George W. Bush; and as Solicitor General for the state of Texas. He has authored more than 80 U.S. Supreme Court briefs and presented 43 oral arguments, including nine before the nation’s highest court. He also authored the amicus brief, which was signed by the attorneys general of 31 states, in the District of Columbia v. Heller case, which said that Washington, D.C.’s ban on handgun possession and ownership was unconstitutional (this was the case in which the high court reaffirmed the Second Amendment as an individual right, striking down D.C.’s gun ban). So it’s clear that Cruz, aside from his party affiliation, knows a thing or two about the Constitution, it’s separation of powers, and what each branch of government is constitutionally bound to perform. And he believes the president is, quite frankly, abusing his power. [...]"  

MSM: "At 'Pivotal Point' in Presidency, Obama Routed on Gun Control" [04/18/13] Printer Friendly Version "... An amendment aimed at salvaging the background check measure fell six votes short of the 60-vote threshold needed to move ahead in the Senate on Wednesday. It was the last remnant of a gun-regulation package that Obama proposed in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School slaughter.  [...]" 


MSM: "Obama Overrides Congress To Buy $690 Million Worth Of Russian Choppers For Afghan Air Force" [04/15/13] Printer Friendly Version "Apparently America has too many jobs so Obama will be spending taxpayer money to support Russia’s defense industry on behalf of Afghanistan. And he’s doing so over the bipartisan objections of Congress from both the right and left and a ban on buying them written into the NDAA. The US Department of Defense said Thursday it plans to sidestep a Congressional ban to purchase 30 helicopters from Russian state-owned defense firm Rosoboronexport, despite objections from US lawmakerswho allege that the firm has equipped the Syrian government to commit brutal crimes against civilians. [...]" 

Concepts and Practices: "Obama: “Government Tyranny Is Impossible", Because "Government Is Us" [04/06/13] Printer Friendly Version "The thing that makes Obama so frightening to people who care about freedom isn’t necessarily the things he writes down on paper. Lets face it, every politician to ever hold office, regardless of their intentions or their party affiliation, has done nothing but kick the can of tyranny down the road for the next guy to further exploit. However, the thing that is extra creepy about Obama is that he is an extremely skilled propagandist. He is constantly putting forward collectivist rhetoric, which is obviously crafted to deceive and diminish the rights and importance of the individual in society. In nearly every speech you can hear the sophistry, and sometimes he even comes out and lays down his propaganda in plain English, as he did recently in Colorado. He said, "... We can’t do background checks because the government’s going to come take my guns away.’ The government’s us. These officials are elected by you … I am constrained as they are constrained by the system that our founders put in place.” [...] By saying that himself and the rest of the government are constrained, he is saying that the government has no ability to force their will on the general population. It should be obvious to anyone by now that this is not the case and that what we were told in history class is not right, government tyranny has been with us since the founding of the country, and is with us moreso today.  [...] As Murray Rothbard explained decades ago in “Anatomy of the State Printer Friendly Version : "With the rise of democracy, the identification of the State with society has been redoubled, until it is common to hear sentiments expressed which violate virtually every tenet of reason and common sense such as, “we are the government.” The useful collective term “we” has enabled an ideological camouflage to be thrown over the reality of political life. If “we are the government,” then anything a government does to an individual is not only just and un-tyrannical but also “voluntary” on the part of the individual concerned. If the government has incurred a huge public debt which must be paid by taxing one group for the benefit of another, this reality of burden is obscured by saying that “we owe it to ourselves”; if the government conscripts a man, or throws him into jail for dissident opinion, then he is “doing it to himself” and, therefore, nothing untoward has occurred. Under this reasoning, any Jews murdered by the Nazi government were not murdered; instead, they must have “committed suicide,” since they were the government (which was democratically chosen), and, therefore, anything the government did to them was voluntary on their part. One would not think it necessary to belabor this point, and yet the overwhelming bulk of the people hold this fallacy to a greater or lesser degree. We must, therefore, emphasize that “we” are not the government; the government is not “us.” The government does not in any accurate sense “represent” the majority of the people. But, even if it did, even if 70 percent of the people decided to murder the remaining 30 percent, this would still be murder and would not be voluntary suicide on the part of the slaughtered minority. No organicist metaphor, no irrelevant bromide that “we are all part of one another,” must be permitted to obscure this basic fact. [...]"  Related: "Obama: 'I Am Constrained By A System That Our Founders Put In Place'" [1:45] Note: Stupid sequential ...

MSM: "How A Legal Technicality Could Unravel Obamacare" [04/05/13] Printer Friendly Version "The Affordable Care Act faces other legal hurdles—including a challenge that only could have been made after the Supreme Court’s ruling. The right-leaning Pacific Legal Foundation amended its challenge to the ACA after the Supreme Court upheld the insurance mandate under Congress’ taxing powers. The group's challenge turns on the Origination Clause in the U.S. Constitution, which requires that bills for raising revenue start in the House of Representatives. Problem is, the group argues, Obamacare started in the Senate. The clause has one loophole that might be Obamacare’s salvation: the Origination Clause doesn’t apply to bills that create specific government programs for which the U.S. is trying to raise revenue. [...]" [Cross-Posted] 

Commentary: "Symbols of Bush-era Lawlessness Flourish Under Obama" Rolling Stone [04/03/13] Printer Friendly Version "During the George W. Bush years, two of the most controversial elements of what was then called the Global War on Terror were the CIA's rendition, detention and interrogation (RDI) program and the creation of the prison camps at Guantanamo Bay. The RDI program included waterboarding and other forms of torture, as well as so-called black site prisons where detainees were held incommunicado after being abducted by the CIA, and sometimes tortured by members of the host country's security forces. [...]"  

MSM: "Judge Rejects Obama Administration Argument that Declassifying Guantanamo Case Documents is Too Much Work" [04/02/13] Printer Friendly Version  "U.S. District Chief Judge Royce Lamberth rejected the administration’s argument, and said he was “troubled by the government’s apparent lack of urgency in issuing public versions of classified materials filed in Guantánamo proceedings.” [...]"  

MSM: "At Miami Port, Obama Pushes Ambitious Plan To Overhaul Nation’s Infrastructure" [04/01/13] Printer Friendly Version "Obama came to the congested ocean port here on Friday to promote his plans to rebuild the nation’s “raggedy” roads, bridges, schools and other infrastructure with a marriage of public and private investment.  [...]"  Note:  Again, simplistic, puerile short-sighted rhetoric which ignores existing dynamics on all levels. There will be no resources or efforts in this area .... they're not interested and out of time.

MSM: "Obama Administration UN Representative says USA will Vote Yes On Arms Trade Treaty" [04/01/13] Printer Friendly Version "The National Shooting Sports Foundation today strongly objected to the last-minute reversal of the U.S. government position regarding the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty. In the closing hours of negotiations on Thursday, March 28 213, the government abandoned its previous insistence that the treaty be approved only through achieving “consensus” of all the member states. [...]" [cross-posted]

LaRouche: "Obama Is Impeachable Under 27 of the 35 Articles" [03/31/13] Printer Friendly Version "David Swanson, investigative journalist and author, who has been a leading activist in tracking the war crimes of George W. Bush, Tony Blair, and Dick Cheney, has blasted Obama for being worse than Bush in his policies of ignoring the Constitution regarding balance of powers, in torture, murder, imprisoning people without trial, and in large- scale spying against American citizens. Swanson, founder of the website "afterdowningstreet" which is now called "warisacrime.org," wrote 70 articles of impeachment against George W. Bush, 35 of which were adopted by former Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) in a formal bill. Now, Swanson says that Obama can be impeached for many of these same actions.  [...]"  

MSM: "Brennan's Likely Pick for Top Spy Job Has Torture Ties" [03/31/13] Printer Friendly Version "A woman who helped run the CIA's detention and interrogation program after 9/11 and green-lighted the destruction of interrogation videos is in line to become the new chief of the CIA’s National Clandestine Service, the Washington Post reports. The woman, who is undercover and thus not named, is already running the department temporarily—the first woman to ever hold the top position; now newbie CIA director John Brennan, himself no stranger to controversy, must make the prickly decision of whether to appoint her permanently.  [...]"  

Commentary: "Obama’s “No Fly” List For Fedex And UPS" [03/30/13] Printer Friendly Version "The Obama administration is notorious for crony capitalism, through which big businesses reap huge riches by virtue of their cozy association with government. Big oil, big car companies, big agrobusinesses, big banks, and big drug corporations are among the legally privileged cronies who are profiting at the expense of nonprivileged competitors and of customers who pay higher prices. Now the Department of Justice (DOJ) is trying to institute the shipping version of a “no fly” list on behalf of the big pharmaceutical companies and in the name of the war on drugs. The DOJ wants America’s two largest courier/delivery services to open and report on the shipments from online pharmacies, allegedly to staunch the flow of illegal pharmaceuticals. Here’s the catch: the DOJ wants packages opened even when there is no reason to suspect illegal contents.  [...] The courier companies have a long tradition of refusing service to shippers who are identified as criminal suspects by law enforcement. But the DOJ refuses to provide a list of what are called “rogue pharmacies” — that is, online pharmacies functioning without a license. Instead, the DOJ is broadly targeting shipments of online pharmacies that may be entirely legal. This is similar to giving airlines a “no fly” list that does not bar individuals but instead names an entire industry. [...]"  

Commentary: "Monsanto Openly Wrote Own Monsanto Protection Act" [03/29/13] Printer Friendly Version "It should come as no surprise to many of you to find out that Monsanto actually authored the wording of its own Monsanto Protection Act hidden in the recently passed and signed Continuing Resolution spending bill. How could a major corporation write its own laws and regulations, you ask? Quite frankly I think it’s important to understand that the entire Senate passed the bill containing the Protection Act, but the politician who actually gave Monsanto the pen in order to write their very own legislation is no others than Roy Blunt — a Republican Senator from Missouri. As the latest IB Times article reveals, the Missouri politician worked with Monsanto to write the Monsanto Protection Act. This was confirmed by a New York news report I will get to shortly. [...]"  Related "Betrayal from the White House as Obama signs Monsanto Protection Act" Printer Friendly Version | "Obama Signs Monsanto Protection Act Into Law After Promising GMO Labeling In 2007" Printer Friendly Version | See also below: "How Monsanto Outfoxed The Obama Administration" [03/16/13]; "New ‘Monsanto Protection Act’ Gives Monsanto Power Over US Government" [03/16/13]; "Monsanto Protection Act" to Be Voted On By Congress" [03/16/13] 

Commentary: "Obama Ignores Nullification, Says Federal Agents Will Enforce Obamacare" [03/26/13] Printer Friendly Version "In a move that is reminiscent of the tyrannical actions of Abraham Lincoln that led to the War of Northern Aggression, Barack Obama says that he will not wait on states to enforce Obamacare. Instead his administration has announced its intent is to completely disregard the state’s Tenth Amendment rights to nullification of the Obamacare law, via their passed legislation and state constitutions. In fact, his administration has said that in states where they refuse to comply with federal healthcare mandates that agents from the Department of Health and Human Services will assume absolute control over the state’s health insurance industry. [...]"  

Commentary: "Hotel Drill Simulates Obama Rescue" [03/17/13] Printer Friendly Version "... of the many things worrisome about Obama’s upcoming 1st trip to the Jewish state, this is one of them. Besides the outright possibility of him being assassinated to then be blamed on some Palestinian (as Israel was planning to do to George H.W. Bush at the Madrid Peace Conference in 1992) there is also the possibility of Obama being ‘kidnapped’, only later to be ‘saved’ by IDF, therefore bringing about a complete reversal of Israel’s well-deserved image as a nation of thugs and terrorists, and thus putting America on the hook as ‘owing’ a debt to Israel that can only be ‘repaid’ by launching a war against Iran. [...] Obama’s visit, which begins Wednesday, will be secured by thousands (15,000) of police officers. According to requirements received from the American teams, every single person involved in securing the convoy or serving the president’s entourage – including waiters and producers – has undergone security screening.[...]" Related: "Israel’s Iron Dome to Protect Obama From the Same Terrorists He Supports" Printer Friendly Version "“The innovative counter-missile weapon is to be deployed there, not just as a spectacle to honor the US president for his contribution to its development, but out of necessity for his safety,” reports DebkaFile. “Air Force One might be seen as fair game for the ground-to-ground missiles wielded by Al Qaeda units fighting Assad in Syria and its affiliates in the Sinai Peninsula at the very moment that the US President steps down to the strains of the IDF welcoming band.” The fear is that Al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists who have poured into Syria to lead rebels in the fight against Bashar Al-Assad over the last 12 months could target Air Force One using missiles loaded with poison chemicals. The newly positioned Iron Dome will remain in place for three days while Obama visits Israel and Jordan. Existing missile defense systems positioned north and south of Tel Aviv were deemed insufficient to protect against the possibility of a rocket attack targeting Obama’s plane. The spectacle of Israel having to put new security measures in place to protect Obama from the very same terrorists benefiting from his administration’s support of the insurgency in Syria is absurdly ironic. [...]" | "Obama Middle East Trip 2013: Iran, Israel-Palestine On The Agenda" Printer Friendly Version "... He will also make several cultural stops, all steeped in symbolism, in the region. They include the Holocaust memorial Yad Vashem; Mount Herzl, where he'll lay wreaths at the graves of Theodor Herzl, the founder of modern political Zionism, and Yitzhak Rabin [...]"  

Buffoonery: "Obama To Announce $2 Billion Plan To Get US Cars Off Gasoline" [03/17/13] Printer Friendly Version  "This afternoon, President Barack Obama will ask Congress to direct our cars, trucks and buses to a realm that doesn’t include gas stations. During a visit to Argonne National Laboratory, he will call for $2-billion energy security trust fund dedicated to research to boost automobile efficiency, enhance battery technology and expand the use of biofuels, among other clean-energy efforts. The ultimate goal: getting the country off oil. [...]" Related: Simplistic, puerile short-sighted rhetoric which ignores existing dynamics on all levels.

Trends: "Obamacare Revolt: Physicians Fight Back Against the Bureaucratization of Health Care" [03/16/13] Printer Friendly Version "... Direct primary care is part of a larger trend of physician-entrepreneurs all across the country fighting to bring transparent prices and market forces back to health care. This is happening just as the federal government is poised to interfere with the health care market in many new and profoundly destructive ways. Obamacare, which takes full effect in 2014, will drive up costs and erode quality—and Americans will increasingly seek out alternatives. That could bring hordes of new business to practitioners like Neuhofel, potentially offering a countervailing force to Obamacare. (One example, the Surgery Center of Oklahoma's Dr. Keith Smith, profiled for Reason TV in September, is doing big business offering cash pricing for outpatient surgery at prices about 80 percent less than at traditional hospitals.) [...]" 

Commentary: "How Monsanto Outfoxed The Obama Administration" [03/16/13] Printer Friendly Version "In at least one recent instance, the Obama administration has supported that dominance. In Bowman v. Monsanto – the highly publicized case heard by the Supreme Court last month that pits the company against a 75-year-old farmer – the administration argued in favor of Monsanto’s position. The case asks whether Monsanto can employ patents to control how farmers use not just its seeds but also their progeny. In his brief the solicitor general argued that if patent rights for Monsanto’s crops were reduced, “[t]he incentive to invest in innovation and research might well be diminished.” “It’s a great frustration,” Carstensen says. “If the Obama administration really cared about technological innovation, they would have come in and tried to free technology from being captured by a single company.” Instead, he says, they have “protected Monsanto’s interest.” The Obama administration opened the Monsanto investigation as part of a signature effort to reinvigorate antitrust enforcement. In the end the administration appears mainly to have fortified the immense power of a chief target. [...]" Related: "New ‘Monsanto Protection Act’ Gives Monsanto Power Over US Government"Printer Friendly Version "There truly is no rest for the wicked, and Monsanto is at war once again against health conscious consumers with the latest ‘Monsanto Protection Act‘, managing to sneak wording into the latest Senate legislation that would give them blanket immunity from any USDA action regarding the potential dangers of their genetically modified creations while under review. The USDA would be unable to act against any and all new GMO crops that were suspected to be wreaking havocon either human health or the environment. It’s a legislative weapon that could be passed as early as next week if we don’t gather enough support to force our Senators to eliminate the section. It all started in the late hours of Monday night, when lobbyists working for the Monsanto-fronted biotechnology industry managed to slide a ‘rider’ (through the deceptively worded Farmer Assurance Provision, Sec. 735) into the Senate Continuing Resolution spending bill on the table of the Senate. [...]" |"Monsanto Protection Act" to Be Voted On By Congress" Printer Friendly Version 

MSM: "Oklahoma House of Representatives Passes ObamaCare Nullification Bill" [03/14/13] Printer Friendly Version "Standing as a bulwark of liberty, the Oklahoma House of Representatives passed a bill protecting citizens of the Sooner State from the unconstitutional provisions of ObamaCare. By a vote of 72-20, the state House of Representatives passed House Bill 1021, a bill that if signed into law would stop the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (known as ObamaCare) at the borders of the sovereign state of Oklahoma. The bill’s primary proponent is State Representative Mike Ritze (R-Broken Arrow). A board-certified family practice physician and surgeon, he is particularly aware of the threat to liberty and good health care posed by ObamaCare. In an exclusive conversation with The New American, Dr. Ritze reported that the debate in the House was passionate and included testimony from a partially paralyzed colleague who stands to lose his medical coverage as a result of the mandates of ObamaCare.

MSM: " Spooks: Automatic "Spending Cuts Jeopardize U.S. Safety And Security" [03/14/13] [112:02] "3/11/13 C-SPAN [...]" 

Flashback: "Senators Say Patriot Act Is Being Misinterpreted" [03/13/13] Printer Friendly Version "Two senators claimed on Thursday that the Justice Department had secretly interpreted the so-called Patriot Act in a twisted way, enabling domestic surveillance activities that many members of Congress do not understand.  At the same time, Congress and the White House were rushing to enact legislation to prevent a lapse in several of the federal government’s investigative powers under the Patriot Act that were set to expire at midnight. The Senate passed the bill 72 to 23 late in the afternoon, and within hours the House approved it 250 to 153. In an unusual move, a White House spokesman said that President Obama, who was in Europe, would “direct the use” of an autopen machine to sign the bill into law without delay. During the debate, Senator Ron Wyden, an Oregon Democrat and a member of the Intelligence Committee, said that the executive branch had come up with a secret legal theory about what it could collect under a provision of the Patriot Act that did not seem to dovetail with a plain reading of the text. “I want to deliver a warning this afternoon: When the American people find out how their government has secretly interpreted the Patriot Act, they will be stunned and they will be angry,” Mr. Wyden said. He invoked the public’s reaction to the illegal domestic spying that came to light in the mid-1970s, the Iran-contra affair, and the Bush administration’s program of surveillance without warrants. Another member of the Intelligence Committee, Senator Mark Udall, Democrat of Colorado, backed Mr. Wyden’s account, saying, “Americans would be alarmed if they knew how this law is being carried out.” The Obama administration declined to explain what the senators were talking about. [...]" 

Commentary: "US Citing Security To Censor More Public Records" [03/12/13] Printer Friendly Version " The Obama administration answered more requests from the public to see government records under the Freedom of Information Act last year, but more often than it ever has it cited legal exceptions to censor or withhold the material, according to a new analysis by The Associated Press. It frequently cited the need to protect national security and internal deliberations. The AP's analysis showed the government released all or portions of the information that citizens, journalists, businesses and others sought at about the same rate as the previous three years. It turned over all or parts of the records in about 65 percent of all requests. It fully rejected more than one-third of requests, a slight increase over 2011, including cases when it couldn't find records, a person refused to pay for copies or the request was determined to be improper. The AP examined more than 5,600 data elements measuring the administration's performance on government transparency since Obama's election. People submitted more than 590,000 requests for information in fiscal 2012 — an increase of less than 1 percent over the previous year. Including leftover requests from previous years, the government responded to more requests than ever in 2012 — more than 603,000 — a 5 percent increase for the second consecutive year. When the government withheld or censored records, it cited exceptions built into the law to avoid turning over materials more than 479,000 times, a roughly 22 percent increase over the previous year. In most cases, more than one of the law's exceptions was cited in each request for information. [...]"  

Commentary: "The White House 'Closing To The Public' Isn't Just About Saving A Few Bucks" [03/11/13] Printer Friendly Version "So the White House is closing its doors to the public today. Budget cuts related to the sequester are the blame. The WH tours are closed after a decision by the Secret Service that it could not afford to maintain security. The savings for shuttering the WH comes to a measly $2m over the next seven months. I’m thinking this is a bullshit move by Obama [...]"  Note: They simply have an agenda, and use any trumped-up reason necessary to justify the end. One can easily peruse the trickle of headlines having to do with this specific dynamic and see that it's all smoke and mirrors, with all participants mired in deception. After all it is a 'criminal class' no matter what 'planet' it's on. They'll be doing it again after they leave here, soon, somewhere else. Related: "Despite “Sequestration”, DHS Still Spending Millions Of Dollars On Weapon Parts" Printer Friendly Version 

MSM: "Alan Grayson, Florida Congressman: "Replace Sequester Cuts With Ending Afghanistan War" [03/09/13] Printer Friendly Version [3:12] "Democratic Florida Congressman Alan Grayson told HuffPost Live on Friday that he believes the automatic spending cuts triggered by sequestration should be replaced with a bill to immediately end the war in Afghanistan. "Listen, we're facing a nine percent cut in the food stamps program, a nine percent cut in home heating oil programs, nine percent cut in civil aeronautics, nine percent cuts in all sort of things that people actually use in their everyday lives -- and we'd save the same amount of money if we simply ended the war in Afghanistan now," Grayson told HuffPost Live host Alyona Minkovski. "What's the point?" Grayson continued. "Can't we at least make intelligent choices and get our priorities straight?" Grayson said his amendment, which was blocked by Republicans before it could go to a vote, would call for ending the war in 30 days, unless President Barack Obama felt this would put American servicemen and women's lives at risk. "Let's face it, the war is going on and on and on with no real gain from it," Grayson said. "There's no real reason why it has to continue into next year, and if we simply ended it sooner, we wouldn't have any need for these cuts." [...]" Related: "Blast Rocks Kabul" Printer Friendly Version "An explosion rocked Kabul Saturday during a press briefing in Afghanistan at the same time that newly appointed U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel is in the country, officials said. [...]"  

Buffoonery: "GOP Senator Applauds Passage Of Law He Voted Against" [03/09/13] Printer Friendly Version " Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) was among those celebrating President Barack Obama signing the Violence Against Women Act into law on Thursday. Except he voted against the bill -- and tried to gloss over that fact even as he praised one of the law's provisions. [...]"  

MSM: "US Senate Approves John Brennan, Tied To Torture And Drone Assassination, As CIA Director" [03/08/13] Printer Friendly Version "The Senate vote confirming the mastermind of Obama’s drone program followed a revealing quarrel within the establishment about the government’s right to assassinate Americans on US soil. [...]"

MSM: "House Passes Funding Bill, Obama Reaches Out To Senate" [03/07/13] Printer Friendly Version "Legislation easily passed the House of Representatives on Wednesday to avert another partisan budget battle and a possible government shutdown, as President Barack Obama also opened new lines of communication with Republicans. By a vote of 267-151, the House passed a measure to fund government programs until the end of the fiscal year on September 30. The Democratic-controlled Senate is expected to pass a similar bill next week. Without such legislation federal agencies would run out of money on March 27. [...]"  

MSM: "I Am A Zionist. You Don’t Have To Be A Jew To Be A Zionist." [03/07/13] [39:56] Note: Joe Biden Bows to AIPAC. Knowing what it is, judge for yourself. In the normal, usual interpretation of planetary cultural political dynamics, Biden would be cast as less than honorable, to say the least. Remember Cicero's comments. See header on Special Articles panel. [Cross-posted]

Flashback: "The Coming Obama Thugocracy" Oct 2008 [03/06/13] Printer Friendly Version "In October 2008, a month before Obama defeated Sen. John McCain to begin his first term, National Review's Michael Barone warned of "The Coming Obama Thugocracy." "In this campaign, we have seen the coming of the Obama Thugocracy, suppressing free speech, and we may see its flourishing in the four or eight years ahead," Barone wrote in his nationally syndicated column. How visionary. [...]"  

US Politics: "Obama Presents A False Choice On The "Sequestration" [03/02/13] Printer Friendly Version " Obama is giving a little speech/press conference on the sequestration that is starting today. He's blasting the Republicans for letting these cuts go through, and arguing correctly that they will harm the economy. But he's also presenting a false choice. He's saying that the reasons the cuts are going forward as they are is because the Republicans aren't agreeing to any deficit reduction in terms of closing tax loopholes. But that's not the only choice. We could just cancel the cuts, and not replace them anything. Obama's frame only makes sense if there's some existential reason that we need to have deficit reduction now. There isn't. It's totally arbitrary. And someone should be making the case to cancel the cuts, without making up the deficit reduction elsewhere. [...]"  

Commentary: "The Ridiculous Sequester and Debt Ceiling Fear Propaganda" [02/28/13] [4:56] Note: All the hoopla is over 2% of the Fed Budget.

Commentary: "Judge Napolitano: Obama’s Legal Justification For Drones Is Hogwash" [02/27/13] [5:40] "Judge Andrew Napolitano discusses the recent revelation by former White House press secretary Robert Gibbs that he was told to never admit to the existence of the CIA drone program. “When I went through the process of becoming press secretary, one of the first things they told me was, you’re not even to acknowledge the drone program. You’re not even to discuss that it exists,” Gibbs said Sunday on MSNBC. That admission has raised questions again over the use of the top-secret strikes against terror suspects abroad. [...]"  

Propaganda Theatre: "Obama To Threaten Iran With Military Strike In June, Israeli Media Reports" [02/27/13] Printer Friendly Version " Obama says the United States could launch an attack on Iran as early as this June, Israeli media reports. According to a report on Israel’s Channel 10 News that has since been picked up by the Times of Israel, Pres. Obama will use an upcoming meeting overseas to discuss a military strike on Iran. Pres. Obama is scheduled to visit Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu next month, and during the get-together the two leaders will reportedly work out the details for a possible assault. Pres. Obama will tell Netanyahu that a “window of opportunity” for a military strike on Iran will open in June, Channel 10 claims. [...]"  

MSM: "Judge Napolitano: The “Sequester” Is Not A Budget Cut, Because There Is No Budget" [02/27/13] [3:20]  Related: "3rd Density Addicts: 5 Sequester Facts to Know Before Committing Suicide" [2:17] "To hear Obama tell it, the impending $85 billion in spending cuts to the federal budget known as the sequester are the worst disaster since Seth MacFarlane hosted the Academy Awards. But before you dive deep into depression, here are five facts that should take the sting out of the sequester. [...]"  

Propaganda Theatre: "Homeland Security Chief Threatens Terror Attacks if Budget Cuts Go Through" [02/27/13] Printer Friendly Version "Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano issued veiled threats, claiming that automatic budget cuts, known as sequestration, could trigger new terror attacks by reducing operations funds and delaying processing times ahead of March 1, when cuts begin. The Secretary further warned that “the U.S. Border Patrol will be forced to furlough agents, costing nearly a quarter of the workforce,” while the White House as a result (as they hypocritically mull a costly amnesty). The intent of Napolitano’s speech to intimidate budget cuts with the threat of new attacks was clear, despite her claims to the contrary. “I’m not here to scare people; I’m here to inform and let people begin to plan,” Napolitano stated. “I don’t think we can maintain the same level of security at all places around the country with sequester compared to without sequester.” [...] In reality, such budget cuts would never affect Homeland Security’s Continuity of Government programs (aided by secret, untouchable black budget funds). However, the cuts could be used as a pretext to punish travelers with increased wait times, slower travel, delayed flights and stifled free movement across the nation. The invasive practices of the TSA have already triggered a , with many Americans and international visitors refusing to undergo the humiliating treatment supposedly conducted to stop would-be terrorists. Clearly, this is yet another episode of shameless fear-mongering to protect the embryonic occupation government that Homeland Security, erected under the spectrum of 9/11 fear, represents. [...]" 

MSM: "HR 347 Signed Into Law in Secret By Obama: Protestors Outside of "Free Speech" Zones Guilty of Felony" [02/27/13] [3:34] "Judge Andrew Napolitano weighs in."

Commentary: "Billionaire Burglar Breaks Into Obama's Cabinet" [02/20/13] Printer Friendly Version  "A parade of media reports this week name Penny Pritzker as Obama's prime choice for Secretary of Commerce. No longer will criminal bankers have to lobby the administration - because now they'll have one of their own in the Cabinet. We never heard of this guy Barack Obama until 2004. Less than three years before taking the presidency, he was in the Illinois state senate, a swamp of scammers, backhanders, and party machine tools - not a stellar launch pad for the White House. And then, one day, state Sen. Barack Obama was visited by his fairy godmother. Her name is Penny Pritzker. In 2012, Chicago Magazine named her one of the 100 most powerful Chicagoans.  In 2011 the Forbes 400 list of America's wealthiest showed her as the 263rd richest person in the U.S., estimated net worth of US $1.7 billion, and the world's 651st richest person. In 2009 Forbes named Pritzker as one of the 100 most powerful women in the world. Pritzger's net worth is listed in Forbes as $1.8 billion, which is one hell of a heavy magic wand in the world of politics. Her wand would have been heavier, and her net worth higher, except that in 2001, the federal government fined her and her family $460 million for the predatory, deceitful, racist tactics and practices of Superior, the bank-and-loan-shark operation she ran on the South Side of Chicago. Superior was the first of the deregulated go-go banks to go bust - at the time, the costliest failure ever. US taxpayers lost nearly half a billion dollars. [...]"  Note: It would seem to be a conflict of interest for Pritzker (D-Judaic Monotheistic sequential) to be in the Cabinet ... ruling on policies that could be to her personal advantage ... that's how sequentials operate .. they are drawn to positions where their predispositions for apparent wealth, power and manipulation of others are well satisfied and can expand .. here ... but when 'she' dies, soon, like everyone else on this world, that Higher Self will end up expressing as a sequential incarnation on a communal fascist sequential world, where there is a pre-existing hierarchy, and that Higher Self won't have the opportunities for advancement that were available here on Earth, a world designated for simultaneous incarnational experience. There was a choice, either to throw caution to the winds and move towards ones immature predispositions, or begin to mature and progress as a Higher Self playing the 3rd density game. On Earth, that Higher Self dug shimself deeper into the mire and addiction to 3rd density existence on the 'plane of pain' ... that's the price that Higher Self paid, setting oneself even further behind in the 3rd density galaxy game. In contrast, many of us, when we leave, soon, will leave the 3rd density games behind forever, having matured on a higher level. Good riddance to those who just don't 'get it' yet, too.

Commentary: "Evidence Grows of Brennan's Saudi Ties, 9/11 Cover-up Role" [02/16/13] Printer Friendly Version "When, on Feb. 8, 2013, former FBI agent John Guandolo appeared on the Tom Trento syndicated show, accusing President Obama's CIA Director nominee and White House counter-terrorism director, John Brennan, of being a Saudi intelligence asset and a convert to Islam, EIR counterintelligence researchers launched an investigation to corroborate or disprove the charges. Brennan, it was learned, had not only served as the CIA station chief in Saudi Arabia from 1996-1999. He had earlier served at least one tour as an analyst, based out of the U.S. embassy in Riyadh, early in his CIA career. And U.S. intelligence officials who had served with Brennan in the Middle East during his career at CIA confirmed that he had the highest levels of Saudi intelligence contacts of any American spy.  [...]" 

MSM: "Obama's Speech Exposed A 'Fatal Flaw' Of The Drone War" [02/14/13] Printer Friendly Version "The Department of Justice White Paper on the targeted killing of U.S. citizens argues that the U.S. is in a non-international armed conflict (NIAC) with "al-Qaeda and its associated forces.” Using internationally-accepted Tadic test to identify armed conflicts, the paper argues that any U.S. operation against al-Qaeda and its associated forces — "even if it were to take place away from the zone of active hostilities" — is part of this conflict. Heller notes that although the "global conflict" argument is valid in principle, there is a fatal flaw in the administration's argument: the White Paper "completely ignores" the organization requirement of the Tadic test. For various groups that call themselves Al-Qaeda or associate themselves with the group to qualify as a single party, "they must – at a minimum – share a common command structure. ... different terrorist groups cannot be considered one organization simply because they share the same ideology." Hellet highlights the fact that "even the U.S. government rejects the idea that [Al-Qaeda] is a unified organization" since it divides al-Qaeda into three tiers: (1) core al-Qaeda; (2) “small groups who have some ties to an established terrorist organization, but are largely self-directed”; and (3) “homegrown extremists’ who ‘have no formal affiliation with al Qaeda, but… are inspired by its message of violence.” If those terrorist groups do not form a single organized armed group, there can be no single NIAC between the US and “al-Qa’ida and its associated forces.” And if there is no single NIAC between the United States and “al-Qa’ida and its associated forces,” the US cannot — by its own standards — justify targeting anyone who is a “senior operational commander” in one of those groups simply by citing the existence of the hostilities between the US and al-Qai’da in Afghanistan. Consequently, Heller concludes that "the White Paper authorizes the use of lethal force against individuals whose targeting is, without more, prohibited by international law." [...]"  

MSM: "Obama Signs Executive Order On "Cyber Security" [02/13/13] Printer Friendly Version "The order directs government officials to come up with standards to reduce cyber security risks within the next 240 days and encourage companies to adopt the new framework. It however has no legal power to force companies to adopt the framework of cybersecurity best practices. The framework will be technology-neutral and aimed at addressing security gaps in the computer networks of crucial parts of the country’s infrastructure – the electric grid, water plants and transportation networks. [...]"  Note: The only people bound by Executive orders are government employees.

MSM: "GAO: 35% of Major Federal Regulations Were Issued Without Public Notice" [02/10/13] Printer Friendly Version "According to the Government Accountability Office (GAO), 35 percent of major federal regulations – those with at least $100 billion in annual economic impact – were issued without a public notice from 2003 to 2010. The GAO also said that 44 percent of non-major regulations were issued without a public notice, which is referred to as a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM). The GAO found a large spike in this practice under President Barack Obama, with the percentage of major rules issued without public notice jumping from 26 percent in 2008 to 40 percent in 2009. The number of major rules issued this way also hit a high point in both 2009 and 2010. [...]" 

MSM: "Daniel Ellsberg On NDAA: Obama Has More Power Than King George" [02/09/13] [8:10] " Daniel Ellsberg speaks at the press conference after the hearing for the second circuit court of appeals in the NDAA lawsuit, Hedges v Obama. He speaks about what is happening in the lawsuit, the erosion of the Bill of Rights and Bradley Manning. Daniel Ellsberg is a former United States military analyst turned whistleblower, most known for publishing the Pentagon Papers.  [...]"  

MSM: "The Cambodia Precedent: Justifying New Crimes On The Basis Of Past Crimes" [02/09/13] Printer Friendly Version "For John Kerry the incoming Secretary of State, the bombing of Cambodia by the US was illegal. But, even as Kerry reaffirms his condemnation of US actions in Cambodia, it comes to light that in June his colleagues in the Senate Judiciary and Intelligence committees were issued a white paper from the Department of Justice which claimed US intervention in Cambodia as being a legal precedent for the administrations use of targeted killings using drone strikes. In fact, “legal precedent” might be too strong a term, because what is actually cited is an address given by legal counsel to the State Department to a legal forum. [...]"  

Commentary: "Senate Hearing On John Brennan Whitewashes US Assassination Program" [02/08/13] Printer Friendly Version "A Senate hearing on the confirmation of John Brennan as CIA director whitewashed the US drone assassination program, largely ignoring its violation of core constitutional and democratic rights. [...]"  Related "Media Covered Up US Assassination Base In Saudi Arabia" Printer Friendly Version "For more than a year, several major US media outlets—including the Washington Post and the New York Times —deliberately concealed the existence of a US drone base in Saudi Arabia. The base was used to carry out many of the CIA’s extra-judicial assassinations, including the killing of at least two US citizens. The decision not to report on the location of the base was made at the direct request of the Obama administration, underscoring once again the role of the media as an auxiliary arm of the state. The drone base’s location was finally reported in an article published this week in the Times, shortly before a Senate hearing today for John Brennan[link to article on Brennan hearing], who has been nominated by Obama to head the CIA. Brennan reportedly played a key role in establishing the base in Saudi Arabia, and has been central in the drawing up of the administration’s “kill list” of individuals to be assassinated. (See, “The police state implications of Obama’s assassination program”) This false rationalization— that the location of the base was not particularly important or newsworthy—is contradicted by further statements from Times managing editor Dean Baquet. the The newspaper’s public editor Margaret Sullivan: “The government’s rationale for asking that the location be withheld was this: Revealing it might jeopardize the existence of the base and harm counterterrorism efforts. ‘The Saudis might shut it down because the citizenry would be very upset,’ [Baquet] said.” “Mr. Baquet said he had a conversation with a C.I.A. official about a month ago and, at that time, agreed to continue withholding the location, as it had done for many months.” According to Sullivan, as this week’s Times article was being prepared, the CIA and government were informed that the newspaper was planning on revealing the location and that “officials should contact Mr. Baquet if they wanted to discuss it further.” This time, there was no objection from the Obama administration.[...]"  Note: This underscores the fact that the New York Times is a government and CIA-controlled entity, as is the Washington Post and other major media outlets.

MSM: "Feinstein Won’t Allow Anyone to Testify Against Brennan on Targeted Killings" [02/08/13] Printer Friendly Version "Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-California), chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, will not allow anyone to testify against John Brennan’s nomination to head the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Brennan will be the only witness at tomorrow’s hearing. In a letter to Feinstein, Ralph Nader and former Justice Department official Bruce Fein wrote that “experience teaches that the adversarial system is best calculated to discover the truth.” “By refusing to entertain witnesses who would challenge Mr. Brennan’s nomination, you are impoverishing the public debate that should inform the confirmation process,” Nader and Fein wrote. Fein said that he requested to testify “in person against the nomination because of Brennan’s notorious complicity in unconstitutional and criminal predator drone killings which combine prosecutor, judge, jury, and executioner in a single person — the high water mark of tyranny in the view of the Constitution’s makers.” [...]" Related: "Judge Napolitano on Obama's Drone Strike Policy 'This Is the Power Claimed by Kings and Tyrants'" [3:42] | "John Brennan and Susan Rice: The Protectors of Osama bin Laden" Printer Friendly Version "Two of the key individuals in the Obama administration who clearly bear responsibility for Sept. 11, 2012 in Benghazi and/or its cover-up, Obama Counterterrorism chief John Brennan, and UN Ambassador Susan Rice, played a direct role in 1998 in protecting Osama bin Laden. [...]"   

Commentary: "Secret Rules Characterize Obama's Reign" [02/06/13] Printer Friendly Version "Like any good imperial police state, Obama's is run by secret rules and secret killings. This reality is at the heart of two articles on Nero's rule, today, on widely different topics. "Dirty Wars: The World Is a Battlefield," is a new film by Jeremy Scahill and Rick Rowley which debuted last month at Utah's Sundance film festival. "Dirty Wars" documents the doings of JSOC, the Joint Special Operations Command, which is tasked with dispatching the names on Obama's secret "kill lists." Interviewed for the movie, JSOC operatives express their amazement that, despite their continual "activities," the kill lists keep growing. Writing about this under the headline "Obama's Secret Assassins," in Britain's Guardian, today, Naomi Wolf calls this "the biggest story—in our nation's contemporary history." "This arrangement," says Wolf, "where death squads roam under the sole control of the executive—is one definition of dictatorship. It now has the potential to threaten critics of the U.S. anywhere in the world." Wolf recounts that, in the movie, Scahill interviews Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), who told him, "It is impossible for Congress to hold an informed public debate on the Patriot Act when there is a significant gap between what most Americans believe the law says and what the government is using the law to do. In fact, I believe many members of Congress who have voted on this issue would be stunned to know how the Patriot Act is being interpreted and applied. Even secret operations need to be conducted within the bounds of established, publicly understood law." Wolf notes that, in 2011, Wyden unsuccessfully tried to amend the Patriot Act to demand the Executive branch "end the practice of secretly interpreting the law." In similar vein, today's New York Times documents the secrecy inherent in the so-called "cyberwarfare," this most clearly targetting China. The article begins, "A secret legal review on the use of Americas growing arsenal of cyberweapons has concluded that President Obama has the broad power to order a pre-emptive strike if the United States detects credible evidence of a major digital attack looming from abroad." New rules, which "will be highly classified, just as those governing drone strikes," will govern how U.S. forces (U.S. Cybercommand was recently given its own command, being "liberated" from Air Force oversight) will be able to search, defend and retaliate against a supposed foe. While the cyber-warriors at the Pentagon did not get everything they wanted—attacks against civilians and companies will still be under the control of the Department of Homeland Security—they will have control of any "major" attack, a "cyber 9-11." One senior official told the Times that cyberweapons are treated like nuclear weapons within the military: They should be unleashed only on the direct orders of the commander in chief. "There are very, very few instances in cyber operations in which the decision will be made at a level below the President," the senior official said. The article notes that authorship for cyberwarfare rules (as well as drones for that matter) has, for the last year of their revision, been under the close control of John Brennan, Obama's nominee for CIA director. [...]"  

MSM: "Obama Signs Debt Ceiling Bill, Officially Ending Debt-Limit Fight Until At Least August" [02/05/13] Printer Friendly Version "Obama signed the "No Budget, No Pay Act of 2013" into law Monday night, the White House said, officially suspending the nation's debt limit through May 18. The bill also suspends pay for members of Congress if their chamber does not pass a budget resolution by April 15. The Bipartisan Policy Center estimates that number will be around $450 billion. The BPC also estimates that the next point the nation will need to raise the debt limit will come in August. [...]" 

Commentary: "Obama: Accused Of Staging A Chemical Weapons Attack" [02/02/13] Printer Friendly Version Video clip  [4:28] "Foreign Policy magazine did an amazing bit of investigative reporting two weeks ago. They got the Obama administration to leak a classified cable—marked as “secret”—describing how Syrian dictator Bashar Assad had lobbed a chemical weapon on his own people in the city of Homs—murdering five and sickening dozens. They got the Obama administration to “anonymously” comment on the cable, giving extensive details about how the information was gathered, what group put together the information, and even pried from the mouth of the beast that the information came from a State Department-funded group called BASMA, which oddly doesn’t seem to exist. Also oddly, the mysterious chemical weapon canister that was lobbed into the city doesn’t seem to exist either. The article also has an amazing video compilation of Syrians supposedly choking on poison gas, choking on their vomit, breathing into respirators, and cursing that evil dictator Bashar Assad. Foreign Policy magazine even despatched an army of reporters to Homs, interviewing victims and the doctors who treated the victims and were especially interested in a neurologist by the name of Dr. Nashwan Abu Abdo. The good doctor did an extensive examination of the dead victims, especially taking body samples for evidence. Per the article: The doctors on the scene said they were not able to pinpoint the poison because they lacked the advanced laboratory equipment needed. They took blood, hair, saliva, and urine samples, but those samples are no longer viable for testing because too much time has passed, they said. Now, the attack is stated to have taken place on December 23, 2012. [...]"  "Hacked Emails Reveal ‘Washington- Approved’ Plan To Stage False Flag Chemical Weapons Attack In Syria" Printer Friendly Version "Alleged hacked emails from UK defense contractor Britam reveal a plan “approved by Washington” and funded by Qatar to stage a chemical weapons attack in Syria and blame it on the Assad regime, fulfilling what the Obama administration has made clear is a “red line” that would mandate US military intervention. The leaked emails, obtained by a hacker in Malaysia, feature an exchange between Britam Defence’s Business Development Director David Goulding and the company’s founder Philip Doughty;

MSM: "Cheapest Obamacare Plan Will Be $20,000 Per Family" [02/02/13] Printer Friendly Version "In a final regulation issued Wednesday, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) assumed that under Obamacare the cheapest health insurance plan available in 2016 for a family will cost $20,000 for the year. Under Obamacare, Americans will be required to buy health insurance or pay a tax penalty. [...]" 

MSM: "Obama’s ‘Jobs Council’ Shutting Down" [02/01/13] Printer Friendly Version "Obama will let his jobs council expire this week without renewing its charter, winding down one source of input from the business community even as unemployment remains stubbornly high. When Obama in January 2011 formed his Council on Jobs and Competitiveness, unemployment was hovering above 9 percent. Two years later, more than 12 million people in the U.S. are out of work. The unemployment rate has fallen to 7.8 percent, but both parties agree that’s still too high. A provision in Obama’s executive order establishing the council says it sunsets on Thursday. A White House official said the president does not plan to extend it. Officials said the president always intended for the council to fulfill its mission and then wind down, and said Obama would continue to actively engage and seek input from business leaders about ways to accelerate job-creation and economic growth. Among the steps Obama plans to pursue are expedited permits for infrastructure projects, plus programs to boost entrepreneurship and workforce development. [...]"  Note: All political rhetoric .... there is no way to implement correction of the problems before society collapses and no intelligence to extract the situation even if time would go on ...  

MSM: "Obama: Free Market Is 'The Greatest Force For Economic Progress' The World Has Ever Known" [01/27/13] [2:51] Note: Stupid idiot: Related: Flashback: "Greenspan Admits Free Market Ideology Flawed" 2008 Printer Friendly Version  Mr. GREENSPAN: Flaw in the model that I perceived is a critical functioning structure that defines how the world works, so to speak. Rep. WAXMAN: In other words, you found that your view of the world, your ideology was not right. It was not working. Mr. GREENSPAN: How it - precisely. That's precisely the reason I was shocked, because I've been going for 40 years or more with very considerable evidence that it was working exceptionally well. 

MSM: "Pay To Sin: 'Obamacare' To Hit Smokers With Huge Penalties" [01/27/13] Printer Friendly Version "Smokers, beware: tobacco penalties under President Obama’s Affordable Care Act could subject millions of smokers to fees costing thousands of dollars, making healthcare more expensive for them than Americans with other unhealthy habits. The Affordable Care Act, which critics have also called “Obamacare”, could subject smokers to premiums that are 50 percent higher than usual, starting next Jan 1. Health insurers will be allowed to charge smokers penalties that overweight Americans or those with other health conditions would not be subjected to. A 60-year-old smoker could pay penalties as high as $5,100, in addition to the premiums, the Associated Press reports. A 55-year-old smoker’s penalty could reach $4,250. The older a smoker is, the higher the penalty will be. Nearly one in every five U.S. adults smokes, with a higher number of low-income people addicted to the unhealthy habit. Even though smokers are more likely to develop heart disease, cancer and lung problems and would therefore require more health care, the penalties might devastate those who need help the most – including retirees, older Americans, and low-income individuals. Ultimately, the law that is meant to make health care more affordable could have the opposite effect on older smokers at a time when smoking-related illnesses usually arise.  [...]"  

Legal Case: "Obama Recess Appointments Unconstitutional" [01/26/13] Printer Friendly Version "In a case freighted with major constitutional implications, a federal appeals court on Friday overturned President Obama’s controversial recess appointments from last year, ruling he abused his powers and acted when the Senate was not actually in a recess. The three-judge panel’s ruling is a major blow to Mr. Obama. The judges ruled that the appointments he made to the National Labor Relations Board are illegal, and hence the five-person board did not have a quorum to operate. But the ruling has even broader constitutional significance, with the judges arguing that the president’s recess appointment powers don’t apply to “intra-session” appointments — those made when Congress has left town for a few days or weeks. They said Mr. Obama erred when he said he could claim the power to determine when he could make appointments. “Allowing the president to define the scope of his own appointments power would eviscerate the Constitution’s separation of powers,” the judges said in their opinion. The judges said presidents’ recess powers only apply after Congress has adjourned a session permanently, which in modern times usually means only at the end of a year. If the ruling withstands Supreme Court scrutiny, it would dramatically constrain presidents in the future. And the court ruled that the only vacancies that the president can use his powers on are ones that arise when the Senate is in one of those end-of-session breaks. That would all but eliminate the list of positions the president could fill with his recess powers. [...]" 

MSM: "Obama to Shut Down U.S. Southern Air Defense Systems on March 15, 2013" [01/24/13] Printer Friendly Version "As the U.S. government continues to expand surveillance and monitoring systems to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars within the borders of the United States, a recent announcement regarding the country’s southern air defense systems is raising eyebrows. Our southern border is, in part, protected by the Tethered Aerostat Radar System (TARS), which utilizes moored balloons hovering at about 15,000 feet to identify low flying aircraft and missiles that may penetrate the border and cross into U.S. airspace.  The system is utilized by the U.S. Air Force, North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), and U.S. Customs and Border Protection for a number of missions including detection of drug smuggling and preservation of the air sovereignty of the continental United States. According to Exelis Systems Corporation, the company that built and jointly maintains TARS with the U.S. Air Force, the government has ordered a complete shutdown of Aerostat flight operations: The government also indicated its intent that aerostat flight operations will cease on March 15, 2013, and that the remainder of the fiscal year will be used to deflate aerostats, disposition equipment, and prepare sites for permanent closure. We are currently reviewing all the details of the RfP and evaluating the possible impacts on the program and our workforce. We continue to communicate with the government on this matter, and we will have more information in the coming days and weeks. [...] An Exelis employee close to the TARS project had this to say about the closure of the sites: “Not only will this closure mean hundreds of people will be out of jobs, but it also means our borders will not be safe, especially along the remote U.S. Mexico Border like in Texas. These defense radars detect low flying aircraft infiltrating our borders. Without these defense radars, low flying aircraft will go undetected. It will be open season for any drug/gun/slave smugglers, terrorists flying in with nukes, low altitude missiles, or even a full scale low elevation invasion/attack against America.” With China actively and openly deploying Russian-made low altitude strategic bombers, designing EMP weapons capable of disabling the country’s power grid infrastructure, and establishing economic zones within the United States, it’s difficult to imagine the motivation behind the move to further weaken U.S. air defenses on the southern border. If September 11, 2001 was any indication of our air defense capabilities, and considering that any ground invasion of the United States would originate on our southern border, then wouldn’t we want as many early warning systems as possible to be actively protecting our country in these specific areas?"  

MSM: "Mukasey: Obama’s Executive Orders Are Legal" [01/18/13] Printer Friendly Version "Former Bush Attorney General Michael Mukasey appeared on the Fox News Channel’s “Hannity” Wednesday night with a message that left the host looking rather disappointed. Rebutting the Republican talk show host, Mukasey said that President Barack Obama’s executive orders so far have been legal, as much as he finds them distasteful. He even expressed agreement with the Supreme Court’s finding that the Affordable Care Act is constitutional, leaving Hannity looking perplexed.  [...]"  Note: Another Zionist steps up to the plate.

MSM: "White House Raises Petition Signature Threshold To 100K" [01/18/13] Printer Friendly Version "Beginning today, petitions filed on WhiteHouse.org's We the People platform will need to log 100,000 signatures in 30 days to receive an official response from the Obama Administration, quadrupling the previous minimum of 25,000. The higher threshold will "ensure we're able to continue to give the most popular ideas the time they deserve," Macon Phillips, the White House's director of digital strategy, wrote in a blog post today. "This new threshold applies only to petitions created from this point forward and is not retroactively applied to ones that already exist."  [...]"  

MSM: "Obama 'Extends Presidential Power' In Bypassing Congress On Gun Control" [01/17/13] Printer Friendly Version "During the past two years as his frustration with a "dysfunctional" Congress has grown, Obama has resorted to bypassing the legislative branch as he did on Wednesday to implement tighter gun control laws. "Where they won't act, I will," he said in October 2011 as part of a "We Can't Wait" campaign he launched 10 months after Republicans took over the U.S. House of Representatives. Since then, the president has turned to executive orders, policy directives, waivers, signing statements and other administrative steps to bypass Congress and act on contentious issues, including immigration, welfare, education reform and now gun violence. [...] Analysts say the partisan gridlock of the moment is part of a longer trend in which the legislative branch, established under the Constitution as the first branch of the federal government, is giving way increasingly to a presidency.[...] Rarely does Congress or the Supreme Court reverse executive orders, according to legal scholars. When they are reversed or modified, it usually is by a future president. [...]" Related: "Edwin Meese: Obama Could Be Impeached Over Gun Control" Printer Friendly Version "Former Reagan Attorney General Edwin Meese, now a prominent emeritus official at the Heritage Foundation, became the latest conservative to warn that President Obama could risk impeachment if he takes executive action on reducing gun violence .... if he were “to try to override the Second Amendment in any way” with an executive order. He did allow that there are some executive actions related to guns that Obama could take wouldn’t be impeachable. [...]" | "GOP Rep. Threatening Impeachment: Obama Using Children Like Saddam Hussein Did To Push His Laws" Printer Friendly Version "Another day, another threat of impeachment. This time, the threat is coming from Republican congressman Steve Stockman. Stockman sat down with Greta Van Susteren tonight to explain his outrage over President Obama potentially issuing executive orders on gun control tomorrow. He observed that Obama will be joined by young children tomorrow, comparing the president’s use of children to Sadaam Hussein‘s. (...) Stockman said that he has enough people on his side, telling Van Susteren he is counting her in his corner. Van Susteren laughed it off, saying she has no “dog in this fight.” Stockman ended the interview with an offhand, open-ended remark about Obama bringing children to his announcement.  [...]" | Commentary: "Ten Articles Of Impeachment Of Barack Hussein Obama" Printer Friendly Version "Resolution Impeaching Barack Hussein Obama, President of the United States, for high crimes and misdemeanors. Resolved, That Barack Hussein Obama, President of the United States, is impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors and that the following articles of impeachment be exhibited to the United States Senate: [...]" 

Propaganda Theatre: "Obama Uses Lincoln to Assert the Necessity of Socialist Ideology in America" [01/16/13] Printer Friendly Version "The Obama administration has carefully used comparisons between Barack Obama and Abraham Lincoln from ideology to having both adopted Illinois as their home state. Mainstream media follow suit as the propaganda machine designed to sway the populace by printing pro-Obama/Lincoln articles. Just as socialist ideology dictates, the leader will choose an icon to compare themselves to and aide in their personification that elevates them to god-like status. At Obama’s inauguration ceremony on January 21st, where he will deliver a speech under the official theme “Faith in America’s Future” which focuses on unity and perseverance. Lincoln’s bible will be used to swear Barack Obama to the US presidency; along with a bible provided by Martin Luther King, Jr. family. [...]"  

Propaganda Theatre: "Obama Uses Children to Assert the Necessity of ‘Gun Control’ in America" [01/16/13] Printer Friendly Version "White House Press Secretary Jay Carney announced this afternoon that President Obama will unveil a “concrete package” of gun control proposals including assault weapons bans, high capacity ammunition magazine bans, and closing loopholes on background checks. Carney said that the president will be joined by Vice President Joe Biden as well as children who wrote to the president after the Newtown shootings.   [...]"  Related: "Other Tyrants Who Have Used Children As Props" Printer Friendly Version |"Gov. Perry: Using Massacre of Children to Advance Agenda 'Disgusts Me'..." Printer Friendly Version 

US Politics: "Obama Administration Hiding Info On Targeted Killings Of Americans – Senator" [01/15/13] Printer Friendly Version "A US senator has accused the Obama administration and the Justice Department for not being “adequately forthcoming” with information on the targeting and potential killing of Americans suspected of terrorism. Ron Wyden, the Democratic senator from Oregon and a member of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, wrote an open letter to John Brennan, the frontrunner for the post of Director of the CIA, asking Brennan to provide Congress with the secret legal opinions defining the government’s capacity to pursue and kill US citizens suspected of involvement in terrorist activities. Members of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence by law have access to classified legal opinions – but, Wyden writes, the Obama administration has denied him access to the opinions governing targeted assassinations of American citizens. Wyden stressed that it is vital that the legal opinions guiding such conduct be distributed so that Congress and the public can “have full knowledge of how the executive branch understands the limits and boundaries of this authority,” the letter reads. Wyden has tried for more than two years to gain access to the information, but has received either unsatisfactory responses or no response at all. Now, he wants the information before Brennan’s confirmation hearing before the Senate. He has also asked for written assurance that future legal opinions related to the surveillance and assassination of American citizens be provided to the country’s lawmakers. “For the executive branch to claim that intelligence agencies have the authority to knowingly kill American citizens but refuse to provide Congress with any and all legal opinions that explain the executive branch’s understanding of this authority represents an alarming and indefensible assertion of executive prerogative,” Wyden’s letter reads. The senator has also requested a list of countries in which the intelligence community has used its “lethal counterterrorism authorities,” saying that the committee has the right to know “countries where United States intelligence agencies have killed or attempted to kill people. The fact that this request was denied reflects poorly on the Obama Administration’s commitment to cooperation with congressional oversight,” the letter continues. He also asks Brennan to prepare to discuss a massive recent Senate Intelligence Report on the CIA’s torture techniques and interrogation methods. Wyden seems to be particularly interested in hearing about why the CIA “repeatedly provided inaccurate information about its interrogation program to the White House, the Justice Department, and Congress.” Brennan is chief counterterrorism advisor to President Obama, who nominated Brennan as his next director of the Central Intelligence Agency on January 7, 2013. Brennan now faces a Senate confirmation. [...]"  

MSM: "Biden: White House Readies 19 Executive Actions On Guns" [01/15/13] Printer Friendly Version "The White House has identified 19 executive actions for President Barack Obama to move unilaterally on gun control, Vice President Joe Biden told a group of House Democrats on Monday [...]" 

Commentary: "The Scandal That Will Bring Obama Down" [01/14/13] Printer Friendly Version "It’s even worse than we previously thought. A retired four-star admiral is now claiming that Barack Obama intentionally conspired with America’s enemies to stage a bogus attack and the kidnapping of an American ambassador so he could “negotiate” the release of a “hostage” and bolster his mediocre approval ratings just prior to the election! The Washington Examiner, quoting retired Four-Star Admiral James Lyons, writes: “the attack on the American Consulate in Benghazi… was the result of a bungled abduction attempt…. the first stage of an international prisoner exchange… that would have ensured the release of Omar Abdel Rahman, the ‘Blind Sheik’…” But something went horribly wrong with Obama’s “October Surprise.” Although the Obama Administration intentionally gutted security at the consulate prior to the staged kidnapping, former Navy SEALs Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty disobeyed direct orders to stand down, saved American lives, single-handedly killed scores of attackers…and the attackers, believing that Obama had betrayed them, tortured Ambassador Chris Stevens and dragged his body through the streets. Some will say that Admiral Lyons’ accusation is not a smoking gun. We agree; that’s exactly why Congress must investigate Benghazi-gate. Moreover, we firmly believe the problem with Admiral Lyons’ assertion is that he is only scratching the surface; the full and complete truth may be much, much worse. Benghazi-gate is not about a bogus YouTube video series of lies. It’s not about the Obama Administration’s foreign policy ineptitude. We are dealing with something much more sinister… something potentially treasonous… and the following questions, posed in an article in The New American, go to the heart of the matter: [...] It’s clear. Benghazi-Gate is only a small piece of a much larger operation, an attempt to conceal what The New American calls “the Obama administration’s full role in helping violent Jihadists and self-styled al Qaeda terrorists.” Prior to the election Barack Obama continually told us that “Osama bin-Laden is dead and GM is alive”; but the sad truth is that Osama bin-Laden’s organization is alive and well, and the Obama Regime may be giving aid and comfort to this terrorist network. [...]"  

Commentary: "Obama’s Cabinet Of Austerity And War" [01/14/13] Printer Friendly Version "Obama’s cabinet selections demonstrate that his second term will be focused on social cutbacks at home and violent aggression abroad. [...]"  

MSM: "Chomsky Blasts Obama: He Has No Moral Center" [01/14/13] [25:00] "In a video published by Al Jazeera English on Saturday, MIT professor and activist Noam Chomsky slammed President Barack Obama for using aerial drones to kill suspected terrorists. Chomsky said that a black activist had recounted a story in which a group of African American women visited the President following his inauguration in 2009. After the meeting, the disappointed women told the black activist, “this man has no moral center.” “I think they’re right,” Chomsky said. “If you look at his policies, I think that is what they reveal. Just some nice rhetoric here and there. If you look at the actual policies, they’re pretty shocking. The drone assassination campaign is a perfectly good example. I mean, that’s just a global assassination campaign.” [...]"  Note: Yeah ... a psychopathic narcissist. Related: "Former Adviser: Obama As ‘Ruthless And Indifferent To Rule Of Law’ As Bush" Printer Friendly Version 

MSM: "Obama Signs Law Giving Himself, Bush Lifetime Secret Service Guard" [01/13/13] Printer Friendly Version "Former presidents have to give up rides on Air Force One. But now they don't have to give up being shadowed by the armed-and-earpieced bodyguards of the Secret Service. Obama on Thursday signed into a law a measure giving him, George W. Bush and future former presidents and their spouses lifetime Secret Service protection, the White House announced. The legislation, crafted by Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy of South Carolina, rolls back a mid-1990s law that imposed a 10-year limit on Secret Service protection for former presidents. Bush would have been the first former commander in chief affected. [...]" 

MSM: "Obama Nominates Mastermind Of Controversial Drone Strike Programme As Next CIA Director" [01/08/13] Printer Friendly Version "The man who has masterminded the expansion of a drone programme that has carried out more than 300 remote strikes against terrorist targets, killing some 2,500 people, is to be nominated as director of the Central Intelligence Agency. John Brennan, 57, the current head of counter-terrorism, has also provoked ire on the Left because of his connection during the Bush administration, when he was a senior CIA officer, to ‘Enhanced Interrogation Techniques’ such as water-boarding, which many regard as torture. [...]"  Note: In the mid-1940's the US defined waterboarding done to US servicemen by the Japanese as torture. Brennan's dynamic is overtly psychopathic ... another reincarnated retread ... Related: "Welcome To The FOURTH Term Of The Bush Presidency" [3:54] 1/7/13 RTNews | "If You Thought Obama’s Drone Godfather Was Powerful, Wait ‘Til He’s At The CIA" Printer Friendly Version | General Who Ran US Drones Admits They Cause 'Visceral Resentment' Toward America" Printer Friendly Version

MSM: "Obama Close To Choosing Jack Lew To Replace Geithner As Treasury Secretary" [01/08/13] Printer Friendly Version "Obama could announce this week his choice to nominate Jack (Jacob) Lew to be the next Treasury Secretary, Bloomberg's Hans Nichols is reporting. Lew is the first Orthodox Jew to hold the position of White House Chief of Staff, and would replace Timothy Geithner, who is also Jewish, in the role. Lew's former boss on the National Security Council, Sandy (Samuel) Berger, who is also Jewish, commented that "Lew's faith never got in the way of performing his duties.[...]"  Note: Interesting patterns of belief system influence, continuing ...  'Jack' (Jacob)Lew has spent most of his career in government, but during the financial crisis, he was embedded inside one of the country’s biggest banks as it nearly imploded. From 2006 to 2008, he worked at Citigroup in two major roles, a notable line in his résumé given that as Treasury secretary, he would be charged with implementing new rules regulating Wall Street. But Lew did not have just any position at the bank. In early 2008, he became a top executive in the Citigroup unit that housed many of the bank’s riskiest operations, including its hedge funds and private equity investments. Massive losses in that unit helped drive Citigroup into the arms of the federal government, which bailed out the bank with $45 billion in taxpayer money that year. Reference

MSM: "Obama Nominates Hagel For Secretary Of Defense" [01/08/13] Printer Friendly Version "... The former senator shares many of the same ideals of Obama's first Pentagon leader, Republican Robert Gates. When Obama became president in 2009, he asked Gates to remain as defense secretary. Both Hagel and Gates talk of the need for global answers to regional conflicts and an emphasis on so-called soft power, including economic and political aid, to bolster weak nations. "A Hagel nomination signals an interest in, and a commitment to continuing a bipartisan approach to national security," said David Berteau, senior vice president at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. [...] “This is an in-your-face nomination by the president to all of us who are supportive of Israel,” Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said during a CNN interview Sunday. [...]"  Related: Hagel's Nomination Signals Intent To Accelerate Ops In 35 African Countries" Printer Friendly Version "... the deployments, under the newly formed AFRICOM, fit nicely inside the frame of Obama's two recent nominations — that of drone warfare king John Brennan, and foreign policy conservative Chuck Hagel. [...]"  

Commentary: "The Obama/al-Qaeda Alliance: Questions for Congressional Investigators" [01/06/13] Printer Friendly Version "While claiming credit for the killing of Osama bin Laden (OBL), President Barack Obama was forging an alliance with al-Qaeda, first, to overthrow the government of Libya, and now, the government of Syria. This reckless and lawless policy of allying with the perpetrators of 9/11/2001, and now, 9/11/2012, to conduct war without the consent of Congress, in violation of the U.S. Constitution, runs the immediate danger of leading to world war, which can only mean thermonuclear war. This is “the elephant in the room,” which explains why the Obama Administration has lied and attempted to cover up the true facts about Benghazi. The policy of allying with al-Qaeda, and covering up that alliance and its consequences, is, indeed an impeachable offense. The President of the United States as well as all members of the Senate and the Congress swear an oath to “support and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.” The President has violated that oath. The question is whether members of Congress will have the courage to fight for the truth and for justice on behalf of the victims of this criminal policy and will uphold their own oath of office.  [...]"  

MSM: "Wyden On FISA Reauthorization: 'There's Going To Be Extraordinary Anger' " [01/05/13] Printer Friendly Version [1:34] "This week, Obama renewed the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, despite his own misgivings about the law's broad reach. The law allows the government to use warrantless wiretapping to monitor overseas phone calls and emails, and keeps the interpretations of the how the law can be applied secret from the public. Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden (Ore.) spoke to HuffPost Live's Mike Sacks on Thursday about his opposition to the application of the law. "When the public finds out that these secret interpretations are so dramatically different than what the public law says, I think there's going to be extraordinary anger in the country," Wyden told HuffPost Live. "Because it's one thing to have debates about laws... but we assume that the law itself is public." [...]"  Note: Extended Video And Analysis   

MSM: "Obama Has Quietly Renewed The Warrantless Wiretap Law For Another 5 Years" [01/01/13] Printer Friendly Version "As everyone’s attention is focused on the slew of taxes set to increase in 2013, President Barack Obama has quietly signed into law a five-year extension to the warrantless intercept program that monitors the overseas activity of 'suspected spies and terrorists'. The program would have expired at the end of 2012 without the president’s approval, but won final passage in the Senate [...]"  

MSM: "Narcissist Obama Uses Funeral Service to Refer to Himself 63 Times" [12/23/12] Printer Friendly Version "President Barack Obama used the funeral for Hawaii senator Daniel Inouye to talk about himself. In the short 1,600 word speech, Obama used the word “my” 21 times, “me” 12 times, and “I” 30 times. [...]"  

Commentary: "Obama, Guns, Psychiatric Meds, And Mass Hypnosis In Newtown, Connecticut" [12/16/12] Printer Friendly Version  "Mayor Bloomberg is leading the charge to take away guns in the wake of the Newtown child murders. The pressure is on. Apart from grandstanding, which Bloomberg knows how to do, this is all about deflection from the main event: the killer himself. Last night, I watched network coverage, wherein, of course, the anchors were in Newtown, standing on the street, “trying to make sense of the whole thing.” If they’re so interested, along with the public, in figuring out why Adam Lanza killed all those children, you would think, with their enormous resources, they would find out who Lanza’s doctor-psychiatrist was in five minutes and ask him about his patient. Of course, that’s sacred ground. Patient-doctor confidentiality. Except the patient is dead. So much for the networks wanting to know who Adam Lanza really was. It’s all a sham. They just want to keep asking the question over and over, pretending to be in the dark about the whole thing. They want to “deepen the mystery” and emphasize how futile it is to get into the mind of a killer. They’ve got that rap down. They use it every time one of these mass murders happens. They know about the psychiatric-drug connection to murders and suicides. But they won’t say the magic words. They’ll just keep biting their tongues. And “out of respect for the victims,” the drug companies aren’t running ads anywhere near this media coverage. Translation: the companies don’t want to encourage the public to make the connection between meds and murder. [...]" 

MSM: "Obama Signs Whistle-Blower Bill For US Workers" [11/29/12] Printer Friendly Version "Obama signed legislation Tuesday that affords greater protection to federal employees who expose fraud, waste and abuse in government operations. Capping a 13-year effort by supporters of whistle-blower rights, the new law closes loopholes created by court rulings, which removed protections for federal whistle-blowers. One loophole specified that whistle-blowers were only protected when they were the first to report misconduct. Obama also signed legislation that protects U.S. airlines from having to pay into a European Union program to cut down on pollutants. Earlier this month, the EU postponed its enforcement of the payment for non-EU airlines amid protests from numerous countries and threats of a possible trade war. The whistle-blower law makes it easier to punish supervisors who try to retaliate against the government workers. The federal official who investigates retaliation, Special Counsel Carolyn Lerner, said her office “stands ready to implement these important reforms, which will better ensure that no employee suffers retaliation for speaking out against government waste or misconduct.”[...]"  

MSM: "Companies Plan Massive Layoffs As Obamacare Becomes Reality" [11/20/12] Printer Friendly Version "Freedom Works has put together a list of companies that will be laying off employees as a result of Obama’s 'health care' law: [...]"  

Beyond 2012: "Obama Begins Push for "New National Retirement System" [11/19/12] Printer Friendly Version "A recent hearing sponsored by the Treasury and Labor Departments marked the beginning of the Obama Administration’s effort to nationalize the nation’s pension system and to eliminate private retirement accounts including IRA’s and 401k plans, NSC is warning. [...]" Note: They plan on stealing all the resources and replacing it with more government 'annuities', removing peoples control over their own wealth.

US Politics: "The Democrats Are Quietly Stealing Romney's Tax Plan" [11/14/12] Printer Friendly Version "Ahead of the election, Mitt Romney scored well on economic issues – with many polls saying Romney was viewed as better for the economy than Barack Obama. It appears Democrats in the Senate and House are heeding those results. [...]" 

Commentary: "Rats Jumping Ship: High Profile Gangsters Leaving Obama" [11/11/12] Printer Friendly Version "Just days after mafia boss Barack Obama was re-elected to his throne, several of his key foot soldiers appear to be jumping ship from his Administration. Obama will be hard pressed to fill these positions with such obedient thugs. The first confirmed departure, CIA Director James Petraeus, was likely forced out. People in high profile positions don't usually tell the ugly truth about why they are resigning unless the mafia has dirt on them. Petraeus cited an extra-marital affair as the reason for stepping down. Usually this type of activity is overlooked by the mafia as normal behavior, but apparently Petraeus has some personal integrity. "In his mind, in his views, with his code of ethics and morals, he did a very dishonorable thing," said a U.S. military official and long-time aide to Petraeus. "This had nothing to do with Benghazi, nothing to do with his relationship with the White House." Translation: It had everything to do with his refusal to take part in the Benghazi cover up. [...]" 

Flashback: "The Story of Obama: All in the Company" [11/07/12] Printer Friendly Version "Investigative journalist Wayne Madsen has discovered CIA files that document the agency’s connections to institutions and individuals figuring prominently in the lives of Barack Obama and his mother, father, grandmother, and stepfather. The first part of his report highlights the connections between Barack Obama, Sr. and the CIA-sponsored operations in Kenya to counter rising Soviet and Chinese influence among student circles and, beyond, to create conditions obstructing the emergence of independent African leaders. [...]"  

Commentary: "Widespread Bankruptcy Of Obama-Backed Green Energy Companies Continues As State Of Economy Worsens" [11/07/12] Printer Friendly Version "As idyllic as it might sound in theory, the pumping of billions of taxpayer dollars into green energy programs aimed at decreasing reliance on fossil fuels and foreign oil has not exactly led to the positive advancements in clean energy we were all told it would. According to a recent report by The Daily Caller, as many as 50 of the green energy companies that received massive loans or grants from federal and state governments in recent years are struggling to survive or have gone completely belly up. The infamous $825 billion “stimulus” package hatched by the federal government back in 2009 as a way to supposedly kick start the economy included an $80 billion allotment for green energy subsidies, a substantial portion of which went towards the now-failed Solyndra corporation, not to mention nearly a dozen other teetering or flopped companies as of January of this year. But now that number has more than quadrupled, with literally dozens of companies under investigation for abuse, waste, and blatant fraud. [...]"  

Commentary: "Obama And The Paradox Behind His African American Support Base" [11/04/12] Printer Friendly Version "Black" Americans still back Obama despite steep plunge in their economic fortunes... [...]"  Note: It's understandably a 'paradox' to them why that happens ..... They only see the  'body' and not spirit as the individual ... It simply is what it is. Allegiance to body-related aspects of reality no matter what .... more group thought ...

MSM: "Report: Voting Machines In Battleground States Switching ‘Romney’ Votes To ‘Obama’" [11/04/12] Printer Friendly Version "After complaints from voters in at least six states that their intended votes for Mitt Romney on electronic touchscreen voting machines came up as votes for President Barack Obama, the Republican National Committee (RNC) sent a letter to election officials in six states — Ohio, Nevada, Kansas, North Carolina, Missouri and Colorado — asking them to more strictly monitor their electronic voting machines on Election Day. John R. Phillippe, Jr. sent a letter to election officials in those six states and asked them to, among other things, “re-calibrate all voting machines on the morning of Election Day before the polls open, or, if necessary, the day before the election” and “make arrangements for additional technicians on Election Day in case of increased calibration problems.”  [...]"  

MSM: "Obama's Pension Invests In Sheldon Adelson, The Super Rich Guy Funding Romney" [10/20/12] Printer Friendly Version "Among the holdings in the Illinois pension are shares of the Las Vegas Sands corporation, owned by mega GOP donor Sheldon Adelson. The casino magnate has given tens of millions to Republican PACs; the company is also facing investigation for various illegal operations at the casino's Macau location. [...] The pension contains share of Halliburton, which was once helmed by former vice president Dick Cheney. The company has been awarded multiple no-bid contracts for multi-million projects by the government, a practice Obama has railed against in the past.  [...] Exxon Mobil is just one of several energy companies in which the pension owns shares. The oil giant not only has a very tarnished environmental record -- even funding climate skeptic groups -- it also collects huge tax breaks from the government that Obama has tried to kill. [...] Giant payday lender Cash America make ups only a tiny portion of stock listed in the pension fund, but payday lenders have drawn ire from consumer advocates for their extremely high interest rates and high fees, and have been banned in many cities and some states for unfair lending practices. [...] The pension fund includes shares in the food conglomerate, which makes many kinds of prepared snacks foods that are high in fat, sugar and salt, like Reddi Wip. In other words, everything that Michelle Obama has actively campaigned against with her anti-childhood obesity program. [...] The pension fund includes shares of Apple. The tech company's Chinese manufacturer Foxconn has come under increasing scrutiny for its labor practices. The company has also sent thousands of jobs to China. “Apple’s an example of why it’s so hard to create middle-class jobs in the U.S. now,” Jared Bernstein, who was an economic adviser to the White House until 2011. [...] The largest life insurance company in China is just one of several China-based holdings in the Illinois pension plan, according to the annual report. Mitt Romney recently unloaded his China Life Insurance shares along with many other Chinese investments. [...]" 

Commentary: "Obama’s Taxpayer-Backed Green Energy Failures" [10/19/12] Printer Friendly Version "It is no secret that President Obama’s and green-energy supporters’ (from both parties) foray into venture capitalism has not gone well. But the extent of its failure has been largely ignored by the press. Sure, single instances garner attention as they happen, but they ignore past failures in order to make it seem like a rare case. The truth is that the problem is widespread. The government’s picking winners and losers in the energy market has cost taxpayers billions of dollars, and the rate of failure, cronyism, and corruption at the companies receiving the subsidies is substantial. [...]" 

MSM: "Former DEA Head Refuses To Deny That Obama Accepts 'Laundered Drug Money'" [10/16/12] Printer Friendly Version "A conference call organized to oppose marijuana legalization quickly went off the rails on Monday when the former head of the Drug Enforcement Administration refused to reject the suggestion that the Obama campaign is accepting contributions from drug dealers. The call's organizers made clear that the goal was to pressure Attorney General Eric Holder to speak out against three state-level ballot measures that if passed, would legalize marijuana. But when a journalist from the Lyndon LaRouche-affiliated Executive Intelligence Review asked whether President Barack Obama had not spoken out against the ballot measures because of "reports" that "both his 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns have been financed in part by laundered drug money," no one on the call spoke out against the suggestion. Peter Bensinger, who was appointed head of the DEA by President Gerald Ford and then served under Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan, simply said "I can't speculate on the rationale" for Obama's silence. [...]"  

Lecture: "Traveling Down the Road to Serfdom: History of Socialism from Marx to Obama" [10/14/12] [33:22] "Presented by Yuri N. Maltsev at "The Delusion of Good Government": the Mises Circle in Colorado Springs, Colorado; 18 September 2010. Sponsored by Pikes Peak Economics Club. Includes an introduction by Douglas French. [...]" 

MSM: "Obama.Com Owned By Bundler In Shanghai With Business Ties To Chinese Government" [10/10/12] Printer Friendly Version "In an explosive report set to send shockwaves through official Washington, the Government Accountability Institute (GAI) released a 108-page GAI investigation into the threat of foreign and fraudulent Internet campaign donations in U.S. federal elections (visit campaignfundingrisks.com to download the full report). Breitbart News obtained an advance copy of the bombshell report which reveals that the Obama.com website is not owned by the president’s campaign but rather by Obama bundler Robert Roche, a U.S. citizen living in Shanghai, China. Roche is the chairman of a Chinese infomercial company, Acorn International, with ties to state-controlled banks that allow it to “gain revenue through credit card transactions with Chinese banks.” [...]"  

MSM: "Andrea Mitchell (Mrs. Alan Greenspan) Stunned As Sununu Calls Obama "Lazy and Detached" [10/05/12] [2:29] "What people saw last night, I think, was a president that revealed his incompetence, how lazy and detached he is, how he has absolutely no idea how serious the economic problems of the country are, and how he has failed to even begin to address them." 

MSM: "China Firm Sues Obama Over Farms" [10/03/12] Printer Friendly Version "A Chinese-owned firm in the US is suing Obama after he blocked a wind farm deal on national security grounds. Ralls Corp, a private firm (owned by China), acquired four wind farm projects near a US naval facility in Oregon earlier this year. Mr Obama signed the order blocking the deal last week. The lawsuit alleges the US government overstepped its authority. It is the first foreign investment to be blocked in the US for 22 years. The move forced Ralls Corp to divest its stake in the projects, which were located near restricted airspace used by the Naval Weapons Systems Training Facility. Ralls Corp's complaint, filed on Monday, alleged that the US president had "acted in an unlawful and unauthorised manner". The firm, owned by two Chinese nationals, said in its suit that Mr Obama failed to adhere to the law to treat Ralls Corp on equal terms. The court documents were made public on Tuesday. Issuing the order last week, the White House said: "There is credible evidence that leads me to believe that Ralls Corporation... might take action that threatens to impair the national security of the United States." However, the company said in its suit that Mr Obama had not produced evidence to support that. The military has said it uses the Oregon base to test unmanned drones and other equipment for electronic warfare. The aircraft fly as low as 200ft (60m) at speeds of as much as 300mph (500km/h). The block on the wind farms comes just weeks ahead of November's presidential election. China's trade advantage over the US has become a focus of Mr Obama's battle for re-election against Republican contender Mitt Romney. Last month, the Obama administration filed a complaint with the World Trade Organization against Chinese subsidies for its car industry. [...]"  

Commentary: "Most Transparent Administration" Violates Federal Transparency Laws" [10/01/12] Printer Friendly Version "Nineteen out of 20 cabinet-level agencies under the Obama administration have failed to follow the requirements of the Freedom of Information Act, thereby disobeying the law that demands disclosure of public information. White House Chief of Staff Jack Lew said in July that the Obama administration “has been the most transparent ever.” But an analysis of government requests filed by Bloomberg News has found an alarming number of transparency violations, particularly when it comes to the taxpayer-funded cost of travel by top officials. “When it comes to implementation of Obama’s wonderful transparency policy goals, especially FOIA policy in particular, there has been far more ‘talk the talk’ rather than ‘walk the walk,’’ Daniel Metcalfe, director of the Department of Justice’s office monitoring the government’s compliance with FOIA requests, told the news agency. In 2009, the newly sworn in President Obama promised a new standard of transparency that his administration has not upheld – even accepting awards for what he oversaw as “the most transparent administration in history.” [...]" 

MSM: "Netanyahu And Obama Are In 'Full Agreement' On Iran's Nuclear Status, White House Says " [09/29/12] Printer Friendly Version "The White House says President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu remain in "full agreement" about keeping Iran from getting a nuclear weapon. The Obama administration's account of Friday's phone call offered no mention of Netanyahu's dire declaration to the U.N. General Assembly. The Israeli leader on Thursday held up an image of a bomb and warned that the world only has until next summer to stop Iran from building one. Obama has promised that the United States will do what it must to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weaponry, but faces pressure from Netanyahu to be more specific in public about what would cause Washington to intervene. [...]"  

US Politics"War Criminal" Obama Worse Than Bush, Says Nader" [09/26/12] Printer Friendly Version [1:58] "Ralph Nader had some harsh words for President Obama in an interview with Politico, calling the president a "war criminal" because of his foreign policy and military choices. He's even worse than George W. Bush "in the sense that he’s more aggressive, more illegal worldwide," particularly when it comes to the use of drones, Nader says. Another reason Obama is worse than Bush? Because we expected more of him than we did of Bush. "I don’t know whether George W. Bush ever read the Constitution," Nader explains. "This man taught the Constitution, and this is what we got." But back to drones. Obama "thinks the world is his plate, that national sovereignties mean nothing, drones can go anywhere," Nader continues. "They can kill anybody that he suspects, and every Tuesday he makes the call on who lives and who dies, supposed suspects in places like Yemen and Pakistan and Afghanistan, and that is a war crime and he ought to be held to account." Especially because, with his law background, Obama has a "knowledge of legality," yet continues to violate that legality "with abandon," Nader says. And after all that, he'd still pick Obama over Mitt Romney, whom he called "basically a corporation running for president masquerading as a human being." [...]"  

Commentary: "Manufactured Presidential Assassination Attempt Expected To Justify Martial Law" [09/22/12] Printer Friendly Version "In total, there have been a record 48 assassination attempts on President Barack Obama. Most of these “threats” have turned out to be either staged or unsubstantiated by way of having no real intention to put Obama’s life in danger. However, the idea continues to loom on the social consciousness. The Secret Service has intercepted an alleged threat on Obama’s life made by a resident of Charlotte, North Carolina. The suspect, Donte Jarmar Sims, was arrested and is being detained based on suspicion of planning to assassinate Obama at the Democratic National Convention. [...] Sims, an African-American, does not fit the barrage of assassination threats made by North Carolina residents of late. This state appears to have many people, mostly white men, who want to kill Obama. Jerry Blanchard, back in 2008, threatened to kidnap and kill Obama with a military grade sniper rifle. The LA Times supposed in an article published in 2008 that there was a plot to kill Obama on national television at the DNC. Former Marines, Nicholas Daniel Hanke and Kody Brittingham, were arrested for making death threats directed at Obama. Hillary Clinton, US Secretary of State predicted in 2008 that Obama might be assassinated as JFK had been killed in Dallas, Texas. [...] Andrew Adler, owner of the Atlanta Jewish Times, called for the assassination of Obama in a column published in January of 2012. In response, the Zionist-sponsored National Jewish Democratic Council condemned Adler saying that the published statements were “the height of irresponsibility to make the horrific suggestion that the State of Israel should assassinate the President of the United States of America.” According to a DHS informant, the plan concerning a false flag attack released the warning of an anonymous DHS informant is explained as a staged assignation attempt on Obama that will be linked to a white supremacist group that will be used to incite black and Hispanic Americans into starting riots all across the nation. In this scenario a race war will be the situation needed to implement martial law effectively locking down the US, US Army control of the urban cities, erecting DHS checkpoints on all major points of travel, severe restrictions on travel for all citizens and the suspension of elections to ensure that Obama remain seated as the President of the US. The DHS informant stated: “The DHS is actively preparing for massive social unrest inside the United States. He then corrected himself, stating that ‘a civil war’ is the more appropriate term. Certain elements of the government are not only expecting and preparing for it, they are actually facilitating it. Reported in Haaretz back in 2010 the “Obama’s election may usher a political climate that could produce an assassination attempt…It is most likely, though, to be a lone assassin, rather than an organized network.” [...] Muammar Gaddafi had been extremely vocal about his belief that the Zionist-controlled Israeli government would be behind an assassination attempt against Obama. The Joint Threat Assessment memo entitled the “2010 State of the Union Address: Joint Threat Assessment”, which propagandized terrorism against Obama claimed that Obama would be attacked by a “lone offender” who would be a member of the US military. The JTA blueprint is a document classified as a deniable asset and could have come directly out of the Haaretz article. The manufactured threat of US veterans stems from the 2009 Department of Homeland Security report entitled Rightwing Extremism . This report clearly outlined that veterans, because of their diverse training in tactical operations, would be a decisive threat to the US government’s plans to declare martial law against the American public in the near future." [...] The facts all point to a Zionist-sponsored scheme that is supposed to incite a race war in the US which would justify martial law .[...] 

Commentary: "Obama Administration Wins Stay of NDAA Rejection" [09/19/12] Printer Friendly Version "The U.S. government won a temporary delay of a lower court ruling striking down a military detention law as unconstitutional. U.S. Circuit Judge Raymond Lohier in New York today granted a Justice Department request for an interim stay of the Sept. 12 ruling. The government argued that the decision, which imposed a permanent injunction barring enforcement of the law, poses a threat to national security. In a one-page order today, Lohier delayed the ruling until Sept. 28, when a three-judge panel of the appeals court will consider whether to extend the stay. U.S. District Judge Katherine Forrest invalidated provisions of the National Defense Authorization Act for 2012 that provide for detention by the U.S. military of people who provide support to al-Qaeda and the Taliban. The government appealed. A group including former New York Times reporter Christopher Hedges in January sued President Barack Obama and Leon Panetta, the secretary of defense, challenging the law. The plaintiffs claim it could subject them to detention for acts including writing and advocacy that are protected by the First Amendment. [...]" Related: See below.

Commentary: "Obama Administration Demands Appeals Court Overturn ‘Dangerous’ Indefinite Detention Ruling" [09/18/12] Printer Friendly Version "The Obama White House is not giving up in their fight to hold on to the power to indefinitely detain American citizens without charge or trial after federal appeals court judge Katherine Forrest blocked the administration’s ability to hold anyone who they claim “substantially support[s]” any entities allegedly “engaged in hostilities against the United States or its coalition partners.” The Obama administration is now calling on the court to reverse the decision which they called “dangerous” and a threat to national security even though it is in clear violation of our rights protected by the constitution. Indeed, unlike those who attempted to claim that the legislation in fact only applied to non-U.S. citizens involved in terrorist activities, Judge Forrest was able to see just how vague the language actually is. This ambiguous wording would allow U.S. citizens and journalists engaged in activities otherwise wholly protected by the constitution to be held indefinitely without charge or trial. This is precisely what I was writing about long before the decision along with many others who were regularly confronted with sometimes laughable attempts to minimize the sheer danger of this legislation. One memorable example came from Robert Blaskiewicz, Ph.D, a Brittain Postdoctoral Fellow in the Writing and Communication Program at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia and the man mostly responsible for the blog Skeptical Humanities. Among other things, Blaskiewicz wrote in the comments section of my December 2, 2011 post entitled, “The entire United States is now a war zone: S.1867 passes the Senate with massive support,” [...]"  Related: " Judge Permanently Blocks NDAA’s Military Detention Provision" Printer Friendly Version "The permanent injunction prevents the U.S. government from enforcing a portion of Section 1021 of the National Defense Authorization Act’s “Homeland Battlefield” provisions. [...] Today, the war against the true totalitarian terror won a decisive battle, when in a 112-opinion, Judge Forrest turned the temporary injunction, following an appeal by the totalitarian government from August 6, into a permanent one." Full ruling presented in its entirety: 12-Civ.-00331-2012.09.12-Permanent-Injunction

Commentary: "Obama v. Netanyahu" [09/17/12] Printer Friendly Version " ... A previous article called Netanyahu the mouth that roars for good reason. He repeatedly puts both feet in his mouth and risks swallowing them. He's arrogant, offensive, duplicitous, thuggish, and dangerous. He's an embarrassment to legitimate governance. It's hard imagining why any Israelis put up with him. If ever a bum deserved to be thrown out it's Netanyahu. One Israeli analyst said he "must set red lines on his malice toward Obama." Israelis and many others are fed up with his bluster. He's gone out of his way to alienate support from his closest ally. An unnamed Israeli official said he caused "profound" damage in relations with Washington. Haaretz contributor Yoel Marcus accused him of "acting wildly irresponsibly." He overstepped "traditional boundaries." He crossed a proper comportment red line. [...] Of course, he, other Israeli officials and US ones know Iran has no nuclear weapons program, doesn't plan one, threatens no one, and isn't hell bent to destroy Israel. Yet he keeps saying it. His bluster long ago wore thin. No wonder Obama, other US officials, and some Israeli ones are fed up with him. He'll keep stressing red lines, he says. Without them, "Iranians would have no reason to stop their drive to obtain nuclear weapons." His bombast won't quit. Nor do supportive comments from other Likudnik hardliners. Opposition leader Shaul Mofaz blamed him for strained US/Israeli relation. "Throughout Israel's history," he said, "the drums of war have never beaten so incessantly as during these days." [...] "  

Propaganda Theatre: "Terrorists Are Operating On US Soil Plotting To Avenge Osama Bin Laden's Death" [09/10/12] [5:17] Note: Buffoon.

Commentary: "2012 US Elections: Obamney vs. Rombama" [08/28/12] Printer Friendly Version "A vote for Obama will bring war with Syria, Iran, and eventually Russia and China. The economy will continue to suffer in order to bolster the interests of off-shore corporate-financier interests, while the collective prospects of Americans continue to whither and blow away. A vote for Romney, however, will also bring war with Syria, Iran, and eventually Russia and China. The economy will also continue to suffer in order to bolster the interests of off-shore corporate-financier interests, while the collective prospects of Americans continue to whither and blow away. Why? Because the White House is but a public relations front for the corporate-financier interests of Wall Street and London. A change of residence at the White House is no different than say, British Petroleum replacing its spokesman to superficially placate public opinion when in reality the exact same board of directors, overall agenda, and objectives remain firmly in place. Public perception then is managed by, not the primary motivation of, corporate-financier interests. It is the absolute folly to believe that multi-billion dollar corporate-financier interests would subject their collective fate to the whims of the ignorant, uninformed, and essentially powerless voting masses every four years. Instead, what plays out every four years is theater designed to give the general public the illusion that they have some means of addressing their grievances without actually ever changing the prevailing balance of power in any meaningful way. The foreign policy of both Obama and Romney is written by the exact same corporate-financier funded think-tanks that have written the script for America’s destiny for the last several decades. [...]"  

US Politics: "RNC Chair: Obama "Is Not Real Anymore" [08/26/12] Printer Friendly Version "Four years after the nation enthusiastically embraced his presidency, President Obama's brand is broken, according to Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus. "I think Barack Obama's not real anymore to the American people," Priebus said... [...]"  Note:  Another 'brilliant' reincarnated retread commenting on another reincarnated retread ... both losers, too.

Commentary: "Cass Sunstein's Resignation Encourages Advocates For Health And Safety" [08/04/12] Printer Friendly Version "White House regulatory czar Cass Sunstein is stepping down after failing to advance federal health and safety rules nearly as much as Obama supporters had hoped, while also failing in his attempt to win over powerful corporate interests by offering to roll back regulations they disliked. [...]"  

Commentary: "Narcissist Obama Donates Cash To His Own Campaign" [08/01/12] Printer Friendly Version " Obama has given $5,000 to his own reelection campaign, an official confirms to POLITICO. In an email to supporters this morning, Obama said that he had given to his own reelection campaign for the first time as a symbolic gesture. "On its own, what I gave won't be enough to surmount the unprecedented fundraising we've seen on the other side, both from our opponent's campaign and from the outside groups and special interests supporting him," Obama wrote. "But we have always believed that there's nothing we can't do when we all pitch in. That includes me." [...]"  

Commentary: "Port Security: U.S. Fails To Meet Deadline For Scanning Of Cargo Containers" [07/16/12] Printer Friendly Version "The Obama administration has failed to meet a legal deadline for scanning all shipping containers for radioactive material before they reach the United States, a requirement aimed at strengthening maritime security and preventing terrorists from smuggling a nuclear device into any of the nation’s 300 sea and river ports. The Department of Homeland Security was given until this month to ensure that 100 percent of inbound shipping containers are screened at foreign ports. But the department’s secretary, Janet Napolitano, informed Congress in May that she was extending a two-year blanket exemption to foreign ports because the screening is proving too costly and cumbersome. She said it would cost $16 billion to implement scanning measures at the nearly 700 ports worldwide that ship to the United States. Instead, the DHS relies on intelligence- gathering and analysis to identify “high-risk” containers, which are checked before being loaded onto ships. Under this system, fewer than half a percent of the roughly 10 million containers arriving at U.S. ports last year were scanned before departure. The DHS says that those checks turned up narcotics and other contraband but that there have been no public reports of smuggled nuclear material. [...]"  Note: Of course, it's all theater and bullshit .. sounds like a heads up for a future false flag methodology.

MSM: "More Than 20 People Go Unconscious During Obama Speech" [07/14/12] Printer Friendly Version "TV viewers may have heard POTUS pointed out a couple of faintings during the rally in downtown Roanoke," writes the pool report. "In fact, fire officials say more than 20 people fell out during the course of the speech. There were waves of exclamation as one person after another swooned." [...]"  Note: Swooned ... a real mind numbing experience.

Commentary"Confront And Conceal: Obama's Secret Wars And Surprising Use Of American Military Power " [07/10/12] [61:45]  Link Fixed

MSM: "Roberts' Health Care Ruling Sparks 'Deep' Supreme Court Discord" [07/09/12] Printer Friendly Version  "More than a week removed from the Supreme Court's landmark health care ruling, a new report of dissension among the justices has emerged. In a Sunday appearance on "Face The Nation," CBS News Chief Political and Legal Correspondent Jan Crawford provided new details about the aftermath of the 5-4 decision to uphold the Affordable Care Act's individual mandate as constitutional. "The discord is deep and it is personal," said Crawford on the broadcast. "This could affect this court for a long time." Crawford reported last Sunday that Chief Justice John Roberts switched his vote after initially siding with the court's conservative justices to strike down the mandate. In the court's majority opinion, Roberts wrote that the individual mandate "need not be read to do more than impose a tax," which falls under Congress' constitutional power to collect taxes. "No one has any idea how it's going to be resolved but conservatives feel this sense of betrayal -- that Roberts changed his mind for the wrong reasons," Crawford said on "Face The Nation." "If he had been with the liberals from the beginning … that would have been one thing. But to have switched his position -- and relatively late in the process -- infuriated conservatives." Crawford interviewed Justice Clarence Thomas in 2007, and she interviewed Justice Antonin Scalia at an event held by the conservative Federalist Society in 2010.  [...]"  

MSM: "Obama Uses First-Person Pronoun 117 Times in 1 Speech" [07/09/12] Printer Friendly Version Note: Well, he's a narcissistic psychopath ... no surprise.

Commentary"Roberts Switched Vote On Obamacare" [07/03/12] Printer Friendly Version "Chief Justice John Roberts initially sided with the Supreme Court's four conservative justices to strike down the heart of President Obama's health care reform law, the Affordable Care Act, but later changed his position and formed an alliance with liberals to uphold the bulk of the law, according to two sources with specific knowledge of the deliberations. Roberts then withstood a month-long, desperate campaign to bring him back to his original position, the sources said. Ironically, Justice Anthony Kennedy - believed by many conservatives to be the justice most likely to defect and vote for the law - led the effort to try to bring Roberts back to the fold. "He was relentless," one source said of Kennedy's efforts. "He was very engaged in this." But this time, Roberts held firm. And so the conservatives handed him their own message which, as one justice put it, essentially translated into, "You're on your own." The conservatives refused to join any aspect of his opinion, including sections with which they agreed, such as his analysis imposing limits on Congress' power under the Commerce Clause, the sources said. Instead, the four joined forces and crafted a highly unusual, unsigned joint dissent. They deliberately ignored Roberts' decision, the sources said, as if they were no longer even willing to engage with him in debate.  [...]"  

Commentary: "Romney Rakes In Millions With Obamacare Decision" [07/01/12] Printer Friendly Version "Mitt Romney's campaign has taken $4.3m in donations since the supreme court's decision to uphold Barack Obama's healthcare reform. The Republican nominee's team is citing the influx of cash as a sign that the party base has been energised by the decision and that the issue will play a central role in November's White House election. Romney's spokeswoman, Andrea Saul, said the $4.3m had come from 43,000 individual donors. [...]"  Related: "Big Win For Predatory Healthcare Giants" Printer Friendly Version | "Napolitano - Individual Mandate Most Bizarre Tax In History" [8:58]  

MSM: "Justice Department Shields Holder From Prosecution After Contempt Vote" [06/30/12] Printer Friendly Version "The Justice Department moved Friday to shield Attorney General Eric Holder from prosecution after the House voted to hold him in contempt of Congress. The contempt vote technically opened the door for the House to call on the U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia to bring the case before a grand jury. But because U.S. Attorney Ronald Machen works for Holder and because President Obama has already asserted executive privilege over the documents in question, some expected Holder's Justice Department to balk.  Deputy Attorney General James Cole confirmed in a letter to House Speaker John Boehner that the department in fact would not pursue prosecution. The attorney general's withholding of documents pertaining to Operation Fast and Furious, he wrote, "does not constitute a crime." "Therefore the department will not bring the congressional contempt citation before a grand jury or take any other action to prosecute the attorney general," Cole wrote. [...]"  Related: "Issa: Executive Privilege Reserved For Presidential Decision-Making" Printer Friendly Version 

Commentary: "Koch-Backed Group Launches $9 Million Ad Campaign Against Health Law" [06/30/12] Printer Friendly Version "A conservative advocacy group closely aligned with the Tea Party announced a $9 million swing-state push against President Obama and the healthcare law. The announcement by Americans for Prosperity (AFP), which is largely funded by the conservative Koch brothers, comes one day after the Supreme Court ruled to uphold the vast majority of the law in a major coup for Obama. [...]"  

Commentary: "15 Reasons Why The 'Obamacare' Decision Is A Mind Blowing Disaster For America" [06/29/12] Printer Friendly Version "You can almost always count on the Supreme Court to do the wrong thing. In fact, just about every major decision by the U.S. Supreme Court over the last 40 years has been bad for America. Many were hoping that the Supreme Court would strike down Obamacare, but the truth is that we all should have known better than to expect them to get something right. So now America is headed for a complete and total disaster as Obamacare is fully implemented over the next several years. Obamacare is going to absolutely shred the infrastructure of our medical system, it is going to send health insurance premiums soaring, it is going to dramatically expand the size and the scope of government, it is going to fundamentally alter the relationships between doctors and their patients and it is one of the largest tax increases in U.S. history. Not only that, it is also going to add about a trillion dollars to our national debt over the next decade. So no, the Obamacare decision is not good news. Obamacare was one of the worst pieces of legislation in American history, and now we are stuck with it. [...]"  Related: "13 Reasons Why The Revolution Might Start with Obamacare " Printer Friendly Version Note: See below. 

Beyond 2012: "Obama Hails Supreme Court Ruling On 'Obamacare' As Win For ‘Middle Class’; Justices Hand Tax Issue To GOP" [06/28/12] Printer Friendly Version "The Supreme Court handed President Obama a major political victory on his signature health care issue Thursday, but the justices also provided Republicans with a sharper campaign issue by defining the law’s individual mandate as a tax. The ruling allows Mr. Obama to engage in a four-month-long victory lap as he campaigns for re-election. “It will be a short-lived celebration in the White House,” said Republican pollster Whit Ayres. “Obama now goes into the fall campaign defending a law that most Americans think will increase their health care costs, their premiums, their taxes and the deficit. He also has to defend raising taxes on all Americans, which he pledged not to do.” Sen. Mike Lee, Utah Republican and a member of the tea party caucus, said Mr. Obama’s victory will be “fleeting” and argued that most Americans didn’t like the law’s individual mandate in the first place. “They’ll like it even less when they understand it’s a tax,” Mr. Lee said on Fox News. The high court’s ruling leaves in place 21 tax increases in the health care law costing more than $675 billion over the next 10 years, according to the House Ways and Means Committee. Of those, 12 tax hikes would affect families earning less than $250,000 per year, the panel said, including a “Cadillac tax” on high-cost insurance plans, a tax on insurance providers and an excise tax on medical-device manufacturers. [...]" Related: "Conservative Justices Offer Frightening Dissent" Printer Friendly Version "Mitt Romney, reacting to the Supreme Court's health care ruling Thursday, said, "I agree with the dissent." The dissent tosses out the entire health care law, dismissing the case for it as "feeble" and a "vast judicial overreach." It argues that "against a mountain of evidence," its backers offer only the "flimsiest of indications to the contrary." Four of the five Republican appointees on the Court agreed with this interpretation, and it would have carried the day if Chief Justice John Roberts had joined them. Had he done so, the "entire statute" -- meaning the entire law, from beginning to end -- would have been invalidated, including provisions that had already gone into effect. Strangely, the dissenting justices argue that even constitutional provisions must be ruled unconstitutional because "the Act’s other provisions would not have been enacted without" it central elements, the mandate and the Medicaid provision. The justices never reveal how they know what would have happened in the alternate reality they posit. Did the minority's uncompromising insistence on invalidating the entire law push Roberts to join the moderates in upholding it? We won't know until the next tell-all book on the court, but below are excerpts from the dissent, signed by Anthony Kennedy, Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito and Antonin Scalia. [...]" 

MSM: "Obama Ignored CIA Report Against Afghan Escalation" [06/27/12] Printer Friendly Version " Newly leaked memos related to the 2009 escalation of the war in Afghanistan have put President Obama’s decision in an even worse light, with the revelation that Vice President Joe Biden penned a memo warning him that the plan wasn’t “viable.” Even more shocking is the revelation that President Obama knew of a CIA assessment that warned against the surge, and “purposely did not read it” before approving the massive escalation. The new information is included in the upcoming book Little America by Rajiv Chandrasekaran. The Associated Press got an advanced copy of the book and revealed the new information. [...]"  

Commentary: "Fast And Furious Scandal Is Turning Into Obama's Watergate" [06/23/12] Printer Friendly Version "Fast and furious hasn’t been discussed a lot in the mainstream media, which is why the facts can seem so preposterous when you read them for the first time. But the story is slowly unraveling and the public is catching up with the madness. On Wednesday, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee voted to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt over his decision to withhold documents related to the “gun walking” operation – documents that President Obama tried to keep secret by invoking executive privilege. The question of why the Prez intervened in this way will surely hang over the investigation and the White House for many months to come. [...]"  Related: "Judge Napolitano: Executive Privilege Only Applies If Obama Involved " [4:59] | "US Attorney General Found In Contempt Of Congress" [06/21/12] [6:42] Related: "Contempt Of Congress Proceedings Against Attorney General" Mox News 15 Parts (List) "This proceeding is happening because the duration of time between the submission/extraction of false testimony (from Feb. to Dec.) is still under investigation and the justice department hasn't delivered the documents they admitted they could have delivered  [...]" | "Obama Invokes Executive Privilege In Attempt To Stop Contempt Of Congress Vote"  [8:57] 

Commentary: "Obama Honors Israel’s N-Bomb" [06/18/12] Printer Friendly Version "Perhaps President Obama wants to tell Iran something when he decided to award Shimon Peres, the father of the Israeli nuclear bomb, and the killer in Qana 1, the highest civilian honor America can bestow on any one. It is so ironic that this comes at a time when every one from Obama to Netanyahu, to Merkel to Cameron stepping up pressure even threatening war because of Iran’s “suspect” nuclear program. The West almost without exception helped Israel develop its own nuclear program making it the largest in the Middle East coming close to that of the US and Russia. Shimon Peres sat there and lied to then President Kennedy during a 2nd April, 1963 meeting in the White House when he declared “ I can tell you most clearly that we will not introduce nuclear weapons in the region, certainly we not be the first”. So Mr. Obama also honored a man who lied to the president of the United States. According to intelligence sources, Israel has well over 400 nuclear weapons including tactical weapons and all the means to delivery including ballistic, artillery, submarine and according to Simor Hersch developed capabilities for “suite case” type bombs which it can leash in Cairo, Damascus, Istanbul, Beirut, Tehran, as well as Paris, Washington, Madrid, and London. The Iranians are not the only crazy in the Middle East. According to Avner Cohen in his book “ Israel and the Bomb” Israel began to develop its nuclear weapons shortly after its founding in 1948. By hook and more by crook, Israel achieved its goals of acquiring nuclear bombs, with a blind eye and a wink from Washington. The US was one of many countries to help Israel and the Johnson administration like in the case of Israel attack on USS Liberty decided to overlook the theft of nuclear materials arranged by Israel’s Fifth Column in the US. Simply overlooked the “theft” of highly enriched uranium from the Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corporation in Apollo, Pennsylvania. It is interesting to note that Rafi Eitan was reported to be the “handling agent” the same man who was also the “handling agent” for Jonathan Pollard. It is also ironic that back in 1977, Shimon Peres then the Minister of Defense formed a “partnership” with the late Shah of Iran to develop with Iran surface-to-service ballistic missiles that could be fitted with nuclear warheads. The Israeli-Iranian partnership was duped Operation Codenamed “Flowers”. BBC Newsnight reported England made “hundreds of secret shipments of restricted materials to Israel in the 1950s and 1960s. Including specialist chemicals for reprocessing and samples of fissile material-uranium-235 in 1959 and plutonium in 1966 and highly enriched litium-6 used to boost fission bombs and fuel hydrogen bombs.” [...]"  

Beyond 2012: "Obama Team Wants Radical New Powers For Multinational Corporations" [06/14/12] Printer Friendly Version "A critical document from President Barack Obama's free trade negotiations with eight Pacific nations was leaked online early Wednesday morning, revealing that the administration intends to bestow radical new political powers upon multinational corporations, contradicting prior promises. The leaked document has been posted on the website of Public Citizen, a long-time critic of the administration's trade objectives. The new leak follows substantial controversy surrounding the secrecy of the talks, in which some members of Congress have complained they are not being given the same access to trade documents that corporate officials receive. "The outrageous stuff in this leaked text may well be why U.S. trade officials have been so extremely secretive about these past two years of [trade] negotiations," said Lori Wallach, director of Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch in a written statement. Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) has been so incensed by the lack of access as to introduce legislation requiring further disclosure. House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) has gone so far as to leak a separate document from the talks on his website. Other Senators are considering writing a letter to Ron Kirk, the top trade negotiator under Obama, demanding more disclosure. The newly leaked document is one of the most controversial of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact. It addresses a broad sweep of regulations governing international investment and reveals the Obama administration's advocacy for policies that environmental activists, financial reform advocates and labor unions have long rejected for eroding key protections currently in domestic laws. Under the agreement currently being advocated by the Obama administration, American corporations would continue to be subject to domestic laws and regulations on the environment, banking and other issues. But foreign corporations operating within the U.S. would be permitted to appeal key American legal or regulatory rulings to an international tribunal. That international tribunal would be granted the power to overrule American law and impose trade sanctions on the United States for failing to abide by its rulings. The terms run contrary to campaign promises issued by Obama and the Democratic Party during the 2008 campaign. [...]"  

Commentary: "The Obama Administration Is Criminalizing Investigative Reporting" [06/13/12] Printer Friendly Version "Criminally investigating the kinds of leaks that are the bread and butter of national security investigative reporting is a noxious overreaction by hyper-controlling government officials who don't want us to know what's being done in our name. There is such a thing as a criminal leak -- for instance, when an administration official intentionally outs a covert CIA operative in an attempt to discredit an administration critic. But leaks that expose secrets that have momentous public policy implications need to be treated differently, because they are a critical part of our nation's system of checks and balances. Knowledge is essential to the public's ability to restrain executive (and legislative) power. In this case, part of the pressure for an investigation came from Congress -- from Sen. John McCain, who accused the Obama administration of leaking for political gain, and from the bipartisan leaders of the House and Senate intelligence committees, whose most righteous anger seems to be reserved not for violations of international law, torture statutes or civil liberties, but for those occasions when the public, thanks to aggressive reporting by journalists, knows more than they do about something. [...]"  

MSM: "Lobby E-Mails Show Depth of Obama Ties to Drug Industry" [06/09/12] Printer Friendly Version "After weeks of quiet talks, drug industry lobbyists were growing nervous. If they were to cut a deal with the White House on overhauling health care, they needed to be sure President Obama would stop a proposal by his liberal allies intended to bring down medicine prices. On June 3, 2009, one of the lobbyists e-mailed Nancy-Ann DeParle, the president’s top health care adviser. Ms. DeParle sent a message back reassuring the lobbyist. Although Mr. Obama was overseas, she wrote, she and other top officials had “made decision, based on how constructive you guys have been, to oppose importation on the bill.” Just like that, Mr. Obama’s staff abandoned his support for the reimportation of prescription medicines at lower prices and with it solidified a growing compact with an industry he had vilified on the campaign trail the year before. Central to Mr. Obama’s drive to overhaul the nation’s health care system was an unlikely collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry that forced unappealing trade-offs.  [...]"  

Legal Case: "Federal Judge Bans Obama From Indefinitely Detaining Americans" [06/08/12] Printer Friendly Version "A US Federal judge has clarified a decision made last month with some news sure to upset the Obama administration: the White House cannot use the NDAA to indefinitely detain American citizens. Judge Katherine B. Forrest has answered a request made by US President Barack Obama last month to more carefully explain a May 16 ruling made in a Southern District of New York courtroom regarding the National Defense Authorization Act. Clarifying the meaning behind her injunction, Judge Forrest confirms in an eight-page memorandum opinion this week that the NDAA’s controversial provision that permits indefinite detention cannot be used on any of America’s own citizens. [...]"  

Commentary: "Obama's Total War Doctrine: Intense and Constant Psychological Warfare: "Total War" against All Countries " [06/06/12] Printer Friendly Version "The concept of "Total War" - war involving not just the military but all civilians irrespective of age or sex, together with the entire infrastructure of a country - became a horrible reality during the 20th century, driven for the most part by steering scientific discoveries and technological progress towards unlimited use in warfare. Total War is very much alive today and is being spearheaded by the United States and its Allies. This is being abetted on all fronts by US, European and global mainstream media that willingly oblige. In the case of Obama's Total War Doctrine, the media go along with US official policy, and describe the murder of innocent people who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time when American democracy-building drone bombs fall, as "militant combatants". You see, Total War requires intense and constant psychological warfare to convince public opinion - both at home and abroad - that "our boys" fighting "to spread peace and democracy", always do the "the right thing" by killing "the right people" who threaten America, Europe, Israel and the rest of the West; in other words, by only killing "militant terrorist combatants". That's the way Orwellian Newspeak has described US-led wars since 1945 - whether fought by the US alone, or together with allies like Britain, EU countries and Israel, or by puppet proxies. The list is very long: Korea, Vietnam, Panama, Dominican Republic, Palestine, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Iran, Africa, South America, Cambodia, Laos, Cuba, El Salvador, Falklands, Nicaragua, Grenada, Serbia...The death-toll runs into the tens of millions and has kept rising and rising. Who's next? Syria, Iran? Sudan? North Korea? Venezuela? After 9/11, things went from bad to worse. The world today is confronted with a Super-Power hegemon increasingly out-of-control that harbors a small, compact and extremely powerful group of Global Power Masters embedded deep inside US/UK/EU public and private power structures, controlling unbeatable navies and air forces, super high-tech troop armies, unmanned drones, military satellites, napalm, cluster and bunker-buster bombs, electronic surveillance, and secret weaponry like the unexplained HAARP installations. Add to this, the tens of thousands of ballistic missiles and nuclear bombs pointed at target countries by the small Western nuclear club - the US, UK, France and Israel - and things start looking bleak indeed. All of it is backed by unlimited funding - both official and clandestine - in the US and Allies. [...]"  

Commentary: "Obama Administration Stonewalls Declassification of Secret Court Rulings" [06/02/12] Printer Friendly Version "The Obama administration was supposed to begin declassifying key rulings of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) two years ago. But to date nothing has been made available. The court is responsible for hearing requests by federal law enforcement officials to conduct surveillance of Americans or foreigners in the U.S. who are deemed a threat to national security. It is commonly known as the FISA court after the law that created it, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978. During the presidencies of Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton, their administration submitted 13, 087 applications for warrants and 13,085 were approved. All this harmony ended after George W. Bush became president. The court rejected six requests outright and modified 179 despite the fact that all eleven members of the Bush-era FISC were selected by conservative Supreme Court Chief Justice William Rehnquist. Officials in the Department of Justice and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence promised in 2010 to establish a new way for the public to access FISA opinions. “But despite these assurances, and two years after that declassification review process began, nothing has been declassified,” wrote Steven Aftergood in his blog, Secrecy News. [...]"  

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